A Tribute – Was Michael Jackson a Lightworker?

I doubt there are many people on the planet who didn’t hear about the untimely death of the King of Pop Michael Jackson on June 25th 2009. Regardless of my personal view of this pop icon (I happened to be a fan) there was no denying he had incredible energy and charisma and illuminated any stadium he graced the stage of.

There are few people in history that we know of that had that ability, that huge aura that could reach people right at the back of a 75ooo seater stadium! So what’s that all about? What energy are we talking about? And was Michael Jackson a Lightworker?

First we need to understand a little about Lightworkers.

Lightworkers are wired differently. They don’t fit in to the box called ‘normal’, who would want to anyway?! One of my teachers used to call himself  ‘norbal’, I’ll go with that. Why would you waste energy trying to fit in with everyone else when as a Lightworker you are designed to stand out? You are created to shine! Michael Jackson was certainly designed to shine and shine he did.

Lightworkers experience the world from their heart. They see with their heart, they listen with their heart and they think with their heart. The tragic irony of how Michael Jackson died is obvious and doesn’t need labouring upon.

Lightworkers are driven by the desire to share and serve. To share love and inspiration, joy and wisdom and to serve others that they might live brighter lives closer to their joy and purpose. If you ‘get’ the music of Michael Jackson then you can feel its effects deep within you. His music carried light and power in every note and it could be felt physically and emotionally. For me his music connected me to my joy and celebration of life. When someone sings from their heart and soul you can just feel it…. as tingles and hairs standing on end!

Music was Michael Jackson’s way of being a world healer, a channel of love and light. The use of music to connect us with the Divine or higher powers goes back thousands of years. As someone who has worked as a healer for many years I have experienced what can happen when a lot of light is streamed into someone’s body and energy field. It actually brings up everything that isn’t light, it brings up what Jung called the ‘shadow’ or all the hidden, unresolved, wounded parts of ourselves that we haven’t learned to love yet. In my experience with clients, when this happens it can get messy. When a client’s shadow gets churned up by the light of healing the resulting feelings often get projected onto the device of healing, ie. me as the healer or Michael Jackson as the global healer/musician.

When Michael Jackson was facing court case after court case I had an intuitive ‘download’ of information about what was happening on the collective soul level. This perspective might not feel true for everyone but it felt then and continues to feel true for me now from my own personal spiritual perpective.

I believe Michael Jackson embodied an energy of childlike innocence that was intended as a gift to the world. It seems he was somewhat aware of this as part of his soul path. I am not suggesting that as a human man he was without faults (who is?), but as a soul his energy gift to the planet was a return to our own purity and innocence. So, as his music reached a peak in circulation and popularity this energy was carried on the waves of his music, reaching more and more people. The effect of this was similar to when giving powerful healing and the kickback was the upsurge of the collective shadow all projected back onto the source of the light, Michael Jackson. Remember, love and light will bring up anything that opposes it. Michael Jackson’s innocence vibration brought to the surface all the related, deepest darkest fears and behaviours that some humans are capable of and they were projected onto one man. He became the spiritual, energetic scapegoat for certain aspects of humanity to try to purge themselves of their own darkness. This isn’t specific to anyone in particular, it was a cleansing of the collective unconscious.

It’s the familiar scenario of fingers pointing in the wrong direction and of the darkness rising up, trying to maintain power in the presence of the light. He said it himself in his own words: “..if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make that change”. When people are pointing fearful fingers of blame it is because they fear that thing within themselves or the capacity for that thing within themselves or in those around them.

Child abuse is a global wound, a collective shame and pain that will not be healed by crucifying scapegoats. It is a collective wound that requires collective healing based on truly loving ourselves and each other.

I give thanks from my heart for the man, the healer, the musician, the Lightworker, the Sensitive who fulfilled his life purpose and sadly paid the ultimate price. I know he will continue his work of Light as a guide to others. He is now where he can truly shine and be seen in all his love and innocence. We all have something to learn from this man who no matter how many stones were thrown at him he continued giving and loving and shining his light, committed to his soul’s purpose in his lifetime. For some of us who loved him we may say he was called home too soon, his heart literally broken, but we can take comfort in his music and in the knowledge that his global healing work continues on this planet every time one of his songs is played.

I am grateful for him, for his contribution to our own joy and growth & I will miss him.


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33 thoughts on “A Tribute – Was Michael Jackson a Lightworker?

  1. Hi, Kimberley! Thank you so much for writing this….. I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and something extraordinary happened to me about march, 2009… I would like to share with you, privately. Yes, I truly believe That michael is a Lighworker…and ..wow…I miss him so, so much!!

  2. Thank you so much for this piece you wrote some time ago. I first read it back in 2009 when I was going through the most amazing experience of my life, the awakening that began on June 25, 2009. Pieces like this were saving graces back then, as there were times when my ‘outside voice’ told me I MUST be going crazy, though my soul knew that I was in the most “true’ and “real” experiences of my life that far. And returning to it now– it still brings such tenderness and love to my heart, especially reading through the comments and seeing the common threads of awakening, light, and love…Thank you again, Karen

  3. Very well said. One thing…he did NOT write MAN IN THE MIRROR….those lyrics and the song were written by Siedah Garrett…who also sang a duet with him on tour, as well as recorded with him. Quincy wanted a sort of anthem…and asked her to come up with something. She and Glen Ballard wrote that song…and of course, Michael loved it. Fit right in with his philosophy….but he did not actually write the words. His performance was one of a kind…no one else could ever sing that song as he could.

  4. I totally agree. His bright light from his soul touched, and continues to reach many of us here on earth. I always think of him saying “All For Love”. I will always feel connected to him somehow. God Bless, and Thanks for this article.

  5. Ce que vous dîtes est vraiment beau et tellement vrai .Merci !
    Dans la nuit du 25 au 26 juin 2009, il est venu me soupoudrer de sa poudre magique et depuis ce jour , grâce à l’homme généreux qu’il était ,à son amour pour le monde ,à son amour pour la terre ,grâce à sa musique ,à sa lumière qui ma éclairé , il m’a ouvert les yeux ,il m’a aidé et m’aide à chaque jour de ma vie .Il est et sera toujours dans mon coeur pour le reste de ma vie.
    Merci Michael d’être venu sur cette terre et de nous avoir éclairé de ta lumière .
    Tu me manques ! I LOVE YOU ❤

    • Thank you Diane,
      Please forgive me, my French is a little rusty but I gather from what you wrote that Michael Jackson stays in your heart always and that to you he was a bright light on this earth opening eyes and hearts all over the world via his own light and the light and grace transmitted via his music.
      Thanks for posting.
      K ♥

  6. wow thank you, I believe he was a being of light or lightworker, there are so much things that tell me he was one. I have read ”Journey of soul” and I understand more what’s happen after death and I think, for sure, he was a healer, he was propably a soul of level 5,6 or 7. Just saying, the majority of people on Earth are level 1, 2 or 3…
    We believe in the same thing and we are fan of MJ too, so I’m interested to have converstions with you one day if you like to. (sorry for my english, I’m from Quebec, a french place).

  7. I miss Michael all the time! Spending time with him as a little girl then through out my life ! people always ask me what he was like! I have never been to heaven but,when your with Michael that’s as close as it gets in my opinion ! This story I read explains it all thank you so much!!!!

  8. I loved your honest and interesting article. Michael’s spirit has been around me since ’09 and one of the things i asked him was ‘how is it that i can hear you so easily??’ He replied ‘Because you’re filled with light. The more love you have, the more light.’ So I prayed for more light. I’ve since learned about praying and sending love and light into the world to heal the world as you say… on the collective consciousness level. I believe Michael’s mission – then AND now – is to bring love and light into a hurting world. A divine love that lifts humanity to a higher level. Even, an ascension.

  9. Thank you Kimberly. For me, a while back, I though if I were to call Michael something it would be a Lightworker. Certainly he is. His light is afire in the light of love, compassionate love.

  10. Thanks for this article! I believe Michael was an embodiment of one of the original Light Beings…the Archangel Michael. Michael’s life is simply another example of God’s presence on Earth. It’s another example of God’s work and guidance. Michael was God’s messenger for our modern age.
    The Archangel Michael loved humanity so very much. If you remember from religious teachings, The Archangel was the biggest champion of humanity. He loved humans and all things human. He was our protector. He fought Satan for us. He was concerned about our souls and spiritual health and he always showed us unconditional love.
    He was depicted in paintings and drawings in two main ways: wearing white/glowing white, or dressed like a warrior, a soldier. He was also, according to Biblical scholars, the only angel who ever bowed down before humanity in service…because he loved us so much.
    Let me remind you here that the two most popular ways Michael always dressed on stage was, that’s right: wearing white or dressed as a soldier, warrior! What a coincidence! You think? White is for enlightenment, and military dress because like the Archangel, Michael was fighting for humanity’s spiritual health also. His mission on Earth this time, as it was last time, was to show us what love can do and to remind us of what is really important. Aren’t these similarities amazing? These are not accidents. 🙂 My book “An Angel Among Us: We Called Him Michael Jackson…a spiritual journey” is about just this subject. 🙂

    • I am in one hundred percent agreement with every word you wrote here, Michelle. Since his passing from this plane, I learned about Archangel Michael, and even in writing this, I get head-to-toe shivers….which are my soul’s way of showing my body Truth. I completely understand him saying that his fans are his soldiers of love. Since awakening to his energy, my whole energy is focused on how to become more love, and how to share it with the world. It seems I should get your book :):):)

      • Thanks Karen…Writing about Sweet Michael gives me shivers too!! I’d love for you to read my book. My words are my way of showing my love and respect for Michael…my testament to the world. 😀 An even better deal than buying the paperback version of the book is to get an electronic copy of my 2-for-one book: “Michael in My Life:An Angel Among Us.” My second book is much more personal, and I included a chapter called Fellow Disciples and Soldiers of Love where many others include their stories of love for Michael. When I released it, I decided to release it as an ebook offering both books for the price of less than just the first one alone. I use any money I make to support local, national, and world charities. It can be found at these sites: iBookstore, Sony, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardner’s, eBookPie, eSentral, Scribd.
        I just LOVE spreading the word of truth about Michael!
        peace, light & MichaeLove, Michelle

  11. Thank you so much for posting Kimberley. So comforting to read that someone shares my same feelings about Michael Jackson. Sometimes I felt very saddened and frustrated when I read some negative comments ab him: I’m saddened not because they offend Michael, I believe his love, his soul, go beyond any human pettiness; I’m sorry to see how many people do not feel his energy, his light and his uniqueness; I’m sorry for what they have lost: a great gift from God, something beautiful in this material world. I’m sad for them. I know this need of having a perfect world is childish, but I can not help but feel sadness

    Thanks again, love and light straight to your heart

  12. Thank you so much for posting this Kimberley!
    It’s wonderful to hear that other people have a similar perspective on MJ. I saw his light when I was 9 yrs old and felt very connected to him. I’ve also felt very much alone believing in him all these years. My heart broke right along with his, but with his death came my own spiritual awakening and the realization that that light I so easily recognized and accepted is also in me. Now trying my best to carry it on.
    All the best,
    Laura ❤

    • Bless you Laura, thanks for that.
      Yes I felt alone in my reading of MJ too. I was afraid I’d be seen as a delusional ‘fan’ but the need to share my sense of the truth overpowered any fear.
      How wonderful that him crossing over facilitated your awakening. What a blessing.
      K ♥

  13. Thank you for those words KImberly. I see the truth in what you say after all Newtons law must apply to ALL things – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The sheer weight of the accusations made against Michael were definitely heavy enough to match the love energy and joy he sent out because he sent out a tremendous amount of love and light. It is sad that so much evil and darkness was returned to him. But the love lives on! The light and joy he gave us continues to shine! And as ALWAYS: Love conquers ALL!

    I love you Michael. I look forward to being at your concert in heaven because you showed us pieces of heaven here on this planet. No question. Will I ever stop crying when I think of you? No. Never.

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    • Aw thanks Tammy, interesting to hear you saw/see him in the same way. He was a vastly misunderstood blessing who didn’t perhaps get the support & help he needed as such a fragile Lightworker. Perhaps we can all learn something from his life & his death. Many blessings to you, Kimberley x

  16. Thanks Kimberly for your response. I definitely think your messages resonate with love and light. I agree with what you’re saying. The very interesting thing for me is when I went on the channeler’s website and saw a video she made. I expected to learn something about her that would give me some insight about the tone of the message. However, I got a totally different vibe from her other material – much more positive. I even wrote to her because I was very intrigued and wanted to to reconcile some of my questions. She wrote an open letter explaining but the same kind of energy was there as the MJ channeling. Just my intuition – the channel came out as it did and when it did to stir things up and make people look at what issues they still have to clear. I know it made me think. A lot of emotions and responses stirred up and hopefully a lot of people were able to learn from this.
    I agree Lightworkers like Michael deserve compassion and respect. But many self proclaimed Lightworkers still know how to throw around a lot of insults when they don’t like something.
    Anyway, sorry for rambling. Thank you again for your beautiful post. I’ve been reading your other blogs as well.

  17. This article was so refreshing.!

    I purposely stayed out of the media blitz about MJ and this is only the second article I’ve read (the first was by a face reader who did a reading from his facial structure: Michael Jackson Face Reading Analysis).

    It was wonderful to get a more innocent and loving perspective on him. Thank you for this memorial filled with a positive vision of his unique creative powers.

    P.S. My intuitive hit about Michael back in the 90’s was that he had a past life as King Tut. A term like Boy King suits MJ to a T. Tutankhamun was nine years old when he became pharaoh and died young (age 19). Tutankhamun was one of the few kings worshiped as a god and honored with a cult-like following in his own lifetime.

    • Christie thanks for your kind message & for sending me the link to the other Michael Jackson article that caused a stir.
      My sense of it is that as Lightworkers we must trust our own discernment & intuition about things that happen around us. We will each have a unique experience & gain personal meaning from the events around us depending on where we are in our growth & what we need or have chosen at a soul level to learn.
      The energy of the channelling you sent me a link to was very influenced by the emotions of the channel, which is common.

      Remember in my blog post I said that light & love can bring things up for people. We all need to be super discerning about what we read. Just because someone claims to be channelling from ‘spirit’ doesn’t mean it is true or that we need to take on what has been said. Simply ask: ‘Does this feel true to me?’ ‘Does this feel love-based or fear-based?’. If it doesn’t resonate just let it go. Read something else that lifts you up.

      Even Lightworkers like Michael who may not have been fully conscious of their work deserve compassion & respect. We are all simply where we are on our paths. No better & no worse than any other.

      Being psychic, a channel, a healer etc are not the same as being evolved at the heart level or spiritually awake. But we are all learning & growing.
      My response is to advise everyone to use their discernment when reading ANY article, channelled piece, newspaper, magazine etc & to go where the love vibration is. Evolved souls in spirit will never share fear, criticism or anger, only love, guidance, wisdom & insight.

    • Yes, this was the article that I was talking about. Christie, thank you for sending it to Kim. I appreciate your additional input. > 🙂 I didn’t think to add a link. > 😦

  18. Hello, Kim. Thank you for writing such a wonderful article. I really enjoyed reading this. I read another recent article re: Michael’s Lightwork that was very negative. The article said several things that just weren’t true. I tried posting a comment but I had several technical problems with the site, so I finally just emailed the lady who posted the article so that I could enlighten her about the misinformation in the article. I haven’t heard anything back yet. Nonetheless, this is all new to me, but I guess Lightworkers can be just like everyone else – there are some who aren’t good – just like people, in general. They are supposed to share the truth but instead spread and live a life of lies and prejudices. The article clearly was very judgmental and said things that were totally contrary and misguiding about MJ. To those of us who understood what he was trying to do, the article was alarming to say the least. I know one of my missions is to continue to spread his message of Love, Purity and Truth. MJ loved God – clearly; and practiced the teachings of Christ to love everyone. I, too, have engaged myself in a writing project – a personal perspective essay about the work and life of this wonderful and beautiful person. I can only hope that those of us who understood him can assist those who didn’t. Thank you again for the beautiful article. I really do appreciate it!!! We must enlighten those who have been and continue to be in the dark about him and his beautiful life’s work.

  19. Hi Kimberly, I found your blog through Twitter. I really appreciate your description of light worker in this entry. I too, work with light and energy, and look forward to adding your blog to my reading list.
    blessings in light,

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