Lightworkers and LOVE

A lot of you who I work with are women & almost every one of you who I have worked with in the last two months is speaking about a common theme…relationships! Relationship challenges seem to be part of the process of awakening to who you are (let alone life full stop) but for those who are Lightworkers & sensitives or are emerging as someone different to who they have been most of their lives it is doubly disorienting.

So how do we go through such huge changes & transformations within ourselves if it costs us our closest relationships? From personal experience I can share that I just had to keep focussing on taking care of myself in the middle of such change. I simply didn’t have the energy to look after my partner & his issues when I was going through (& still go through) growth spurts or periods of processing & healing. Of course it’s an ongoing negotiation but sometimes we simply outgrow each other or need to keep redefining & re-choosing our relationship, pressing the ‘refresh button’ if you like.

Now I’m no relationship expert, I’ve merely seen what happened in my close relationships as I was having breakdown, breakthrough or rapid periods of change & growth & to be honest some of those relationships simply didn’t survive, perhaps because we had served each other on our paths for that particular period & it was time to move on. Do we hold on because we are afraid to be alone? Afraid of the unknown? Because we have got comfy? Maybe we are working out some sort of past-life issue or soul mate contract?

Cliched though it sounds, I found a good relationship once I had a good relationship with myself. Once I was full & didn’t ‘need’ a relationship, once I didn’t need someone to love me but I was overflowing with love from within myself. Then it came. Don’t get me wrong, I know only too well it can all change in an instant so I don’t take it for granted. I’ve had the abusive relationship, the co-dependent one, the passionate/spiritual one, the safe but boring one, the one I think my family would approve of & the hell on earth soul mate cataclysm!

Perhaps the relationships are reflections/creations sourced from where we happen to be on our path, perhaps they are all soul mates teaching us different lessons & perhaps we are just stumbling, growing & learning & so we need to be kinder to ourselves as we figure it all out. What I do know is they can be the most confronting spiritual classrooms available so enjoy every last drop of learning but most of all let’s stay where it feels good, loving & inspiring, let’s know when it’s right & make the most of that delicious moment, however long it lasts.

Wishing you all a love-filled & juicy Christmas & New Year!

Love & blessings,

Kimberley x

My blog site has now moved to Hope to see you there!

P.S. I’m off for Christmas & New Year now. Back to work from January 4th. If you are interested in one of my new ‘E-Video Readings’, please book in December to get your £10 OFF. See my website for information about these new readings I just did one for a lady in Denmark & it was WONDERFUL, the added element of the video made it very special for her.


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