Your Sensitivity is Your STRENGTH!

Do you often find crowds or driving overwhelming?

Do you know what others are thinking and feeling?

Can you feel sounds and colours in your body?

Can you intuitively read the weather and sense the energy of animals and spirits?

Do you have flashes of knowing what another person will say or do next?

Do you have a vivid dream life?

Do you find the world generally harsh?

Do you find it harder and harder to interact with the world the way it is and have a strong sense of how it ‘should’ be?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these it is likely you are a ‘Sensitive’.

YOUR SENSITIVITY IS YOUR STRENGTH but I understand it can often feel like a disability. The word ‘sensitive’ has so many negative connotations but I am here to redefine it as a term of grace, heightened intuitive power, enhanced sensory abilities, innate spiritual connection and warrior-like integrity.

WE ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THE WORLD WE HAVE CREATED. Of course many people in the modern, competitive, bustling world of hurry and worry have adapted very well and indeed play the game excellently but at what cost? Often the highest price paid for this is health. As a Sensitive myself I tried to fit into the world of ‘shoulds’ for many years, bouncing from job to job, role to role, all in an attempt to find my place, to find acceptance and to numb my sensitivity, this led to illness. Starting to honour who I really was marked the beginning of my healing journey. I now work with many people with enhanced sensory perception and yet in their lives they are playing a role that denies this truth, just as I did. Why?

Are YOU a Sensitive? Have you come fully out of the closet yet? If not why not? Please leave your story and comments below….

In the meantime I’ll suggest some possible reasons for this reluctance to go public as a Sensitive…..For me and many others there is fear of judgement, fear of ridicule or rejection and fear of change. There is also a misplaced belief that we are vastly outnumbered by those seemingly playing the game excellently. There are more Sensitives around you than you know, many have simply adapted, masked, suppressed or medicated in order to get by largely undetected. Underlying it all is a belief that if we are sensitive we are in some way weak and flawed compared to those who ‘cope’. The UK in particular seems set up to reinforce stoical behaviour but the time of the Sensitive is here and things need to change if we are to create a future that is better than our past.

(Photo by Hayk Baghdasaryan)

Sensitives feel, see and know what others do not. This is your power and your gift to the world.

As a Sensitive you represent the future.

You will teach those who have closed down their hearts and who fight for power over others that there is another way to thrive.

You will teach collaboration as an alternative to competition.

You will demonstrate transparency and authenticity over concealment and deception.

You will embody compassion as an antidote to conflict.

You are the heroes, the teachers, the way-showers.

Your journey starts with self-acceptance, loving yourself exactly as you are and seeing your sensitivity for what it really is; a gift and tool of healing and transformation.

You are a teacher.

Your time is NOW.

You are the potential creator of what this planet is in desperate need of……..LOVE IN ACTION.

I am a Highly Sensitive Soul myself who has been through intense awakening experiences and great life challenges. I walk this path with you, guiding you and empowering you. I am here to help you step into your role, to help you turn your sensitivity and emerging potential into power and joyful purpose.

I use my innate creative abilities to do this, I have turned my sensitivity into a strength and a gift to others. You can too. Through writing, painting, making videos and using my intuitive abilities to offer empowerment readings I am embracing my sensitivity as a blessing, a new superpower if you like. It allows me to serve you. It allows me to be super-conscious, mindful and aware on many levels. It allows me to read multiple energies and streams of vibrational information in the world around me, within you and across space and time. This is possible for you too. It is why you are here. You see, feel and know what others do not and that is your immense gift to the world. How you choose to express that is up to you. I recommend doing it in the way what is most fun for YOU!

The remembering of who you are and why you are here, the remembering of your higher self, gifts and abilities is a beautiful blessing to you and this world. Your sensitivity is your power. Start to embrace it today. Notice the gifts it offers you and learn to manage the overwhelm it can often bring as you learn what over-stimulates you and what nourishes you.

Sensitivity offers the world the chance to live exquisitely with delicious, rich awareness, artistry and as conscious co-creators. We are evolving in many ways and for many reasons. Sensitivity can sometimes be a residue of early trauma, it is also a sign or ‘symptom’ of transformation and awakening to your higher-self consciousness. Once recognised, embraced and mastered with awareness and using energy skills it is more importantly a gift that will bring humanity back into balance with itself, our planet and our cosmos.

Sensitivity, enhanced senses, expanded awareness, coherence, love, compassion, creativity, intuition, soulfulness…..these are the qualities that elevate life from mundane function to blissful interconnectedness and open the heart to Oneness. It is who you are. It is why you are here. It is your gift to the world and to our future. Your time is now. Be out and proud!

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

My blog site has now moved to Hope to see you there!

(This blog post is based on ‘The Culture of Exquisite Care’, an article by Kimberley Jones first published in Breathing Space Magazine in the UK in September 2007)



11 thoughts on “Your Sensitivity is Your STRENGTH!


    Pulling out of a self-created crisis and this has been an instrumental tool ❤

  2. I am a sensitive, for sure. Some years back I began consciously developing a life that would allow me to share my gifts in ways that connected to the world rather than retreating from it. Thus I counsel first responders who have been traumatized by their job(s) on the front line. I also prepare flower essences, teach about them, and keep myself creatively immersed with fiber art, more traditional quilting (bed coverings for loved ones), drawing, writing and art journaling.

  3. For a woman I have never officially “met”…I cannot tell you how much your enrouraging words have helped me. In the last two years Ive gone from being insanely terrified of sensing spirits/not knowing how to not be overwhelmed as an empath/or what to do about the uncontrollable energy I’d create mostly unaware…to feeling confident in my empathic abilities and shielding myself, to not being afraid of spirits, and now I’m trying to focus on controlling the energy and focus on energy healing. You have been such an inspiration to me and so many others. Such a warm, loving heart and it brings tears to my eyes just writing this because I felt so alone for so long! I had no one I could talk to, no guidance…I just completely spiraled through most of my twenties. By twenty five I was so alone and overwhelmed I was even suicidal because there was no one I could talk to that would understand. I went through a lot of it alone. And it was hard. Really hard. And it helps to know that you can relate to that. It helps to know there are people out there who want to help, to reach out and guide us and help us help ourselves so that we may help others as well “Pay It Forward” as you will, and make this world a better place. Thank you for all of your continued support 🙂
    Nikki Hundley

  4. i went for years thinking everyone sensed things the way i do, always the peacekeeper. now i have a hard time feeling things because of the medicine i take for fibromyalgia. your blog brought tears to my eyes. guess i haven’t lost all my sensitivity.

  5. I am too a sensitive. I believe I always knew this. In fact I used to play with my friends as a little girl, that I was a witch. Growing up I got conscious of what that (feeling) really means and until today I find myself trying to fit in. It is just so hard to find people with the same vibration as mine, hard to be solitary… I believe there is a cycle pattern that need to be broken in my lIfe and I know deep inside I’m not truly alone. Hearing others stories help me to do not give up of love and compassion, and keep on looking and searching for a higher meaning to all this. Thank you Kimberly for being out there and showing everyone there’s nothing “wrong” in being sensitive!

  6. Thank you for posting this. It is struggle for me being sensetive. It can be overwhelming for me and those around me. While I long to have more of asocial life, I am often afraid of my own feelings and how people react to them. I think that when someone does not feel as sensetive as I do, that they assume those feelings don’t exist. I find myself feeling alone. It is goodto know that you are out there. Much love

  7. I am highly sensitive & I’m looking forward to better understand my inner wisdom(hear the whispers), reconnect with my heart, soul, my essence the full me. Reconnect with this Earth with the Sun, Enjoy Our Friendship, To bring Heaven on Earth & take Earth to Heaven. Embracing all the Awesomeness that We Are Playing Limitlessly, Expanding in Our Potential & BE who WeTruthfully Are.
    Reading your blog confirms I’m in the right track.

    • Hi Carolina,
      I am delighted my blog helped you feel reassured you are on the right track! What a beautiful vision you have. Stay with that and it will all be so.
      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
      K ♥

  8. wonderful article and yes i m definitly a sensitive..i have known this for a long time and i used to feel like i just didn’t belong….but i m now learning to embrace this characteristic about myself…i feel it is a gift (often a painful gift because of the immense compassion)..i just want to give and share joy with others and help them to relax and have a real appreciation and respect for all life…thanks – i feel a kinship with you!

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