Solar Flares and Sensitive Souls

I want to respond to some of your questions and concerns about the recent solar flares. Many of you have emailed me quite worried about how you are feeling, which I can totally understand and so this is for you.

You have been asking me if I think the flares and solar storms may be responsible for some of the troubling physical and emotional symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

The quick answer is YES, I do.

You’ve heard me say “everything is energy”, this is true. However, to be even more specific it is in fact the case that every physical thing has an energy twin. There is a subtle energetic version of everything we can touch and see with our physical senses. There are actually many versions all existing at different levels or vibratory realities but let’s keep it simple and say one is made of matter and the other is made of energy.

So when you hear people talk about cosmic influxes of light from Source triggering awakening or ascension symptoms, the physical twin for that is our Sun. And then beyond that out into our galaxy there is a physical Great Central Sun.

For now it is the Sun at the centre of our solar system that is experiencing a little indigestion and belching out great plumes (coronal mass ejections) that are zapping into our atmosphere affecting how many of us feel. Eventually they can get strong enough to knock out satellites and global communication systems (predicted by NASA as a possibility in 2013) so they will most certainly affect our subtle energy systems!

What is the best way to protect your system from these flares and balance their effects?

Good old Grounding and Earthing!

The excess electrical energy that comes into your system during solar flares can make you feel really fried, tired, give you headaches, eye issues, palpitations, hormonal issues, aches and pains, emotional upsurges, insomnia, nightmares, unusual psychic activity, mental fogginess and much more.

The energy from the flares interacts with our personal energy system and is distributed through the body via the Chakras and Meridians (our internal road system circulating energy). Like any system when it gets overloaded with too much electricity without effective earthing the wires get fried and fuses blow. Our Chakras help to balance our hormones and link into our physical organs and health. That’s why the flares cause physical symptoms that we often assign to other causes. The Chakras and Meridians cannot process, store or circulate this much excess powerful energy, there needs to be a healthy discharge mechanism just like with your toaster or hairdryer!

Here is a really thorough and helpful audiobook called ‘The Grounding Guide’:

Here’s a soothing meditation called ‘Grounded and Calm’:

Here is a video about the power of Earthing from Dr Sinatra, founder of The Earthing Institute:

To keep up with the latest news about solar flares, auroras, meteor showers and other space ‘weather’ go to:

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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5 thoughts on “Solar Flares and Sensitive Souls

  1. Wow, I’m glad I looked to see if any other sensitives were feeling like this. Intense “pressure” in the chest, “feeling raw” solar plexus, some fatigue, I have a lot going on in my life but not so as to produce this imminent sense of near panic & dread inside, like the flight mechanism is on most of the day. I intuitively brought out all my big guns, EFT with breathwork (I do EFT alone in sacred safety, not with others), chakra balancing, meditating, exercise (walking, dancing), writing how I feel and not making it wrong to feel these things, knowing it will pass. It is still on full force though, feels like I’m just treading water, and I’m ususally a very vibrant person, so I’ll keep doing what I need to do. We are organisms affected by many things. Peace and love to all.

  2. Wow that was just what I needed to read. Now I understand completely what’s going on with me over the last few weeks! Especially this past week when it hit it’s peak! Whew. It helps to actually know the cause…thanks again!
    Nikki Hundley

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