When Your Spiritual Awakening Leaves You Feeling Anything But Awakened


There’s a notion out there that when one has a “spiritual awakening,” that life opens up and all is well. That somehow with this experience you’ve tapped into the flow…and there you stay.

But for anyone who has opened up energetically – spiritually – the experience can be far from a “done deal.” In fact, just the opposite!

Most times this awakening leaves us feeling anything but awakened… we’ve had a glimpse or an opening to something that can be confusing or re-orienting. And with anything that feels new to us, we have to learn how to work with it, operate within it and integrate it into what is.

When the learning curve is steep, as it is with our shifting consciousness, it can feel extremely frustrating; even when you know you’re expanding into something new.

It’s important to remember that there is a re-organization that moves into play when you, as Spirit, say “Yes” to holding a higher vibration. A new language moves into your system that you’ve not previously spoken. And the process of connecting to this new language (or energy) takes time while you re-organize right down to the level of the body; especially when the new energy needs to “seep into” older patterns and denser spaces of our Being.

It doesn’t always feel good, this growth.  It can be challenging emotionally and physically altering. But to be honest, not doing it – or resisting – feels even worse!

I think one of the hardest things we each must do when we step onto our healing path is to change our mindset around what we think about our own process. And these days if we don’t do this…we don’t get very far.

Re-framing how you see your internal re-organization and healing process is a huge part of one’s spiritual awakening and growth. To be honest, when you begin to work with higher vibrations and what becomes a more complex energy pattern for you, healing isn’t black or white.

There’s no “there” to get to, really. There is no destination that says you have arrived. There is no final awakening that is supposed to feel a certain way.  In fact, thinking that you need to get to that, or attain some level of “something,” actually holds you back.

Spiritual growth – spiritual awakening – is a process. And where you are now is the most important place to be. That’s the energy you need to be awake to!

If you can let yourself be there and experience that, even in its transient state, you do know where you are. Each little movement of the energy is a healing in itself; and with that you can feel healed in the “now,” and know you are still moving along an amazing and mysterious path.


About Stacy Vajta ~ Expanded Pathways

Stacy Vajta, a Master Energy Healer with over 25 years of experience, specializing in helping people to release entrenched energy patterns that show up in chronic physical conditions and re-occurring emotional issues.  Please visit her website to learn more about her session work.


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9 thoughts on “When Your Spiritual Awakening Leaves You Feeling Anything But Awakened

  1. Hi Dear,

    I do not know at what extent each different individual can experience spiritual awakening and whether we can explain it or can compare it to anyone.

    But discuss with me.

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  2. Thanks for posting Kimberley and thank you Magena and Julie for your comments! We all have different experiences that awaken us (and keep awakening us!). As we go through the healing journey hopefully we find the whole process taking us deeper into our gifts and service. To the journey together!

  3. Wonderful post that put into words what I’ve been experiencing the past few years. Thank you for sharing this. It’s exactly what I needed to hear and really resonates with me as my awakening was exponentially perpetuated via traumatic illness. Even though sometimes it feels like I’m on a roller coaster ride, I am eternally grateful for every moment and feel even more blessed when I am able to connect with Others with similar experiences. Divine Blessings, Dear One~

  4. That’s the truth! And oftentimes what starts us along the process of SA is actually some horrific, life jolting thing, that we must become accustomed to also. The outer and the inner need to come to terms, and it is quite the process. I don;t actually think there is a “there” there, either, it’s just “where you’re at” in the moment, ever growing and expanding. I feel that if we were hit with the whole thing all at once it would be a huge crisis, so it’s an advantage to have it come to you over time..

    • I resonate with that totally Julie.
      My awakening was a ‘Trauma-induced Awakening’ so I get what you are saying.
      Check out ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ by Catherine G Lucas featuring mine and others’ stories on the subject.
      K ♥

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