Family Issues and Intuitive Upgrades: My healing journey continues…

In the last two weeks I’ve had two of the biggest “AH-HA!” moments of my life. I mean they were transformational for me and will make a HUGE difference to my health and happiness on almost every level. I’m keen to tell you about it and to see if in sharing my story I might help you make sense of yours (and to hopefully feel less alone)…


Those of you who have been following my blog posts on my own personal inner journey will know that I have been working with Master Energy Healer Stacy Vajta since the end of January this year. I had been struggling to process the intense challenges of the last few years despite leading-edge therapies and love from family and enlightened friends. I had done a lot of inner work and healing but there was so much to process that I could not keep up. I needed help. Opening to a deeper level of help from others is as much a part of my evolution as everything else that is playing out.

The allopathic labels for how my system has responded are: ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ and ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ (Fibromyalgia). I had the same come up after my Mother died back in 1997 and I experienced a Spiritual Emergency. My Chakras blew open and a tsunami of light flooded my system blowing fuses along the way. It is a breaking open. It’s what my system now does to a lesser degree when faced with transformational challenges or influxes of light (growth spurts!), so I am used to it, I understand it as a spiritual energy process and am totally OK with it. What I can’t do is work through it and rebalance my whole system by myself, this is where working with Stacy has been a total blessing.

Many of you will know I am passionate about ensuring that Spiritual Seekers, Sensitives, Intuitives, Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers and awakening souls remain GROUNDED on this path. In my commitment to down-to-earth enlightened living I had somehow started to stream and process all my cosmic and intuitive downloads via my physical body. I had been acting as a full throttle constant ‘step-down transformer’ (calibrating high frequency energy, bringing it down to a vibrational level we can work with and understand with our minds and emotions and ground with our bodies). Don’t get me wrong, this is what we are here to do, we are meant to act as lightning rods, grounding the light of Source down through us, anchoring it to the earth and then sharing that light via our hearts in the world. BUT I had been taking it to the extreme, my Spiritual Emergency back in 1998 had left my Chakras very open to streaming a LOT of light and it was leading to burn out due to the amount of information I work with and the fact that I was processing it all through my physical body too quickly. Add to that the fact that I have been doing all this while setting up a spiritual business on my own and facing multiple bereavements and countless other shocks and it suddenly makes perfect sense why my body might be having a hard time right now. And all this without even mentioning our collective evolution, awakening or ‘ascension’ symptoms! Phew, this having a body bit can really put us through the ringer.

So, in my recent session with Stacy she helped me to adjust my processing settings so I can ‘read’ and interpret the vast expanse of intuitive information in a gentler way, just touching into the knowing with the outer eges of my energy fields at my own pace rather than having to take it all into my cells! This is a speciality of Stacy’s and I am starting to really appreciate her skill at adjusting those inner settings that make a huge difference to how we experience and process our lives inside and out.


My next big “AH-HA!” moment, and this reverberated deep in my soul, came when Stacy helped me become aware that I carry a heavy sense of responsibility for my whole family and their collective enlightenment, even for those who have crossed over! When they were alive I had felt responsible for them and got pulled into the role of carer at a very young age, sowing the seeds of being an ‘over-giver’ in adulthood. Now many of them are in spirit it has shifted slightly (I have done work in this area) but there was still an attachment that needed tweaking. And so we tweaked.

I declared out loud to my step-father recently that the unhealthy and destructive patterns that run through my ancestral line must stop with me. I have always been clear about that, not so much as a decision but as an intuitive knowing. What I didn’t realise is that I had passed this knowing through my early responsibility-bearing ‘carer filter’ and was carrying it for everyone in a way that was unhealthy for me.

I instantly knew what needed to happen and so did Stacy. She helped me shift things before I even verbalised what I was sensing. We helped redirect the energy flow of those family members who were feeding off my energy (across all time and space). Instead of feeding off me as their source of light and transformation, they were now plugged into their own ‘Source -> Earth -> Source’ circuits. Phew, what a relief. I felt my energy instantly lift, like when you’ve been carrying a heavy bag of shopping for ages, you put it down and your arms start to float upwards.

On this path of spiritual transformation many of us out-grow our birth family or family of origin, feeling as if we no longer fit in. Perhaps you never felt you fitted in for whatever reason. If you were adopted it may be the other way around; finding your birth family is what gives you that sense of belonging. Basically it’s about finding your ‘resonant’ family, like-minded people and your soul group. Creating your family of choice is part of growing up not only as individuals but collectively as conscious beings.

It has been a tough road and I have had to let go of a LOT of people who used to be the centre of my world. I held on, working on unconditional acceptance and love but just kept getting bashed over the head. Loving acceptance isn’t quite as easy when in abusive situations and you have to know when to bow out gracefully. I can do the spiritual leapfrog and give you a load of wise platitudes about it but to be honest, for me this process hurt like hell.

That primal, tribal, social pull runs deep in all of us, the need to belong, to be seen and accepted. Breaking away from the pack used to cost lives so the survival response when a family member doesn’t toe the line is strong.

Pain seems to arise when we look for and hope for that sense of belonging, acceptance and validation from the wrong people and places. There is a genuine grieving process when you realise you are shifting vibrationally out of someone’s life, one that must be felt and honoured. For me guilt was always my family’s manipulation tool of choice so that has been one to navigate and overcome as I put my own needs first.

You’d think after ‘losing’ so many people in my life I’d have the hang of this by now but it is a work in progress for sure. Just when I think I’ve come to an authentic place of loving acceptance with my relationship to my family of origin, BAM! along comes something to bring up all those feelings. It is easy to say ‘just love and accept everyone for who they are’ and of course that is the goal and always my intention, but it has to be an authentic journey of growth and heart-opening, it cannot be forced or faked and feelings need to be felt so energy can move and we can reconnect to the love in a genuine way.

Some people find that when they discover their resonant family it greatly enhances their relationships with their family of origin and that is a blessing indeed. That has been my experience in the past. However right now I am attuned to and aware of the challenges in this process shared by many I hear from all over the world, so I am speaking to that.

What I do know is that family issues and breaking away from unhealthy relationships is part of our evolution and it is a pulse surging forth in our collective consciousness right now. We are in a phase of vibrational sorting, ensuring that we are exactly where we need to be and with those people who will help raise us up and allow us to be all we came here to be.

Both of these “AH-HA!” moments have marked important shifts for me that allow me to sit more in my authentic essence. Every challenge is a call further into my power, deeper into my essential self. I have released a heavy load in this latest healing cycle and am now able to access incisive knowing from my ‘wise all-knowing self’ without burning out! Hooray!

What are your experiences with family or personal relationships on this path of spiritual transformation? Do share your story in the comment box below.

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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5 thoughts on “Family Issues and Intuitive Upgrades: My healing journey continues…

  1. This post also resonates remarkably well with the challenges and personal transformation I’ve been undergoing for the past few years. Thank you for writing about your experiences, esp. the family of origin details, as I’ve also been experiencing struggles similar to yours. It was initially painful to let go of familial relationships that were incredibly toxic to my well-being. Certain relatives acted out either maliciously or icily toward me so that I was actually afforded the opportunities to gracefully exit those dysfunctional relationships. Did I look back at memories and old “ties” with sentimentality, wishing that our relationships could be salvaged? Of course, and I did grieve. I am still in the process of letting go. But, letting go has also abundantly blessed me with the freedom to embrace my inner gifts and spiritual authenticity which my family of origin would never have accepted. They would have ousted me had they known of my involvement with light-work and metaphysical teachings. They are so distorted by their own beliefs (organized religion, especially) that they would have symbolically burned me at the stake! By shunning me out of their own fears, ignorances, and prejudices, they have also shunned any healing I could impart to them, if they were only open-minded enough to receive it. So, I have sought my own supportive friends, mentors, and professional contacts who are like-minded light-workers to surround myself with the positive relationships and energies I need to thrive. There are others I can choose to help with my energy and I’m now embarking on that journey. My game plan has been working out quite well, and I no longer feel heavily burdened by my family’s dysfunction because I’m no longer a part of it. I understand I was born into that family for highly spiritual reasons which I’m still working on understanding. But, we all have free will to experience our lives. And my free will told me intuitively it was time to stop being a target for my family’s hatred and jealousy, that it was time to move on. I feel so much more liberated having done so! Best wishes to you in your journey!

    • Thank you for sharing your journey Annabelle. Beautifully expressed.
      I grew away from my birth family about 10 years ago and felt in such an empowered and free place. I moved to a place of loving and accepting myself unconditionally and so I could offer that energy to them also. And then lo and behold a few years down the line there was more to work on. There is always more evolution, that is the nature of it, the mistake we make is assuming we have ‘arrived’ somewhere.
      With with each cycle up the spiral I feel more love with each lesson, and more equanimity with each challenge. I allow myself to really FEEL what I am feeling as well as observing it from a spiritual perspective, quite the balancing act. I share this because most people do either one or the other; identify with the emotion or do the spiritual leapfrog over the feelings to the ‘enlightened’ place.
      Everyone is where they are at, no better or worse than any other and we are growing beautifully together.
      Bless you for sharing where you are at right now.
      K ♥

  2. Hi Kimberley, I am so happy for you that all your hard work is now forging a clearer pathway for you after releasing so much stuff. I understand what you mean about families of origin as I too feel as if I am cast adrift by mine. I am kept out of the loop so to speak and although this hurts me I know I have to continue to send them loving thoughts and accept things as they are today. I believe that all of these things are happening for very good reasons, as we are all on our own paths through life, but they can be difficult to bear. Much Love Esther

    • Indeed Esther, It is all simply part of our evolution. If we can reach the place of unconditional acceptance like you have that’s wonderful for all concerned. And for those not quite there yet, that’s OK too. It’s essential to be authentic and be wherever YOU are, accepting yourself unconditionally too.
      Much love.
      K ♥

  3. Wow! This post resonates so much with me. In the past couple of months relationships, especially with family and all those who I hold dear, have shaken me up and are slowly teaching me life’s important lessons. Lessons of honoring the self and speaking your truth. Fancy thing to say but yes Kimberley as you pointed out, very tough to go through. It is painful but the awareness remains that this process is necessary for self-growth. I am hearing for the first time about soul group or resonant family through your post. My current challenge is giving priority to myself by saying NO to others – so so difficult as being there for others has made people take me for granted. Of course it is not their fault because it is a habit developed by me! Thank you for the post! Very very helpful and also a comfort that I am not the only one going through relationship turmoils.

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