Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (MAY 2012)

This past month saw many of us reeling from intense emotions, energy surges and life challenges. You might say that just sounds like life, but what I am hearing and sensing is something deeper, something experienced beyond the personal and out into (or in out-to) the collective shared realm.

However the collective ripple effect actually happens it is clear we are connected and that there are waves of growth, healing, breakdown and breakthrough that many of us seem to experience simultaneously. Perhaps as part of this collective ‘shift’ of consciousness.

One of the biggies this past month was an Intuition Upgrade, where our inner wisdom circuits and sensory networks were re-wired, re-booted and recalibrated! So you may have had a few blank spots where you just couldn’t get your usual read on a situation or had bursts of intense psychic activity as new levels of awareness came online.

I heard from many of you who serve from your heart who were really feeling you needed to stop giving so much of yourself and your gifts away for free, not out of greed but because you were feeling depleted and taken advantage of. These feelings surfaced as part of you stepping into greater levels of self-valuing.

There has also been a run of surprising or aggressive outbursts from those around us. Sudden irrational behaviour and attacks that seemed to come right out of left field and knock you flat. I even heard a Hay House author mention recently that a father had squared up to him in his son’s playground baiting him into a fight over an innocent comment. This could be the solar activity which has been busy this past month. This can churn up what I see as dark red energy in peoples’ pain bodies. It is pure survival instinct helplessness and it tends to shows up as anger and is often to do with the ego terrified of its own demise.

This dynamic could also have been related in some way to the Full Moon in Libra on April 6th which brought some intense energies forward, especially for those born under the sun sign of Libra. It arrived with guidance around keeping an eye on tempers and aggression as buried feelings burst forth.

The first week of April was marked by a magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR1450 erupting and hurling a faint CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) in the direction of Earth. There was another huge solar flare on April 16th which sent plasma flares  towards earth over the next few days. April 21-22nd saw the Lyrid Meteor shower and April 24th also saw a geomagnetic storm providing stunning auroras as far south as Ireland. Many of you reported extreme fatigue and migraines.

Read ‘Solar Flares and Sensitive Souls’ for more.

Easter can bring strong death/rebirth experiences on many levels of life and if you are sensitive to and aware of these deeper interconnected realities you will have felt it. It may have shown up as things reaching a climax in relationship issues, an issue you’ve been struggling with for a while coming to a head or a new way clearing before you.


I have been sensing a rise in feminine power lately. I have been dancing with this energy as it surges to see how it is playing out in my life, in the lives of others and how it may express itself through my work later this year. I certainly felt myself shift into alignment with it over my 40th birthday weekend a few days ago and many of you tell me you felt the same. There is a sense of having had enough of playing small or burning out following old out-dated masculine energy (not the same as men themselves) and of needing to explore feminine energy and womanhood (two distinct and different yet interconnected things) in relation to a new form of power emerging in every area of life.

Scorpio Full Moon May 5-6 brings everything that has been hidden to the surface to be healed. It is a supermoon so will seem bigger as it is closer to the Earth and this also exaggerates its effects. It encourages emotional truth and asks us questions about power and how we get it, use it or give it away and how we can move into alignment with our authentic self so we can stand in a new kind of power that emerges from within and is centred in love. Those with a Scorpio moon (that’s me) may have powerful psychic experiences or feel a deep clearing of old wounds or stored energy that will allow for greater freedom and lightness. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself at this time.

Sunday May 20th will see a significant solar eclipse so watch for that. In particular if you are in or near San Francisco for example, you will see a 90% solar eclipse. For more about the eclipse times and degrees in your area see this great EarthSky article. Add to this the energy of a New Moon in Gemini on the same date and you have powerful opportunities to really soar and fly to new heights as the chance for a new chapter in your life unfolds.

Main dates to watch for then are May 5/6th and May 20th.

If you’d like to be informed of solar and celestial activity as it happens to help you understand why you might be feeling like you do then visit

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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8 thoughts on “Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (MAY 2012)

  1. Thanks so much for this article. Wow, sounds like many of us are on the same page. Been feeling a huge surge in psychic energy lately. Also, felt giddy for no reason whatsoever this morning with some sort of premonition that the old is quickly fading and the new world is amping up! Keep up the good work!

  2. I was so glad to read this. I am very new to all of this and still finding my waycwith my psychic abilities. I was certified in Reiki I and II in March and was having great success with it and feeling a wonderful connection with Spirit. But in the last few weeks I felt disconnected annd drained and I couldn’t understand why. This makes so much sense and seems to fit with what I experienced.

    I can’t tell you how relieved I am because I was feeling a bit alone and the doubts started creeping in. Thank you, Kimberly!

    • Hi Deanna,
      I’m so glad the post has offered some comfort and reassurance. Our energy is being affected in so many powerful ways by so many unseen forces right now that we can hardly keep up and are probably only just scratching the surface in our understanding. I feel it is all ultimately a very positive thing. Look after yourself.
      K ♥

  3. Dearest Kimberley,
    Thank you for putting all that has been happening into perspective. Your readings give clarity to what I has been experienced.
    Thank you again.

  4. amazing.. there really is a shift happening.. and its wonderful to be a part of this.. i do a lot of volunteer work of which i love, & find extreemly rewarding, but about 4weeks ago, i just had this feeling… i felt i was give, give, giving.. which was quite overwhelming.. so i decided to cut back on my volunteering.. of which i felt ever so guilty for doing so.. i just couldnt understand this fealing.. i new it wasnt out of greed!!! its lovely to know im not alone in this.. i too was stepping into a “greater level of self -valuing” i now understand.. blessings & thanks 🙂 🙂 judi

    • Oh I’m so glad that has helped Judi and well done on listening to those inner feelings and taking loving steps for yourself. Not easy when the giving flows so easily from the heart I know, but so necessary for staying healthy.
      K ♥

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