Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (JULY 2012)

Oh my giddy aunt! What a month it has been and it hasn’t settled down yet? Have you felt it?

What with the Venus Transit, New Moon, Summer Solstice, today’s Full Moon and multiple blasts from the sun including another massive solar flare blasting earth right now, no WONDER we are all feeling it!

Of course there are some people who sail along totally unaffected wondering what on earth I’m going on about, but these messages aren’t for them. The Energy Whispers monthly energy report is for those of us who FEEL life pretty deeply and are looking for an understanding of and some steady ground to stand on through all these changes and shifts.

So how have you been this month?

I know I took more than a couple of days to hibernate under a blanket utterly wiped out with fatigue or fogginess. Many of you tell me your own energy levels have been so up and down you wondered if you were getting ill. Emotions burst out of nowhere, no amount of sleep seemed to be enough and yet at the same time you felt a clarity, inner peace or knowing that everything was OK.

More than ever before, you have told me that in the midst of the chaos you were able to access some kind of reassuring knowing and awareness that all would be well.

On a physical level many of us have been experiencing powerful Detox symptoms such as aches and pains as well as a cleansing of old emotions, some of which you thought you’d dealt with long ago.

Incredible blessings, opportunities and synchronicities have flowed into your lives at the same time as bad news about others. There has been such a contrast between our inner and outer experiences this past month.

My sense is that these extremes, these polarities are our realities stretching out to their furthest limits of contrast before the pendulum swings back to the centre where instead of great highs and lows we find a balanced middle point of flow. Many of you tell me you have felt almost depressed and then swing towards joy and bliss before settling back to centre.

Others have had intense dreams. I can relate to that in particular. It feels as if I am processing so deep, clearing out every dusty corner and working through any unresolved ‘stuff’ in my dream world once and for all.

I have had a lot of emails telling me that you had unusual meaningful encounters with birds and instant manifestation moments. I certainly relate. I had a little Robin hop at my feet and land on my window sill several times (they are my heart totem). Sometimes within moments of the thought you were seeing it manifest outwardly!

For example. I was sat writing my book ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’ and as I was writing I was aware that the wording and imagery I felt ‘guided’ to use was quite visual, almost filmic in nature. I had the thought “Oh wouldn’t it be fun to turn my book into a film that could help others”. I didn’t dismiss as I might have done a few years ago, as a flight of fancy. Instead I just let it be and kept writing.

Three hours later I had an email from a film producer asking me if I was interested in turning my book into a film! She happened to be on my mailing list and saw the first segment of my book I had shared exclusively with my mailing list just a short time earlier.

As all these extremes, clearings and feelings settle there is a new level of our being emerging. We have completed yet another turn of the spiral. The vast galactic alignment of this year will be calling us to clear out anything that holds us back from being all we came here to be. In fact it is happening now. Your Soul wisdom will adjust life inside and out until you are lined up with your authentic self.

I do not hold with the belief that if you are having any kind of problems then you aren’t ready for December 21st 2012. That in some way if you are feeling life and experiencing life then you are getting it ‘wrong’. That isn’t helpful and it just doesn’t feel true.

The chaos is part of the transformation. Change is part of being fully alive. There is no destination or end point where you can say you have passed the test and now you are fully enlightened and ready for the 2012 shift. The Shift is happening now and has been building up for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds of years. We simply live at the apex moment of that shift, the tipping point.

How we respond to it and the state of our own consciousness through it IS something we can consciously affect. How we experience this age of chaos is up to us. This is our Choice Point.

Solar Flares may continue, there will be further moon cycles, world events, big changes, crises on the news……however, how we respond and how we feel and how we act is something we can positively and directly influence right now. And in doing so we set in motion new positive outer manifestations for all.

As within, so without.

So now is the time to ensure you are equipped to ride the waves well, to SHINE through The Shift and remember there is always a still point deep within you anchoring you to the present moment, no matter what is going on around you or within you physically or emotionally.

TIP: How to connect with your own ‘Still Point’.

Sit upright in a chair. One hand over your heart, the other over your lower belly.

Breathe deeply and gently. Allow your weight to sink downwards into your seat, more and more with each breath.

Feel the love in your own heart.

Stay centred right at the core of your heart energy in the centre of your chest.

Breathe in and out of that core and see it/feel it growing brighter and brighter like an eternal candle flame growing bigger and brighter with every breath until its light surrounds you.

Feel the intense peace there in your heart. Know this place holds immense and unchanging stillness no matter what is going on. This is your own place of infinite, unchanging peace and stillness.

Do this regularly to build your connection to your own inner ‘Still Point’.

Dates to watch for this month:

July 3rd Full Moon in Capricorn – A time of being aware of manifestations and outer experiences with others. This moon exaggerates some of the themes mentioned above in regard to how we balance our inner and outer life. This month is about how we use or step into our true power.

July 19th New Moon in Cancer – A time for planting new seeds of nurturing and deep inner growth. For a lovely list of suggested affirmations and wishes to plant around this New Moon see:

To keep an eye on solar flares and other space weather you can follow:

Love and blessings,

My blog site has now moved to Hope to see you there!


9 thoughts on “Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (JULY 2012)

  1. Hi Kimberley,
    This may be an old question already answered but I had feeling I should get in touch with you.
    I have been working on coming back awake from a very terrible surgery in which I woke up while still having surgery. I did not find this out until a year later after being affected with PTSD. Anyways I was put on a benzo in which I have been clean and clear of for almost 2 yrs! Yay!! I have been a sensitive since I can remember and can see spirits, I turned off this gift for 4 yrs… Now here is where I am having trouble when I open up my senses it is like the radio has been turned up full blast and the lights gets super bright!! How do I get my gift back to where I can control the volume and not have my senses go haywire? I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and my gift helps me to help others. I meditate with Tibetan bells and Indian flute, but as soon as I open up its like getting into you car and the radio is on full blast when you start the car! 🙂 Quiet shocking to the system. Anything you can recommend would be awesome!

    Ohh so very excited about your book being put to film! That is wonderful news! I sure have enjoyed what you have shared so far. I am so glad you are out there and that you share all that you do! It helps so much!
    Love and Blessing,

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thank you for your lovely comments.
      I understand what you share. There are a couple of things that jump in intuitively. One is to look at EMDR which is a trauma therapy involving guided eye movement or something similar, depending on the practitioner. It is available on the NHS in the UK for PTSD and should be available elsewhere but you’ll need to look into that. It helps takes excess ‘charge’ out of your system. Also have you tried acupuncture? This can be really good at doing the same thing, reducing hyper-sensitivity around that psychic ‘valve’ you speak of.
      As ever, 15 mins barefoot every day will also really help ground your system taking excess ‘static’ and charge out of your system.
      I’m sure there is more to this but without going deep I hope this helps for now.
      K ♥

  2. Thank you for your uplifting articles.Although I’ve always had spiritual/psychic experiences off and on during my life, they have really intensified since October 2011 and your articles have explained much of what’s been happening to me.Some of these more recent experiences have involved huge energy surges in various parts of my body, downloading of symbols,messages from guides and feelings of deeper attunement with nature.
    On June 5 th, while awaiting the online coverage of the venus transit, I started getting flu-like symptoms and a rod of white light entered my crown.I later got 7 cold sores along my lip.What I’d like to ask you is if you know what the light could be and if anything similar has happened to you.
    Thanks for your help

    • Hi Kerry,
      Yes I’ve had the same things myself over the years, and often at the same time as eclipses or planetary alignments etc. Your system has gone ‘on-line’ so to speak and is streaming a higher vibrational energy. The language is so limited to describe this.
      The light sounds and feels like an attunement like a powerful healing given to you to help clear out your central channel; a column of light that links you up with Source and the Earth. All of the healing, cleansing, clearing, energy surges etc are all to do with clearing that central column so your light can flow freely and you can act like a natural lightning rod grounding the light of Source here on Earth via your body and life. It can get quiet intense. Eat hearty foods like beans, stews, soups, grains, pulses, protein etc (quinoa). Get lost of gentle time out in nature to stay grounded and BREATHE through it all.
      Much love,
      K ♥

  3. Thank you, Kimberley. I love how you can see the brighter side of the chaos! It feels like I’m a tree that has made it alive out of a terrible storm and had a dream related to this. I dreamt that two big branches fell off of a tree onto me, yet the weight of the branches did not crush me. I had to drop something during this past week that was too heavy for me to continue to carry. I feel much lighter now. You are loved and appreciated, M

    • Thank you Magena!
      What amazing imagery in your dream and so special to see it transfer to your waking hours as actual transformation.
      I DO see the positive side of the chaos, you are right. That is the essence of my message. Having been through so much myself I know from first hand experience that it’s all part of a profound soul growth process that no matter how painful can, if we know how to ride through it, lead to more happiness and fulfilment than we can imagine.
      Bless you. Much love. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.
      K ♥

      • You are a beautiful encourager and I truly love you. I just read in one of your replies on here about EMDR therapy. Last week, I made an appointment for this therapy and I have my initial consult tomorrow. I did have this done once before and it was a tremendous help. Just thought it was encouraging to hear you suggest it to someone else going through PTSD and thought you would like to know that it encouraged me. Smooches, M

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