Kimberley Jones is a Spiritual Mentor and Energy Intuitive. She is also a professional energy artist and published writer currently writing ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’.

Following one of the most dramatic ‘awakenings’ recorded in the Western world, her path has led her one deep synchronistic step at a time to this moment and this ‘lightwork’ facilitating healthy awakening and conscious living for women during our Great Shift.

(Kimberley has created videos of her awakening story. Her story is also featured in the book ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ by Catherine Lucas and in research by Hay House author and psychology lecturer and researcher Steve Taylor).

Kimberley reads energy, both personal and planetary. She interprets vibrational information. Her gift is seeing who you really are and calling your true essence forth with incisive wisdom and unconditional love. She understands what needs to happen with your energy and consciousness in order for you to step into and live your soul purpose as part of the interconnected whole.

In constant dialogue with the webs of energy and information in daily life, Kimberley also reads what is going on collectively. She stands firmly in the present, grounded in the now whilst interpreting vibrational information that transcends time and space. As an energy intuitive who can translate this energy into information, Kimberley carries an important gift at this time, one that may help facilitate the evolution of human consciousness. 

Kimberley currently offers private readingsvia email to souls all over the world (she has been described as a ‘Soul Whisperer’, ‘The Lightworker’s Lightworker’ and ‘A Real Life Spirit Guide’)

She paints Energyscapes commissions for those seeking art to support healing, awakening and inner knowing.

The CV Bit!

Kimberley is a Reiki Master with over 20 years healing experience.

She has trained as a Transformational Facilitator & Trainer.

Kimberley was part of the training & visioning team for international conferences on energy, consciousness & evolution.

For 2 years she was a main feature writer for a UK mind/body/spirit magazine

Kimberley ran a successful coaching & healing practice from a GP (MD)-run clinic in Devon, UK.

Kimberley also has experience of working in the business world for over 20 years at many different levels from customer service to management level & brings all her knowledge, wisdom & experience to her own work.

She has studied Psychology, Creative Thinking, Creative Management, LifeTracking (Creative Kinesiology) & is an Art Historian – BA(Hons). She is a Reiki Master Healer of the Usui lineage  & co-founder of the Green Cities Foundation. 

In 2009 Kimberley founded ‘One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project’ a project using Facebook & twitter to bring people together all over the world using simple tools to create personal & planetary peace. Each year on November 11th the project comes together for a global convergence event, connecting souls all over the planet to activate peace.

A Bit of Personal History

Kimberley started offering intuitive hands-on healing 20 years ago to her Mother, a highly psychic/clairvoyant/medium who lived with cancer for 11 years. It was at this time Kimberley began exploring self-healing, creative visualisation & meditation to support her Mother’s healing journey.

In February of 1998, just weeks after her Mother passed away, Kimberley began experiencing a series of intense ‘awakenings’, taking on her mother’s abilities & more. Not knowing what was happening Kimberley became terrified & experienced a breakdown & depression, followed by physical disability. Discovering Reiki was the beginning of her recovery & empowerment. 

We have lost many of our indigenous tribal traditions & spiritual mentors. Had Kimberley experienced her awakening as part of one of the shamanic cultures for example she would have been taken on as the next shamanic apprentice for her village or town.

After many bereavements, homelessness, disability, financial struggle, an abusive relationship..(& much more)..Kimberley was left with an open heart, a deep empathy for others, expanded consciousness & a clear, direct ‘Source’ connection, allowing her to get to the higher/deeper perspective (spiritual/soulful) perspective of any situation.

You can contact Kimberley via the ‘Get in Touch’ page above.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello! I am William Bunker, registered healer, Eagle Scout, starseed, lightworker, and empath. I use Reiki and crystals to heal and advance my energy body and take care of myself with clean organic foods. I love Jesus Christ the messiah and I am looking for my future wife and have felt spiritual entities scrubbing me for marriage.

    I am aware of the enormous effects of the 2012 wave alignment. We will be at the top of a wave around the Milky Way Galaxy then and focused most intensely during the winter solstice, December 21, 2012. I am starting to study the importance of astrology. The sheer size of the electromagnetic fields involved adds to their importance. Also see the new discovery ‘programmable magnets’ on youtube to learn more about how magnetic sun groups and people work. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9-iF67UxXk&NR=1

    I believe in aliens. Cammeron of Arcturus is one alien who gave great ecological advice to Earth. Her message and many more are online at http://www.galacticfriends.com. They are helping us evolve. Find more about starseeds and lightworkers at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9TRnqVZ-ik.

    In this decade we of the public will conquer big business and big government. We will change the low and downwardly sloping slant of news media and cultural entertainment that began to pick up after WW2. It will be very bright.

    Nanotechnology will be critical to supplying the many people of the world with the things they need in the 21st century. Nano and special magnetic production is an economic, technological, and alchemical revolution that will give us global industrial supercapacity and leave traditional money and shortage behind. It will be easy to take a physical copy of something like taking an image from the web.

    It is so critical that we use organic and safe farming methods. Our farmland and our ecology is at risk of many serious problems, and our environment’s species are all endangered by some people’s pollution and mismanagement of land. Please use organic foods as it sends a message to farmers. Please contact companies about the use of their lands.

    We will have social groups that are different in the near future. The internet has connected us so much that everyone will be in the same social group all over the world. This will be a partial replacement for governments and markets and jobs and bring us much disentanglement and new understanding and growth. I’ll have thousands of friends! YAY! Friends hopefully who are like you. =) I encourage you strongly to build empathic goals that can help advance these projects that I’ve described to you.

    Tell me what you believe and the good things you’ve done with your life and hope to do in the future. Reiki blessings upon you, friend!

    William Bunker, RH

  2. I love your beautiful heart-shaped face surrounded by curls. And your amazing life story.

    I found you first over at Copper Strings with your article Turkish Delight – ‘ILAHINOOR’ A new energy for a new age
    . I had been excitedly reading online about Ilahinoor and was out looking for a practitioner who offers Ilahinoor transmissions by phone or Skype. I didn’t come up with much on that front—but your article mentioned you’ll be offering it as part of your work with ‘Light Coaching & Healing.’

    I hope that will be soon!

  3. Congrats Kimberley!

    Great work ..beautiful design and profound meaning .. Certainly Kimberley serves the need of the hour for this stressful world ..Let us all Heal the world.!

    Pleasure knowing you..

    Love and light

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