Awakening to the Authentic YOU – Solar Eclipse/New Moon Energies NOV 2012

We can no longer pretend to be what we are not. Our true selves and true feelings are being called forward now. Activities and people not in line with our integrity will leave our lives. Our personal and collective pain bodies (the energy that keeps us from our awakened self) will reveal themselves plainly to be seen, felt and transformed.

We have reached that awakening moment, the one we have heard about, the moment where the pain of where we are outweighs the fear of moving forward.

The old masks are crumbling, this is a time of death of the old, death of the lies, death of the illusion and birth of the authentic and transparent.

We will feel an immense sense of freedom from the webs of lies as truths are unveiled.

Many souls may leave the planet around this time, taking old paradigm energy with them.

A new sense of harmony will arrive in our renewed, authentic and resonant relationships. We will feel a sense of clarity and power around our true purpose as this new vibrational climate allows it more room to unfold and expand.

The New Moon energy will bring a confidence to express the True YOU.

Sit quietly on Nov 13th and feel into the shift and into this new energy of authenticity and the space it gives you to breathe the breath that is wholly YOU.

Let go of the old, feel the webs detatch from your skin, feel the attachments release, leaving all energy fields sealed, healed and intact.

Feel those old habits, masks and restrictions start to fall away revealing a free, expanded YOU, grounded in the world with healthy boundaries and no apology for who you really are.

Imagine a shower of Light from Source raining down over and through you, cleansing away the old. This is a chance for a fresh start.

Don’t try to figure it all out, don’t analyse it, just breathe, allow the feelings and let go of what no longer serves the full expression of your authentic soul self.

And so it is.

With my love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (JULY 2012)

Oh my giddy aunt! What a month it has been and it hasn’t settled down yet? Have you felt it?

What with the Venus Transit, New Moon, Summer Solstice, today’s Full Moon and multiple blasts from the sun including another massive solar flare blasting earth right now, no WONDER we are all feeling it!

Of course there are some people who sail along totally unaffected wondering what on earth I’m going on about, but these messages aren’t for them. The Energy Whispers monthly energy report is for those of us who FEEL life pretty deeply and are looking for an understanding of and some steady ground to stand on through all these changes and shifts.

So how have you been this month?

I know I took more than a couple of days to hibernate under a blanket utterly wiped out with fatigue or fogginess. Many of you tell me your own energy levels have been so up and down you wondered if you were getting ill. Emotions burst out of nowhere, no amount of sleep seemed to be enough and yet at the same time you felt a clarity, inner peace or knowing that everything was OK.

More than ever before, you have told me that in the midst of the chaos you were able to access some kind of reassuring knowing and awareness that all would be well.

On a physical level many of us have been experiencing powerful Detox symptoms such as aches and pains as well as a cleansing of old emotions, some of which you thought you’d dealt with long ago.

Incredible blessings, opportunities and synchronicities have flowed into your lives at the same time as bad news about others. There has been such a contrast between our inner and outer experiences this past month.

My sense is that these extremes, these polarities are our realities stretching out to their furthest limits of contrast before the pendulum swings back to the centre where instead of great highs and lows we find a balanced middle point of flow. Many of you tell me you have felt almost depressed and then swing towards joy and bliss before settling back to centre.

Others have had intense dreams. I can relate to that in particular. It feels as if I am processing so deep, clearing out every dusty corner and working through any unresolved ‘stuff’ in my dream world once and for all.

I have had a lot of emails telling me that you had unusual meaningful encounters with birds and instant manifestation moments. I certainly relate. I had a little Robin hop at my feet and land on my window sill several times (they are my heart totem). Sometimes within moments of the thought you were seeing it manifest outwardly!

For example. I was sat writing my book ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’ and as I was writing I was aware that the wording and imagery I felt ‘guided’ to use was quite visual, almost filmic in nature. I had the thought “Oh wouldn’t it be fun to turn my book into a film that could help others”. I didn’t dismiss as I might have done a few years ago, as a flight of fancy. Instead I just let it be and kept writing.

Three hours later I had an email from a film producer asking me if I was interested in turning my book into a film! She happened to be on my mailing list and saw the first segment of my book I had shared exclusively with my mailing list just a short time earlier.

As all these extremes, clearings and feelings settle there is a new level of our being emerging. We have completed yet another turn of the spiral. The vast galactic alignment of this year will be calling us to clear out anything that holds us back from being all we came here to be. In fact it is happening now. Your Soul wisdom will adjust life inside and out until you are lined up with your authentic self.

I do not hold with the belief that if you are having any kind of problems then you aren’t ready for December 21st 2012. That in some way if you are feeling life and experiencing life then you are getting it ‘wrong’. That isn’t helpful and it just doesn’t feel true.

The chaos is part of the transformation. Change is part of being fully alive. There is no destination or end point where you can say you have passed the test and now you are fully enlightened and ready for the 2012 shift. The Shift is happening now and has been building up for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds of years. We simply live at the apex moment of that shift, the tipping point.

How we respond to it and the state of our own consciousness through it IS something we can consciously affect. How we experience this age of chaos is up to us. This is our Choice Point.

Solar Flares may continue, there will be further moon cycles, world events, big changes, crises on the news……however, how we respond and how we feel and how we act is something we can positively and directly influence right now. And in doing so we set in motion new positive outer manifestations for all.

As within, so without.

So now is the time to ensure you are equipped to ride the waves well, to SHINE through The Shift and remember there is always a still point deep within you anchoring you to the present moment, no matter what is going on around you or within you physically or emotionally.

TIP: How to connect with your own ‘Still Point’.

Sit upright in a chair. One hand over your heart, the other over your lower belly.

Breathe deeply and gently. Allow your weight to sink downwards into your seat, more and more with each breath.

Feel the love in your own heart.

Stay centred right at the core of your heart energy in the centre of your chest.

Breathe in and out of that core and see it/feel it growing brighter and brighter like an eternal candle flame growing bigger and brighter with every breath until its light surrounds you.

Feel the intense peace there in your heart. Know this place holds immense and unchanging stillness no matter what is going on. This is your own place of infinite, unchanging peace and stillness.

Do this regularly to build your connection to your own inner ‘Still Point’.

Dates to watch for this month:

July 3rd Full Moon in Capricorn – A time of being aware of manifestations and outer experiences with others. This moon exaggerates some of the themes mentioned above in regard to how we balance our inner and outer life. This month is about how we use or step into our true power.

July 19th New Moon in Cancer – A time for planting new seeds of nurturing and deep inner growth. For a lovely list of suggested affirmations and wishes to plant around this New Moon see:

To keep an eye on solar flares and other space weather you can follow:

Love and blessings,

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2012 and the Waves of Change

As we cross the threshold of December and ease into a fresh new year, few of us can deny that it is not just any new year we are entering. You can feel it right? The anticipation, the uncertainty, the excitement, the possibilities and potential and dare I say it…..a little fear about the auspicious and long-awaited year that is 2012.

So what will happen? How can you move through this time with ease?

Let me say this to you right now from my heart to yours…

You were born for this time. You are ready. You are good enough. You are safe. You are loved beyond measure. You are where you are meant to be right now. You are with who you are meant to be with right now. You will know what to do. You are remembering why you are here. You are not alone. You will find your resonant soul family.

I know there is a lot of information out there about prophecies and our future. I know you see unrest, changes and chaos on the news. I know you do your best not to get pulled into the fear. I know you are doing the best you can and I know you want to do SOMETHING to ease that urgency inside you and help this world be on the outside what you feel it truly is on the inside…LOVE in physical form.

You will. You will find your way. You will find your path. In fact to be honest you are already on it. Maybe you just can’t see it yet, or maybe you are asking for specifics about the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘when’?

In fact, what no one tells us is that to find your soul path all you need to do is look down to see where your feet are and take the next step that feels right. Because THAT is how you walk your soul path. You take the very next step that is right under your nose and which feels right to you. Then after that you take the next step and then the next. Be true to yourself. Love yourself. Trust yourself.

This is also how we will each move through 2012 with grace and ease and courage.

I will not paint a bleak and scary picture about 2012 and what may happen. Nor will I paint one that is infused with idealistic escapism. I can only share my truth from my heart and you are called to do the same.

We are always evolving and changing. Right now the changes are escalating to a point where none of us can miss it anymore. The changes are happening inside and out. The changes are signs of transformation. As a healer I might call it our collective ‘healing crisis’ where the healing and transformation process becomes so fast and powerful that it gets uncomfortable and overwhelming. I know with Mother Earth and Humanity as I do with individual clients, the change settles, the symptoms ease and a new way of being is eventually revealed.

Few of us were taught how to manage this shift or how to handle change but we do carry a blueprint deep inside us for how to ride the waves of 2012 like champion surfers. So pick up that board and get waxing. It is time to remember.

Humanity is being reborn and we are living through the labour pains of the new. We are being given a chance to collectively pull together and work for what is good and right. This is our opportunity to move from competition to collaboration, from conflict to compassion, from concealment to transparency and from fear to heart-full courage. This time in history will be remembered as the time human consciousness awoke to its creative power and to the evolutionary potential of living from LOVE.

Whatever the cause of this shift the main thing to remember is YOU CAN DO IT. Others can take care of the big picture, you just stay grounded and present to your own feelings and inner guidance, and what feels right for you, THAT is your inner guidance system, your own personal HeartNAV to guide you over the waves of change. Look down at your feet, be present in your life as it is right now and take that next step.

As within, so without. Change worldwide starts from inside…..YOU. If you stay grounded and centred in authenticity and love it will ripple out affecting hundreds of thousands of people around you. Raise your own vibrations and manage your own energy and consciousness and you effect the rest of the world. Energy is contagious. LOVE is contagious.

So look down at those feet, take whatever next step feels good and right for you in your heart.

Surfs up!

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

(First published in Whispers of Spirit ‘Presence’ Magazine Dec 2011)

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Understanding 2012 – 8 of 8: What Can You Do Now? – A Call to Action

2012 has come to mean much more than a date on a calendar, or at the end of a calendar. It is symbolic of our moment of choice, our process of transformation amid the chaos of a rapidly changing world. It is a key choice point in the evolution of human consciousness.

It is also a symbol of hope, of a new beginning, a rebirth where we can each wake up to our creative power to shape our world inside and out. So what can we do?


You are one cell in the evolving body of humanity. Whatever your own cells and body need to stay in balance is what your life, your community and your planet needs. This is the fractal nature of our universe. So be willing to see the bigger picture and your place within it. Everyone makes a difference. Even one clear, consistent intention for positive change will start a chain reaction of transformation. No effort is wasted.



Breaking out of the unconscious cycle of drama, blaming and complaining and realising that you are not your thoughts or your feelings but the observer and experiencer of them is the key consciousness shift of our time. Emotions are simply energy in motion (e-motion) and when we can allow all feelings to be there, with non-judgemental acceptance and targeted breathing we can make space for that old energy of past story and programming to transform into power.



Notice what brings you and others down. Notice what raises you and others up. Make sure you have a healthy vibrational diet. You are what you eat remember?! The same goes for what you surround yourself with, the information you allow into your consciousness and the people you choose to spend time with.

Everything affects your vibrational state. If you hang out with negative people don’t expect to be able to hold your positive vibration or consciousness. Your consciousness is the average of the people you have most contact with, so choose your company wisely. If you have low self-esteem you are more likely to unconsciously attract others with low self-esteem, but once you are conscious of this you can start to take small steps towards meeting new people with better self-esteem which will help you to shift.

Learn some basic energy skills such as ‘energy cleansing’. If you could see energy around you, people and in your own home you would be as vigilant about keeping that energy clean as you are about your own personal hygiene. So learn some skills that are the equivalent of an anti-bacterial spray or hand gel.

TIPS: Sea salt baths and swimming in the sea cleanse the aura. Candles, chimes, drums, smudgesticks, incense sticks all help to clear energy. Playing beautiful music with open windows as you clean your house is a good tip. Make sure you are in a good mood when you clean your home or you’ll simply infuse your furnishings with your bad mood which can affect interpersonal relations later on! Walks in nature, barefoot time on the grass will all help give your energy a quick clean.

Once we understand how the state of our energy affects everything (everything is energy) we will start to become more vigilant with our management of it in daily life.



Hopi prophecy depicts the modern path of the head versus the heart as a sure route to destruction of ourselves and our planet. They see the path of the heart and a connection to the Earth as our saving grace and portal to balance, harmony and sustainable happiness. One way to encourage your energy focus to shift downward into your body and down from your busy head is through grounding. Once you are in your body, grounded and down out of your head your heart starts to open.

Equally if you heal your heart and open to truly loving yourself and others it helps your energy shift downwards out of the head (which is often a place of refuge for a wounded heart) and into the body.

Energy flows where attention goes and so daily practice of grounding and heart focus is what it takes to bring your energy downwards into the body, connecting you to the Earth in a lasting way. Doing a course once or reading a book isn’t enough. Grounding your energy needs to be a daily habit just like getting and keeping fit and eating healthily. One healthy meal does not a healthy body make. It needs to be a daily routine.

TIP: Working with energy doesn’t have to be a big deal. It is easy. You can try breathing into your heart centre in the middle of your chest when speaking to people. If you do this it is common for the energy of the other person to shift too. So you may go from a superficial, defensive/protective conversation to something more open and warm and connected.

TIP: Walk barefoot on the grass rather than on the concrete pavement. Kick your shoes off at lunchtime and sit on the grass rather than on a bench. Just 15 minutes of barefoot contact with the soil, sand or grass will discharge stress, encourage your energy to ground downwards in your body and discharge any excess energy that is not yours. It also ionises your body. See The Earthing Institute for more info.

(For more info, tips and a grounding meditation see: Grounded and Calm)


Giving birth to a new humanity may not be easy. Remember to breathe. Know that the labour pains are worth it. Trust the process. There is something amazing at the end of it. As with all healing and transformation things often appear to be getting worse at the very point that beneath the surface things have already changed. Symptoms and remnants of the old can take a while to clear.

Do what you can to align yourself, your life, your relationships and your work with the evolutionary pull towards more honesty, kindness, collaboration, open-heartedness, self-care, integrity, joyful responsibility, environmental concerns, creativity, excellence and empathy.


Have at least 15 minutes of silence and stillness every day just to reconnect with yourself, your breath, your heart, your body. These few minutes are when you are plugging into the new frequency that will create our new world.

TIP:  Sit with eyes closed, plant your feet, relax your body and breathe into your heart with the intention of connecting to Source, God, The Universe, the Divine, peace, ‘home’ or whatever name conjures that inner feeling of expansion and connection to something greater. As you breathe into your heart quietly say or think the word or name that gives you that feeling. Repeat it over and over and feel it in your heart. The Sufis call this ‘Remembrance’, it is the act of allowing the remembering of who you really are. It is about connecting with the feeling and the frequency of remembering and opening to receive.

A daily habit like this can make your whole life flow more easily. It can be miraculous. Try it and see for yourself.



Follow your heart; it will lead you to where you need to be. There is a higher part of us all that represents the infinite love and intelligence of the ‘all that is’. When you follow your heart, listen to your inner nudges and intuition you will enter the flow of your life. When you follow your heart you enter a world where you feel the interconnectedness and magic of life, it feels like the universe is on your side, bringing you the opportunities and support you need. You cannot access this place via the head or ego. It requires you to drop into your heart, listen, trust and act. 2012 and the shift it represents is about helping all of humanity make that head-to-heart shift.



The most common question I am asked in readings is “Why am I here? What is my purpose? My work?” This is surely part of the ever-present existential angst, the human condition. This question is asked more often now as the world begins to awaken.

Equally common is the fact that those asking that question left their innate, childhood passions and gifts behind many years ago, often squeezed out of them by family conditioning or ‘school damage’.

Our purpose is to love and be loved, to remember we are all connected co-creators shaping our world in every moment. Our path is whatever presents itself when we follow our hearts and bravely face ourselves and our truths, committed to growth.

How you share that love and where it leads you when you follow your heart is unique to you. In terms of expressing your love as work it starts with your own innate talents and gifts. You may undermine them, not value them, have low self-confidence or have forgotten what they are. Yet they are the key to the what of this question. Whatever comes naturally that you absolutely love to do is the heart of your joyful ‘work’.

For example, for me personally my purpose and my work shows up as opening to Source, sharing love and calling people to greatness through my writing and painting. The first time I earned money from painting was 2 years into my conscious journey. It has taken 13 years of gradual steps to shape my entire work life around those innate gifts.

So start by remembering what you loved as a child, what were your natural gifts and aptitudes. Those gifts are how Source equipped you for happiness in this world. Embrace them, use them, enjoy them and share them in whatever way is the most fun for you.


Taking action is the movement of a grounded soul in the physical world. However it is the spirit in which you do something that is the true creative force.

For example in energy terms, campaigning for a noble cause while you are filled and seething with anger and frustration is only spreading more anger and frustration in the world, even if what is behind it is passion. Subtle Activism would see you work on your inner feelings about that cause and owning your own ‘stuff’ about it before campaigning or taking external action.

The next level of Subtle Activism might see you considering how the issue you wish to help resolve in the world is represented in your own life. As within, so without. Often that which we seek to change in others or in the world is an unresolved issue we have ourselves. Start with you and the outer shifts will happen far more easily, sometimes spontaneously.

Equally you might sit quietly in a space of stillness, breathe into your heart and feel love towards those people or situations you seek to improve. Rather than ‘send’ healing to a person or place simply hold the image, knowing and certainty of them as already whole and healed. See all concerned remembering who they really are, opening their hearts and finding balance.


2012 is a symbol of transformation and invites us to become fully effective, super-charged ‘grounders of the light’, lightning rods for Source energy. By taking small steps every day to consciously shift our vibration upward whilst shifting downwards more into our bodies and connecting with earth we will meet our potential!

We live in a time where our collective pain bodies are purging old information, patterns and programming. Our world is shifting, we are currently seeing the destructive phase of creation and the healing crisis is underway.

I cannot tell you that everything in the garden will be rosy, but it will be exciting, creative, challenging, inspiring and collaborative. Initially out of necessity we will see organisations, business and countries working together in ways not seen before. Our current opportunity is to choose to change how we think, act, live and love way before we are forced to through increased difficulty.

What will the world become? That is largely up to us. Nothing is set. Nothing is certain. Whatever you tolerate now, perpetuate now, think and do now is what you will get more of, that is the world you are creating. You choose by changing, not the other way around. We can have the life and the world that we want or we can have our reasons and excuses for not having it. We cannot have both.

What world do you choose?

With love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

PS. Thank you for following this ‘Understanding 2012’ blog series.

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Understanding 2012 – 6 of 8: Creating the Future – What is YOUR Role?

Creating our future is really about being fully present now. Having the life and world we dream of is about understanding the creative process.

It’s not just what we think that creates our future, it is what we are really feeling but not saying, it is those buried emotions we are not conscious of yet.

A sleeping world runs on autopilot, operated by the unconscious, habitual programmes of the ‘pain body’. The pain body is our internal storage facility keeping safe all those unexpressed truths, unresolved pain, incomplete impulses and reactions. It also stores life-defeating decisions we may have made about ourselves and life based on things that happened and things others have done or said to us, as well as ‘inherited’ patterns and beliefs.

The pain body is transmitting a signal outwards into the world all the time. This outgoing signal or vibrational output is like placing an online order with the universe. Whatever we order will be delivered, pretty much every time. I say pretty much every time because we will get anything that is within the field of what is for our highest good, part of our chosen soul path experience. For example growth towards loving and valuing yourself may require you to experience financial lack for a while so you can connect with true inner abundance, love and people around you or riches within you. Then your vibrational output will shift so you can start to attract physical abundance too.

We are all constantly placing orders. We act surprised, shocked or hurt when unexpected things happen in our lives not realising we ordered that delivery ourselves. This is what happens when we are unconscious, when we are not ‘awake’ to the creative process and our role in it. This is how we get stuck in blaming and complaining thinking we are powerless victims rather than powerful creators. And this is why there are fears for the future, fears around 2012 and what it will mean, because we have forgotten our role in the creative process.

A conscious life or spiritual path is about becoming aware of those orders you have been placing and starting to sort through them. Change the beliefs and behaviours that don’t work for you anymore and energise the ones that do. Then ask for help, offer it all up to a higher power, an inner power, the infinite intelligence of the universe. Trust the process. Ask then let it go. This is how we will create the 2012 and beyond of our choosing.


How do you know which emotions, beliefs and energy might be buried in your unconscious? How can you find out which orders your pain body might be placing with the universe without you knowing about it?

Start by looking at your life right now. Look around you. That life is the result of how your consciousness and energy has been on every day up to this moment.

The next questions is: Does what you see reflect what you really want, who you really are inside?

For example if you have a healthy loving intimate relationship then you attracted that. On some level you are and have been sending out signals that you deserve, are ready for and are accepting of a healthy, loving relationship. You probably also have a healthy and loving relationship with yourself, or at least you did at the time you attracted your partner.

If you struggle with money even when you may be surrounded by abundance in your country then maybe you carry some old imprints or family/ancestral imprints of not being worthy of wealth, or judging the wealthy? Or you have a belief that you cannot work for yourself after you lose a job because business is what others do. These are just examples. You will know what rings true for you. The point is that these beliefs not only create an outgoing signal that will attract experiences matching those beliefs but it will also affect your willingness, ability or confidence to take external action.

Take an honest look at how your life is now. Sit on the sofa, take a deep breath, blink a few times, clear those foggy goggles and look at your life as it is, warts and all. Look at any recurring issues or patterns.

What might you be accepting, allowing, encouraging or believing about life that would allow those things to be there?

Knowing that somewhere within you is a belief/energy pattern beaming out a signal that you have the natural ability to change is empowering. But start with where you are right now. Start with creating a space of non-judgemental loving presence with yourself so you can witness what IS.

The aim is to make as much of these inner beliefs as conscious as possible so you can actively in full awareness choose what you want now rather than unconsciously perpetuating a life based on OLD beliefs or other peoples’ beliefs that have been imprinted onto you.

My regular and simple questions is: “Is this really working for me?”. I ask it of my work life, how I manage my time, my family interactions, my diet, my home…I ask it of everything. It is a quick way to do an honest audit, it is also my way of clicking the ‘refresh’ icon on my life on a regular basis to ensure I am still consciously choosing rather than slipping into a habitual groove.

As you start to change the orders that no longer serve you (your out-going energy signals of thoughts, emotions and beliefs) and place new orders there may initially be an upsurge of the old energy as it clears or transforms. As soon as you introduce a higher thought into the mind you introduce a higher energy into your vibrational body. That higher energy acts like a cleansing agent, clearing out dusty corners of old beliefs and churning up the dust at first. This is a natural ‘healing response’; sometimes things feel worse AS they are getting better.


Let me give you an example of this entire process from my own life rather than speaking in general statements and abstracts..…

I grew up in abuse and have experienced various forms. Over the years I have been on the receiving end of some unexpected attacks and bursts of aggression or abuse. As I was starting my own journey of becoming fully conscious about 13 years ago I decided to do an honest audit with myself about this issue, this pattern that kept repeating. I was honest with myself about any suppressed anger I might have or pent up aggression I might carry that could attract that behaviour in others. This is how simplistic I thought the process was. I thought I must be carrying aggression in order to attract it. However it doesn’t always work quite like that which is why I use this example for you now.

With further inner exploration in fact what I discovered was that having grown up in an abusive environment where people were hurting themselves and each other I had developed an unconscious acceptance of this behaviour as ‘the norm’. My mind, body and energy fields had grown and formed around that atmosphere and behaviour, it had become part of my expectations from life and unconscious belief system about other people, relationships and the world.

So I was attracting that behaviour later in life because I was sending out the signal that it was acceptable, normal and OK with me. Even though I was making healthier choices than my family I had not realised I had to consciously change the programme that was running in the background interfering with my daily life. I did not know until much later in life that I needed to consciously, actively realise that this was not OK with me anymore and to acknowledge that. And so I did. I started focussing on learning to heal and care for myself and make healthier choices and establish clear boundaries.

With all that work it was only the other day that I realised I was now being invited to take this to the next level. I was growing increasingly distressed by someone’s behaviour so as always I went within. I realised that I had not explicitly declared out loud that I do not tolerate aggression and abuse in my life anymore. I have done the inner work, had help, years of personal and spiritual development and forgiveness and yet I had never declared it out loud as an absolute crystal clear intention. And so recently between myself and the universe I declared it out loud. I then said it in front of my partner so he could witness it.

What happened next blew my socks off. Just by using my voice aligned with my intention a new destructive/creative cycle began. Sound is so powerful!

Let me just say that when we ask for change in our lives/world there is often an assumption or hope that things are just going to be instantly and effortlessly different, an invisible change will occur that we do not have to participate in, it will just be done or arrive in our lives. In this example I am sharing with you now I realised I was hoping I would simply no longer encounter any more abusive people in my life or that because of my inner work to shift my vibration I would no longer attract any.

Instead what happened was I suddenly became aware of sources of aggression and abuse that existed in my life already but had not acknowledged or clearly seen before!

As part of getting what I asked for I was shown where abuse and aggression existed in my life right now in the form of a close family member. What happened next was up to me. It was my turn to do something. My turn to actively play a part in creating my future. This realisation caused a lot of emotional release. I began to see clearly what I had tolerated due to my desire to love unconditionally, I saw the harm I had done myself in the process and I sobbed. I’ve been here before with other people, but this was a deeper level of acknowledgement and clearing.

So with a lot of breathing, salt baths, sleeping, affirming, praying and tapping the intensity subsided and my energy shifted. I still had to make a choice and take a step. So I contacted my family member and explained how I felt and that I did not want that behaviour or energy in my life any more. If I am honest I was still hoping this person might apologise, see the truth of what I was saying and change their ways. But I realise that wasn’t the point of the process. The point was for me to mean business when I declare a new healthy intention for my future; the point was for me to follow through with it, to stand by it with action. The universe would do its bit and I had to do mine. How it stands now is I have no contact with my family member and I do not know what will come next. I will just continue affirming my new conscious wish for myself.

If my heart, soul and body are saying “No more of this please” and I do not listen then I am effectively saying that some aggression and abuse is OK if it comes from someone I love. Not only is that abusing myself but it is sending out a mixed signal to the universe. I place my order then place a contradictory order at the same time so nothing changes.

I share my personal process because it is my authentic way of demonstrating how the creative process works in our lives. The law of attraction isn’t just about thinking the right things or using affirmations it is understanding the whole process, being prepared for the change you are asking for and knowing how to respond for real in your life when the opportunity for change is presented. You will always get what ask for, are you prepared to allow it to come in whatever way is for your highest good?


Go within every day, meditate, sit quietly and be present with whatever you are really feeling right now. That is what will be creating your outgoing signal, your vibrational output. if you wish to change the signal change the energy. To change the energy start with what is. Our innermost emotions and longest held wounds can transform in the open, unconditional space of loving presence. So if you are feeling anything but love take some time to be with it, give it the chance to upgrade to a loving vibration. As you breathe into what you feel and allow it to be there it will change and so will you. This conscious act of self-love, self-healing and raising your vibration is also an act of love for those around you and your world. As we live through this time of challenge and transformation on Earth we are being called to respond in such a way.


Change worldwide starts from inside. If each of us engage with just some of the above process of conscious creation in our own lives that will have a ripple effect into our communities. Tough things happen sometimes. It is how we respond that matters. It is how we engage with the process. It is how we view those events that says a lot about our own pain body and what our future might be like. Many of the troubles in the world today are a result of states of consciousness of people many of whom are not even alive today. The ripples are ongoing beyond time and space. Everything we do today is setting things in motion for tomorrow (and yesterday). We are creating the world for future generations right now by even asking the question “How do we create the future?”. That conscious examination and curiosity is already creating a better future, right now.

As within, so without. Whatever the state of your own energy and consciousness, you are affecting everyone around you. Explore ‘nonlocality‘, ‘quantum entanglement’, ‘quantum fields’. They are all terms relating to how we are connected, how we each affect one another, how and from where we create our reality and how what I am feeling right now is having an effect on my partner who is in the other room as I am typing this or on you as you are reading this or on every person that reads this post long after I stop typing. In fact I am affecting you already even though at the time I am typing this you haven’t read it yet! Still with me? So I owe it to all those people who will read this post to ensure I do my energy ‘housekeeping’ and am feeling good as I type. I have created a nice ambience in my office, I am playing lovely music and breathing deeply. Energy is contagious. The state of my energy and consciousness in this moment is altering what comes next. It is altering what went before (but that’s another story!).

Energy, vibration and how to manage it is the key to illumined living. How we affect each other vibrationally once we are REALLY aware of it will change everything! It will change the world.

Now THAT sounds like fun to me! How about you?

CLICK HERE to download audio ’2012 & Beyond’, based on this global blogcast.

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Making Friends with Fear – The Key to True Love

Welcome to the first blog post at my newly redesigned blog site! I hope it is clearer and easier to read. Let me know what you think…..

On April 23rd I had a most amazing conversation with Jenna Avery on her Dreamification Radio show (hosted by Radio Lightworker) about ‘Visioning and Moving Ahead with Your Dreams Even in the Face of Fear’. I loved it, it was passionate, inspired, practical and down to earth. We covered a LOT of ground and had so much fun. It was a rich experience and we are hoping to collaborate again in the future.

It was one of those conversations where you could feel something magical happening, ripples shimmering out reaching people, shifting people, empowering people. It was fantastic!

When preparing for the show both Jenna and I decided we wanted to give something more to our listeners so we both shared special offers on air. Read below for more information and listen to the show for specific details…..

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

As a Lightworker and a Sensitive I have seen in myself and my peers that there is a tendency to be afraid of fear itself which keeps us all from aligning with our true essence, power and purpose. If you wish to be whole and facilitate wholeness in others then aim to transcend any fears of your own shadow. If you wish to love yourself unconditionally and experience true love with others then embrace fear and learn how to transform it.

So where to start? How can you manage fear? How do you turn and face the very force you naturally wish to avoid? How do you turn it into something useful? Into LOVE?

The deeper you go into your heart, the further you mine into your own fears, limitations as well as your potential. You cannot simply sift out the bits you like and want to present to the world and ignore the rest. If you do that those unresolved fears will manifest as behaviour later or physical ‘symptoms’.

Fear is often part of growth. Each time you are growing fear may come up. Each time you reach forward towards goals fear or resistance may come up. When you get stuck in the past fear comes up. If you get overstimulated fear comes up. The common thread with all of these is that they are naturally ungrounding, they each move you out of the now, out of this present moment in this body in this place. This causes you to get ungrounded and when you are ungrounded or out of your body even more fear comes up.

Plus our fear-based media is designed to keep us in a state of fear. We are more easily manipulated when we are in a state of fear.

So what can you do? What do you need to know about this that will help you?

Fear is just an energy like any other. It happens to be at the opposite vibrational polarity to LOVE so maybe this is why we sensitives and heart-centred souls struggle with it so much.

Embrace it then replace it. Feel it to heal it. And any other helpful little rhyming gem or platitude you can think of! 🙂

When fear comes up it is likely to be an old fear being triggered in the now. Your ‘pain body’ spitting something out it no longer wants. TOP TIP: Get out of its way; it is an opportunity for healing. Emotion is energy in motion (e-motion). When e-motions come up allow them to be there, breathe deeply into the emotion and its sensation in your body to facilitate the clearing. Jenna and I speak more about how to manage emotional energy in the show.

Few of us live with the threat of a real life tiger chasing us and yet we walk around triggered into fearful ‘fight or flight’ mode with our nervous system on fire and adrenalin flooding as if we were. Some fear is old fear being triggered, some is a habitual, chemical and nervous system response (fight or flight) and sometimes, especially for ‘sensitives’ it might not be your own fear you are feeling. Such is the challenge of the spongey and sensitive Empath who feels the emotions of others. The thing is once you are feeling it you need to deal with it and that starts with a simple process of breathing and awareness.

Jenna and I explore this on air, how to be fully with fear, how to breathe into it and transform it and how to use energy skills to prepare for situations that normally trigger you. PLUS….. we talk about 2012 and all that it is bringing up for people right now. No discussion about visioning forward would be complete without acknowledging the fears, facts and fantasies about 2012. So listen in.

A Bonus Gift for you!
When you listen to the show there is also a special discount code mentioned that you can use when buying the Grounded and Calm package at my E-Wakening Academy. The code gives you more than 10% off the price so listen out for it. The Grounded and Calm package has proven to help many people calm their anxiety, settle their agitated energy, feel centred, calm and grounded. It has helped strengthen boundaries and empower sensitive souls. Two women tell me (Gaynor in the US and Natasha in the UK) they can now go into a busy city environment when they need to and feel safe and calm whereas they couldn’t do so before! This is helping lives at a tangible level. Amazing! Listen in as Jenna also has something special to offer as a gift to all listeners.

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

I hope you enjoy the show and cannot wait to hear your comments, questions and feedback. As ever it is all warmly welcome. I love hearing from you.

From the heart.

Kimberley ♥

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