ENERGY WHISPERS: What IS going on? [Aug 2012]

Last month saw wave after wave of intense energy being felt deep in your physical and emotional bodies. Ups and downs, highs and lows and lots of duvet time! What on earth was going on?

The answer is: A lot!

So this is a longer Energy Whispers than usual. Take your time, pop the kettle on, sit back and relax.

So what were the main themes in this past month or so?

  • You and The Sun
  • You and Relationships
  • Love and Sex
  • Loving Yourself
  • Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women
  • Money and Business are Awakening Too
  • Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your Body is Awakening Too
  • The Magic of the Moon

You and The Sun

A series of solar flares brought blasts of electromagnetic energy into our personal energy fields. But it isn’t all about Solar Flares. Whatever is going on ‘out there’ is also going on ‘in here’ at exactly the same time. Every time our sun burps, so does the seed of light, the tiny solar centre if you like, deep within each of your own cells.

As within, so without.

So, keep an eye on Space Weather ( for when there is a lot of solar flare or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) activity. Because that is an indicator of when you will also be shifting, growing, feeling, healing, releasing and transforming internally.

It isn’t as simple as the solar flares causing your shifts. It is more about you and the Sun being connected and reflecting each other’s experience. You and nature are connected in such beautiful ways and we are all experiencing the shift as one interwoven, interconnected whole. The sun is a living being too. We affect nature as much as it affects us. The sun is evolving and experiencing awakening symptoms just as we are.

You and Relationships

Another awakening theme of the last few weeks was one of truth, trust, transparency and integrity in our relationships. Many of you had experiences of discovering that some of your closest relationships are not quite what you thought they were. Truths came out that wobbled your faith in people and you felt it deeply. This is all part of the beautiful process of truth bubbling up and out to bring more light into our closest bonds with other people. But the disappointments were painful for many of you. Know that this is all a healthy process leading us towards deeper intimacy.

What this raised is an awareness of how no relationship can occur in isolation any more. Yes we need to mind our own business sometimes and respect boundaries, but it has highlighted again how we are all connected and in some way invested in the success and happiness of each other’s relationships.

We are no longer able to accept other people playing small, or playing childish games. We are saying NO to drama and dishonesty, NO to power struggles, NO to manipulation, NO to cruelty, NO to disrespect. We are challenging each other to stop messing about and grow up. We are starting to take collective responsibility for the quality of all the relationships in our world as we step into a culture of honouring.

Love and Sex

This past month also saw a huge surge of healing in the collective pain body around the abuse of the feminine. This applied to men and women alike. There was something rebalancing around the energetic split between the heart and the body, between love and sex, between the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra (the pathway between the two being the pathway for a woman’s awakening). This is a split that at its most tragic polarity has made it possible for sex to be disconnected from love and respect in our modern culture, turning it instead into a commodity. At its darkest polarity, this split is also what makes pornography and rape possible.

I know many of you are feeling an increasing sense of not wanting any sexual contact that is not rooted in respect, love and true intimacy. This is part of your awakening that pathway between Heart and Sacral Chakra, between body and mind and between spirit and matter.

There is an opportunity now for women to join the conversation and begin to steer our relationship with sex in a new direction. We need to embody that for ourselves first.

Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, the mainstream arrival of erotic books such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ heralds a very public shift of women engaging with sexual energy on their own terms and without being shamed. At the deepest level this will be transformational if women can catch this wave and guide it somewhere more conscious and soulful.

Sexual energy has been manipulated into power, abuse and a commodity (the above book being one of the latest examples of how well sex sells). Our awakening involves reconnecting to pure erotic energy and honouring it as a creative force within our bodies that we (men and women) can access to experience ecstatic union with the Divine and transform our world for the better.

Loving Yourself

A huge theme that popped up again for many of you was about self-care and asking for help. Many of you tell me you’ve been feeling so upset, isolated, disconnected, helpless, frustrated and exhausted. It felt like someone pulled the plug on all your inner and outer resources and left you stranded. It felt like your Source connection had gone.

This brought up wave after wave of grief and frustration. I send you love. I know this pain.

Please know that this was an important cleansing and that you could never be disconnected from Source. You are always loved, you are always connected and you are never alone. When you lean into these feelings, however hard they are, it allows them to be there and in that allowing the pain can dissolve. All feelings can be healings in progress when we breathe into them and allow them.

Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women

Those of you awakening women who are stepping into purposeful work have realised you need to slow down lately and stop pushing so hard. Many of you had reminders that you were slipping into old paradigm or masculine ways of working. I saw women triggering each other’s insecurities. You were actually healing each other ladies, but if you weren’t aware of this you may have believed the feelings that were coming up and perceived them as others competing with you, being jealous of you, trying to take ideas from you or maybe you had feelings of jealousy come up yourself.

This is all a beautiful sign that what I see as dark sludgy green energy is being transformed within you and within women. This dark green energy is what feels like jealousy, like not being good enough; it is what causes people to compete believing there is not enough to go around. At its essence it is the energy in our pain bodies that keeps us feeling separate from Source and from each other, it keeps us believing in lack and lack of perfection.

You are good enough just as you are gorgeous soul. There is enough to go around. You are safe. It is safe to shine. It doesn’t matter how other people are doing things or how they say you should be doing things. Follow YOUR heart, listen to YOUR body, express YOUR truth and gifts. That’s why you are here. No one can do it quite like you can.

Money and Business are Awakening Too

I know many feelings of failure and frustration have come up for those of you who are already devoting your life to a path of light and spiritual business. Deep sadness about your work not sustaining you physically has been a clear theme.

When we give out so much and strive for integrity, authenticity and service and we don’t see that reflected back to us as a basic income, it can easily begin to diminish our passion.

It is an opportunity for us as awakening women and men to look at how we can do things in a new way. Doing spiritual work is one thing, actually running your business and your life in a spiritual way is quite another. For awakening women this means embracing the feminine path in how you do your work. Running a business as an awakening woman but running it using only the masculine energy of pushing, striving and achieving outward results will lead to gross imbalance in your business and most likely in your own health.

For an awakening woman running a new paradigm spiritual business or doing new consciousness work in the world, it is not so much about what you know or what you do as it is about becoming the work, embodying it and living it from the inside out utilising both your inner feminine and masculine energies in harmony with one another.

The old models and energy of business and money are transforming. If we try to do new things in the old way then the energy will not flow and prosperity will not flow.

Money is awakening too. Money is an idea, our idea, one we humans thought up. Money is not a dirty word. What people do with it, how they gain and use it is what matters. Spiritual people are as worthy of wealth and success as anyone else. It responds to our level of consciousness, to our energy. This relationship will get clearer and clearer as we awaken further. To help money awaken we simply shift our own energy, values and intentions around it. There are multiple ways to do that which I will cover in later work.

Many of you awakening women are being called to work in a new way. Women thrive in any area of life when they embrace and honour the feminine part of them, a part that can get drowned out in our masculine energy world.

This shift towards the embodiment of the feminine in business invites you to stop pushing so hard, rest more, sleep more, do less, go within, listen to your body and include it in your working day, be still and quiet regularly, learn how to manage your energy, honour your intuitive nature, get lots of time in nature, journal, weave some kind of spiritual practice and rituals into your working day, connect with other women with an open heart, celebrate collaboration and community with conscious women and embrace your creative power. Nourish and nurture yourself, fill your vessel with self-care, self-love and deep connection with your essence to ensure you are no longer running on empty then wondering why nothing is working.

Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your body is Awakening Too

For those on the path of embodying and physically becoming their awakening, notably women, it can be particularly overwhelming. More on this in a few days. Look out for my next blog post: ‘Awakening Women: From Burn-out to Balance’.

Awakening women emerge via an embodiment process and it is common to feel a lot in your body. It’s OK. It is safe to feel. We are so programmed not to feel. Billions are spent each year on research into medications to ensure we don’t feel anything. We equate feeling nothing with feeling good. When in fact it is perfectly normal and healthy to feel what is going on within your intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating body. Your body is awakening too so give it a break.

The Magic of the Moon

Moving ahead I invite you to become more aware of the cycles of the moon (as well as the Sun) and how they make you feel. The cycles of the moon affect your deepest hidden self, your sub-conscious mind and the depths of your pain body. Working with the moon as an awakening woman can make the process much more graceful. Get extra quiet time around the New Moon to plant new intentions that will bear fruit at the following Full Moon. If you are feeling a lot in your body then rest and pay loving attention to your body. Your body always tells the truth so listen to it.

Dates to watch for:

NEW MOON August 17TH 2012 – In Leo. A good time for creativity.

FULL MOON August 31st 2012 – The second Full Moon in August is in Pisces and is known as a ‘Blue Moon’ as it is so rare (“Once in a blue moon”). A time of spiritual upliftment and compassion for fellow humans.

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER from August 11th – Annual display expected to be spectacular this year! You may receive inspiration, answers and clarity about an issue that has been bothering you for a while or feel increased creativity.
More info at:

Something for you…

I’ve created a guided energy balance for awakening women to help you gently transform the energy behind the main issues raised above. It can help you find your way from burn-out to balance and to embody your divine purpose.
Click this link for a free audio and video clip:

Love and blessings,

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Will YOU let the ‘F’ word shape your year?

Conscious, active choice. That is how we become co-creators in our own lives taking the driving seat. It’s all very well talking about New Year’s resolutions and setting intentions but what if you don’t know what you want? What if you feel stuck, afraid of making the wrong choice or taking the wrong path?

I write about this now simply because I hear these concerns so often from so many of you who are changing inside. It’s as if your usual points of reference are changing and you no longer know how to make decisions, big or small. You’ve been given a new ‘sat nav’ for Christmas and you don’t know how to work it!

I feel the frustration, I do. I empathise with the procrastination, the heightened sense of responsibility, wanting to get it ‘right’. I soul-pathise with your urge to serve and grow.

So DON’T we choose? Why don’t we just pick one option and be happy with our decision? Why can’t we trust ourselves and just commit to a path and be done with it? Why don’t we know what we want? Why do we give our power away to others, human or other worldly to tell us what to do?

The answer is that four letter word that keeps us all from being what we came here to be, that keeps us from loving fully and living fully………….FEAR.

A quick note to a small sub-category of awakening souls who may be ‘scanners’ or ‘hyper-speed scanners’: Your difficulty choosing is more to do with wanting to do it ALL and wanting it yesterday! Your tip is to slow down and dip into each thing in turn until something feels most fun

Back to it…..There appears to be a common fear for many of you with a strong sense of emerging purpose that planting both feet squarely in the middle of one choice (and on the earth) will eliminate all other possibilities or your spiritual connection. And what if you make the ‘wrong’ choice? What then?

I used to work in a spiritual bookshop and I saw endless people using their dowsing crystal or consulting their guides to tell them which book to read or if they needed the loo or not! Spiritual tools are not meant to disempower us or diminish our own inner knowing or free will. There needs to be balance.

If you want to break out of the procrastination, frustration and sense of powerlessness I suggest that things will only change when you go ahead make a choice. Just pick the option that gives you a YES feeling somewhere inside. If you can’t feel anything just pick an option. It is only then that energy once stagnant can be released, made available to you and creative juices of the universe come into support that choice.

I understand the fear. I understand that time-worn approach of waiting until there is enough time, money, help or resources before choosing and acting. I understand the desire to wait until it feels safe, until all your ducks are in a row and you feel sure before moving forward. However…the process works the other way around. When you make a choice, commit to one route THEN all the help, resources, vitality and additional routes open up to you.

Doing what YOU want to do, what feels right to YOU doesn’t disconnect you from your spiritual guidance…it IS your spiritual guidance in a more grounded & embodied form.

Choose from love, choose from joy and you will ALWAYS get it ‘right’. Just choose. You only move forward if you take a step. Don’t worry about the shoes you are wearing or if your stride is too big or too small just step!

So, if you really don’t know where to start in 2011 even after reading the above just take a look at whatever options are before you right now. What change or step has been pecking at you but you’ve avoided looking at it? Maybe you are overwhelmed by several options…celebrate that! You are abundant!

Follow your heart, follow your joy, do what comes naturally, more easily, whatever expands you, excites you and uplifts you. Those feelings are a sign of heart and soul in action, love guiding your choices and an alignment with who you are.

If you can’t tap into that right now just look at what is right under your nose needing your attention. What needs dealing with right now? 21st century service, path and purpose are all about being present & practical.

I rarely believe anyone who says “I don’t know” when it comes to their own lives. We always know deep down somewhere what we need and want to do.

So if you are tired of lingering on the edges of your life with Ms Playing It Safe & Mr Hedging His Bets and you are ready to respond to your calling (response-ability) then know it is SAFE TO CHOOSE. Trust yourself. Whatever feels right IS right.

You exist in a field of infinite possibilities and all options are open to you. You are limited only by what you believe is possible. It is safe to choose. It is safe to take one small action step to back up that choice. Shape your life or others will. Once you do you will discover the magical power of choosing, you will have taken one more step in becoming the conscious co-creator of your own life.


QUICK ENERGY TIP: Use the following energy-shifting, consciousness-tweaking mantras to get you started.

It is now safe for me to choose.

I live in a friendly & abundant universe.

When I choose, all other possibilities open up to me.

When I choose, I am loved & supported.



Love & blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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