Grounding your LIGHT: For a Healthy Awakening

“What do you mean by ‘grounding’? What is it that I am grounding?”

You are made of energy.

Everything is made of energy or has a vibrational version that resembles the physical version.

Through you runs something similar to an electrical current running through a toaster or television, let’s call this your ‘bio-energy’.

The current running through your household devices comes from the mains supply or electrical ‘grid’ (unless you are off-grid!) streaming into your home. In subtle energy terms or spiritual terms this current also comes from a mains supply, one referred to as Source, The Great Central Sun, the Divine, God, The Creator or whatever name resonates with you.

In order for you (and your toaster) to maintain healthy flow of energy without circuits and fuses blowing, there must be an earthing agent, a grounding device or connection that allows the mains energy to flow through the conduit (you or the toaster!) and ground itself in the earth beneath you. Whether bio-energy or subtle energy, both need to be grounded.

For people experiencing ‘awakening’ or spontaneous evolution, the influx of this mains energy (often referred to as ‘Light’) increases dramatically.

The flow can also increase as a result of intentional spiritual or psychic practices.

When the inflow increases, active grounding becomes more necessary to avoid ‘burn out’, excess psychic activity, hyper-sensitivity, energy build-up or stagnation. More Light coming in means more of your ‘stuff’ comes up, your ‘baggage’ or ‘pain body’ gets stimulated ready for transformation. Without the other end of your system being grounded the clearing process is obstructed and any old unwanted energy cannot flow freely away.

Forgive the graphic analogy but if you don’t ground your energy it’s a bit like taking in more and more food or using a cleansing diet without ever going to the toilet! This becomes even more necessary if you are engaging in personal growth or spiritual practices or are experiencing spontaneous spiritual emergence because it stirs up your energy.

GROUNDING TIP: Go barefoot where possible on the naked earth (soil, sand, stone or grass). Just 15 minutes can totally reboot and refresh your system, reducing stress, inflammation, calming emotions, settling a busy mind, easing psychic sensitivity and helping you think clearly and manifest successfully.

FROM ‘The Grounding Guide’  an 8 part Audiobook DOWNLOAD
By Kimberley Jones

Ref: The Earthing Institute


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Family Issues and Intuitive Upgrades: My healing journey continues…

In the last two weeks I’ve had two of the biggest “AH-HA!” moments of my life. I mean they were transformational for me and will make a HUGE difference to my health and happiness on almost every level. I’m keen to tell you about it and to see if in sharing my story I might help you make sense of yours (and to hopefully feel less alone)…


Those of you who have been following my blog posts on my own personal inner journey will know that I have been working with Master Energy Healer Stacy Vajta since the end of January this year. I had been struggling to process the intense challenges of the last few years despite leading-edge therapies and love from family and enlightened friends. I had done a lot of inner work and healing but there was so much to process that I could not keep up. I needed help. Opening to a deeper level of help from others is as much a part of my evolution as everything else that is playing out.

The allopathic labels for how my system has responded are: ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome’ and ‘Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ (Fibromyalgia). I had the same come up after my Mother died back in 1997 and I experienced a Spiritual Emergency. My Chakras blew open and a tsunami of light flooded my system blowing fuses along the way. It is a breaking open. It’s what my system now does to a lesser degree when faced with transformational challenges or influxes of light (growth spurts!), so I am used to it, I understand it as a spiritual energy process and am totally OK with it. What I can’t do is work through it and rebalance my whole system by myself, this is where working with Stacy has been a total blessing.

Many of you will know I am passionate about ensuring that Spiritual Seekers, Sensitives, Intuitives, Healers, Psychics, Lightworkers and awakening souls remain GROUNDED on this path. In my commitment to down-to-earth enlightened living I had somehow started to stream and process all my cosmic and intuitive downloads via my physical body. I had been acting as a full throttle constant ‘step-down transformer’ (calibrating high frequency energy, bringing it down to a vibrational level we can work with and understand with our minds and emotions and ground with our bodies). Don’t get me wrong, this is what we are here to do, we are meant to act as lightning rods, grounding the light of Source down through us, anchoring it to the earth and then sharing that light via our hearts in the world. BUT I had been taking it to the extreme, my Spiritual Emergency back in 1998 had left my Chakras very open to streaming a LOT of light and it was leading to burn out due to the amount of information I work with and the fact that I was processing it all through my physical body too quickly. Add to that the fact that I have been doing all this while setting up a spiritual business on my own and facing multiple bereavements and countless other shocks and it suddenly makes perfect sense why my body might be having a hard time right now. And all this without even mentioning our collective evolution, awakening or ‘ascension’ symptoms! Phew, this having a body bit can really put us through the ringer.

So, in my recent session with Stacy she helped me to adjust my processing settings so I can ‘read’ and interpret the vast expanse of intuitive information in a gentler way, just touching into the knowing with the outer eges of my energy fields at my own pace rather than having to take it all into my cells! This is a speciality of Stacy’s and I am starting to really appreciate her skill at adjusting those inner settings that make a huge difference to how we experience and process our lives inside and out.


My next big “AH-HA!” moment, and this reverberated deep in my soul, came when Stacy helped me become aware that I carry a heavy sense of responsibility for my whole family and their collective enlightenment, even for those who have crossed over! When they were alive I had felt responsible for them and got pulled into the role of carer at a very young age, sowing the seeds of being an ‘over-giver’ in adulthood. Now many of them are in spirit it has shifted slightly (I have done work in this area) but there was still an attachment that needed tweaking. And so we tweaked.

I declared out loud to my step-father recently that the unhealthy and destructive patterns that run through my ancestral line must stop with me. I have always been clear about that, not so much as a decision but as an intuitive knowing. What I didn’t realise is that I had passed this knowing through my early responsibility-bearing ‘carer filter’ and was carrying it for everyone in a way that was unhealthy for me.

I instantly knew what needed to happen and so did Stacy. She helped me shift things before I even verbalised what I was sensing. We helped redirect the energy flow of those family members who were feeding off my energy (across all time and space). Instead of feeding off me as their source of light and transformation, they were now plugged into their own ‘Source -> Earth -> Source’ circuits. Phew, what a relief. I felt my energy instantly lift, like when you’ve been carrying a heavy bag of shopping for ages, you put it down and your arms start to float upwards.

On this path of spiritual transformation many of us out-grow our birth family or family of origin, feeling as if we no longer fit in. Perhaps you never felt you fitted in for whatever reason. If you were adopted it may be the other way around; finding your birth family is what gives you that sense of belonging. Basically it’s about finding your ‘resonant’ family, like-minded people and your soul group. Creating your family of choice is part of growing up not only as individuals but collectively as conscious beings.

It has been a tough road and I have had to let go of a LOT of people who used to be the centre of my world. I held on, working on unconditional acceptance and love but just kept getting bashed over the head. Loving acceptance isn’t quite as easy when in abusive situations and you have to know when to bow out gracefully. I can do the spiritual leapfrog and give you a load of wise platitudes about it but to be honest, for me this process hurt like hell.

That primal, tribal, social pull runs deep in all of us, the need to belong, to be seen and accepted. Breaking away from the pack used to cost lives so the survival response when a family member doesn’t toe the line is strong.

Pain seems to arise when we look for and hope for that sense of belonging, acceptance and validation from the wrong people and places. There is a genuine grieving process when you realise you are shifting vibrationally out of someone’s life, one that must be felt and honoured. For me guilt was always my family’s manipulation tool of choice so that has been one to navigate and overcome as I put my own needs first.

You’d think after ‘losing’ so many people in my life I’d have the hang of this by now but it is a work in progress for sure. Just when I think I’ve come to an authentic place of loving acceptance with my relationship to my family of origin, BAM! along comes something to bring up all those feelings. It is easy to say ‘just love and accept everyone for who they are’ and of course that is the goal and always my intention, but it has to be an authentic journey of growth and heart-opening, it cannot be forced or faked and feelings need to be felt so energy can move and we can reconnect to the love in a genuine way.

Some people find that when they discover their resonant family it greatly enhances their relationships with their family of origin and that is a blessing indeed. That has been my experience in the past. However right now I am attuned to and aware of the challenges in this process shared by many I hear from all over the world, so I am speaking to that.

What I do know is that family issues and breaking away from unhealthy relationships is part of our evolution and it is a pulse surging forth in our collective consciousness right now. We are in a phase of vibrational sorting, ensuring that we are exactly where we need to be and with those people who will help raise us up and allow us to be all we came here to be.

Both of these “AH-HA!” moments have marked important shifts for me that allow me to sit more in my authentic essence. Every challenge is a call further into my power, deeper into my essential self. I have released a heavy load in this latest healing cycle and am now able to access incisive knowing from my ‘wise all-knowing self’ without burning out! Hooray!

What are your experiences with family or personal relationships on this path of spiritual transformation? Do share your story in the comment box below.

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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The Art of Falling Apart: My healing journey continues…

I was always a very sensitive, intuitive child but since my Spiritual Emergency in 1998 my system has been even more sensitive with multiple enhanced senses making every day both intense and magical.  As deeper levels of my healing and spiritual transformation have continued over the years I would say some things have got easier and others harder.

There seems to be a myth floating around in the spiritual world that one day when you are awake and enlightened everything will be perfect and heavenly, you won’t feel any pain or ‘negative’ emotions and everything will be love and sparkles. Equally there seems to be a subtle judgement that if you are reeling from a real life challenge or experiencing ill health then you must be doing your spirituality the wrong way, are out of the vortex, using the wrong tools, disconnected from Source or far from God.

If my awakening process had been blissful or even relatively gradual or pleasant I think I might carry that judgement too. However, intuitively this view just feels so damaging.

My spiritual transformation process has been a toughie. My physical sensitivity and symptoms over the years have largely kept me grounded and from rushing ahead too fast. It seems I was to experience a little taste of every kind of suffering, maybe so I could empathise with most people and judge few? It’s a work in progress. But most of all my deep learning has been to not judge suffering, pain or feelings themselves as a sign of a person doing something wrong. It simply isn’t very helpful.

Maybe I have come to that conclusion because I have had a lot of challenges and don’t want to be seen as a spiritual ‘failure’ because of it. I cry freely and regularly, experience things deeply and don’t feel very zen-like at all so perhaps I am just trying to convince myself that I am just as spiritually worthy as all those apparently super-composed spiritual teachers out there.

Who knows?

Actually what I do know is that I know what I know and I feel what I feel. Comparing yourself with others or some arbitrary external spiritual standard is just exhausting. I have an intensely deep relationship with the Source of all life and a keen grasp of the language of energy that runs through existence. That isn’t boasting, it’s fact. Another fact is that along the way my body has been the barometer of my transformation and right now it is kicking off and I am feeling a LOT.

After using all my own tools and spiritual practices I was not feeling any better. I realised I am in another deep growth and transformation phase and my body is feeling it. The message? Take it easy and allow the process. Get help and support, stop trying to do all this alone. Take time to align your lifestyle with the new you that is emerging. Take time to adjust your outer life so it can come into synch with the higher frequency inner energies that are flooding your system.

What, not ANOTHER new me?

Of course. Because there is always more. While I am alive I will be growing and so will you.

OK. So I contacted my nutritionist friend and I saw the doctor. I was given a whole shopping list of labels to play with; Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, IBS etc etc. All the conditions that no doctor fully understands but sees a lot of. It has taken me years to see medicine as a blessing and I’m getting there. I appreciate the labels because it gives me something to work with. I know it’s all energy, but it’s energy manifesting as very real and debilitating symptoms in my body that are affecting my life so I am not going to sit on a cloud and try to meditate it away. Not this time.

I am letting go into the feelings, breathing and allowing but my lesson is also to really accept, celebrate and nurture my physicality not deny it or judge it as somehow being less spiritual.

The best thing I have done for myself and my well-being for a long time is to follow my intuition right to a lady called Stacy Vajta. She is a gifted energy intuitive and healer. I had my first session a few days ago and it was AMAZING. It felt so good to surrender control to someone I could trust, who worked in a similar way to me and was far more experienced.

It was also a relief to work with someone who holds both the higher perspective of me as a being of energy and light but also a very grounded view of my needing to embody that light in a very earthed way. Right up my street! I’ve been hearing a mantra daily for the last few years: “We are here to ground the light” so the way Stacy works sings right into my heart.

She has already helped me to realise that because I’ve been doing so much work with Source my wires are a bit overloaded. It is basically ‘light fatigue’ and I need help recalibrating and upgrading my inner wiring to cope with the increase in light. You really can have too much of a good thing it seems. Quite simply I need to do more of what I am always teaching others to do…GROUND!

For me however Stacy suggested I need to anchor myself in the new Earth energies. Just as each of us is rising in vibration as we move through spiritual transformation so too is the earthy flesh of our planet and I need to link into that crystalline web consciously and more often. I’m embarrassed to say that I was taking it for granted that in doing my normal grounding I must be already doing this. Apparently not and my body has been struggling as a result. All it took was a few little tweaks during the healing session (done remotely via Skype by the way!) and a new coating on my energy wiring so I can stream the light without getting fried and I was good to go. I felt the shift instantly.

My homework? To consciously link into the new earth energies each day using my intention, imagination, visualisation or whatever other way feels good.

I immediately knew I had to sketch a quick energy ‘device’. As an energy artist I don’t create art for what it looks like so much but for how it feels and how it expresses and influences energy. So I grabbed some pastels for speed and got the basics of what I needed to anchor me into the new Earth energy grid. You can see the very rough image below. I expect I’ll add to it over the coming weeks but I wanted to share that first raw ‘channelling’ with you. I am meditating with it, standing over it, breathing into it and carrying it around with me basically everywhere right now. My homeopath and hypnotherapist friend Anne Marshall said I had created my very own multi-dimensional essence!

I’m really looking forward to my next session with Stacy and to sharing the journey and results with you!

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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11-11-11 Message and Meditation

What’s 11/11/11 All About? How Can YOU Be Involved?

You can change the world from the inside out.
A new world is being born right now. Through you.

As we approach 11/11/11 there are meditations, global peace projects, events and websites emerging all over the world!! I’ve been contacted by many of them. I celebrate this call to get together for world peace. This date of 11/11/11 is certainly a potent opportunity for us to unite our vibrations of love and peace to shift something permanently for our future generations. When we come together with shared intention amazing things are possible. ANYTHING is possible.

So how about you? Can you feel the energy building as we get closer to 11/11/11?

What does it all mean?

How can you be involved?

How can you do something real, helpful, practical and effective on that date?

Back on November 11th 2009 ‘One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project’ was born through me into the world. Almost 8000 people responded to the call and joined me for this project that would become an annual conscious ‘event’. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

By November 2010 the basic principles and energy meditation offered by One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project were being taught in meditation groups all over the world and in schools in South America.

The aims: To build our ‘Personal Peace Fields’ using a simple energy meditation/breathing practice and to build and energise our personal frequencies of peace to such a pitch that a collective ‘Planetary Peace Field’ would be activated and energised each year on November 11th.

This is the essence of the Quantum approach, that collective peace is born of personal peace, as within so without. We do not have to ‘send’ peace to war torn zones or send peace anywhere. If you personally embody the frequency of peace it is automatically created and felt within the WHOLE. You are a cell within the body of humanity. If every cell takes care of its own peace it creates peace for the WHOLE.

“Peace worldwide starts from inside”
– The Luminaries

The climax of this project is on 11/11/11.

On this day there will be an opening of interdimensional peace portals all over the world flooding this planet with light in a way that will be felt by many all over the world. Some describe the portal as a Stargate and there is a lot information about the more esoteric meaning of 11/11/11 to be found in various channelled messages from those such as Lauren C Gorgo and many can be found at the Spirit Library

Many of you have been seeing the awakening code ’11:11′ right? This is your call to awaken, a sign you are on the right track, that you are being contacted by the magic and wonder of the universe. Many feel it is a sign of your guides and angels contacting you.

Anywhere you have multiple numbers such as 11,22,33,111,222,333 etc you have the power of Mastery and the Masters. These are Master Numbers that carry immense power. 11:11 in particular is a series of threshholds and openings, doorways if you will. 11/11/11 even more so! ‘1’ marks the beginning, a birth or rebirth of our reality. It heralds the start of a new level of our personal power to effect change. Our every thought and feeling is manifesting so quickly now. We are expanding and opening to a new level of conscious awareness of the ALL THAT IS, one that is centred in the heart, the gateway to the eternal.

Now I don’t say this lightly because I am a feet on the ground kind of Lightworker, one that questions everything and needs things to be practical and relevant to real people in every day life. I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift, and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire. I am healthily sceptical and do not take on the beliefs of others unless it feels true for me. So being one of the conduits and messengers for the opening of these portals has been amazing and at times very challenging. I have questioned every ‘knowing’ I have had. I have doubted myself and in the end I have surrendered, regarding this as a privilege to share with you all.

I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift,
and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire
– Kimberley Jones

If you are reading this you have been called to play a role and to be ready to take part on 11-11-11.

So, how can you be involved?

  1. Subscribe to the One Minute for Peace: 11-11-11 Blog Page
  2. Join the Facebook Group gathering place for this project and the 11-11-11 event
  3. Watch the ‘11-11-11 One Minute for Peace’  Video and get used to using the simple ‘Pause for Peace’ Meditation ready for 11/11/11
  4. Hear Kimberley on Co-Creator Radio in 2009 talk about the birth of this project and her future vision (allow time to load)
  5. Volunteer as a Goodwill Ambassador for this project and help spread the peace! Email Kimberley for your Goodwill Ambassador information pack
  6. Get a group of friends together on 11-11-11 and use the Pause for Peace energy meditation together
  7. Follow your own heart and intuition about what to do on 11-11-11. Trust yourself.

OH! And don’t miss my show ‘An 11/11/11 Message with Kimberley Jones’ at ‘Wake Up Lightworkers’ Blog Talk Radio Channel on 11/11/11.

For Peace.

Kimberley ♥

Kimberley Jones – The Energy Whisperer
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Can You Spot YOUR Earth Angels?

♥ Dedicated to my Light Family. You know who you are! ♥



If you surround yourself with open-hearted people then you are blessed with people who are linked into and can respond to the ‘God Impulse’. The infinite intelligence of the universe that swims through us.

They will serve your highest unfolding. They will be active instruments of truth (sometimes saying things you don’t want to hear!), they will be facilitators of magical messages and synchronicities. They will reflect back to you that which you cannot yet see in your own soul.

These people are angels in your life. They may not be fluffy and feathered, in fact may be rock chick leathered, yet they are angels all.

You are blessed to have one let alone many. These souls who see you through the eyes of love, not sentimental rose coloured love but true, down to the core of your soul roots love. They call you into your greatness by seeing you as whole, perfect and complete.

On an every day level these people may have intuitive nudges that they pass on to you, messages that if you are open to receiving them can lead to your happiness and abundance. Open-hearted people download messages from the stream of the infinite heart of oneness. Direct from the place where true happiness resides.

Open. Hear them. Let them in. Receive the truth however uncomfortable. Be grateful. You are blessed to know them. God’s messengers in physical form, helping you to ground your light and make real your love and purpose in the world.

Earth Angels all. They are there. Can you see them in your life?

Or have you shut them out? Pushed them away?

Is their light so bright, their love so unconditional that you cannot bear it? Maybe you do not feel worthy of it?

Every person in your life is there to bring something to your experience of growth, expansion, self-awareness. Even those you push away. Even those who have played the role of hurting you. In fact the love of those people at the soul level goes the deepest. In the space between lives they chose to sacrifice their earthly relationship with you in order to facilitate something greater.

Their love comes in many forms.

Earth Angels all.

You are loved.

With abundant blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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Sensitives and the City

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Am I the only one feeling like this?”

“Why is it everyone else seems to be able to cope but not me?”

“Why do I find it so hard to keep up?”

“Why does this hurt so much?”


Sound familiar?



For Sensitives, Lightworkers or awakening souls living in a busy town or city it can often feel like you are walking around naked like a peeled grape raw and vulnerable. Like one giant exposed nerve the hurry, worry and flurry of the city sends endless tiny earthquakes through your body and energy fields. Even a brief visit to a city can be cause for a mini meltdown for those who feel EVERYTHING so deeply and acutely.

Sensitives can feel the feelings of other people, animals, and plants. They pick up on the ‘vibes’ or atmosphere in any environment. For a sensitive soul loud noises, flashing lights, crowds, deadlines, time pressures, aggression and busy traffic can cut through the skin ravaging any precious space of peace that may have existed deep inside.

What results is overstimulation and overwhelm, sensory overload, emotional imbalance, anxiety attacks and unshakeable fatigue due to adrenal ‘burn out’. Some Sensitives manage to live in the city by throwing up defensive or protective mechanisms or by closing their hearts. This can lead to other imbalances in health and relationships and a disconnection from self.

Sensitivity can be the result of trauma; it can be your soul path, a symptom of awakening or simply a return to the natural state of interconnected awareness and experience of all life.

We are not designed for the modern, busy world we have created. We have not created a modern world that honours and nourishes the balance of inner and outer nature; it did not spring from a conscious honouring of the interrelatedness of all life. This separation, abuse and total disconnection from nature and our natural state is why we are facing environmental disaster and is what causes so much pain to sensitives on a daily basis.


Whatever the reason for the sensitivity the fact remains that it isn’t easy living in today’s busy, overcrowded world and it is even harder if you haven’t yet discovered the following:

–          You are a highly sensitive soul. It is a recognised psychological category/constitution

–          Your sensitivity is your strength

–          There isn’t anything wrong with you

–          There are things you can do to support yourself



Knowing these things can help you find a steady centre to explore the gifts of sensitivity and the many blessings it can bring you and the world.

If you are a sensitive soul it is time to embrace the fact that you are not the same as everyone else and that this is a POSITIVE thing. If you choose to live or work in a city then there are certain skills that will make it easier for you (some of them are shared below). It is also OK to give yourself permission to do what feels right for you and if that means moving out of the city, changing your lifestyle or changing jobs then allow yourself to do that knowing it is an act of courage and self-care.

City living for a Sensitive is hugely ungrounding. Overstimulation, excessive sensory input, empathic overload, competitive culture, hurry and worry are all hugely ungrounding taking people out of their bodies and hearts and up into their heads.

Being grounded, calm and centred in your body is also the missing key to manifestation, enlightenment, living your soul purpose, managing stress, good relationships, better health and most of all it is the secret to staying steady and stable through the many changes and challenges of this time on earth as we move through the shift of ages (2012 and beyond). I have created something that will help you…



♥ A Free Gift! ♥

CLICK to listen to an audio clip of the ‘Grounded & Calm’  guided energy meditation (GEM) I created to help Lightworkers, Sensitives and awakening souls get and stay grounded in their bodies. Grounding is key when managing sensitivity.



Sensitives who have listened to the ‘Grounded & Calm’  guided energy meditation (GEM) just before and during a visit to a big city have had amazing results! They found it hugely helpful in coping with the city environment.

Here is what they said: 

“The impact of the Grounded &Calm meditation is so far reaching. For example, after my last trip to London (to visit my step grandbaby) I told my husband I was sorry, but I was not going back again. The experience of the energy of London was traumatic for me. But yesterday I told him we can go back now because I can take Kimberley (the Grounded & Calm meditation) with me to keep me calm” – GCS (USA)

 “Kimberley I cannot thank you enough for the difference that the G&C GEM and your other hints have tips have made to my trip into the City yesterday and today! I listened to the GEM just before bed last night and got the best night’s sleep in a hotel in London in YEARS! I’m still feeling all the excess energy and getting the weird physical vibrations, but so much less than before. And because I am so much more grounded I am not getting scared of it, so I’m not adding to it! I feel so much better this morning than I have done on waking in London in such a long time. I will keep using the hints all day and hopefully will have a very different kind of day, and by 8pm when I get home I will be a lot less exhausted than usual! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!”  – NB (UK)



♥ Other Tips for Sensitives in the City ♥

– Eat a hearty grounding diet and make sure you snack regularly. Once your blood sugar drops you get ungrounded and more vulnerable to the energies around you.

– Breathe deeply into your lower belly, especially when in a crowd. Once you hold your breath you become a vacuum cleaner for other people’s transmitted energies, you become ‘spongey’.

– Focus on your feet, feel them against the material of your shoes, plant them firmly to the ground as you sit, walk or stand.

– Take regular ‘recharge breaks’. Even in a busy office or city there is one place you can go to get a private physical bubble of space to yourself and that is the loo! Go regularly (even if you don’t need to ‘go’), lock the door, put the seat down, sit and plant your feet firmly to the floor, breathe down into your lower belly and relax your shoulders, abdomen, buttocks and any other tension. 10 good deep breaths should do it.

– Rinse your hands and wrists under running water often. It helps discharge excess electromagnetic static and energies that are not yours.


♥ More help for sensitive souls ♥

Website of Elaine N Aron PhD author of ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’

‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ BOOK

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook – Elaine N Aron PhD

‘The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide’ – Ted Zeff


If you have any general questions about sensitivity and your path of awakening please leave them on my new ‘Ask Kimberley’ page. I will respond by creating videos, audios, articles and other services for the good of all. I am here to help so please ask. Thank you.

With love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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