ENERGY WHISPERS: What IS going on? [Aug 2012]

Last month saw wave after wave of intense energy being felt deep in your physical and emotional bodies. Ups and downs, highs and lows and lots of duvet time! What on earth was going on?

The answer is: A lot!

So this is a longer Energy Whispers than usual. Take your time, pop the kettle on, sit back and relax.

So what were the main themes in this past month or so?

  • You and The Sun
  • You and Relationships
  • Love and Sex
  • Loving Yourself
  • Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women
  • Money and Business are Awakening Too
  • Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your Body is Awakening Too
  • The Magic of the Moon

You and The Sun

A series of solar flares brought blasts of electromagnetic energy into our personal energy fields. But it isn’t all about Solar Flares. Whatever is going on ‘out there’ is also going on ‘in here’ at exactly the same time. Every time our sun burps, so does the seed of light, the tiny solar centre if you like, deep within each of your own cells.

As within, so without.

So, keep an eye on Space Weather ( for when there is a lot of solar flare or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) activity. Because that is an indicator of when you will also be shifting, growing, feeling, healing, releasing and transforming internally.

It isn’t as simple as the solar flares causing your shifts. It is more about you and the Sun being connected and reflecting each other’s experience. You and nature are connected in such beautiful ways and we are all experiencing the shift as one interwoven, interconnected whole. The sun is a living being too. We affect nature as much as it affects us. The sun is evolving and experiencing awakening symptoms just as we are.

You and Relationships

Another awakening theme of the last few weeks was one of truth, trust, transparency and integrity in our relationships. Many of you had experiences of discovering that some of your closest relationships are not quite what you thought they were. Truths came out that wobbled your faith in people and you felt it deeply. This is all part of the beautiful process of truth bubbling up and out to bring more light into our closest bonds with other people. But the disappointments were painful for many of you. Know that this is all a healthy process leading us towards deeper intimacy.

What this raised is an awareness of how no relationship can occur in isolation any more. Yes we need to mind our own business sometimes and respect boundaries, but it has highlighted again how we are all connected and in some way invested in the success and happiness of each other’s relationships.

We are no longer able to accept other people playing small, or playing childish games. We are saying NO to drama and dishonesty, NO to power struggles, NO to manipulation, NO to cruelty, NO to disrespect. We are challenging each other to stop messing about and grow up. We are starting to take collective responsibility for the quality of all the relationships in our world as we step into a culture of honouring.

Love and Sex

This past month also saw a huge surge of healing in the collective pain body around the abuse of the feminine. This applied to men and women alike. There was something rebalancing around the energetic split between the heart and the body, between love and sex, between the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra (the pathway between the two being the pathway for a woman’s awakening). This is a split that at its most tragic polarity has made it possible for sex to be disconnected from love and respect in our modern culture, turning it instead into a commodity. At its darkest polarity, this split is also what makes pornography and rape possible.

I know many of you are feeling an increasing sense of not wanting any sexual contact that is not rooted in respect, love and true intimacy. This is part of your awakening that pathway between Heart and Sacral Chakra, between body and mind and between spirit and matter.

There is an opportunity now for women to join the conversation and begin to steer our relationship with sex in a new direction. We need to embody that for ourselves first.

Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, the mainstream arrival of erotic books such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ heralds a very public shift of women engaging with sexual energy on their own terms and without being shamed. At the deepest level this will be transformational if women can catch this wave and guide it somewhere more conscious and soulful.

Sexual energy has been manipulated into power, abuse and a commodity (the above book being one of the latest examples of how well sex sells). Our awakening involves reconnecting to pure erotic energy and honouring it as a creative force within our bodies that we (men and women) can access to experience ecstatic union with the Divine and transform our world for the better.

Loving Yourself

A huge theme that popped up again for many of you was about self-care and asking for help. Many of you tell me you’ve been feeling so upset, isolated, disconnected, helpless, frustrated and exhausted. It felt like someone pulled the plug on all your inner and outer resources and left you stranded. It felt like your Source connection had gone.

This brought up wave after wave of grief and frustration. I send you love. I know this pain.

Please know that this was an important cleansing and that you could never be disconnected from Source. You are always loved, you are always connected and you are never alone. When you lean into these feelings, however hard they are, it allows them to be there and in that allowing the pain can dissolve. All feelings can be healings in progress when we breathe into them and allow them.

Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women

Those of you awakening women who are stepping into purposeful work have realised you need to slow down lately and stop pushing so hard. Many of you had reminders that you were slipping into old paradigm or masculine ways of working. I saw women triggering each other’s insecurities. You were actually healing each other ladies, but if you weren’t aware of this you may have believed the feelings that were coming up and perceived them as others competing with you, being jealous of you, trying to take ideas from you or maybe you had feelings of jealousy come up yourself.

This is all a beautiful sign that what I see as dark sludgy green energy is being transformed within you and within women. This dark green energy is what feels like jealousy, like not being good enough; it is what causes people to compete believing there is not enough to go around. At its essence it is the energy in our pain bodies that keeps us feeling separate from Source and from each other, it keeps us believing in lack and lack of perfection.

You are good enough just as you are gorgeous soul. There is enough to go around. You are safe. It is safe to shine. It doesn’t matter how other people are doing things or how they say you should be doing things. Follow YOUR heart, listen to YOUR body, express YOUR truth and gifts. That’s why you are here. No one can do it quite like you can.

Money and Business are Awakening Too

I know many feelings of failure and frustration have come up for those of you who are already devoting your life to a path of light and spiritual business. Deep sadness about your work not sustaining you physically has been a clear theme.

When we give out so much and strive for integrity, authenticity and service and we don’t see that reflected back to us as a basic income, it can easily begin to diminish our passion.

It is an opportunity for us as awakening women and men to look at how we can do things in a new way. Doing spiritual work is one thing, actually running your business and your life in a spiritual way is quite another. For awakening women this means embracing the feminine path in how you do your work. Running a business as an awakening woman but running it using only the masculine energy of pushing, striving and achieving outward results will lead to gross imbalance in your business and most likely in your own health.

For an awakening woman running a new paradigm spiritual business or doing new consciousness work in the world, it is not so much about what you know or what you do as it is about becoming the work, embodying it and living it from the inside out utilising both your inner feminine and masculine energies in harmony with one another.

The old models and energy of business and money are transforming. If we try to do new things in the old way then the energy will not flow and prosperity will not flow.

Money is awakening too. Money is an idea, our idea, one we humans thought up. Money is not a dirty word. What people do with it, how they gain and use it is what matters. Spiritual people are as worthy of wealth and success as anyone else. It responds to our level of consciousness, to our energy. This relationship will get clearer and clearer as we awaken further. To help money awaken we simply shift our own energy, values and intentions around it. There are multiple ways to do that which I will cover in later work.

Many of you awakening women are being called to work in a new way. Women thrive in any area of life when they embrace and honour the feminine part of them, a part that can get drowned out in our masculine energy world.

This shift towards the embodiment of the feminine in business invites you to stop pushing so hard, rest more, sleep more, do less, go within, listen to your body and include it in your working day, be still and quiet regularly, learn how to manage your energy, honour your intuitive nature, get lots of time in nature, journal, weave some kind of spiritual practice and rituals into your working day, connect with other women with an open heart, celebrate collaboration and community with conscious women and embrace your creative power. Nourish and nurture yourself, fill your vessel with self-care, self-love and deep connection with your essence to ensure you are no longer running on empty then wondering why nothing is working.

Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your body is Awakening Too

For those on the path of embodying and physically becoming their awakening, notably women, it can be particularly overwhelming. More on this in a few days. Look out for my next blog post: ‘Awakening Women: From Burn-out to Balance’.

Awakening women emerge via an embodiment process and it is common to feel a lot in your body. It’s OK. It is safe to feel. We are so programmed not to feel. Billions are spent each year on research into medications to ensure we don’t feel anything. We equate feeling nothing with feeling good. When in fact it is perfectly normal and healthy to feel what is going on within your intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating body. Your body is awakening too so give it a break.

The Magic of the Moon

Moving ahead I invite you to become more aware of the cycles of the moon (as well as the Sun) and how they make you feel. The cycles of the moon affect your deepest hidden self, your sub-conscious mind and the depths of your pain body. Working with the moon as an awakening woman can make the process much more graceful. Get extra quiet time around the New Moon to plant new intentions that will bear fruit at the following Full Moon. If you are feeling a lot in your body then rest and pay loving attention to your body. Your body always tells the truth so listen to it.

Dates to watch for:

NEW MOON August 17TH 2012 – In Leo. A good time for creativity.

FULL MOON August 31st 2012 – The second Full Moon in August is in Pisces and is known as a ‘Blue Moon’ as it is so rare (“Once in a blue moon”). A time of spiritual upliftment and compassion for fellow humans.

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER from August 11th – Annual display expected to be spectacular this year! You may receive inspiration, answers and clarity about an issue that has been bothering you for a while or feel increased creativity.
More info at:

Something for you…

I’ve created a guided energy balance for awakening women to help you gently transform the energy behind the main issues raised above. It can help you find your way from burn-out to balance and to embody your divine purpose.
Click this link for a free audio and video clip:

Love and blessings,

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AWAKENING TOOLS: “Are there different types of Grounding?”

Yes. There is Energetic Grounding, Physical Grounding, Spiritual Grounding, Emotional Grounding and Mental grounding. For information on Energetic Grounding see this post: ‘Grounding Your LIGHT: For a healthy awakening’


This is more specifically about earthing the bio-electrical current of your body to the surface of Mother Earth, engaging in a healthy energy exchange with bare grass, soil, sand or stone. This direct ‘skin to skin’ contact with the earth helps to discharge positive ions (the bad stuff) in exchange for an influx of negative ions (the good stuff). It’s all about an exchange of electrons (the earth’s subtle energy!). See The Earthing Institute  for more information. 

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Walk barefoot on mud, sand, soil or concrete where possible.



Grounding is about being present and connected, so emotional grounding is about being present and connected to your emotional self in each moment.

You can learn to feel your emotions and be with them in a way that will transform your life. Emotions are energy in motion (E-Motion!). Healthy energy is energy that is moving. So your emotions are there to keep you healthy. You can live in harmony with your emotions.

For example when an emotion comes up, it is usually old energy from your ‘pain body’ (collection of emotional memories and wounds) being triggered or activated in the present. You can either suppress that emotion, get sucked into its old mental story or you can use it as an opportunity to let go of/transform part of your pain body. This reveals more of your ‘light body’ or TRUESELF and you become present in the ‘now’.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: When you feel an emotion, pause for a moment and find its accompanying energy sensation/feeling in your body. Breathe into it deeply until you feel clearer again. It is safe to feel your emotions. Breathe.


This is where you consciously bring the light of your soul (your personal bit of Source) into your body and into your life, sharing it with the world via your joys and natural gifts. This is ‘Grounding Your Light’ and is how you bring your Soul Purpose down to earth as a lived reality in the world.

Some spiritual and healing practices can spin you out, raise your vibration and make you feel temporarily ‘spaced out’ until you integrate the shift and ground again. You can help the process with time in stillness, meditation, time in nature, sleep or by using a Guided Energy Meditation such as ‘Grounded and Calm’.

More on Spiritual Grounding can be found in The Grounding Guide.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Imagine the light of your Soul Purpose running down through you from Source like a waterfall running in via the top of your head through your body and out of your feet into the earth in a constant stream.


This is when you bring your conscious awareness and mental focus to the here and now. What are you thinking right now? What are you feeling right now? Mental grounding allows you to be fully present in this moment, observing your thoughts, being present in your surroundings experiencing them as they are right now rather than engaging with your day in an automated, unconscious fog, replaying the past or rehearsing the future.  Mental grounding allows you to be CONSCIOUS.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Set an alarm every hour and when it goes off stop and notice what you are thinking about right in that moment. Where was your head? This in itself brings you present instantly and helps develop your ‘inner observer’.


The above post is taken from ‘The Grounding Guide’  MP3 audiobook.

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Making Friends with Fear – The Key to True Love

Welcome to the first blog post at my newly redesigned blog site! I hope it is clearer and easier to read. Let me know what you think…..

On April 23rd I had a most amazing conversation with Jenna Avery on her Dreamification Radio show (hosted by Radio Lightworker) about ‘Visioning and Moving Ahead with Your Dreams Even in the Face of Fear’. I loved it, it was passionate, inspired, practical and down to earth. We covered a LOT of ground and had so much fun. It was a rich experience and we are hoping to collaborate again in the future.

It was one of those conversations where you could feel something magical happening, ripples shimmering out reaching people, shifting people, empowering people. It was fantastic!

When preparing for the show both Jenna and I decided we wanted to give something more to our listeners so we both shared special offers on air. Read below for more information and listen to the show for specific details…..

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

As a Lightworker and a Sensitive I have seen in myself and my peers that there is a tendency to be afraid of fear itself which keeps us all from aligning with our true essence, power and purpose. If you wish to be whole and facilitate wholeness in others then aim to transcend any fears of your own shadow. If you wish to love yourself unconditionally and experience true love with others then embrace fear and learn how to transform it.

So where to start? How can you manage fear? How do you turn and face the very force you naturally wish to avoid? How do you turn it into something useful? Into LOVE?

The deeper you go into your heart, the further you mine into your own fears, limitations as well as your potential. You cannot simply sift out the bits you like and want to present to the world and ignore the rest. If you do that those unresolved fears will manifest as behaviour later or physical ‘symptoms’.

Fear is often part of growth. Each time you are growing fear may come up. Each time you reach forward towards goals fear or resistance may come up. When you get stuck in the past fear comes up. If you get overstimulated fear comes up. The common thread with all of these is that they are naturally ungrounding, they each move you out of the now, out of this present moment in this body in this place. This causes you to get ungrounded and when you are ungrounded or out of your body even more fear comes up.

Plus our fear-based media is designed to keep us in a state of fear. We are more easily manipulated when we are in a state of fear.

So what can you do? What do you need to know about this that will help you?

Fear is just an energy like any other. It happens to be at the opposite vibrational polarity to LOVE so maybe this is why we sensitives and heart-centred souls struggle with it so much.

Embrace it then replace it. Feel it to heal it. And any other helpful little rhyming gem or platitude you can think of! 🙂

When fear comes up it is likely to be an old fear being triggered in the now. Your ‘pain body’ spitting something out it no longer wants. TOP TIP: Get out of its way; it is an opportunity for healing. Emotion is energy in motion (e-motion). When e-motions come up allow them to be there, breathe deeply into the emotion and its sensation in your body to facilitate the clearing. Jenna and I speak more about how to manage emotional energy in the show.

Few of us live with the threat of a real life tiger chasing us and yet we walk around triggered into fearful ‘fight or flight’ mode with our nervous system on fire and adrenalin flooding as if we were. Some fear is old fear being triggered, some is a habitual, chemical and nervous system response (fight or flight) and sometimes, especially for ‘sensitives’ it might not be your own fear you are feeling. Such is the challenge of the spongey and sensitive Empath who feels the emotions of others. The thing is once you are feeling it you need to deal with it and that starts with a simple process of breathing and awareness.

Jenna and I explore this on air, how to be fully with fear, how to breathe into it and transform it and how to use energy skills to prepare for situations that normally trigger you. PLUS….. we talk about 2012 and all that it is bringing up for people right now. No discussion about visioning forward would be complete without acknowledging the fears, facts and fantasies about 2012. So listen in.

A Bonus Gift for you!
When you listen to the show there is also a special discount code mentioned that you can use when buying the Grounded and Calm package at my E-Wakening Academy. The code gives you more than 10% off the price so listen out for it. The Grounded and Calm package has proven to help many people calm their anxiety, settle their agitated energy, feel centred, calm and grounded. It has helped strengthen boundaries and empower sensitive souls. Two women tell me (Gaynor in the US and Natasha in the UK) they can now go into a busy city environment when they need to and feel safe and calm whereas they couldn’t do so before! This is helping lives at a tangible level. Amazing! Listen in as Jenna also has something special to offer as a gift to all listeners.

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

I hope you enjoy the show and cannot wait to hear your comments, questions and feedback. As ever it is all warmly welcome. I love hearing from you.

From the heart.

Kimberley ♥

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9 Ways to Make Sure You Get a FANTASTIC Intuitive Reading!

There is an art to getting a great reading whether by telephone/Skype or by email. You play a very important role in the success of your reading.

Here are 9 tips I hope will help you get the quality guidance you deserve:


1. Decide which area of your life you want help with. Only so much can be covered in one reading so focus in on the 1 main area of your life you’d like some insight into. It may be romance, family, career, health, sensitivity, soul purpose etc. Be clear about what type of information you are looking for & prepare your questions in advance.


2. Be realistic. Please don’t expect to be told the winning lottery numbers! Also you will be disappointed if you are hoping that your reading can tell you what someone else is going to think, feel, do or say. The reading should be about YOU.


3. Stay open & flexible. A good psychic/intuitive can offer future possibilities all determined by YOUR choices & actions. Please don’t expect your reading to tell you what to do or tell you exactly what your future is. It is always changing & is not fixed. What you can ask is for the highest possibility for a future outcome, what is most likely to happen as things stand right now. Good psychic/intuitives also tune into your soul level which offers information that you need to know rather than what you want to know. So be prepared to be told the truth. Readings are not intended to stroke your ego.


4. Set a clear intention. Take some time before booking your reading to get clear about what your intention is for this reading. One way to do this is to ask ‘How do I want to feel after the reading?’, ‘What do I wish this reading to open up for me about myself?’ Setting an intention is like setting up the target before taking aim with a bow & arrow. It gives the arrow, or the energy generated in your reading, something to aim towards. It is a key step in creating your desired outcome.


5. Pick a good day & prepare yourself. We all have ‘off’ days so make sure if you are having a telephone/Skype reading that you have it on a day when you feel good. If you have booked well in advance, do what you can to make sure you are calm, relaxed & in a quiet environment away from other people. Take 5 minutes to close your eyes, focus on your breathing & relax your body. It’s OK to postpone if you are stressed or unwell as this could compromise the connection for an effective reading.


6. Respect the process. Readings can be great fun & very uplifting but do respect the reader & the fact that they have probably been through a great deal in order to go public doing this work. Genuine psychic/intuitives may not take themselves seriously but they do take their art seriously & their purpose to serve others. So, please do not drink or take drugs before a reading or treat the process or your reader with disrespect.


7. Keep hold of your power. Ask for insights, clarity & guidance but don’t ask your psychic/intuitive to tell you what to do. Good readings are about empowerment & personal growth, offering you the final say in your own life.


8. Options & outcomes. One of the best ways of getting a good reading is to ask what your options are in each situation & what the possible outcomes are for each option. This way you get a good broad perspective of what is playing out in your life. Also the final choice about what to do is left up to you.


9. Be a good receiver and listener. Be open to learning something new. For a telephone/Skype reading, ask your questions, share your information & then allow the psychic to tune in & get in the flow. Once in the flow it is very distracting to be interrupted so sit back, listen & receive. For an Intuitive, when the information is flowing it is like someone turned on a waterfall of information & energy that just needs to come through.

Love & blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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For soul path guidance & tailor-made energy skills unique to YOUR situation, book your own reading with Kimberley.
Click on the ‘Readings with Kimberley’ link at the top of this blog page.

“Kimberley, thanks so much for your very special work, and your genuine caring.”
– N.C. (USA)




‘The Art of Inspired Living’ – Workshop

I recently attended a hugely inspiring workshop with Srimati – The Inner wisdom Coach & Rachel Elnaugh (BBC TV’s ‘Dragon’s Den’). During the workshop which was to help Entrepreneurs Find Inner Wisdom  we were guided through a meditation to help us manifest our dreams, goals & intentions. See Srimati’s website ( for more info on the ‘AH & OM’ meditations.

My intention for the meditation was for me to move past any blocks to the successful writing, publication & sale of my book, the one I’m writing for Lightworkers at the moment. I also had the intention in the back of my mind simply for all the years of work I’ve put in to finally start paying off.

So I followed along with the meditation & then let it all go, surrendered the whole lot to the ‘all that is’, trusting that it would be so & completely forgot about my original intentions.

Well, recently everything in my work has suddenly gone mad! (In a good way!)…….I was invited to write a guest feature for Lightworker Magazine, so keep your eyes open for May’s edition. I was also invited to host a workshop at a local community trust’s Healing Conference on ‘Intuitive Healing Art’

Then I was invited to contribute a segment to a global web workshop alongside Dr Judith Orloff, Gay & Katie Hendricks & many more. I am in a whirl!

Give Srimati’s meditations a go at:  & who knows what might happen for you!

If you’d like to download ‘The Art of Inspired Living’ & my 50 minute audio seminar CLICK HERE

Keep in touch, I always love to hear your thoughts.

Love & blessings,

Kimberley x

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Accepting Myself More Fully…and A Gift for YOU!

Hello friend,

Wow what a full moon we just had! It’s very common for Lightworkers & Sensitives to be affected by the moon cycles. Of course the forces of the moon are affecting the movement of water & our human bio-energetic field as well as the tides & weather on the Earth every moon phase but not everyone can actually feel it. Those of us who are highly sensitive can feel it, sometimes quite acutely.

For me it heralded an opportunity to step further into the truth of who I am & how I can authentically contribute here on Earth.

When I was three years old I used to get so frustrated that the spirits in my room wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to draw them. I have a photograph of me standing proudly in front of my nursery blackboard having drawn a lady who I saw standing in my room. Of course to me it was normal. Not a problem then.

As I got older I suppressed these abilities for various reasons & if you read my biography page on this blog or on my new website you will see that a dramatic awakening in 1998 blew the doors off any resistance I had to my psychic abilities.

During the last few days I have been connected to them again, even more deeply & I know now without a doubt that I need to bring those abilities further forward in my work. Yes I am a guide, a mentor & teacher but at my core what I am is highly intuitive & psychic, streaming messages of light for humanity from who knows where. All I know is that they are messages of light & so this will begin to feature more in my blogs as you will see in the coming weeks.

As part of this commitment to my truth I am phasing out telephone sessions with clients & instead will now be offering ‘E-Video Readings’ offering intuited guidance & streamed insights from the light source of my ‘knowing’, messages from your guides & spirit, information from your higher self or Soul & energy tools just for you based on what I ‘scan’ from your aura.

These will be emailed as a PDF document PLUS a personal video message demonstrating energy tools or whatever needs to be shared in that more direct form for you to keep & watch again & again for guidance. Many healing energies also stream through me when I give a reading so that is part of the process too. I am a natural healer with over 30 years experience, have been on the path of Reiki for 10 years & am a Master healer (& constant student). I also stream Ilahinoor healing energy (Divine Light).

I’ve been offering readings in different forms for many years but these feel different. Of course as I grow & my awareness & consciousness expands I am able to access far more information & stream many more energies, as my heart opens more each year there is more love & light to share for the good of all. I am SO excited about this recent shift & the clarity of the guidance I have received to begin offering these new readings in a brand new way!

See for more information.

A SPECIAL GIFT! I feel it is right to offer a 20% discount off all ‘E-Video Readings’ booked & paid for in December. I make these decisions intuitively & from my heart & this one feels good to offer. So feel free to spread the word for me if you feel called to. These are a perfect opportunity to complete 2009 & plant seeds for a new cycle  & new year in 2010.

So there you have it. A spiritual entrepreneur’s way of staying excited by work & listening to the inner flow. Of course the challenge is always knowing how to respond to those inner urges to stay true to myself, but I’m getting quicker to spot my prompts to grow. When I miss them I start to feel so heavy & uninspired by what I’m doing. As soon as I worked out what I was supposed to do next & put it into place I felt a huge relief & a wave of released energy through my body. Like a huge PHEW!

I love that you are joining me on this journey & appreciate your presence on this blog page.

With love & blessings until next time.

Kimberley x

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