“Your reading was absolutely exceptional, genius, and I so appreciate it.  I now feel I have the tools to work through what I need to, and move forward. I have a much clearer picture of my life’s purpose and am so inspired, so excited about life again.  I can’t thank you enough”Gaynor Collier Suiter (California, USA)

Kim pink copy


Email Kimberley 2 or 3 clear questions, say a bit about you, your situation and attach a couple of recent photos. That’s it. Kimberley emails you back with intuitive insights, energy tips, heart-centred answers and soulful guidance within a few days!
Ask Kimberley about the most pressing issues in your life right now, the burning question that has been bothering you.

Kimberley’s readings are unique, they are more like email ‘sessions’ that include deeply intuited guidance, spiritual wisdom AND practical tools and suggestions.

She works closely with Source and from the heart using her spiritual wisdom and intuitive gifts to empower your own personal and spiritual growth in all areas of your life. Kimberley does not predict your future, these readings are NOT for fortune telling. She empowers you to connect with your own intuitive and creative power in your life.

You can ask about your soul purpose, your energy, your sensitivity, awakening symptoms, your relationships or how to start your soulful work as a business. Maybe you are an emerging Lightworker? An Earth Angel? Experiencing awakening symptoms?

Kimberley streams whatever information and guidance is for your highest good and greatest joy at this time and in accordance with your higher self and soul path. Kimberley always leaves the power with you. She will not tell you who you will marry or if you’ll win the lottery but she will help you understand how you attract the right (and wrong) person to you or how your energy is affecting your ability to manifest and attract abundance and happiness. She will also guide you towards your own inner knowing about what your Soul Purpose is.

HELPFUL TIP: If you look at Kimberley’s photo and feel like you know her or she knows you that is a sign of a good match between energies. That match between energies means you will get help from Kimberley that resonates with you and ‘rings true’ in your heart.

“My work with Kimberley has left me in a place of awareness, knowing and trust. I would highly recommend Kimberley. She is a true gift, a catalyst in healing and awakening of humanity!!” – Caroline Oliver (UK)

Email Kimberley asking your 2 or 3 questions and include a recent photo (no sunglasses please!)

Email Reading: £65 (Currency Convertor)



1. Email Kimberley with up to 3 questions or issues, share a bit about you and the issues you’d like help with.

2. Include a couple of recent photos (no sunglasses please!)

3. If you have a Paypal Account please quote your Paypal email address in your email

You will then receive a Paypal invoice by email so you can pay for your reading safely.
Payment secures your booking.
Once payment is received your reading will be emailed to you in approx 7 days.
Please note: This authentic way of working means timescales may vary. 7 days is a guide. Kimberley is committed to giving you the best information and help she can. This means she surrenders to the highest Source, waits, senses, watches and listens for the optimum moment to catch the energy wave and send you your help and guidance.

“Thank you so much Kimberley. Your reading is a balm for my soul. The information is still sinking in, and each time I re-read it something new and profound and healing happens. I am very grateful. You create so much love, peace and healing, and I thank my lucky stars that you are in my life” – Katherine (UK)

Email Kimberley asking 2 or 3 questions and include a recent photo (no sunglasses please!)

Email Reading: £65 (Currency Convertor)



Kimberley Jones has been offering internationally acclaimed, professional, intuitive readings since 2000. All information you share for your reading is confidential. Kimberley works with the utmost respect, sensitivity and integrity and works to high spiritual ethics and codes of conduct. Kimberley works from the heart to serve and honour you and whatever is for your highest good.


I very much look forward to reading for you!

To discover what my many clients from all over the world have to say about the Readings they received please scroll down and read the comments below.

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

PS: If you have difficulty emailing me via the links on this page please visit the ‘Get in Touch’ page for contact details.

My blog site has now moved to Hope to see you there!




None of Kimberley’s work; Readings or Sessions, are intended as a substitute for medical or other professional care or support. Kimberley’s work is complementary not alternative. Her guidance comes from extensive training and experience on the spiritual path and is not to be confused with professional counselling or medical treatments. It is your choice and responsibility if you act on any guidance or intuitive information shared.  The outcome and responsibility of a client undertaking any advice given is their responsibility solely. Any guidance or insights given must never replace conventional diagnosing or treatment by professional medical authorities.


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9 Ways to Make Sure You Get a FANTASTIC Intuitive Reading!


55 thoughts on “Readings

  1. Thank you Precious One. You are gifted to “see” what many miss–for this I am grateful. You saw more than even I willingly admit to myself. I needed to know this to overcome the lack of faith. Namaste Kimberley!

  2. Kimberly,

    Your Soul Purpose reading came at a pivotal time for me. You reminded me of things that I know when I’m on track and confirmed things that I was always afraid to ask. The email arrived at exactly the right time and I from the first read through I could feel the e-motions at work. I appreciated you answering the question I had after I read through it a couple of times and again your words rang true in a way I never thought of before. It’s wonderful to be surprised.

    As a key to my healing you mentioned something I had never shared with someone but had always been in my heart. Apparently now is the time!

    As I go into a new year, and a new decade I feel like I see my path through a different lens; one that helps me in wonderful ways. You’re very gifted, and sensitive and compassionate and I’m very thankful I found you some time ago. I’d always wanted to have a reading for you but I waited until the time felt right. It certainly was worth it.

    Much love,

  3. Before I make a comment about the Laser Reading I recently received from Kimberley I want to mention how a wonderful and exceptional person she is. When I think of her I want to give her a hug…which I did give her at a higher level a few times :)…because the way she communicates with everyone and myself in person makes one feel that they interact with a real, genuine, compassionate and fully open-hearted friend. I share great respect, gratitude and admiration for how she speaks about her own personal life journey and challenges and in life and how she wisely works through them rising higher and higher each moment. Her life story is a great teaching in itself. I feel a special and beautiful connection with her, the type that I have not felt with another spiritual healer – teacher – guide yet in the past. She is so powerful yet so tenderly sweet!

    The beautiful reading she gave me helped me to powerfully focus on my main inherent soul trait which is CREATIVITY and encouraged me to integrate my creative ideas and joyful spirit in my work as a way of achieving greater happiness and become more successful financially. Behind the words of the written Reading I heard even more words coming from an etheric source, some urging me towards specific action whereas others were received as positive empowering statements. I have only read it once and planning to read it again more times so as to allow myself to receive the full benefits of all the written and embedded information. She was wonderfully spot on in all that she conveyed to me!

    Sending you all my LOVE Kimberley,

    Evi xxx

  4. While in the middle of a major life change I received a reading from Kimberley, the result of which was completely unexpected. Immediately, her information burst my heart open and tears ran down my face. I took her reading in stages, over a period of a week, as she is very thorough, and experienced the same heart-cleansing each time. A truly remarkable life-purpose experience that shook me to the core, scoured out a lot of old grief, and filled me with joy and light. When you receive a reading from Kimberley, take time to meditate on and implement the tools she suggests. They all are still working for me! My transitional life goals manifested beautifully!! Thank you with all my heart, Kimberley!

  5. Dear Kimberley, infinite thanks for the remarkable Laser Reading you provided for me. This is the second reading I’ve gotten from you within a couple of years’ time, and once again, you have helped shine a light to help me regain clarity, ease, and joy in my endeavors. It is hard for me to put into words what it feels like to receive one of your readings–it is more than your clear articulation and profound guiding wisdom. The care and love you obviously take in channeling this info for me and others is so palpable. The vibration alone which emanates from the page is healing to the heart and soul. Plus, everything about the reading resonates so deeply and precisely, that I’d say you captured my spirit, as I perceive it myself. This really feels wonderful and so validating. It’s been less than 24 hours since I first took in the reading, and already the effects are evident. Thanks to the reading, I already feel certain that I am back on track with myself, feeling the joy of life which had felt eclipsed, and ready to continue creating my heart’s desires in a way that is most appropriate for me. I am so truly grateful, Kimberley.

    With Love and Light,

      • I have to leave a follow up. It’s been 5 days now and I’ve read through the reading daily, and I’ve been doing the meditation you sent with the reading. It’s been working without effort. I hardly have to even discern energies myself, the universe is doing a wonderful job of making obvious what is clear for me. I feel the power of the reading grow every day, and my clarity feels like crystal at present. Looks like this reading cleared up stuff way deep down that no one has ever been able to access, and which had been causing me discomfort and resistance for a long time. The horizontal to vertical shift in orientation was especially significant, but every word and tip you offered was precisely relevant. Countless opportunities to apply them daily. Kimberley, you are one of the most insightful, intuitive and effective psychic healers I’ve run across in my many years of getting healings this way. Perhaps THE best. I am sending my partner to you and he’s excited about getting a reading, he’ll be in touch very soon. We are *very* grateful. We’ve worked very hard over the years, and have had our share of getting through tough stuff. You are helping us to move along our paths with ease and live our dreams. Energy is truly remarkable, isn’t it? Much love and blessings, Alex.

      • Dear Alex,
        I am overflowing with heartfelt gratitude for your latest feedback, tingling all over and eyes welling up. I’m so happy for you and your partner and feel so blessed that we were placed on each other’s path. Thank YOU for being so open to receive.
        Much love,
        K ♥

  6. I do believe Kimberley’s help came at the right time for me, her reading was so in depth and spot on on so many areas, I felt a shift in one particular area straight away, overwhelming feeling of joy. I’ve gone back to re-read it again and also shed some tears – so healing on different levels. I’ve taken all her advice on board with the questions that I’ve asked her. It’s about trusting in the process and letting go, something I can find hard to do, but I trust Kimberley and I would recommend anyone who is thinking about having a reading to go ahead, it may just change your life and answer the questions you are looking for. She takes time to go into detail and even with my after care emails I have sent her she is always so helpful and healing. She’s truly unique!!

  7. Kimberley-thank you so much for the reading. It is incredible how you picked up my energy and then guided me my life purpose. I so appreciate your caring, kind interactions. You are always so “present”…..I strive to be more like you in that respect. I am trying to remember why it took me almost a whole year before I decided to get a reading from you!!?! Message for everyone else: Don’t wait!!! 🙂 When you get the urge-go for it. You will be glad you did!

  8. Hi Kimberley,

    You did a Reading for me in March this year, I have it saved so I can go through it in times when I need my strength and focus. An amazing insight and clarity exists in your Reading! I knew I had to deal with my emotions but the things you told me about my life made it so much easier and calming. Not only that, I gained a new confidence in myself and started with all that I really loved and wanted to do. Since your Reading I am paying attention to where I pay attention 🙂

    Thank you for spreading your Light!

  9. Kimberley,

    I just received my e-reading last week and have read it several times, each time I read it I am filled with a peace that it unexplainable. The accuracy of the reading was unbelievable. I will now take what I have learned and move on, knowing that all is well, and that what is meant to be, will be. The energy I felt while reading it, and absorbing every word, was almost overwhelming. I could feel the light and love flowing through me, knowing that you experienced along with me the love, and emotions, of the people most important to me. This will not be my last reading, and I will most certainly share the very compassionate, loving, healing, and very accurate reading with anyone seeking answers.

    Love and Blessings,


  10. An amazing experience which helped me big time overcoming the hurdles I was facing almost on a daily basis.
    Things made way better sense and a new perspective and attitude to receive what the Universe has for me.
    The E-video made me cry so much, but out of joy and pure gratitude.

    Thanking the Universe for allowing me to cross paths with Kimberley. I do know there are no accidents and can’t thank enough for the gift she gave me.

    Light and Blessings Kimberley and for all those who are part of your Vibe Tribe community too.


  11. Dear Kimberley,

    Day 4 after having receieved and started taking in the e-video reading you created for me. Articulating precisely how it is impacting me is challenging, because it’s hard to know what words could adequately express how I’d describe this experience! No doubt that so far, I can say it is the most integrative experience I’ve had in my life. I have been on a path of healing and spiritual growth for a while now, and have continued to hit the same rough patches, which was getting really annoying, to say the least. Simply by my asking about one significant present time situation in life, your response shed light so clearly not only about the specifics of this situation, but on the precision of my path, where I am now and headed, and my life purpose. You focused me on the gifts I brought to this lifetime, and how I am using them, and all the possibilities from this, and how to simply be my vibration–that I am so well supported along my journey. How could I possibly gain more peace of mind, heart and spirit?

    And seriously, only 4 days into the reading, I have experienced miracle shift. In fact, just minutes after having read the reading and watched the video, I received an email which gave me the perfect opportunity to put your guidance into action, and trust me when I say a huge shift is occuring in this situation. I can see the alignment occuring on every level now. Wow, Kimberley, such a powerful shift from this equally powerful reading. As intended, I feel now that I am creating from my heart, and in perfect synch with my purpose. I cannot imagine a more joyous feeling. This wonderful shift will continue to flow through me, I can feel this. I will keep you posted!

    With heartfelt gratitude, Alex.

    • Thank you SO much for sharing your experience here Alex. I was so moved by what you wrote. I am humbled indeed and constantly honoured to be used as a conduit to help such beautiful souls find their Trueself and feel empower on their path. You are a blessing indeed. Thanks again. Much love.
      Kimberley ♥

  12. I hope this finds you well !
    I have been using the tools you send me and my vibrational video, which is just so awesome! I cannot put into words the incredibly gift you have given me! I am truly grateful! And it has only been 12 days!

    I have always been a child of the sea. I grew up in summers on Long Island on the Great South Bay. It is also where I choose to raise my daughters. I know one thing about me, I need to be at the ocean’s edge and my feet need to feel sand. I think that is why i love it here, I get to do that year round. So when your video has a woman with hair up, sitting by ocean i was just overcome with emotions of peace and happiness.

    I felt a energetic shift after about a week. I was in NY when I first received the reading. I was amazed at how i handled not only my middle daughter moving to the other coast of the US but also generally just feeling more empowered.

    Arriving back in Florida, I was so thrilled to be back heat and all. When you ask me if I could have it all what would that look like? Well, i knew immediately, I would be in my old summer home and spend winters down here.

    This morning, I suddenly felt such anxiety and i had no clue where it was coming from. I used your Aura shower and my vibrational video and i am a bit better now but oh boy, did it hit me intensely.

    I send love and light to all those in England an d I do hope you are safe.

    with immense gratitude,
    Jan Shannon

  13. just wanted to share….I had been on benefits for years as a single parent, and was worried about coming off them and being worse off. But i was stuck in a depressing rut, so I decided it was time to make the decision to take a risk and go self employed as a cleaner this year, and although i am not rolling in money, things have gone… well, and worked out fine. I am managing ok, i have self respect because i am supporting my family through my own means, and i things have really changed positively in all areas of my life. I am also getting married in september, after thinking i would never marry again. So…..if you feel your life is going nowhere…take a risk, and change the dynamics of your life. Once you take that first step, things start to change and opportunities start to appear. Thanks Kimberley for encouraging me to take a risk. Things really changed in the way you said they would!

  14. Kimberley,

    Thank you for your reading. The written reading was on target with areas that I am working on in my life and I found the energy exercises you gave me to work with very helpful. I love the e-video and how personalized you made it for my continued growth on the issues and situations in my life I am letting go of and the affirtmations for creating my new path. My heart was quite warmed and moved emotionally with tears by the empowering and self loving effect of the e-video.

    Much love and many blessings to you,


  15. Kimberley, you are remarkably gifted and powerful. For many years I have seen various psychics and healers in a vain and confused attempt to help unlock me, to no avail. Many have made comments like ‘I will be coming to see you’ which neither helped nor made sense at the time. Now I see that it is because I too am powerful but it has all been repressed and squashed. Whatever you do with your videos, well it works, and I can tell you that already my life is changing so thankyou thankyou thankyou.

  16. Kimberly, thank you so much for your beautiful e-video reading, your insights were entirely accurate and are helping me finally acknowledge what I have known in my heart all along.
    Most important of all I am feeling a growing strength inside to let go of all of the things that I feel I should, or ought, to be doing based on a lifetime of training and experience. And with that a growing excitement is emerging that the road ahead is not a dull dead end but full of new possibilities that might even contain more light than I could ever have imagined.

    Your gifts are truly amazing, thank you so much for sharing them.
    Much love to you


  17. Kimberley, this is my second reading with you. I loved this every bit as much as the first. I’ve read it and watched the video several times and I’m overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t know how to put into words what this means to me because I’m feeling a million things at once. You nailed so many points. I cried because you put into words what I’ve been feeling but haven’t been able to describe. More than that, I’ve been desperate for some confirmation that I’m on the right path. You gave me this. The video made my cry more! Thank you so much Kimberley. You’re really helping me regain my confidence. Much love to you.

  18. Kimberley,
    I want to thank you for such an Awesome reading! I love how you ‘package’ the reading, so professional! The video is Wonderful!
    You were so accurate about everything! I have had many readings over the past 25 years by some Excellent Psychics. Being Psychic myself I’m very particular who reads me, I don’t mean that from an ego standpoint but from a protective one. You have been the first one to put a name to the ‘deep telepathy’ and explain it so well! It’s been something I have felt so alone with. You so gently brought up the major ‘areas’ where I need to bring light in such a loving way with no judgment; I was able to hear you completely. You have really helped facilitate a major healing with in me. Since the reading I see the Universe in a more loving way and for this I wouldn’t know how to begin to thank you, except to say, thank you so very much for you, I can only hope that you understand what a precious gift that you are! I love how all this works! When we ask for something and we are directly guided to what it is we need. I thank the Universe for guiding me to you! I thank you for sharing your Extraordinary gifts!
    Sending Much Love to you!!!

  19. Thank you for my e-video reading Kimberley! I’ve been watching it every day since I received it and enjoying this new daily ritual as we approach the end of 2010. The video is very special and the song being played throughout is very fitting! Just as your words and comments are too. I had an unusual dream on Thursday night, I dreamt that I was starting a Masters Degree in Psychology and it was my first day! I was moving into a stunning apartment on campus with some other students and I saw my passport as I was unpacking and thought I’d better keep it with me in case one of the students took it. Very strange cos I have no plans to study or move home! Just been trying to focus on healing and not sure of my long term future plans yet. Fascinated by the dream and welcome more dreams and insights. Funny enough, my ex boyfriend told me this evening that he’s discovered his life purpose and going to do a Masters in Education in February. But back to the point, thank you for this very unique gift you are sharing with your e-video readings. I’ve recommended it a friend who now wants one and I’m thinking it would make a nice gift to give someone. I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Bye! 🙂 X

    • Oh Amber that is amazing, what a fascinating dream & I am so glad the video is providing you with a supportive ritual, so important in these changing times. Let me know how you get on & thanks so much for the recommendation. I am offering seasonal gift vouchers for E-Video Readings so get in touch if you’d like one for a friend.
      Much love to you,
      Kimberley x

  20. Dearest Kimberley,

    I received your reading 10 days ago. What a blessing!! I immediately felt my body begin to detox. Everyone thought I was quite sick! After a few days, the decisions that I had been waiting for more than two years to make became very clear. Change for me has always been riddled with fear, but returning to the video every day is keeping me focused and filled with new energy. Thank you from the depths of my heart!!


  21. Thank you so much Kimberley. Your reading is a balm for my soul. The information is still sinking in, and each time I re-read the written part or watch the video, something new and profound and healing happens. I am very grateful. You create so much love, peace and healing, and I thank my lucky stars that you are in my life.

  22. I would like to say a huge thanks to Kimberely for her insightful and helpful reading, it was very easy to understand and apply to mty life and I am already noticing some subtle shifts happening which is good, The activation video that came with it was really lovely and tailored just for me which was great!

  23. Kimberley,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the very wonderful e-video and reading you gave me in June. The information you communicated touched my soul at a very deep level. I feel more ready to move forward with my soul’s purpose. Thank you so much for your this valuable information!

    Love and Blessings,


  24. Kimberley,
    Your E-video readings have helped me in so many ways. Most important they helps me to connect to my soul, my inner light. When I feel “less than” I read your words and watch your Videoes, and am reminded that I am so much more. I feel deep inside the truth, honesty, love and compassion that you are, and I am so grateful that you share all this with me and the world. Keep on shining!

    Connie, Denmark

  25. Kimberley’s e-video readings are professional and insightful. She is a truly blessed soul; authentic, creative and original. I highly recommend her readings for anyone looking to ‘lighten their way’. It worked for me!

  26. Kimberley readings are amazing and precise, what a gift Kimberley has to see into the deeper aspects of any situation that is going on and offer powerful and empowering advice. Her readings are also very healing as the words are also energy to help what ever is happening to move and help you to grow!

    Thank you Kimberley for all those wonderful readings you gave me,

    Lots of love,

    Ashala x

  27. A must have to truly know your greatest potential and self. Thank you so much for the amazing gift! Love and light! 🙂

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