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Understanding 2012 – 3 of 8: The End of the World As We Know It – Labour Pains of the New

You don’t have to go very far these days to find fear-filled prophecies about 2012 marking the end of the world. Not that long ago the internet and media was rife with tales about how the year 2000 might see the end of the world.

The focus on the Mayan calendar and the fact that it apparently ends on December 21st 2012 has been interpreted to mean the world will literally end on that date. Living Mayan elders do not know where this view began and they do not see it that way themselves at all. They see it as the end of the world as we know it, a larger version of a ‘New Year’, the completion of one cycle and start of another, an ending followed by a new beginning.

The doom and gloom perspective overlooks one vital thing, those evolutionary forces and drives deep within us and our earth. Every cycle in nature sees a death/rebirth, a renewal or a return to dust, movement into and out of ‘order’, all as part of ongoing growth.

We live in rapidly changing and often chaotic times. The chaos and change appear to be escalating, perhaps due to an exploding global population, our ability to see chaos as it happens thanks to the internet, or because of something else, a blueprint for evolution that has been activated deep in our DNA?

Chaos is a powerfully creative opportunity. When the old is dissolving it is a ripe moment to plant new seeds. Crisis is an opportunity and often an indicator of rebirth on a personal level and on a social and planetary one. When established patterns start to dissolve it is an opportunity for a creative breakthrough. Once we open to our creative consciousness we will understand that destruction is part of the creative cycle.

“An act of art begins as an act of destruction”
– Pablo Picasso

The metaphor of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly to represent spiritual transformation is well-known. But did you know what the caterpillar actually goes through in order to complete the transformation?

A signal goes off and the caterpillar finds a safe place to pupate. It must be something like an inner knowing. Once in position a process begins. It sheds its skin revealing the Chrysalis which hardens into a protective shell. All internal systems start to shut down, cells start dying and most of the body dissolves, it melts down totally into ‘imaginal cells’. These are cells of pure potential like stem cells and they can become anything. Imagine the seeming chaos going on inside that Chrysalis. If you didn’t know better you’d freak out thinking the caterpillar was dying. Of course in one way that is exactly what IS happening, the old form is dying but it is part of a larger creative process. At the end of it there is a new form, the imaginal cells reorganised themselves and the butterfly is born out of the potential left behind from the body of the old.

So when it feels like everything is melting down, ending, leaving, changing…..trust the process. The space between what and what will be is a sacred place. A moment to pause, connect with trust, faith and vision. It is a place to heal, restore yourself, ground yourself and embrace your creative power to manifest the next step.

The psycho spiritual process that has been triggered by earthly chaos and trauma does not follow the nine month cycle of a physical birth. This kind of transformation can happen instantly or over many years. Much of what people are feeling right now and may be pathologising or projecting are symptoms of this inner transformation. It is one that occurs in ‘kairos’ time or soul time, one that carries wisdom tied to what is for your highest good. It cannot be fixed, rushed or hurried.

We are part of the earth, we are part of the human-made world we have created and we are part of each other. Everything is connected. Everything exists in a field of ONE. So the change is taking place at every level, affecting every rock and human heart. Everyone is evolving. Chaos, trauma and fear can trigger or accelerate a transformational or ‘awakening’ process, those consciously engaged with their awareness and path of growth may also have more extreme experiences.

The pain and fear that emerges when birthing a new level of awareness can be as painful as any physical condition. Transformations of consciousness are rarely pretty or easy. With so much change and uncertainty around us, what we were standing on no longer feels solid and steady. For those whose lives and world view have been pretty fixed and secure, chaos and change comes as much more of a shock to the system. When you start to realise things are not what you thought they were it can be frightening and the ego will fight to hold on to what it knows. It will fight to hold onto control. This is the start of the transformation from ego to essence. The ego wants to feel safe, wants to be right, wants to be loved, it wants to fight, criticise, compete, control and achieve. It will hold on not knowing it is being presented with a gift and that in letting go it is making way for true essence, the part of you that is Source in human form. As your essence you feel safe, you are love, you feel part of the whole and you see the essence in others.

(More about our transformation in Blog 7 of 8: Our Transformation – How Are We Changing?)

As Japan recovers from its recent earthquakes, floods and nuclear disaster, it is showing signs of embracing this crisis as an opportunity for rebirth. The Tokyo based Goi Peace Foundation has sent out an invitation to visionaries, scientists, artists and environmentalists all over the world to help them build a city that represents the “new civilisation”. They are embracing this crisis as an opportunity for something new driven by the desire to evolve, to create something positive out of the chaos.

This is symbolic of hope and our potential to go with the change, to embrace crisis as a birthing or rebirthing process. Out of the ashes rises the phoenix. Trust the process.

“Surrender to the fall: Sometimes we need to allow the falling to happen because when we finally land at the bottom we can do a life audit, receive from others and use our energy to slowly rebuild ourselves with new bricks rather than drain our energy trying to fight the fall” – My Facebook Post, April 28th 2011

We are living through the labour pains of birth, the birth of a new kind of consciousness and it is being born through us. The symptoms are being played out through our lives and our world. With any birth there may be pain, fear of the unknown, there is the death of one’s old life and the beginning of a new one.  Then after the pain of birth there is relief, joy, celebration, the exploration of a new creation, the beginning of a new life force in the world.

Conscious Evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard believes that what is being born now is a Universal Human. One with a deep connection to soul, soil and Source. One who expresses those connections through their consciousness and their creations in the world.

At the moment this process may feel more like an unpleasant, involuntary spasm that is throwing everything into chaos. For many the process involves real loss and pain but for most of us as observers it involves emotions founded in fear and uncertainty.

How can it possibly end up as anything positive? That is up to each of us. We can start today to ride the waves of change, capture the creative moment and take action to make something new. We are not victims and we are not powerless. We are creators and every moment is an opportunity to create something new. As an artist I can get very attached to a piece of work as I am creating it. If it isn’t going well I feel myself constricting and I start to push even harder to make it ‘perfect’. If it doesn’t look how I want it to, I start to feel out of control and I realise my ego is getting in the way. To free myself, to release myself from the suffocation of my ego I will sometimes tear up my picture into lots of pieces. I have done the same over and over with writing. I rip it up and use the pieces as the basis of my next piece of work. It reconnectes me to the wider process and brings me back into my body and back into the present moment.

The change starts with each of us remembering who we are as expressions of infinite possibility. It starts with us having hope, belief and a vision, in learning how to manage our personal vibration and live as co-creators with nature, Source, energy, collective consciousness and our personal/spiritual power. When we start to work together co-creatively across countries, race, businesses, social divides and learn how to consciously create heart-coherence as part of a daily practice, we will see even more dramatic and beautiful change in this world.

CLICK HERE to download audio ‘2012 & Beyond’, based on this global blogcast.

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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