Grounding your LIGHT: For a Healthy Awakening

“What do you mean by ‘grounding’? What is it that I am grounding?”

You are made of energy.

Everything is made of energy or has a vibrational version that resembles the physical version.

Through you runs something similar to an electrical current running through a toaster or television, let’s call this your ‘bio-energy’.

The current running through your household devices comes from the mains supply or electrical ‘grid’ (unless you are off-grid!) streaming into your home. In subtle energy terms or spiritual terms this current also comes from a mains supply, one referred to as Source, The Great Central Sun, the Divine, God, The Creator or whatever name resonates with you.

In order for you (and your toaster) to maintain healthy flow of energy without circuits and fuses blowing, there must be an earthing agent, a grounding device or connection that allows the mains energy to flow through the conduit (you or the toaster!) and ground itself in the earth beneath you. Whether bio-energy or subtle energy, both need to be grounded.

For people experiencing ‘awakening’ or spontaneous evolution, the influx of this mains energy (often referred to as ‘Light’) increases dramatically.

The flow can also increase as a result of intentional spiritual or psychic practices.

When the inflow increases, active grounding becomes more necessary to avoid ‘burn out’, excess psychic activity, hyper-sensitivity, energy build-up or stagnation. More Light coming in means more of your ‘stuff’ comes up, your ‘baggage’ or ‘pain body’ gets stimulated ready for transformation. Without the other end of your system being grounded the clearing process is obstructed and any old unwanted energy cannot flow freely away.

Forgive the graphic analogy but if you don’t ground your energy it’s a bit like taking in more and more food or using a cleansing diet without ever going to the toilet! This becomes even more necessary if you are engaging in personal growth or spiritual practices or are experiencing spontaneous spiritual emergence because it stirs up your energy.

GROUNDING TIP: Go barefoot where possible on the naked earth (soil, sand, stone or grass). Just 15 minutes can totally reboot and refresh your system, reducing stress, inflammation, calming emotions, settling a busy mind, easing psychic sensitivity and helping you think clearly and manifest successfully.

FROM ‘The Grounding Guide’  an 8 part Audiobook DOWNLOAD
By Kimberley Jones

Ref: The Earthing Institute


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Understanding 2012 – 2 of 8: ‘Earth Changes – What is happening and what can you do?’

A few weeks ago, just after the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami I went into a hugely powerful process about potential natural disasters. I went into an altered state and was actually reliving events as if I was there, this was intense and way beyond any empathic experience I have had before.

I am tuned into the collective consciousness fields and webs of life and do a lot of work there, I don’t particularly want to feel everyone’s ‘stuff’ all at once though or outside one of my private readings and had been quite clear about that in my conversations with Source/God/the Divine. So I was really wobbled by this. Over the years I have got to a place where I can feel very intense emotion, downloads or empathic info without falling into the story, I feel, breathe and observe, feel, breathe and observe. Not this time, I fell in head first and got lost in it all.

I could tell I was processing collective fear, I was also releasing my own fears from what felt like another lifetime (my mind jumped instantly to Atlantis but I am still not sure). I was also getting future visions so it was a triple whammy, and I was laid flat. I sobbed and shook for days as my cells squeezed out every last drop of survival fear they could muster.

Once on the other side of this experience I realised it happened so that I could talk and write about earth changes and help people through the Great Shift from a clear place, without my own emotional charge clouding the issue or preventing me from being what the Hawaiians call an ‘Agent of Calm’.

It is also impossible to hear, sense or respond to your intuition when paralysed by fear. And one of our major blessings, particularly at a time of challenge or natural disaster is our intuition and instinct that can lead us and others to safety. I also rely on my intuition as my guiding force in my life and work so could not proceed effectively if I was clouded by fear.

How about you? Have you had a similar experience? Share your story, question or comment in the box beneath this blog post.

By the way the future visions I had were of major earth changes in the UK, flooding in the south and west. I wasn’t given a timescale and I also know that I was engaged with a potential rather than an actual future. More about this coming in Blog 5: ‘Predicting the Future – Prophecies and Pitfalls’.

My experience brought me very close to the issue of Earth Changes as a real human situation. It grounded me flat on my bum about it all. It was a leveller. My focus was shifted. Whilst I have the greatest respect for all views and beliefs I am not currently drawn to theories of Niburu, our orbit drifting towards the Pleiadies, or most of the other esoteric views of what earth changes are all about. Because they aren’t all that helpful when a family just needs to make sure they get to higher ground before a flood hits. This will become more prevalent all over the world. The time for talk is over, we need to support each other in taking practical, appropriate action whether it is to survive natural disaster or how to create our best life.

When it comes down to it there is little we can do to stop an asteroid if it comes. There are forces beyond our control, hard as it is for the human ego to accept. What we can do is become aware of the power of our state of consciousness, we can change how we behave, how we treat our planet and each other. Change what you can, accept what you can’t and have the wisdom to know the difference!

Hurricane Katrina 2005, Indian Ocean Tsunami 2006, Multiple Indian Earthquakes, Haiti Earthquake 2010, Australian Floods and Cyclone 2011, Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunami 2011, repeated California Fires………and so the list goes on. And these are just a few of the natural disasters that make the news.

Anyone glancing at the disaster update websites will know that at any one time on planet earth there are multiple geological and environmental events or disasters taking place. So what is going on?

Are we really seeing more of these occurrences or are we simply as part of our technological advancement more able to record and report them instantly and globally via the internet and a 24 hour news cycle?

Without a doubt we are seeing an increase in humanity’s realisation that we are in a relationship with our planet and that if we continue as we are unconsciously consuming natural resources with no consideration for sustainability we will do irreparable damage. But what has that got to do with Earth Changes?

James Lovelock (who lives near me!) proposed his theory of Gaia back in the 1970s, our first glimpse of a scientifically-based theory of how our human evolution and the evolution of species around us is intrinsically tied in with the evolution of our environment in a beautiful interconnected system. It was our first look at ourselves in direct relationships with all systems in the natural world.

Are we experiencing the consequences of what we have already done to our planet?
In one way yes we are, however I do not feel that Mother Earth is angry with us or we are being punished for our abuse of the planet. This assumes that our planet has the values system, psychology and emotional framework of humans. Calling our planet ‘Mother Earth’ may in fact be adding to this. This fear that we are being punished by an angry mother is one of a child seeking parental approval and has nothing to do with the mighty organism we exist upon. These are unresolved personal issues being projected outward onto our planet.

If anything the consciousness of Mother Earth falls into the ‘cosmic’ realm, higher intelligence beyond emotion, blaming and complaining. There is no judgement in nature. It is US who need to evolve, become enlightened, wake up, expand beyond the personality, descend/ascend and realise that the Earth is waiting for us to catch up. Once we do she is ready to reflect our growth back to us just as right now she is reflecting our abuse and dysfunction back to us in the form of depleted natural resources and environmental catastrophe. It is not blame but an out-picturing of our inner chaos and conflict. The effects of who we are and what we are doing. Just as when we eat too much sugar and get a rash/hives we do not assume our body is angry with us and trying to retaliate, we make the connection between what we did and what has resulted, we understand the cause and effect.

We also talk about Mother Earth, our planet as having sentiency or a soul, the life-giver, host, healer and restorer. So let’s take that further…

Imagine our planet as an elderly woman attending a cosmic clinic for a medical check up (thank you James Lovelock for the metaphor!). The doctor takes a look and sees what appears to be a healthy, balanced and comfortable elderly Mother planet. Upon closer inspection and after various test results come back it seems however that there are some issues.

The Dermatologist notices many bare and dry patches on the surface of the woman planet, with evidence of occasional ruptures. High levels of CO2 and Methane in the planet’s atmosphere cause the clinician concern. The atmosphere is also filled with chemicals that don’t originate from the planet herself that seem to be damaging her outer protective layer.

The Doctor is comforted by the fact that while these symptoms are troubling and the evidence of the presence of an invading organism are worrying, they are almost certainly not fatal and there is in fact a potential for healing. If the host planet and the invading organisms can find a way to co-exist in harmony and with mutual respect then there is hope.

When you are ill you hopefully look after yourself right? Eat healthily, take extra vitamins, remove pollutants, use anti-bacterial hand gel etc. All in an attempt to allow your body to repair itself. We all know that if you don’t look after yourself when you are ill you will get even sicker.

Mother Earth is constantly seeking to rebalance and self-heal just as our bodies do. And she is attempting to do so whilst her ever-multiplying human guests continue to drain and pollute her resources. We are part of the earth, born of stardust but our relatively short time living in human form makes us custodians and part-timers.

 “As in human diseases there are four possible outcomes: destruction of the invading disease organisms; chronic infection; destruction of the host; or symbiosis – a lasting relationship of mutual benefit to the host and invader” – James Lovelock

The earth changes we judge through our human values system as ‘disasters’ in nature are simply changes, adjustments, outcomes, shifts and rebalancing. Nature does not judge or punish it just IS.

I do not believe Mother Earth needs us to ‘save’ her, that attributes us with more power and her with less. It is humanity that needs to change, we are abusing our host and she will expel us before we kill her. She was around long before we turned up.

Just as our human bodies carry infinite self-regulating intelligence so too does Mother Earth. Our role is to remember how to work WITH her. How to embrace the feminine principles of honouring, respect, balance and natural rhythms.

We cannot understand her nature until we understand our own. If we abuse the feminine in all its forms then we will all suffer. Our lesson is to love ourselves, forgive the darker aspects of masculine (and feminine) energy within us all and bring it into healthy balance. Then we will reconnect with our wholeness and honouring of nature, inside and out.

Those of you who are pretty savvy when it comes to self-healing will know that the best you can do is create ideal conditions for your mind and body to restore themselves. The more naturally and holistically you can do this the better. Of course we all need a band aid from time to time but still it is the intelligence and life force of your body that heals the cut.

Do you think our earth needs saving? Why? Have your say in the comment box beneath this post.

Nature is subject to a governing force of evolution and we humans and the earth are evolving in relationship with one another. The outcome of that evolution depends on how we treat each other, just as in any relationship. I have experienced for myself countless personal death/rebirths so know and can feel my connection with the ‘all that is’, my link to nature and other humans. I know my own growth is affecting others as well as the vibratory rate of my home, village, people around me. I am affecting my world and you are affecting yours. AND there seems to be an evolutionary process affecting our human consciousness, shifting us more towards awareness, mindfulness, compassion, creativity and interconnectedness.

The Earth is waiting for US. She is already intelligent, part of the cosmic consciousness, aware, awake and luminous. We will see that once our own consciousness is capable of seeing it. She is not ascending, WE are and in that process we will be able to see different wavelengths of light, perceive with enhanced senses and see what was there all along.

Steve Taylor  psychology lecturer, researcher and Hay House author (‘Waking From Sleep’ and ‘Out of the Darkness’) proposes that permanent shifts in consciousness to a more expanded and tuned-in state occur most often as a result of trauma. So maybe Mother Earth is just trying to wake us all up!

Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth refers to the Old and New Testament in this quote:
“A New Heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and “a new earth” is its reflection in the physical realm”

Polar shifts? Solar Activity? Some covert faction causing the natural disasters? Global Warming? Submerged ancient civilisations rising from the sea?
The beauty is that we are each in the West free to ask these questions. We cannot claim to have all the answers but we can ask the questions and explore possible explanations.

As in all things please use your own discernment. Don’t be influenced by elaborate sources, or put people on pedestals, go within and feel into your own truth, what ‘rings true’ for you? Trust that. There are few external sources of information we can totally assume to be accurate. Even when we are standing in front of the facts and the truth is looking us in the eye, each person is having their own unique perception of those facts. So trust yourself.

After my inner Tsunami experience I asked to be guided to the work I need to focus on right now and what I was shown was that I need to focus on helping people manage the confusion and fear around 2012 and all the different theories about what is going on as well as the consciousness shifts that such events promote. I was told I can be a Lightworker, can focus on love, higher consciousness, raising vibrations, promote healing and awakening whilst also having my feet planted on the earth offering practical help.

My heart-felt desire is to ensure that ungrounded Lightworkers or spiritual souls disconnected from the physical will not end up like the man in the well known tale:

A flood came, the river rose and there was a radio warning. Yet the man said “No, no I will pray, God will save me”. Then a man rowed by his house in a boat offering him rescue. Yet the man said “No, no I will pray, God will save me”. Then a helicopter came and hovered above the house throwing down a ladder to lift the man to safety as the waters rose. Yet the man said “No, no I will pray, God will save me”. The man drowned. As he approached the gates of heaven St Peter shouted out “What are you doing here?!!” “What do you mean?” asked the man. “We sent you a radio warning, a man in a boat and a helicopter. You shouldn’t be here!”

When the SHIFT hits the fan in whatever way that manifests for us we each need to know how to respond in the here and now, in our relationships, jobs, families and communities. Our common sense, presence and intuition are our best friends in a world filled with escalating change.

What you believe, you will perceive.
The state of your consciousness determines what you experience outwardly.
What you focus on grows.
If you look at the world and see only chaos then tend to your own inner chaos so you can respond with practical, clear and grounded action outwardly if necessary.
The state of your mind and emotions creates your relationships, your family culture. Family cultures create a town and then a country and then a world.

The Global Coherence Initative is exploring scientifically how our emotions affect our planet. How world events create ripples of emotional energy and surges in our planet’s electromagnetic fields. Our consciousness when focussed collectively in a particular area of the planet has a demonstrated effect. When large groups of people hold a calm and centred vibration of what they call ‘heart coherence’, the Global Coherence Initiative have measured noticeable fluctuations in our planetary fields.

There are many other initiatives now seeking to study the same field of how we affect our reality, how our emotions and collective consciousness create outcomes. It is an exciting time to be alive when we are being made aware of our power.

Do you have details of any such projects you’d like to share with us? Please tell us more in the comment box beneath this post.

As Spiderman said: “With great power comes great responsibility”!

That will be the next step in our conscious evolution, to learn how to use our power consciously and with integrity. Those known as Lightworkers have been aware of this emerging power and responsibility for a long time. It is why we are here, to steward in the new creative consciousness. And the new consciousness will herald a new earth.

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With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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