ENERGY WHISPERS: What IS going on? [Aug 2012]

Last month saw wave after wave of intense energy being felt deep in your physical and emotional bodies. Ups and downs, highs and lows and lots of duvet time! What on earth was going on?

The answer is: A lot!

So this is a longer Energy Whispers than usual. Take your time, pop the kettle on, sit back and relax.

So what were the main themes in this past month or so?

  • You and The Sun
  • You and Relationships
  • Love and Sex
  • Loving Yourself
  • Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women
  • Money and Business are Awakening Too
  • Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your Body is Awakening Too
  • The Magic of the Moon

You and The Sun

A series of solar flares brought blasts of electromagnetic energy into our personal energy fields. But it isn’t all about Solar Flares. Whatever is going on ‘out there’ is also going on ‘in here’ at exactly the same time. Every time our sun burps, so does the seed of light, the tiny solar centre if you like, deep within each of your own cells.

As within, so without.

So, keep an eye on Space Weather ( for when there is a lot of solar flare or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) activity. Because that is an indicator of when you will also be shifting, growing, feeling, healing, releasing and transforming internally.

It isn’t as simple as the solar flares causing your shifts. It is more about you and the Sun being connected and reflecting each other’s experience. You and nature are connected in such beautiful ways and we are all experiencing the shift as one interwoven, interconnected whole. The sun is a living being too. We affect nature as much as it affects us. The sun is evolving and experiencing awakening symptoms just as we are.

You and Relationships

Another awakening theme of the last few weeks was one of truth, trust, transparency and integrity in our relationships. Many of you had experiences of discovering that some of your closest relationships are not quite what you thought they were. Truths came out that wobbled your faith in people and you felt it deeply. This is all part of the beautiful process of truth bubbling up and out to bring more light into our closest bonds with other people. But the disappointments were painful for many of you. Know that this is all a healthy process leading us towards deeper intimacy.

What this raised is an awareness of how no relationship can occur in isolation any more. Yes we need to mind our own business sometimes and respect boundaries, but it has highlighted again how we are all connected and in some way invested in the success and happiness of each other’s relationships.

We are no longer able to accept other people playing small, or playing childish games. We are saying NO to drama and dishonesty, NO to power struggles, NO to manipulation, NO to cruelty, NO to disrespect. We are challenging each other to stop messing about and grow up. We are starting to take collective responsibility for the quality of all the relationships in our world as we step into a culture of honouring.

Love and Sex

This past month also saw a huge surge of healing in the collective pain body around the abuse of the feminine. This applied to men and women alike. There was something rebalancing around the energetic split between the heart and the body, between love and sex, between the Heart Chakra and the Sacral Chakra (the pathway between the two being the pathway for a woman’s awakening). This is a split that at its most tragic polarity has made it possible for sex to be disconnected from love and respect in our modern culture, turning it instead into a commodity. At its darkest polarity, this split is also what makes pornography and rape possible.

I know many of you are feeling an increasing sense of not wanting any sexual contact that is not rooted in respect, love and true intimacy. This is part of your awakening that pathway between Heart and Sacral Chakra, between body and mind and between spirit and matter.

There is an opportunity now for women to join the conversation and begin to steer our relationship with sex in a new direction. We need to embody that for ourselves first.

Contrary to how it may appear on the surface, the mainstream arrival of erotic books such as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ heralds a very public shift of women engaging with sexual energy on their own terms and without being shamed. At the deepest level this will be transformational if women can catch this wave and guide it somewhere more conscious and soulful.

Sexual energy has been manipulated into power, abuse and a commodity (the above book being one of the latest examples of how well sex sells). Our awakening involves reconnecting to pure erotic energy and honouring it as a creative force within our bodies that we (men and women) can access to experience ecstatic union with the Divine and transform our world for the better.

Loving Yourself

A huge theme that popped up again for many of you was about self-care and asking for help. Many of you tell me you’ve been feeling so upset, isolated, disconnected, helpless, frustrated and exhausted. It felt like someone pulled the plug on all your inner and outer resources and left you stranded. It felt like your Source connection had gone.

This brought up wave after wave of grief and frustration. I send you love. I know this pain.

Please know that this was an important cleansing and that you could never be disconnected from Source. You are always loved, you are always connected and you are never alone. When you lean into these feelings, however hard they are, it allows them to be there and in that allowing the pain can dissolve. All feelings can be healings in progress when we breathe into them and allow them.

Jealousy and Competitiveness Between Women

Those of you awakening women who are stepping into purposeful work have realised you need to slow down lately and stop pushing so hard. Many of you had reminders that you were slipping into old paradigm or masculine ways of working. I saw women triggering each other’s insecurities. You were actually healing each other ladies, but if you weren’t aware of this you may have believed the feelings that were coming up and perceived them as others competing with you, being jealous of you, trying to take ideas from you or maybe you had feelings of jealousy come up yourself.

This is all a beautiful sign that what I see as dark sludgy green energy is being transformed within you and within women. This dark green energy is what feels like jealousy, like not being good enough; it is what causes people to compete believing there is not enough to go around. At its essence it is the energy in our pain bodies that keeps us feeling separate from Source and from each other, it keeps us believing in lack and lack of perfection.

You are good enough just as you are gorgeous soul. There is enough to go around. You are safe. It is safe to shine. It doesn’t matter how other people are doing things or how they say you should be doing things. Follow YOUR heart, listen to YOUR body, express YOUR truth and gifts. That’s why you are here. No one can do it quite like you can.

Money and Business are Awakening Too

I know many feelings of failure and frustration have come up for those of you who are already devoting your life to a path of light and spiritual business. Deep sadness about your work not sustaining you physically has been a clear theme.

When we give out so much and strive for integrity, authenticity and service and we don’t see that reflected back to us as a basic income, it can easily begin to diminish our passion.

It is an opportunity for us as awakening women and men to look at how we can do things in a new way. Doing spiritual work is one thing, actually running your business and your life in a spiritual way is quite another. For awakening women this means embracing the feminine path in how you do your work. Running a business as an awakening woman but running it using only the masculine energy of pushing, striving and achieving outward results will lead to gross imbalance in your business and most likely in your own health.

For an awakening woman running a new paradigm spiritual business or doing new consciousness work in the world, it is not so much about what you know or what you do as it is about becoming the work, embodying it and living it from the inside out utilising both your inner feminine and masculine energies in harmony with one another.

The old models and energy of business and money are transforming. If we try to do new things in the old way then the energy will not flow and prosperity will not flow.

Money is awakening too. Money is an idea, our idea, one we humans thought up. Money is not a dirty word. What people do with it, how they gain and use it is what matters. Spiritual people are as worthy of wealth and success as anyone else. It responds to our level of consciousness, to our energy. This relationship will get clearer and clearer as we awaken further. To help money awaken we simply shift our own energy, values and intentions around it. There are multiple ways to do that which I will cover in later work.

Many of you awakening women are being called to work in a new way. Women thrive in any area of life when they embrace and honour the feminine part of them, a part that can get drowned out in our masculine energy world.

This shift towards the embodiment of the feminine in business invites you to stop pushing so hard, rest more, sleep more, do less, go within, listen to your body and include it in your working day, be still and quiet regularly, learn how to manage your energy, honour your intuitive nature, get lots of time in nature, journal, weave some kind of spiritual practice and rituals into your working day, connect with other women with an open heart, celebrate collaboration and community with conscious women and embrace your creative power. Nourish and nurture yourself, fill your vessel with self-care, self-love and deep connection with your essence to ensure you are no longer running on empty then wondering why nothing is working.

Feeling Isn’t Failing: Your body is Awakening Too

For those on the path of embodying and physically becoming their awakening, notably women, it can be particularly overwhelming. More on this in a few days. Look out for my next blog post: ‘Awakening Women: From Burn-out to Balance’.

Awakening women emerge via an embodiment process and it is common to feel a lot in your body. It’s OK. It is safe to feel. We are so programmed not to feel. Billions are spent each year on research into medications to ensure we don’t feel anything. We equate feeling nothing with feeling good. When in fact it is perfectly normal and healthy to feel what is going on within your intelligent, self-healing and self-regulating body. Your body is awakening too so give it a break.

The Magic of the Moon

Moving ahead I invite you to become more aware of the cycles of the moon (as well as the Sun) and how they make you feel. The cycles of the moon affect your deepest hidden self, your sub-conscious mind and the depths of your pain body. Working with the moon as an awakening woman can make the process much more graceful. Get extra quiet time around the New Moon to plant new intentions that will bear fruit at the following Full Moon. If you are feeling a lot in your body then rest and pay loving attention to your body. Your body always tells the truth so listen to it.

Dates to watch for:

NEW MOON August 17TH 2012 – In Leo. A good time for creativity.

FULL MOON August 31st 2012 – The second Full Moon in August is in Pisces and is known as a ‘Blue Moon’ as it is so rare (“Once in a blue moon”). A time of spiritual upliftment and compassion for fellow humans.

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER from August 11th – Annual display expected to be spectacular this year! You may receive inspiration, answers and clarity about an issue that has been bothering you for a while or feel increased creativity.
More info at:

Something for you…

I’ve created a guided energy balance for awakening women to help you gently transform the energy behind the main issues raised above. It can help you find your way from burn-out to balance and to embody your divine purpose.
Click this link for a free audio and video clip:

Love and blessings,

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Energy Whispers: What IS going on? (MAY 2012)

This past month saw many of us reeling from intense emotions, energy surges and life challenges. You might say that just sounds like life, but what I am hearing and sensing is something deeper, something experienced beyond the personal and out into (or in out-to) the collective shared realm.

However the collective ripple effect actually happens it is clear we are connected and that there are waves of growth, healing, breakdown and breakthrough that many of us seem to experience simultaneously. Perhaps as part of this collective ‘shift’ of consciousness.

One of the biggies this past month was an Intuition Upgrade, where our inner wisdom circuits and sensory networks were re-wired, re-booted and recalibrated! So you may have had a few blank spots where you just couldn’t get your usual read on a situation or had bursts of intense psychic activity as new levels of awareness came online.

I heard from many of you who serve from your heart who were really feeling you needed to stop giving so much of yourself and your gifts away for free, not out of greed but because you were feeling depleted and taken advantage of. These feelings surfaced as part of you stepping into greater levels of self-valuing.

There has also been a run of surprising or aggressive outbursts from those around us. Sudden irrational behaviour and attacks that seemed to come right out of left field and knock you flat. I even heard a Hay House author mention recently that a father had squared up to him in his son’s playground baiting him into a fight over an innocent comment. This could be the solar activity which has been busy this past month. This can churn up what I see as dark red energy in peoples’ pain bodies. It is pure survival instinct helplessness and it tends to shows up as anger and is often to do with the ego terrified of its own demise.

This dynamic could also have been related in some way to the Full Moon in Libra on April 6th which brought some intense energies forward, especially for those born under the sun sign of Libra. It arrived with guidance around keeping an eye on tempers and aggression as buried feelings burst forth.

The first week of April was marked by a magnetic filament connected to sunspot AR1450 erupting and hurling a faint CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) in the direction of Earth. There was another huge solar flare on April 16th which sent plasma flares  towards earth over the next few days. April 21-22nd saw the Lyrid Meteor shower and April 24th also saw a geomagnetic storm providing stunning auroras as far south as Ireland. Many of you reported extreme fatigue and migraines.

Read ‘Solar Flares and Sensitive Souls’ for more.

Easter can bring strong death/rebirth experiences on many levels of life and if you are sensitive to and aware of these deeper interconnected realities you will have felt it. It may have shown up as things reaching a climax in relationship issues, an issue you’ve been struggling with for a while coming to a head or a new way clearing before you.


I have been sensing a rise in feminine power lately. I have been dancing with this energy as it surges to see how it is playing out in my life, in the lives of others and how it may express itself through my work later this year. I certainly felt myself shift into alignment with it over my 40th birthday weekend a few days ago and many of you tell me you felt the same. There is a sense of having had enough of playing small or burning out following old out-dated masculine energy (not the same as men themselves) and of needing to explore feminine energy and womanhood (two distinct and different yet interconnected things) in relation to a new form of power emerging in every area of life.

Scorpio Full Moon May 5-6 brings everything that has been hidden to the surface to be healed. It is a supermoon so will seem bigger as it is closer to the Earth and this also exaggerates its effects. It encourages emotional truth and asks us questions about power and how we get it, use it or give it away and how we can move into alignment with our authentic self so we can stand in a new kind of power that emerges from within and is centred in love. Those with a Scorpio moon (that’s me) may have powerful psychic experiences or feel a deep clearing of old wounds or stored energy that will allow for greater freedom and lightness. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself at this time.

Sunday May 20th will see a significant solar eclipse so watch for that. In particular if you are in or near San Francisco for example, you will see a 90% solar eclipse. For more about the eclipse times and degrees in your area see this great EarthSky article. Add to this the energy of a New Moon in Gemini on the same date and you have powerful opportunities to really soar and fly to new heights as the chance for a new chapter in your life unfolds.

Main dates to watch for then are May 5/6th and May 20th.

If you’d like to be informed of solar and celestial activity as it happens to help you understand why you might be feeling like you do then visit

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Gloriously Imperfect – Letting go of the ‘Nice Girl’: My healing journey continues…

OK so what has face ache got to do with being a ‘Nice Girl’?

My face has been hurting. My jaw, lower teeth, ear and generally the right side of my head. I had another healing session with Stacy last week where she did some energy work in that area for me. It certainly got some energy moving. I have seen many lists of ‘ascension symptoms’ which feature the pains I speak of. All I know for sure is what I am feeling right now, in this moment with all my senses; my 5th, 6th and enhanced senses.

I try to pay attention to whatever is loudest and right now what is loudest is my physical body, my physical felt sense of what is going on within the boundary of my skin.

As well as the pains around my jaw, teeth, face and ear I’ve also had what feel like small electric shocks all over my body.

I have found it isn’t helpful for me when other people try to tell me what I am feeling or why I am feeling it. When my physical body is shouting it is a wonderful reminder for me that I need to listen to myself, to my own body, to my own intuition and just BE with whatever is going on. The widom of my own body has the answers that are relevant to me and my journey and I must consult my own inner oracle.

So that’s what I have been doing with support from Stacy.

Slowly this week I have become aware of the energy, emotion and information held inside the physical pains I’ve been having. I am feeling it because that energy, emotion and information is now on the move. “Feelings are healings in progress”. Something that has been sat there in my jaw joint (TMJ) is ready to shift and transform.

So I sent up a request to my unseen Team of helpers. I asked for their assistance in becoming aware of and letting go of whatever I needed to let go of in order to be free of this pain. I asked for help in relaxing into the feelings. Help came.

Along with a momentary intensification of the physical feelings came a flood of unspoken truths and unexpressed feelings.

Releasing from my face, jaw and teeth was a stream of old energy and information. It manifested as a stream of multiple flashbacks and spontaneous daydreams of all the times I swallowed my truth or put my needs last in order to be a ‘Nice Girl’.

I witnessed all the times people had disrespected me and I had let it slide because I didn’t want to upset anyone, or been too young to assert myself.  In the out-going stream I saw every time I’d had my spirit squashed by an over-bearing character but kept shtum because I was afraid of conflict. I witnessed many of the times I had put someone else’s needs before my own. It all came rushing through my awareness and I watched it and felt it as it whooshed by like high-speed traffic.

My Nice-Girl-programming was reinforced with violence, aggression and manipulation so it was planted deep. As I am growing and being called to speak my truth as a teacher and leader and assert clear boundaries in the world it is bring up a lot for me to heal and clear about this. That programming is being challenged within me now and of course it also ties into the collective feminine wound of abuse and persecution through the ages that comes up or gets triggered as a woman steps into her power, as well as each month during the monthly cycle (PMS= Clearing/transmuting the feminine pain body).

A pocket of suppressed power energy had built up in my jaw joint, resulting in me grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw unconsciously. I am pretty sure that my Nice-Girl-programming has also been behind ongoing weight issues. These issues can apply to the Nice Boy too of course, however I cannot speak from personal experience about how this might be for a boy/man.

Try this quick checklist based on one by Karen R Koenig to see if you have a ‘Nice Girl’ problem:

Circle the number that best describes in general how you think, feel, or act:

1 = Rarely/Never          2 = Sometimes          3 = Often          4 = Always

___  1.  I jump in and take care of family members when others could but don’t or won’t.

___  2.  I feel guilty whenever I say no to family members or disappoint them.

___  3.  I avoid burdening family members with my problems.

___  4.  I put family members’ needs before mine at my own expense.

___  5.  I take care of friends more than they take care of me.

___  6.  I feel guilty and bad whenever I say no to friends or disappoint them.

___  7.  I am there for friends even when they’re not there for me.

___  8.  I put friends’ needs before mine at my own expense.

___  9.  Even though it stresses me out, I push myself to give my all at work.

___  10. I pick up co-workers’/bosses’ slack and rarely get credit for it.

___  11. People at work take advantage of my good and giving nature.

___  12. I stress myself out by saying yes to people when I know I should say no.

___  13. I feel in the wrong and apologize automatically even when I’m not at fault.

___  14. I keep silent about what’s on my mind rather than speak up.

___  15. I feel that whatever I do isn’t enough with friends, family, at work, and at play.

___  16. If I don’t do something perfectly, I feel like a failure.

___  17. I’m mortified when I make mistakes because of what people will think of me.

___  18. I have an overwhelming need for people to like/love/accept/approve of me.

___  19. I avoid making waves.

___  20. I go out of my way not to hurt people’s feelings and end up being dishonest.

What’s Your Score?

Here’s how to score this test.  Give yourself 4 points for each Always answer, 3 for Often, 2 for Sometimes, and 1 for Rarely/Never, then add up your points.

Now look at the chart below and see where your score falls:

60-80 — You are a people pleaser. You are draining your energy and giving your power away. This could make you unwell. Time to be nicer to YOU.

45-59 — You put others before yourself and it is costing you dearly. Martyrdom is not cool.

25-44 — Time to check in and keep an honest eye on your behaviour and beliefs about your own self-worth

20-24 — Being too nice is not your problem.

The energy in my jaw and face is moving and as it moves I am experiencing it as anger. I see it as dark, sludgy red energy coming out of my face. I wasn’t aware of feeling anger at the time of each of the scenarios I speak of above, but anger is usually some degree of helplessness when you get down to it, powerlessness. I had suppressed my power and felt helpless. I was pushing my own needs and feelings to the bottom of the pile. I was not taught as a young girl how to stand up for myself, take care of my own needs or speak my truth in a calm, assertive way. I was taught, largely by example to smile and swallow the feelings. Be a Nice Girl, please others or else. I have also carried a sense of responsibility for healing my family, for being their source of light, which I am now releasing.

Over the top of this dark red energy I noticed another layer of vibrational information that was keeping this healing from flowing as freely as it might. Something was in the way. The Nice-Girl-programming that led me to say nothing in the first place was now keeping me from giving myself permission to feel the full extent of the anger. Nice Girls don’t get angry, right? Or so my system appeared to believe.

Now, many people who knew me from my late teens and early 20s might might not believe that I had any problem speaking my truth. As a carer for my Mother for 11 years through Cancer, I had become incapable of BS and was very out-spoken, largely to protect the crumbling heart that lay behind the facade. But when she died, all that stopped. I didn’t need to be her strength anymore, I didn’t need to keep it together. And so I promptly fell apart.

I digress. The Nice-Girl-programming was keeping me from really being with my feelings and the energy that was on the move, it was blocking its flow. That programming was mainly made up of old fear (fear of violence, fear of disapproval etc) and so I started there. I gently allowed myself to feel the fears that had been instilled in me to prevent me from meeting my needs or answering back in my early years (I made up for it later!), I gently breathed into the feelings. This is very old stuff you see. I have worked on/played extensively with all this over the years so this isn’t a new healing journey for me. It’s just that this week this particular piece of healing is happening and is coming out of my jaw! So I’m going with it.

Incidentally I’ve also noticed that the spiritual path can really plug into the Nice-Girl-programming getting all mushed up with ideas of saintly martyrdom, selflessness and being the angelic, ethereal picture of perfect femininity, kindness and endless compassion. It is an ideal, like the Olympic Gold for those with Nice-Girl-programming and it can be a hard one to ground and let go of. It can also be the one that leads you to burn out. I know that one very well.

My higher self knows that the ‘story’ part of all this is irrelevant, it’s all just energy and energy can change in an instant. However, I feel deeply that my path in this lifetime is to grow, awaken and transform WITH my physical body, embracing my emotions and my humanity. I do not wish to hover above my body seeing everything from my Crown Chakra perspective and judging anything lower than that. I have no desire to transcend the human experience. We are all here to bring heaven down to EARTH, to enjoy every reality and dimension whilst always knowing we are the awareness having the experience. Spiritual beings having a human experience and celebrating every bit of it. Down to earth ascension and every day enlightenment. My shift now is learning how to do that without taking on everything that isn’t mine and trying to process it through my physical body. Something Stacy has really helped me with during our healing sessions.

So when a pain is there I feel it, I allow myself to breathe towards it, to relax into it rather than clench away from it or do a spiritual leapfrog over the top of it. Then it moves and is gone for good. Another deeper piece of the same issue held in my Pain Body may surface later, but for now that bit is done.

Let me just say that of course there is nothing wrong with being a nice person. For me however, being nice was a behaviour forced upon me through fear, a behaviour instilled in me through manipulation (parental and societal) and one placed higher than my own well-being. ‘Nice’ became a replacement for the real me. That is when it is unhealthy, when it is a mask for suppressed pain and keeps men and women from being their TRUE selves or speaking their truth.

As a sensitive, intuitive, empath (INFP) my own health, happiness and well-being depends upon me staying up to date with what I am feeling on every level and being present with what is. In order to do that I had to learn a few years ago to give myself permission to feel and acknowledge my real feelings. That was a breakthrough. These days if I sit on something that needs expressing I feel it in my body as discomfort. When I say “express” that can mean journalling, laying down and breathing, feeling it privately or saying just what needs to be said, to the right person, with the right degree of power in the perfect moment. That last part is what keeps our Throat Chakra (and Thyroid) healthy by the way.

So I have been breathing and just being with the aches and pains in my face and jaw, watching, feeling and allowing. As that old suppressed helplessness and anger releases, so it turns into pure power and love rushes in to fill the space it leaves behind. When old anger first starts to move it can come out a bit messy, that’s OK. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try seeing it as a power surge. Eventually the flow tempers itself and you will experience a new level of personal power, self-esteem and self-respect. The messy part can be done with a healer, a loved one or in your journal; in a safe space.

Nice Girls need to allow their anger to flow when it shows up because it quickly opens the door to authentic intuitive power and a renewed sense of self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be taken out on others, just felt……breathed and felt. Personally I have found those moments when it does all burst out to be some of the most transformational times in my life. When women have a hard time at Menopause, it is often relative to the degree they have suppressed their true self, true needs and true feelings. Hormones more easily stay in balance when we speak our truth, honour our needs and keep our energy flowing. Our Chakras help keep our energy flowing and they also relate to each of our glands and hormones. Our hormones keep our emotions in balance. It is all connected. Keep our truth flowing, our power flowing and look after our own needs at least as well as we do other peoples’ and we have more chance of a graceful monthly cycle and transition post menses.

Generally if like this week I am processing some anger (suppressed power), I try to simply feel and express how I am feeling. I was with my partner and feeling all this stuff bubbling up and it would have been so easy to either swallow it and say I was fine or just spray it all over him, project it onto him or take it out on him. But that doesn’t actually shift the energy, it just makes a mess, which is OK too but not my intention. So I told him I was feeling a lot, I was struggling and needed some space (and hugs too). Instead of hiding my feelings trying to be nice, I let myself be an almighty grump but by myself, just breathing and feeling.

About 10 years ago, one of my male spiritual teachers really helped me with this. He was 30 years my senior, perfect to help me with any Father issues relating to the Nice-Girl-programming I carried. He simply said “You don’t need to smile at me. Only smile if you really feel it, only smile if you really mean it. You don’t need to pretend with me and you don’t need to please me. My ego doesn’t need your smile”. THAT was a transformational moment for me. I had always been known as ‘smiley’, people liked it. It was my mask.

I was free, at least when around him. It was my first taste of unconditional acceptance, the love flowed toward me even when I was outrageously angry, messy and emotional. That was a gift. It gave me the experience of being lovable no matter how I felt. It was contrary to my programming.

So whatever I am feeling now, when I can unconditionally allow and accept it all and love my own truth, when I can sit with it unafraid to feel it, not try to fix it, suppress it or judge it….then it liberates me and I can offer that space authentically to others. I only react to other people expressing their feelings if I am not giving myself full and loving permission to do the same. It wouldn’t have been that long ago that even reading this kind of blog would have pushed my buttons because I wasn’t giving myself permission to be this authentic. We can’t love ourselves fully if we are concerned what others think of us or if we are trying to live up to some unrealistically perfect, spiritually sanitised standard constantly seeking approval from others or more ‘likes’, Facebook friends, glowing comments and ‘shares’!

I am a number 2 on the Enneagram, a ‘people pleaser’. I used to try to please from a place of fear and lack. Now I am growing to a place of doing so rather from a place of LOVE and fullness.

When we love ourselves for ALL that we are, on every level of consciousness and we are no longer afraid of our deepest feelings (our own shadow) then we can enjoy freedom to express the fullness of ourselves and be authentic and it becomes possible to love others in all their messy and glorious imperfection too!

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

Energy Tools and Soul Skills….for an awakening world

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Stacy Vajta – Expanded Pathways


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Your Sensitivity is Your STRENGTH!

Do you often find crowds or driving overwhelming?

Do you know what others are thinking and feeling?

Can you feel sounds and colours in your body?

Can you intuitively read the weather and sense the energy of animals and spirits?

Do you have flashes of knowing what another person will say or do next?

Do you have a vivid dream life?

Do you find the world generally harsh?

Do you find it harder and harder to interact with the world the way it is and have a strong sense of how it ‘should’ be?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these it is likely you are a ‘Sensitive’.

YOUR SENSITIVITY IS YOUR STRENGTH but I understand it can often feel like a disability. The word ‘sensitive’ has so many negative connotations but I am here to redefine it as a term of grace, heightened intuitive power, enhanced sensory abilities, innate spiritual connection and warrior-like integrity.

WE ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THE WORLD WE HAVE CREATED. Of course many people in the modern, competitive, bustling world of hurry and worry have adapted very well and indeed play the game excellently but at what cost? Often the highest price paid for this is health. As a Sensitive myself I tried to fit into the world of ‘shoulds’ for many years, bouncing from job to job, role to role, all in an attempt to find my place, to find acceptance and to numb my sensitivity, this led to illness. Starting to honour who I really was marked the beginning of my healing journey. I now work with many people with enhanced sensory perception and yet in their lives they are playing a role that denies this truth, just as I did. Why?

Are YOU a Sensitive? Have you come fully out of the closet yet? If not why not? Please leave your story and comments below….

In the meantime I’ll suggest some possible reasons for this reluctance to go public as a Sensitive…..For me and many others there is fear of judgement, fear of ridicule or rejection and fear of change. There is also a misplaced belief that we are vastly outnumbered by those seemingly playing the game excellently. There are more Sensitives around you than you know, many have simply adapted, masked, suppressed or medicated in order to get by largely undetected. Underlying it all is a belief that if we are sensitive we are in some way weak and flawed compared to those who ‘cope’. The UK in particular seems set up to reinforce stoical behaviour but the time of the Sensitive is here and things need to change if we are to create a future that is better than our past.

(Photo by Hayk Baghdasaryan)

Sensitives feel, see and know what others do not. This is your power and your gift to the world.

As a Sensitive you represent the future.

You will teach those who have closed down their hearts and who fight for power over others that there is another way to thrive.

You will teach collaboration as an alternative to competition.

You will demonstrate transparency and authenticity over concealment and deception.

You will embody compassion as an antidote to conflict.

You are the heroes, the teachers, the way-showers.

Your journey starts with self-acceptance, loving yourself exactly as you are and seeing your sensitivity for what it really is; a gift and tool of healing and transformation.

You are a teacher.

Your time is NOW.

You are the potential creator of what this planet is in desperate need of……..LOVE IN ACTION.

I am a Highly Sensitive Soul myself who has been through intense awakening experiences and great life challenges. I walk this path with you, guiding you and empowering you. I am here to help you step into your role, to help you turn your sensitivity and emerging potential into power and joyful purpose.

I use my innate creative abilities to do this, I have turned my sensitivity into a strength and a gift to others. You can too. Through writing, painting, making videos and using my intuitive abilities to offer empowerment readings I am embracing my sensitivity as a blessing, a new superpower if you like. It allows me to serve you. It allows me to be super-conscious, mindful and aware on many levels. It allows me to read multiple energies and streams of vibrational information in the world around me, within you and across space and time. This is possible for you too. It is why you are here. You see, feel and know what others do not and that is your immense gift to the world. How you choose to express that is up to you. I recommend doing it in the way what is most fun for YOU!

The remembering of who you are and why you are here, the remembering of your higher self, gifts and abilities is a beautiful blessing to you and this world. Your sensitivity is your power. Start to embrace it today. Notice the gifts it offers you and learn to manage the overwhelm it can often bring as you learn what over-stimulates you and what nourishes you.

Sensitivity offers the world the chance to live exquisitely with delicious, rich awareness, artistry and as conscious co-creators. We are evolving in many ways and for many reasons. Sensitivity can sometimes be a residue of early trauma, it is also a sign or ‘symptom’ of transformation and awakening to your higher-self consciousness. Once recognised, embraced and mastered with awareness and using energy skills it is more importantly a gift that will bring humanity back into balance with itself, our planet and our cosmos.

Sensitivity, enhanced senses, expanded awareness, coherence, love, compassion, creativity, intuition, soulfulness…..these are the qualities that elevate life from mundane function to blissful interconnectedness and open the heart to Oneness. It is who you are. It is why you are here. It is your gift to the world and to our future. Your time is now. Be out and proud!

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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(This blog post is based on ‘The Culture of Exquisite Care’, an article by Kimberley Jones first published in Breathing Space Magazine in the UK in September 2007)


Quantum Healing and the Wounded Feminine – My journey continues…



Following on from my blog post: ‘How Am I Healing Myself?’…..


Hi there friends,

Thanks so much for all your messages of love & support on my new journey of healing. I appreciate YOU! I am so blessed to be able to share this journey with you.

Let me bring you up to date with what’s going on…..


My recent diagnosis of Endometriosis required me to look again at every aspect of my life. It is a call to step up a level, go within, change something. I take a physical condition as a very clear sign that my soul is trying to get my attention. SOMETHING needs looking at. Old wounds need healing, old feelings need feeling. I might not be conscious yet of all that is sitting there in my ‘pain body’ waiting to be transformed but I AM committed to the process of discovery.


My power, potential & purpose is constantly seeking expression & space in my life. I see my life as a series of taps on the shoulder to create space for it to emerge or to get out of its way. Sometimes it has been hell on wheels! What I trust is that I ALWAYS get to the higher/deeper message, learning & healing…….eventually!


What my current health condition is showing me is how to treat myself as a woman. It has revealed to me how I deny how much I really know, how I play small & keep a large portion of my abilities hidden. I am also realising how I have allowed others to determine how much (or little) I value my unseen energetic contribution to every situation I am in. Why?


Well, as I am going deeper into my body’s wisdom it is showing me why. It is showing me through flashbacks & emotional upsurges that relate to every moment since a very young child that I was squashed, overpowered, disrespected, mocked or abused as a sensitive, intuitive & creative female. It is showing me how I kept quiet about what I intuitively knew in order to keep others happy & not threaten their egos.


I am realising that I still carry fear about really going public & being fully seen in my absolute power, knowledge & wisdom. There is a fear of judgement, ridicule, being discredited, considered mentally unstable etc. Take a look at that list. Those are all things that have happened to women with ‘power or powers’ over the years (centuries). In fact at points I am aware of what seems like a totally irrational fear of death. This is a whisper from the collective pain body of all intuitive women who indeed lost their lives for having abilities that threatened the Church & other power bases. It’s a very strong feeling & one I could easily mistake for my own (rather than historical/collective).


I realise I’ve been waiting for the world to change to one of respect & awareness before I come out into my full power, as though waiting until it is safe to come out of hiding, when in fact I must show myself in order to help affect that change!


I spoke quite recently to an influential man who is considered pretty conscious, awake & intelligent who was referring to “those crazy psychics”. For years I have allowed such ignorant comments to close me down & send me into hiding, tucking my power & truth under my arm, planning to save them for a time when perhaps the world is more awake, aware & kind. There are still so many stereotypes & prejudices to bring into the light.

In this instance I was taken so by surprise that I said nothing. Doh! What was great however was that I didn’t close down, in fact I felt myself expand in response. It was his limited belief & I was nowhere to be found within his prejudice. I didn’t take it personally in that moment, not even a flicker. That is progress for me!

I grew up in a psychic family where it was natural to know things, I didn’t realise other families weren’t the same & I had no idea that there was a stereotype or prejudice about people with enhanced senses…ignorance was bliss, in fact it was just our ‘normal’.


As my power is emerging it is riding on the back of suppressed anger. I know as someone who has been through smaller cycles of this before that this is healthy & normal. Anger is the fire that cracks the surface so buried power can flow again. The free-flow is what will bring my body back to balance & allow my authentic power to sizzle into my life. The anger is OK, it is just energy, dark red as I see it. If I can be with it, accept it, breathe into it, allow it, even love it, it will transform into pure power.


This deep collective feminine (& largely female) wound that goes back thousands of years is bubbling to the surface in our society NOW, crying out to be healed. This world needs those feminine powers & energies that have been repressed. I’m not talking about bra burning & man-bashing here. I love men. I am talking about a distortion of truth & a collective fear that affects us all as we seek to step into our authentic power & create a more compassionate, creative & conscious world.


My personal  healing is part of a collective healing of all wounded feminine power. The old masculine ‘destroy & control’ paradigm of power is crumbling. A new heart-centred, humane, creative, intuitive way is emerging. Part of our transformation highlighted by 2012 is about loving & nurturing ourselves, listening deeply within & honouring those feminine aspects. In reconnecting & healing this within ourselves we are doing so for Mother Earth, for all women & all people.



So what is my Quantum healing technique? Well, it’s a process really. I started with an awareness that my diagnosis had brought up emotions & intuitive ‘knowings’.

Next I really allow myself to drop into those feelings & I breathe into them, giving them space to be there. Each time I get a surge of emotion I find the sensation of it in my body & breath into the centre of it until it dissolves.

Then I go within, I meditate & get really still & quiet inside. I have an ability which many people have & that is the ability to ‘tune into’ the IS-NESS, the pure space of potential & possibility, the empty stillness that rests before anything comes into being whether that be a thought or a word or an action. It is a state of expanded consciousness & space. You simply rest in a space of no-thingness. This is what some people call the ‘Quantum Field’ or the ‘Field of Infinite Possibility’.

I can access it by expanding & going ‘outwards’ or I can access it by going inwards whether right into the eye of the storm of a strong emotion or via a physical visualisation that takes me deep into the cells, molecules & atoms of my body until I reach the place where there is only energy & IS-NESS!

From this place I can choose new thoughts, new realities & send new energy messages into my cells just by using my imagination & intention. I followed this process recently, going deep into my left ovary or more specifically the 5cm blood-filled cyst that had been discovered there on a scan. I went in & sent burst after burst of new energy & light into the cells like Harry Potter zapping someone with his wand! I was re-writing the coding if you like, changing the colours & the story that my body was holding right down deep at the vibrational level.

I then came back to my usual waking state of consciousness & have been reciting mantras & healing affirmations of perfect health to help embed & stabilise the new energy & beliefs in my body, bio-field & brain wiring.


This Quantum/energetic/heartmind approach is the one that feels most natural to me but I’m also shifting my diet & reviewing my environment to make sure I’m giving my healing the best chance.

In 6 months I plan to have another scan & intend to discover the ovary is healthy & clear of any cyst & that all traces of Endometriosis have completely gone! Your continued healing thoughts & visions & intentions for my perfect health are SO gratefully received. None of us can do this alone. Thank you so much.

Love & blessings,

Kimberley x

COMING NEXT! – ‘Being Real in Order to Heal’ – How I am healing myself & giving birth to a new form of leadership just by being more open, transparent & speaking my truth…


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How Am I Healing Myself?


My recent diagnosis of Endometriosis came as a total shock. Thank you SO much for all your kind messages in response to my Facebook Note about the whole thing. I was overwhelmed by your love.

I allowed myself time to rest & feel my authentic feelings about the diagnosis….fear, sadness, confusion, helplessness. Breathing into it all, I gave myself permission to not know, to let go, to feel it all.

My next step as a conscious woman was to do some research, equip myself with the facts that are out there. I am gathering dietary information (THANKS to those of you who sent me recipes!!), lists of healing herbs, supplements & therapies that work well to soothe this condition. I have also looked at all the conventional treatment options including surgery.

Next I took a look at Louise Hay’s book‘You Can Heal Your Life’, in particular that famous section at the back telling you which thought patterns can create which conditions. I also looked at Debbie Shapiro’s book ‘Your Body Speaks Your Mind’. I started creating mantras for myself to begin the healing process.

Then I researched information about which energy centre in my body or ‘Chakra’ my particular condition might relate to. In this case Endometriosis relates to the Sacral Chakra in the lower abdomen which is all about feminine power, creativity, sexuality. I always find Dr Christine Page’s book ‘Frontiers of Health’ fantastic for this as it gives the mind/body/spirit & SOUL perspective of each Chakra & related conditions.

After the research phase I let go again. This is the point where I go within & ask my body wisdom to tell me what this condition is trying to tell me about ME & about my life & journey. The sort of information that could only come from within me, not from books or healers. So, this I did, I asked & now I am in the allowing & receiving phase. My dreams are showing me a great deal about my future, my purpose & my potential. Speaking with other conscious women about my dreams & feelings has also been SO helpful & revealing.

I give myself Reiki Healing & am giving myself more ‘ME’ time. I am sleeping a lot.

I am having visions, memory flashes & strong feelings come up as I allow my body & energy system to show me & let go of any old wounds. There are areas of my femininity that have been abused & neglected (by myself, others & most notably by misused masculine power). What I wasn’t expecting however was how a cyst on my ovary would tell me so much about ALL women on this planet & the amazing process that is happening for us all collectively right now as we approach 2012…..

Love & blessings,
Kimberley ♥


What happens next? ….. Follow the story in my next blog: ‘Healing the Wounded Feminine’

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