SOUL PURPOSE READINGS – £10 OFF Until Dec 21st 2012!

SOUL PURPOSE READINGS: £65 £55 Until Dec 21st 2012!

Is a Soul Purpose Reading right for you? Do you feel unhappy in your current job? Do you feel creatively stifled and unfulfilled in your present career? Perhaps you have lost your job recently? Have you always felt you didn’t fit in but really long to make a difference in the world?

It is time for you to become all you came here to be and to do what you came here to do. You deserve to be happy and abundant doing what you love. You are here to feel fulfilled and to live a life that has meaning for YOU.

The wonderful news is that activating and stepping into your purpose can be easier than you think AND you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’ve been feeling the inner stirrings of a deeper purpose, if you want to take action and help make a difference in the world then it is highly likely that your calling is calling you now.

I can help you. If you’ve been drawn to my work then we are probably a good match to work together. To make sure, look at my photo at the top of this page or read some of my blog posts and testimonials from clients. See if you feel a connection and resonance with me. If you do we are good match to work together. Only contact me if it feels right to you.

Email Kimberley (if the email link doesn’t work for you, see the email address at the top of this page) and clearly state you are asking for a SOUL PURPOSE READING, tell her a little about your current life and work situation, tell her a bit about you and what you love and how you are feeling.

Remember Kimberley is going to help you connect with your Soul Purpose and guide you into action steps to bring it further into your life. If you’d like more practical guidance about starting work for yourself, as a practitioner or Lightworker for example then let her know. Kimberley can guide you with that too.

You are welcome to book a Reading for any of the issues mentioned below in the Full Email Readings section, however this 2012 celebration offer applies to Soul Purpose Readings only.

Please include a couple of recent, close up photos of yourself (no sunglasses please).

Kimberley will then send you a Paypal Invoice so you can pay for your Reading. You don’t need a Paypal account in order to pay (you can use your Debit/Credit Card via the link in the email you receive). However, if you DO have a Paypal account please let Kimberley know your Paypal account email address at the time of booking. Thank you.

Payment confirms your booking. Your written Reading will be emailed to you in 7-10 days (sometimes sooner depending on the length of the waiting list).

Thank you for being here and here’s to you living your dreams!

Love and blessings,

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AWAKENING TOOLS: “Are there different types of Grounding?”

Yes. There is Energetic Grounding, Physical Grounding, Spiritual Grounding, Emotional Grounding and Mental grounding. For information on Energetic Grounding see this post: ‘Grounding Your LIGHT: For a healthy awakening’


This is more specifically about earthing the bio-electrical current of your body to the surface of Mother Earth, engaging in a healthy energy exchange with bare grass, soil, sand or stone. This direct ‘skin to skin’ contact with the earth helps to discharge positive ions (the bad stuff) in exchange for an influx of negative ions (the good stuff). It’s all about an exchange of electrons (the earth’s subtle energy!). See The Earthing Institute  for more information. 

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Walk barefoot on mud, sand, soil or concrete where possible.



Grounding is about being present and connected, so emotional grounding is about being present and connected to your emotional self in each moment.

You can learn to feel your emotions and be with them in a way that will transform your life. Emotions are energy in motion (E-Motion!). Healthy energy is energy that is moving. So your emotions are there to keep you healthy. You can live in harmony with your emotions.

For example when an emotion comes up, it is usually old energy from your ‘pain body’ (collection of emotional memories and wounds) being triggered or activated in the present. You can either suppress that emotion, get sucked into its old mental story or you can use it as an opportunity to let go of/transform part of your pain body. This reveals more of your ‘light body’ or TRUESELF and you become present in the ‘now’.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: When you feel an emotion, pause for a moment and find its accompanying energy sensation/feeling in your body. Breathe into it deeply until you feel clearer again. It is safe to feel your emotions. Breathe.


This is where you consciously bring the light of your soul (your personal bit of Source) into your body and into your life, sharing it with the world via your joys and natural gifts. This is ‘Grounding Your Light’ and is how you bring your Soul Purpose down to earth as a lived reality in the world.

Some spiritual and healing practices can spin you out, raise your vibration and make you feel temporarily ‘spaced out’ until you integrate the shift and ground again. You can help the process with time in stillness, meditation, time in nature, sleep or by using a Guided Energy Meditation such as ‘Grounded and Calm’.

More on Spiritual Grounding can be found in The Grounding Guide.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Imagine the light of your Soul Purpose running down through you from Source like a waterfall running in via the top of your head through your body and out of your feet into the earth in a constant stream.


This is when you bring your conscious awareness and mental focus to the here and now. What are you thinking right now? What are you feeling right now? Mental grounding allows you to be fully present in this moment, observing your thoughts, being present in your surroundings experiencing them as they are right now rather than engaging with your day in an automated, unconscious fog, replaying the past or rehearsing the future.  Mental grounding allows you to be CONSCIOUS.

QUICK GROUNDING TIP: Set an alarm every hour and when it goes off stop and notice what you are thinking about right in that moment. Where was your head? This in itself brings you present instantly and helps develop your ‘inner observer’.


The above post is taken from ‘The Grounding Guide’  MP3 audiobook.

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Your Intuition Upgrade

Huge inner shifts and intense energies.
They seem to be the escalating themes right now.

It is a time of extremes. This is the nature of the time we live in.

In my quiet inner time I have received knowings and downloads about how we are being re-wired intuitively. From top to bottom, back to front, inside and out we are being upgraded, re-tuned, shifted to the next vibrational frequency bandwidth. And those words don’t even come close to expressing it really. The language is limited, but if you are experiencing it right now, you will know it and recognise what I’m talking about.

Anxiety attacks, waves of super-sensitivity that take your breath away. Over-stimulation and overwhelm as enhanced sensory volume gets ramped up and you feel everything acutely. Even just a moment of feeling like a peeled grape can wallop you if you don’t know what’s happening or are a sensitive soul anyway.

Know that this is all part of the transformation. It is part of our evolution, our awakening system and emerging new levels of awareness. It is part of us maturing as beings of energy learning to handle a physical experience. And it is a process.

Old pain ready to be let go of will surface. Anywhere your outer life does not match your true inner self you will see change. Breakdowns/breakthroughs. Dark nights of the soul. Ecstatic glimpses of the interconnectedness of all life. Immense joy and beauty. Highs and lows. Intensity.

We are experiencing a total reboot of our internal reference points and intuitive circuitry. How we make choices and ‘tune in’, how we make sense of our intuitive information, how we process emotionally; it is all changing. I have felt it too, being amped up to the next level of my intuitive processing. I had the awareness and knowing but how to process that, receive it and ground it in this dimension has needed an upgrade so I can work with more light. And this is happening on some level for everyone.

Many of you feel disoriented. Your usual ways of intuiting don’t seem to be working or are so heightened it’s painful. There has been a strong call to become super-mindful of how you ‘spend’ your energy and if it is worthwhile in certain areas to keep spending that energy or not.

The space between the old way and the new way has left blank spots for many of us. Like someone pulled the plug and we dropped into a no-space and no-time void. I have had more occasions than usual to stand blank faced in the middle of my kitchen with no idea of what I am doing there! (I have an energy portal in my kitchen so that must have something to do with it!)

I am having help from energy healer Stacy Vajta to fine tune my conscious awareness of my intuitive anatomy, for my own health and well-being. I am learning to be with my energy centres in new ways and read energy in new ways.

We have SO much to learn about the unseen realms and realities and how we interact with them and are affected by them and affecting them in every moment. We are getting there.

My guidance is to step back from trying right now. Step back from trying to intuit or access information along your old pathways, because they aren’t there! The echoes may be there but they are habitual ones only and your info will probably be off. Instead wait. Ask your Vibrational Intelligence to establish your new healthy next-gen intuitive wiring quickly and gracefully. Be patient. You are growing. You are changing from the inside out in the most beautiful and magical ways, beyond anything we can even hope to imagine right now. Your new enhanced sensory system is coming online and your whole being needs time to integrate and re-adjust.

All will be well.

New levels of incisive clarity will be yours. It may be like going from a shabby van to a Ferrari at first with new super-sensitive power controls but you’ll get the hand of it. Take it steady, find your feet. Your inner knowing will bcome more grounded and embodied. You will be more able to bring thought into the world of form, consciously and instantly. You will weave dimensions together and ground the light of your being more into the earth and every day life. The pathways and wiring to allow that beautiful and evolutionary process are now in place.

It is all part of preparing us to further link into the crystalline, high frequency energies of Mother Earth and make our own special earth grid connections, all supported on the physical level by Earth Day on April 22nd. You see she’s already ‘ascended’, she is already operating at the highest and most beautiful levels. We are evolving so we can see that, remember that and experience that through clearer eyes and a more open heart. And we will.

It’s an exciting time.



You are safe.

You were born for this time.

Love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥
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The Power of Giving Thanks

To all my friends celebrating gratitude today let me wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here is a message sent to me by a beautiful friend that I felt moved to share with you all to, celebrating this and every day as a day of giving thanks.

Much love to you all,
Kimberley ♥


The qualities of Gratitude and Thankfulness can lead you to a pure heart. They change the energy fields, within and around your body, and transform your mental state by lifting your vibrational frequency.

The American celebration of Thanksgiving draws higher ideals into the forefront of people’s thoughts; the ideal of family and joining together in love, the ideal of abundance and the bounty that is possible and most importantly, the ideal of giving thanks.

When one is in the state of giving thanks there is such an elevation in consciousness that all appearances to the contrary begin to drop away. A sense of gratitude creates a high frequency of energy that is akin to a loving embrace from the Universe. There is proof that gratitude can actually change your brain chemistry.

Giving thanks can become a sacred act that calls forth all the assistance needed for you to feel supported and cared for in this life. Sharing whatever one has is a part of the ideal behind Thanksgiving celebration. The creation of sports events and shopping days are modern distractions from the original intention of a day set aside for loving kindness and thankful prayers of gratitude for all that one has in life.

Even when life may not have demonstrated for you the ideals you hold for bounty, there are still things you can find to be grateful for. With this act those small pockets of gratitude build into a full life demonstration. Most of the demonstration however comes with your happy mental state that builds strength as you realize all the many ways you are being cared for by the benevolence of God’s Grace.

An ever-changing life begins with your focus of attention, as well as your intention to live within the sacred heart of gratitude. When you can love what is, the void spaces begin to fill with Light. Filling all the empty spaces in your life with Divine Light creates a frequency of abundance and fullness. Your heart begins to feel full of love and creative opportunities begin to reveal themselves in miraculous ways. Suddenly there seems to be more and more to be grateful for, and the sacred vessel of your being becomes purified with the Light of your Gratitude and Joy.

Every thought, every breath can open the way for clear light to bring purification into your being. Your willingness to bring greater Light and the art of Thankfulness into your being allows you to become a pure vessel to hold the Truth of your Divinity.

Begin with the tiniest awareness and when you bring your gratitude to this, change occurs. Be grateful that you don’t have to tell your lungs to breathe and your heart to beat, and all the other miraculous ways your body serves you. Be grateful that there are trees bringing oxygen and water to the Earth and absorbing carbon. Be grateful for all the beauty and power of the ocean and the great lakes and rivers that nurture us so beautifully.

Begin anywhere and the act of Gratitude will change your life for the better. Here is a suggestion for Thanksgiving prayers.

Divine Presence:

Thank you for the many gifts you have brought into my life. Thank you for my heart that beats with your love, and this miraculous body that serves me so I may serve you on this Earth. Thank you for new ideas and opportunities that are revealing themselves to me every day. Thank you for the beauty of this Earth and the bounty that the Earth provides. Thank you for those who care about me and bring joy and love into my life. Thank you for showing me how much I am loved and for giving me ways to give love.

Let my body hold the force of Gratitude in every cell and let that awaken me to your Presence. May I see your gifts in every moment and be grateful for all that I am given, no matter what it looks like. Let me respond in gratitude to ever situation knowing that my soul’s awakening depends on my responses. As Gratitude fills my being, help me to flow the energy of love and thanksgiving into the world. I give thanks for the growth my Soul receives from the challenges of my life on Earth.

At the center of my being, I know all is well. For this and all my gifts, I say thank you, thank you, thank you.

May this time of Thanksgiving fill your heart with new awakenings to the loving presence within all things and bless every area of your life with pure gratitude.

And so it is.



Kimberley Jones – The Energy Whisperer
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11-11-11 Message and Meditation

Everything is Energy

As an Energy Whisperer and professional Intuitive I live in a constant and mostly joyful state of awareness of myself and my world as energy. The temperature and volume of this awareness goes up and down depending on what I am doing and where I am. Over the years I have learned to apply filters, make fine adjustments and alter the brightness on my sensitivity to the energies of life and our world. Energy Mastery is a life-long learning process.

I know many of you can relate to this which is why I share my experiences with you. NO you are not losing your marbles if you can see energy, NO you are not going round the bend if you can sense what others are feeling. What IS happening is that your enhanced sensory awareness is waking up!

A few generations from now, your great, great, great grand-daughter will find it totally unfathomable that we could have ever NOT known that everything is energy. We are heading for a revolution of consciousness sparked from within where energy awareness and how to work with energy will become an everyday common practice.

As a small child I got very frustrated that the adults around me were not seeing and sensing the things I was. Over the years I stuffed down my abilities until my Mum died in 1997 and all those abilities (along with some of hers) blasted wide open again in me, sending me into a total tailspin.

I got clear messages at the time all this was happening NOT to go to the doctor. I would never tell you not to see your doctor, but my message was loud and clear; I was ‘told’ by my inner wisdom that this was an important spiritual experience and awakening I was having and at that point in time my doctor would have pathologised it and given me medication along with a nice big label to carry around with me for the rest of my life.

Fortunately things are changing. When we know better, we do better. Respected psychologists and psychiatrists together with mystics and spiritual teachers are starting to understand that this multi-sensory and extra-sensory awareness is a natural part of our evolution, one we have yet to fully understand. (See psychologist Steve Taylor’s latest Hay House book ‘Out of the Darkness’ featuring Eckhart Tolle’s own experiences).

The fact is we are all experiencing energy every day only we don’t know it. Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, even our so-called physical bodies are organic, electro-magnetic batteries; more energy than they are solid ‘matter’. Science knows this now and it is steadily seeping into common (or UNcommon) knowledge.

Most people who sense the energies of life such as Lightworkers, Empaths, Indigos, Intuitives, and Healers are labelled as “too sensitive”. Their sensitivity is seen as a weakness or worse as an illness. I am here to let you know that your sensitivity is your strength and the hidden language or currency of that sensitivity is ENERGY (subtle, vibrational, consciousness-based energy flowing through those fields and webs also made of a ‘neutral’ energy waiting to be infused and influenced by the former).

My passion is to empower energy-sensitives to learn their own language of subtle energy and consciousness, to read it, understand it, manage it and master it.

Change your energy and you can change your world.

It took me years to understand what all the colours meant that I was seeing inside people, around them in their aura and those energies out and about in my daily life. It has taken me much study and experimentation to discern whether what I am feeling is actually mine or someone else’s. Equally it has been quite a dance learning how to hold my center and my own personal energy when in a close relationship or how to align and ground my energy so I can birth my soul purpose. These are just some of the many skills I have come to learn as an energy-sensitive. In childhood it was mainly about survival as a sensitive, now it is part of conscious and creative living. I can now use these skills and this awareness to help others on the path of awakening. What a total joy and honour that is. I feel SO blessed.

Energy, vibration, frequency and our conscious understanding of those in daily life are central to conscious, awakened living. It is the key to a better life and a better world, one that is sustainable and created from the inside out from authentically sourced heart-power.

There is an energy revolution taking place. Are you in?

If the answer is YES! then contact me for your own E-Video Reading or Laser Email Reading , it’s a great way to get you started on your path of energy-consciousness. Hundreds of people have had transformational experiences as a result of my personal readings and I feel so blessed to be used a conduit for this light, healing and wisdom. I am very excited to share it wth you!

Everything is Energy world summit

AND I couldn’t write about energy without mentioning this FREE ‘Everything is Energy’ World Summit – July 26th -31st with the dynamic David and Kristin Morelli. They are true rock stars of subtle energy awareness and we are set for a fantastic experience. See you there.

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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Your Sensitivity is Your STRENGTH!

Do you often find crowds or driving overwhelming?

Do you know what others are thinking and feeling?

Can you feel sounds and colours in your body?

Can you intuitively read the weather and sense the energy of animals and spirits?

Do you have flashes of knowing what another person will say or do next?

Do you have a vivid dream life?

Do you find the world generally harsh?

Do you find it harder and harder to interact with the world the way it is and have a strong sense of how it ‘should’ be?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these it is likely you are a ‘Sensitive’.

YOUR SENSITIVITY IS YOUR STRENGTH but I understand it can often feel like a disability. The word ‘sensitive’ has so many negative connotations but I am here to redefine it as a term of grace, heightened intuitive power, enhanced sensory abilities, innate spiritual connection and warrior-like integrity.

WE ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR THE WORLD WE HAVE CREATED. Of course many people in the modern, competitive, bustling world of hurry and worry have adapted very well and indeed play the game excellently but at what cost? Often the highest price paid for this is health. As a Sensitive myself I tried to fit into the world of ‘shoulds’ for many years, bouncing from job to job, role to role, all in an attempt to find my place, to find acceptance and to numb my sensitivity, this led to illness. Starting to honour who I really was marked the beginning of my healing journey. I now work with many people with enhanced sensory perception and yet in their lives they are playing a role that denies this truth, just as I did. Why?

Are YOU a Sensitive? Have you come fully out of the closet yet? If not why not? Please leave your story and comments below….

In the meantime I’ll suggest some possible reasons for this reluctance to go public as a Sensitive…..For me and many others there is fear of judgement, fear of ridicule or rejection and fear of change. There is also a misplaced belief that we are vastly outnumbered by those seemingly playing the game excellently. There are more Sensitives around you than you know, many have simply adapted, masked, suppressed or medicated in order to get by largely undetected. Underlying it all is a belief that if we are sensitive we are in some way weak and flawed compared to those who ‘cope’. The UK in particular seems set up to reinforce stoical behaviour but the time of the Sensitive is here and things need to change if we are to create a future that is better than our past.

(Photo by Hayk Baghdasaryan)

Sensitives feel, see and know what others do not. This is your power and your gift to the world.

As a Sensitive you represent the future.

You will teach those who have closed down their hearts and who fight for power over others that there is another way to thrive.

You will teach collaboration as an alternative to competition.

You will demonstrate transparency and authenticity over concealment and deception.

You will embody compassion as an antidote to conflict.

You are the heroes, the teachers, the way-showers.

Your journey starts with self-acceptance, loving yourself exactly as you are and seeing your sensitivity for what it really is; a gift and tool of healing and transformation.

You are a teacher.

Your time is NOW.

You are the potential creator of what this planet is in desperate need of……..LOVE IN ACTION.

I am a Highly Sensitive Soul myself who has been through intense awakening experiences and great life challenges. I walk this path with you, guiding you and empowering you. I am here to help you step into your role, to help you turn your sensitivity and emerging potential into power and joyful purpose.

I use my innate creative abilities to do this, I have turned my sensitivity into a strength and a gift to others. You can too. Through writing, painting, making videos and using my intuitive abilities to offer empowerment readings I am embracing my sensitivity as a blessing, a new superpower if you like. It allows me to serve you. It allows me to be super-conscious, mindful and aware on many levels. It allows me to read multiple energies and streams of vibrational information in the world around me, within you and across space and time. This is possible for you too. It is why you are here. You see, feel and know what others do not and that is your immense gift to the world. How you choose to express that is up to you. I recommend doing it in the way what is most fun for YOU!

The remembering of who you are and why you are here, the remembering of your higher self, gifts and abilities is a beautiful blessing to you and this world. Your sensitivity is your power. Start to embrace it today. Notice the gifts it offers you and learn to manage the overwhelm it can often bring as you learn what over-stimulates you and what nourishes you.

Sensitivity offers the world the chance to live exquisitely with delicious, rich awareness, artistry and as conscious co-creators. We are evolving in many ways and for many reasons. Sensitivity can sometimes be a residue of early trauma, it is also a sign or ‘symptom’ of transformation and awakening to your higher-self consciousness. Once recognised, embraced and mastered with awareness and using energy skills it is more importantly a gift that will bring humanity back into balance with itself, our planet and our cosmos.

Sensitivity, enhanced senses, expanded awareness, coherence, love, compassion, creativity, intuition, soulfulness…..these are the qualities that elevate life from mundane function to blissful interconnectedness and open the heart to Oneness. It is who you are. It is why you are here. It is your gift to the world and to our future. Your time is now. Be out and proud!

With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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(This blog post is based on ‘The Culture of Exquisite Care’, an article by Kimberley Jones first published in Breathing Space Magazine in the UK in September 2007)