SOUL PURPOSE READINGS – £10 OFF Until Dec 21st 2012!

SOUL PURPOSE READINGS: £65 £55 Until Dec 21st 2012!

Is a Soul Purpose Reading right for you? Do you feel unhappy in your current job? Do you feel creatively stifled and unfulfilled in your present career? Perhaps you have lost your job recently? Have you always felt you didn’t fit in but really long to make a difference in the world?

It is time for you to become all you came here to be and to do what you came here to do. You deserve to be happy and abundant doing what you love. You are here to feel fulfilled and to live a life that has meaning for YOU.

The wonderful news is that activating and stepping into your purpose can be easier than you think AND you don’t have to do it alone.

If you’ve been feeling the inner stirrings of a deeper purpose, if you want to take action and help make a difference in the world then it is highly likely that your calling is calling you now.

I can help you. If you’ve been drawn to my work then we are probably a good match to work together. To make sure, look at my photo at the top of this page or read some of my blog posts and testimonials from clients. See if you feel a connection and resonance with me. If you do we are good match to work together. Only contact me if it feels right to you.

Email Kimberley (if the email link doesn’t work for you, see the email address at the top of this page) and clearly state you are asking for a SOUL PURPOSE READING, tell her a little about your current life and work situation, tell her a bit about you and what you love and how you are feeling.

Remember Kimberley is going to help you connect with your Soul Purpose and guide you into action steps to bring it further into your life. If you’d like more practical guidance about starting work for yourself, as a practitioner or Lightworker for example then let her know. Kimberley can guide you with that too.

You are welcome to book a Reading for any of the issues mentioned below in the Full Email Readings section, however this 2012 celebration offer applies to Soul Purpose Readings only.

Please include a couple of recent, close up photos of yourself (no sunglasses please).

Kimberley will then send you a Paypal Invoice so you can pay for your Reading. You don’t need a Paypal account in order to pay (you can use your Debit/Credit Card via the link in the email you receive). However, if you DO have a Paypal account please let Kimberley know your Paypal account email address at the time of booking. Thank you.

Payment confirms your booking. Your written Reading will be emailed to you in 7-10 days (sometimes sooner depending on the length of the waiting list).

Thank you for being here and here’s to you living your dreams!

Love and blessings,

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What’s 11/11/11 All About? How Can YOU Be Involved?

You can change the world from the inside out.
A new world is being born right now. Through you.

As we approach 11/11/11 there are meditations, global peace projects, events and websites emerging all over the world!! I’ve been contacted by many of them. I celebrate this call to get together for world peace. This date of 11/11/11 is certainly a potent opportunity for us to unite our vibrations of love and peace to shift something permanently for our future generations. When we come together with shared intention amazing things are possible. ANYTHING is possible.

So how about you? Can you feel the energy building as we get closer to 11/11/11?

What does it all mean?

How can you be involved?

How can you do something real, helpful, practical and effective on that date?

Back on November 11th 2009 ‘One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project’ was born through me into the world. Almost 8000 people responded to the call and joined me for this project that would become an annual conscious ‘event’. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

By November 2010 the basic principles and energy meditation offered by One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project were being taught in meditation groups all over the world and in schools in South America.

The aims: To build our ‘Personal Peace Fields’ using a simple energy meditation/breathing practice and to build and energise our personal frequencies of peace to such a pitch that a collective ‘Planetary Peace Field’ would be activated and energised each year on November 11th.

This is the essence of the Quantum approach, that collective peace is born of personal peace, as within so without. We do not have to ‘send’ peace to war torn zones or send peace anywhere. If you personally embody the frequency of peace it is automatically created and felt within the WHOLE. You are a cell within the body of humanity. If every cell takes care of its own peace it creates peace for the WHOLE.

“Peace worldwide starts from inside”
– The Luminaries

The climax of this project is on 11/11/11.

On this day there will be an opening of interdimensional peace portals all over the world flooding this planet with light in a way that will be felt by many all over the world. Some describe the portal as a Stargate and there is a lot information about the more esoteric meaning of 11/11/11 to be found in various channelled messages from those such as Lauren C Gorgo and many can be found at the Spirit Library

Many of you have been seeing the awakening code ’11:11′ right? This is your call to awaken, a sign you are on the right track, that you are being contacted by the magic and wonder of the universe. Many feel it is a sign of your guides and angels contacting you.

Anywhere you have multiple numbers such as 11,22,33,111,222,333 etc you have the power of Mastery and the Masters. These are Master Numbers that carry immense power. 11:11 in particular is a series of threshholds and openings, doorways if you will. 11/11/11 even more so! ‘1’ marks the beginning, a birth or rebirth of our reality. It heralds the start of a new level of our personal power to effect change. Our every thought and feeling is manifesting so quickly now. We are expanding and opening to a new level of conscious awareness of the ALL THAT IS, one that is centred in the heart, the gateway to the eternal.

Now I don’t say this lightly because I am a feet on the ground kind of Lightworker, one that questions everything and needs things to be practical and relevant to real people in every day life. I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift, and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire. I am healthily sceptical and do not take on the beliefs of others unless it feels true for me. So being one of the conduits and messengers for the opening of these portals has been amazing and at times very challenging. I have questioned every ‘knowing’ I have had. I have doubted myself and in the end I have surrendered, regarding this as a privilege to share with you all.

I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift,
and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire
– Kimberley Jones

If you are reading this you have been called to play a role and to be ready to take part on 11-11-11.

So, how can you be involved?

  1. Subscribe to the One Minute for Peace: 11-11-11 Blog Page
  2. Join the Facebook Group gathering place for this project and the 11-11-11 event
  3. Watch the ‘11-11-11 One Minute for Peace’  Video and get used to using the simple ‘Pause for Peace’ Meditation ready for 11/11/11
  4. Hear Kimberley on Co-Creator Radio in 2009 talk about the birth of this project and her future vision (allow time to load)
  5. Volunteer as a Goodwill Ambassador for this project and help spread the peace! Email Kimberley for your Goodwill Ambassador information pack
  6. Get a group of friends together on 11-11-11 and use the Pause for Peace energy meditation together
  7. Follow your own heart and intuition about what to do on 11-11-11. Trust yourself.

OH! And don’t miss my show ‘An 11/11/11 Message with Kimberley Jones’ at ‘Wake Up Lightworkers’ Blog Talk Radio Channel on 11/11/11.

For Peace.

Kimberley ♥

Kimberley Jones – The Energy Whisperer
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Will YOU let the ‘F’ word shape your year?

Conscious, active choice. That is how we become co-creators in our own lives taking the driving seat. It’s all very well talking about New Year’s resolutions and setting intentions but what if you don’t know what you want? What if you feel stuck, afraid of making the wrong choice or taking the wrong path?

I write about this now simply because I hear these concerns so often from so many of you who are changing inside. It’s as if your usual points of reference are changing and you no longer know how to make decisions, big or small. You’ve been given a new ‘sat nav’ for Christmas and you don’t know how to work it!

I feel the frustration, I do. I empathise with the procrastination, the heightened sense of responsibility, wanting to get it ‘right’. I soul-pathise with your urge to serve and grow.

So DON’T we choose? Why don’t we just pick one option and be happy with our decision? Why can’t we trust ourselves and just commit to a path and be done with it? Why don’t we know what we want? Why do we give our power away to others, human or other worldly to tell us what to do?

The answer is that four letter word that keeps us all from being what we came here to be, that keeps us from loving fully and living fully………….FEAR.

A quick note to a small sub-category of awakening souls who may be ‘scanners’ or ‘hyper-speed scanners’: Your difficulty choosing is more to do with wanting to do it ALL and wanting it yesterday! Your tip is to slow down and dip into each thing in turn until something feels most fun

Back to it…..There appears to be a common fear for many of you with a strong sense of emerging purpose that planting both feet squarely in the middle of one choice (and on the earth) will eliminate all other possibilities or your spiritual connection. And what if you make the ‘wrong’ choice? What then?

I used to work in a spiritual bookshop and I saw endless people using their dowsing crystal or consulting their guides to tell them which book to read or if they needed the loo or not! Spiritual tools are not meant to disempower us or diminish our own inner knowing or free will. There needs to be balance.

If you want to break out of the procrastination, frustration and sense of powerlessness I suggest that things will only change when you go ahead make a choice. Just pick the option that gives you a YES feeling somewhere inside. If you can’t feel anything just pick an option. It is only then that energy once stagnant can be released, made available to you and creative juices of the universe come into support that choice.

I understand the fear. I understand that time-worn approach of waiting until there is enough time, money, help or resources before choosing and acting. I understand the desire to wait until it feels safe, until all your ducks are in a row and you feel sure before moving forward. However…the process works the other way around. When you make a choice, commit to one route THEN all the help, resources, vitality and additional routes open up to you.

Doing what YOU want to do, what feels right to YOU doesn’t disconnect you from your spiritual guidance…it IS your spiritual guidance in a more grounded & embodied form.

Choose from love, choose from joy and you will ALWAYS get it ‘right’. Just choose. You only move forward if you take a step. Don’t worry about the shoes you are wearing or if your stride is too big or too small just step!

So, if you really don’t know where to start in 2011 even after reading the above just take a look at whatever options are before you right now. What change or step has been pecking at you but you’ve avoided looking at it? Maybe you are overwhelmed by several options…celebrate that! You are abundant!

Follow your heart, follow your joy, do what comes naturally, more easily, whatever expands you, excites you and uplifts you. Those feelings are a sign of heart and soul in action, love guiding your choices and an alignment with who you are.

If you can’t tap into that right now just look at what is right under your nose needing your attention. What needs dealing with right now? 21st century service, path and purpose are all about being present & practical.

I rarely believe anyone who says “I don’t know” when it comes to their own lives. We always know deep down somewhere what we need and want to do.

So if you are tired of lingering on the edges of your life with Ms Playing It Safe & Mr Hedging His Bets and you are ready to respond to your calling (response-ability) then know it is SAFE TO CHOOSE. Trust yourself. Whatever feels right IS right.

You exist in a field of infinite possibilities and all options are open to you. You are limited only by what you believe is possible. It is safe to choose. It is safe to take one small action step to back up that choice. Shape your life or others will. Once you do you will discover the magical power of choosing, you will have taken one more step in becoming the conscious co-creator of your own life.


QUICK ENERGY TIP: Use the following energy-shifting, consciousness-tweaking mantras to get you started.

It is now safe for me to choose.

I live in a friendly & abundant universe.

When I choose, all other possibilities open up to me.

When I choose, I am loved & supported.



Love & blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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