Gloriously Imperfect – Letting go of the ‘Nice Girl’: My healing journey continues…

OK so what has face ache got to do with being a ‘Nice Girl’?

My face has been hurting. My jaw, lower teeth, ear and generally the right side of my head. I had another healing session with Stacy last week where she did some energy work in that area for me. It certainly got some energy moving. I have seen many lists of ‘ascension symptoms’ which feature the pains I speak of. All I know for sure is what I am feeling right now, in this moment with all my senses; my 5th, 6th and enhanced senses.

I try to pay attention to whatever is loudest and right now what is loudest is my physical body, my physical felt sense of what is going on within the boundary of my skin.

As well as the pains around my jaw, teeth, face and ear I’ve also had what feel like small electric shocks all over my body.

I have found it isn’t helpful for me when other people try to tell me what I am feeling or why I am feeling it. When my physical body is shouting it is a wonderful reminder for me that I need to listen to myself, to my own body, to my own intuition and just BE with whatever is going on. The widom of my own body has the answers that are relevant to me and my journey and I must consult my own inner oracle.

So that’s what I have been doing with support from Stacy.

Slowly this week I have become aware of the energy, emotion and information held inside the physical pains I’ve been having. I am feeling it because that energy, emotion and information is now on the move. “Feelings are healings in progress”. Something that has been sat there in my jaw joint (TMJ) is ready to shift and transform.

So I sent up a request to my unseen Team of helpers. I asked for their assistance in becoming aware of and letting go of whatever I needed to let go of in order to be free of this pain. I asked for help in relaxing into the feelings. Help came.

Along with a momentary intensification of the physical feelings came a flood of unspoken truths and unexpressed feelings.

Releasing from my face, jaw and teeth was a stream of old energy and information. It manifested as a stream of multiple flashbacks and spontaneous daydreams of all the times I swallowed my truth or put my needs last in order to be a ‘Nice Girl’.

I witnessed all the times people had disrespected me and I had let it slide because I didn’t want to upset anyone, or been too young to assert myself.  In the out-going stream I saw every time I’d had my spirit squashed by an over-bearing character but kept shtum because I was afraid of conflict. I witnessed many of the times I had put someone else’s needs before my own. It all came rushing through my awareness and I watched it and felt it as it whooshed by like high-speed traffic.

My Nice-Girl-programming was reinforced with violence, aggression and manipulation so it was planted deep. As I am growing and being called to speak my truth as a teacher and leader and assert clear boundaries in the world it is bring up a lot for me to heal and clear about this. That programming is being challenged within me now and of course it also ties into the collective feminine wound of abuse and persecution through the ages that comes up or gets triggered as a woman steps into her power, as well as each month during the monthly cycle (PMS= Clearing/transmuting the feminine pain body).

A pocket of suppressed power energy had built up in my jaw joint, resulting in me grinding my teeth at night and clenching my jaw unconsciously. I am pretty sure that my Nice-Girl-programming has also been behind ongoing weight issues. These issues can apply to the Nice Boy too of course, however I cannot speak from personal experience about how this might be for a boy/man.

Try this quick checklist based on one by Karen R Koenig to see if you have a ‘Nice Girl’ problem:

Circle the number that best describes in general how you think, feel, or act:

1 = Rarely/Never          2 = Sometimes          3 = Often          4 = Always

___  1.  I jump in and take care of family members when others could but don’t or won’t.

___  2.  I feel guilty whenever I say no to family members or disappoint them.

___  3.  I avoid burdening family members with my problems.

___  4.  I put family members’ needs before mine at my own expense.

___  5.  I take care of friends more than they take care of me.

___  6.  I feel guilty and bad whenever I say no to friends or disappoint them.

___  7.  I am there for friends even when they’re not there for me.

___  8.  I put friends’ needs before mine at my own expense.

___  9.  Even though it stresses me out, I push myself to give my all at work.

___  10. I pick up co-workers’/bosses’ slack and rarely get credit for it.

___  11. People at work take advantage of my good and giving nature.

___  12. I stress myself out by saying yes to people when I know I should say no.

___  13. I feel in the wrong and apologize automatically even when I’m not at fault.

___  14. I keep silent about what’s on my mind rather than speak up.

___  15. I feel that whatever I do isn’t enough with friends, family, at work, and at play.

___  16. If I don’t do something perfectly, I feel like a failure.

___  17. I’m mortified when I make mistakes because of what people will think of me.

___  18. I have an overwhelming need for people to like/love/accept/approve of me.

___  19. I avoid making waves.

___  20. I go out of my way not to hurt people’s feelings and end up being dishonest.

What’s Your Score?

Here’s how to score this test.  Give yourself 4 points for each Always answer, 3 for Often, 2 for Sometimes, and 1 for Rarely/Never, then add up your points.

Now look at the chart below and see where your score falls:

60-80 — You are a people pleaser. You are draining your energy and giving your power away. This could make you unwell. Time to be nicer to YOU.

45-59 — You put others before yourself and it is costing you dearly. Martyrdom is not cool.

25-44 — Time to check in and keep an honest eye on your behaviour and beliefs about your own self-worth

20-24 — Being too nice is not your problem.

The energy in my jaw and face is moving and as it moves I am experiencing it as anger. I see it as dark, sludgy red energy coming out of my face. I wasn’t aware of feeling anger at the time of each of the scenarios I speak of above, but anger is usually some degree of helplessness when you get down to it, powerlessness. I had suppressed my power and felt helpless. I was pushing my own needs and feelings to the bottom of the pile. I was not taught as a young girl how to stand up for myself, take care of my own needs or speak my truth in a calm, assertive way. I was taught, largely by example to smile and swallow the feelings. Be a Nice Girl, please others or else. I have also carried a sense of responsibility for healing my family, for being their source of light, which I am now releasing.

Over the top of this dark red energy I noticed another layer of vibrational information that was keeping this healing from flowing as freely as it might. Something was in the way. The Nice-Girl-programming that led me to say nothing in the first place was now keeping me from giving myself permission to feel the full extent of the anger. Nice Girls don’t get angry, right? Or so my system appeared to believe.

Now, many people who knew me from my late teens and early 20s might might not believe that I had any problem speaking my truth. As a carer for my Mother for 11 years through Cancer, I had become incapable of BS and was very out-spoken, largely to protect the crumbling heart that lay behind the facade. But when she died, all that stopped. I didn’t need to be her strength anymore, I didn’t need to keep it together. And so I promptly fell apart.

I digress. The Nice-Girl-programming was keeping me from really being with my feelings and the energy that was on the move, it was blocking its flow. That programming was mainly made up of old fear (fear of violence, fear of disapproval etc) and so I started there. I gently allowed myself to feel the fears that had been instilled in me to prevent me from meeting my needs or answering back in my early years (I made up for it later!), I gently breathed into the feelings. This is very old stuff you see. I have worked on/played extensively with all this over the years so this isn’t a new healing journey for me. It’s just that this week this particular piece of healing is happening and is coming out of my jaw! So I’m going with it.

Incidentally I’ve also noticed that the spiritual path can really plug into the Nice-Girl-programming getting all mushed up with ideas of saintly martyrdom, selflessness and being the angelic, ethereal picture of perfect femininity, kindness and endless compassion. It is an ideal, like the Olympic Gold for those with Nice-Girl-programming and it can be a hard one to ground and let go of. It can also be the one that leads you to burn out. I know that one very well.

My higher self knows that the ‘story’ part of all this is irrelevant, it’s all just energy and energy can change in an instant. However, I feel deeply that my path in this lifetime is to grow, awaken and transform WITH my physical body, embracing my emotions and my humanity. I do not wish to hover above my body seeing everything from my Crown Chakra perspective and judging anything lower than that. I have no desire to transcend the human experience. We are all here to bring heaven down to EARTH, to enjoy every reality and dimension whilst always knowing we are the awareness having the experience. Spiritual beings having a human experience and celebrating every bit of it. Down to earth ascension and every day enlightenment. My shift now is learning how to do that without taking on everything that isn’t mine and trying to process it through my physical body. Something Stacy has really helped me with during our healing sessions.

So when a pain is there I feel it, I allow myself to breathe towards it, to relax into it rather than clench away from it or do a spiritual leapfrog over the top of it. Then it moves and is gone for good. Another deeper piece of the same issue held in my Pain Body may surface later, but for now that bit is done.

Let me just say that of course there is nothing wrong with being a nice person. For me however, being nice was a behaviour forced upon me through fear, a behaviour instilled in me through manipulation (parental and societal) and one placed higher than my own well-being. ‘Nice’ became a replacement for the real me. That is when it is unhealthy, when it is a mask for suppressed pain and keeps men and women from being their TRUE selves or speaking their truth.

As a sensitive, intuitive, empath (INFP) my own health, happiness and well-being depends upon me staying up to date with what I am feeling on every level and being present with what is. In order to do that I had to learn a few years ago to give myself permission to feel and acknowledge my real feelings. That was a breakthrough. These days if I sit on something that needs expressing I feel it in my body as discomfort. When I say “express” that can mean journalling, laying down and breathing, feeling it privately or saying just what needs to be said, to the right person, with the right degree of power in the perfect moment. That last part is what keeps our Throat Chakra (and Thyroid) healthy by the way.

So I have been breathing and just being with the aches and pains in my face and jaw, watching, feeling and allowing. As that old suppressed helplessness and anger releases, so it turns into pure power and love rushes in to fill the space it leaves behind. When old anger first starts to move it can come out a bit messy, that’s OK. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try seeing it as a power surge. Eventually the flow tempers itself and you will experience a new level of personal power, self-esteem and self-respect. The messy part can be done with a healer, a loved one or in your journal; in a safe space.

Nice Girls need to allow their anger to flow when it shows up because it quickly opens the door to authentic intuitive power and a renewed sense of self-esteem. It doesn’t have to be taken out on others, just felt……breathed and felt. Personally I have found those moments when it does all burst out to be some of the most transformational times in my life. When women have a hard time at Menopause, it is often relative to the degree they have suppressed their true self, true needs and true feelings. Hormones more easily stay in balance when we speak our truth, honour our needs and keep our energy flowing. Our Chakras help keep our energy flowing and they also relate to each of our glands and hormones. Our hormones keep our emotions in balance. It is all connected. Keep our truth flowing, our power flowing and look after our own needs at least as well as we do other peoples’ and we have more chance of a graceful monthly cycle and transition post menses.

Generally if like this week I am processing some anger (suppressed power), I try to simply feel and express how I am feeling. I was with my partner and feeling all this stuff bubbling up and it would have been so easy to either swallow it and say I was fine or just spray it all over him, project it onto him or take it out on him. But that doesn’t actually shift the energy, it just makes a mess, which is OK too but not my intention. So I told him I was feeling a lot, I was struggling and needed some space (and hugs too). Instead of hiding my feelings trying to be nice, I let myself be an almighty grump but by myself, just breathing and feeling.

About 10 years ago, one of my male spiritual teachers really helped me with this. He was 30 years my senior, perfect to help me with any Father issues relating to the Nice-Girl-programming I carried. He simply said “You don’t need to smile at me. Only smile if you really feel it, only smile if you really mean it. You don’t need to pretend with me and you don’t need to please me. My ego doesn’t need your smile”. THAT was a transformational moment for me. I had always been known as ‘smiley’, people liked it. It was my mask.

I was free, at least when around him. It was my first taste of unconditional acceptance, the love flowed toward me even when I was outrageously angry, messy and emotional. That was a gift. It gave me the experience of being lovable no matter how I felt. It was contrary to my programming.

So whatever I am feeling now, when I can unconditionally allow and accept it all and love my own truth, when I can sit with it unafraid to feel it, not try to fix it, suppress it or judge it….then it liberates me and I can offer that space authentically to others. I only react to other people expressing their feelings if I am not giving myself full and loving permission to do the same. It wouldn’t have been that long ago that even reading this kind of blog would have pushed my buttons because I wasn’t giving myself permission to be this authentic. We can’t love ourselves fully if we are concerned what others think of us or if we are trying to live up to some unrealistically perfect, spiritually sanitised standard constantly seeking approval from others or more ‘likes’, Facebook friends, glowing comments and ‘shares’!

I am a number 2 on the Enneagram, a ‘people pleaser’. I used to try to please from a place of fear and lack. Now I am growing to a place of doing so rather from a place of LOVE and fullness.

When we love ourselves for ALL that we are, on every level of consciousness and we are no longer afraid of our deepest feelings (our own shadow) then we can enjoy freedom to express the fullness of ourselves and be authentic and it becomes possible to love others in all their messy and glorious imperfection too!

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

Energy Tools and Soul Skills….for an awakening world

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Stacy Vajta – Expanded Pathways


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Everything is Energy

As an Energy Whisperer and professional Intuitive I live in a constant and mostly joyful state of awareness of myself and my world as energy. The temperature and volume of this awareness goes up and down depending on what I am doing and where I am. Over the years I have learned to apply filters, make fine adjustments and alter the brightness on my sensitivity to the energies of life and our world. Energy Mastery is a life-long learning process.

I know many of you can relate to this which is why I share my experiences with you. NO you are not losing your marbles if you can see energy, NO you are not going round the bend if you can sense what others are feeling. What IS happening is that your enhanced sensory awareness is waking up!

A few generations from now, your great, great, great grand-daughter will find it totally unfathomable that we could have ever NOT known that everything is energy. We are heading for a revolution of consciousness sparked from within where energy awareness and how to work with energy will become an everyday common practice.

As a small child I got very frustrated that the adults around me were not seeing and sensing the things I was. Over the years I stuffed down my abilities until my Mum died in 1997 and all those abilities (along with some of hers) blasted wide open again in me, sending me into a total tailspin.

I got clear messages at the time all this was happening NOT to go to the doctor. I would never tell you not to see your doctor, but my message was loud and clear; I was ‘told’ by my inner wisdom that this was an important spiritual experience and awakening I was having and at that point in time my doctor would have pathologised it and given me medication along with a nice big label to carry around with me for the rest of my life.

Fortunately things are changing. When we know better, we do better. Respected psychologists and psychiatrists together with mystics and spiritual teachers are starting to understand that this multi-sensory and extra-sensory awareness is a natural part of our evolution, one we have yet to fully understand. (See psychologist Steve Taylor’s latest Hay House book ‘Out of the Darkness’ featuring Eckhart Tolle’s own experiences).

The fact is we are all experiencing energy every day only we don’t know it. Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, even our so-called physical bodies are organic, electro-magnetic batteries; more energy than they are solid ‘matter’. Science knows this now and it is steadily seeping into common (or UNcommon) knowledge.

Most people who sense the energies of life such as Lightworkers, Empaths, Indigos, Intuitives, and Healers are labelled as “too sensitive”. Their sensitivity is seen as a weakness or worse as an illness. I am here to let you know that your sensitivity is your strength and the hidden language or currency of that sensitivity is ENERGY (subtle, vibrational, consciousness-based energy flowing through those fields and webs also made of a ‘neutral’ energy waiting to be infused and influenced by the former).

My passion is to empower energy-sensitives to learn their own language of subtle energy and consciousness, to read it, understand it, manage it and master it.

Change your energy and you can change your world.

It took me years to understand what all the colours meant that I was seeing inside people, around them in their aura and those energies out and about in my daily life. It has taken me much study and experimentation to discern whether what I am feeling is actually mine or someone else’s. Equally it has been quite a dance learning how to hold my center and my own personal energy when in a close relationship or how to align and ground my energy so I can birth my soul purpose. These are just some of the many skills I have come to learn as an energy-sensitive. In childhood it was mainly about survival as a sensitive, now it is part of conscious and creative living. I can now use these skills and this awareness to help others on the path of awakening. What a total joy and honour that is. I feel SO blessed.

Energy, vibration, frequency and our conscious understanding of those in daily life are central to conscious, awakened living. It is the key to a better life and a better world, one that is sustainable and created from the inside out from authentically sourced heart-power.

There is an energy revolution taking place. Are you in?

If the answer is YES! then contact me for your own E-Video Reading or Laser Email Reading , it’s a great way to get you started on your path of energy-consciousness. Hundreds of people have had transformational experiences as a result of my personal readings and I feel so blessed to be used a conduit for this light, healing and wisdom. I am very excited to share it wth you!

Everything is Energy world summit

AND I couldn’t write about energy without mentioning this FREE ‘Everything is Energy’ World Summit – July 26th -31st with the dynamic David and Kristin Morelli. They are true rock stars of subtle energy awareness and we are set for a fantastic experience. See you there.

Love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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Understanding 2012 – 8 of 8: What Can You Do Now? – A Call to Action

2012 has come to mean much more than a date on a calendar, or at the end of a calendar. It is symbolic of our moment of choice, our process of transformation amid the chaos of a rapidly changing world. It is a key choice point in the evolution of human consciousness.

It is also a symbol of hope, of a new beginning, a rebirth where we can each wake up to our creative power to shape our world inside and out. So what can we do?


You are one cell in the evolving body of humanity. Whatever your own cells and body need to stay in balance is what your life, your community and your planet needs. This is the fractal nature of our universe. So be willing to see the bigger picture and your place within it. Everyone makes a difference. Even one clear, consistent intention for positive change will start a chain reaction of transformation. No effort is wasted.



Breaking out of the unconscious cycle of drama, blaming and complaining and realising that you are not your thoughts or your feelings but the observer and experiencer of them is the key consciousness shift of our time. Emotions are simply energy in motion (e-motion) and when we can allow all feelings to be there, with non-judgemental acceptance and targeted breathing we can make space for that old energy of past story and programming to transform into power.



Notice what brings you and others down. Notice what raises you and others up. Make sure you have a healthy vibrational diet. You are what you eat remember?! The same goes for what you surround yourself with, the information you allow into your consciousness and the people you choose to spend time with.

Everything affects your vibrational state. If you hang out with negative people don’t expect to be able to hold your positive vibration or consciousness. Your consciousness is the average of the people you have most contact with, so choose your company wisely. If you have low self-esteem you are more likely to unconsciously attract others with low self-esteem, but once you are conscious of this you can start to take small steps towards meeting new people with better self-esteem which will help you to shift.

Learn some basic energy skills such as ‘energy cleansing’. If you could see energy around you, people and in your own home you would be as vigilant about keeping that energy clean as you are about your own personal hygiene. So learn some skills that are the equivalent of an anti-bacterial spray or hand gel.

TIPS: Sea salt baths and swimming in the sea cleanse the aura. Candles, chimes, drums, smudgesticks, incense sticks all help to clear energy. Playing beautiful music with open windows as you clean your house is a good tip. Make sure you are in a good mood when you clean your home or you’ll simply infuse your furnishings with your bad mood which can affect interpersonal relations later on! Walks in nature, barefoot time on the grass will all help give your energy a quick clean.

Once we understand how the state of our energy affects everything (everything is energy) we will start to become more vigilant with our management of it in daily life.



Hopi prophecy depicts the modern path of the head versus the heart as a sure route to destruction of ourselves and our planet. They see the path of the heart and a connection to the Earth as our saving grace and portal to balance, harmony and sustainable happiness. One way to encourage your energy focus to shift downward into your body and down from your busy head is through grounding. Once you are in your body, grounded and down out of your head your heart starts to open.

Equally if you heal your heart and open to truly loving yourself and others it helps your energy shift downwards out of the head (which is often a place of refuge for a wounded heart) and into the body.

Energy flows where attention goes and so daily practice of grounding and heart focus is what it takes to bring your energy downwards into the body, connecting you to the Earth in a lasting way. Doing a course once or reading a book isn’t enough. Grounding your energy needs to be a daily habit just like getting and keeping fit and eating healthily. One healthy meal does not a healthy body make. It needs to be a daily routine.

TIP: Working with energy doesn’t have to be a big deal. It is easy. You can try breathing into your heart centre in the middle of your chest when speaking to people. If you do this it is common for the energy of the other person to shift too. So you may go from a superficial, defensive/protective conversation to something more open and warm and connected.

TIP: Walk barefoot on the grass rather than on the concrete pavement. Kick your shoes off at lunchtime and sit on the grass rather than on a bench. Just 15 minutes of barefoot contact with the soil, sand or grass will discharge stress, encourage your energy to ground downwards in your body and discharge any excess energy that is not yours. It also ionises your body. See The Earthing Institute for more info.

(For more info, tips and a grounding meditation see: Grounded and Calm)


Giving birth to a new humanity may not be easy. Remember to breathe. Know that the labour pains are worth it. Trust the process. There is something amazing at the end of it. As with all healing and transformation things often appear to be getting worse at the very point that beneath the surface things have already changed. Symptoms and remnants of the old can take a while to clear.

Do what you can to align yourself, your life, your relationships and your work with the evolutionary pull towards more honesty, kindness, collaboration, open-heartedness, self-care, integrity, joyful responsibility, environmental concerns, creativity, excellence and empathy.


Have at least 15 minutes of silence and stillness every day just to reconnect with yourself, your breath, your heart, your body. These few minutes are when you are plugging into the new frequency that will create our new world.

TIP:  Sit with eyes closed, plant your feet, relax your body and breathe into your heart with the intention of connecting to Source, God, The Universe, the Divine, peace, ‘home’ or whatever name conjures that inner feeling of expansion and connection to something greater. As you breathe into your heart quietly say or think the word or name that gives you that feeling. Repeat it over and over and feel it in your heart. The Sufis call this ‘Remembrance’, it is the act of allowing the remembering of who you really are. It is about connecting with the feeling and the frequency of remembering and opening to receive.

A daily habit like this can make your whole life flow more easily. It can be miraculous. Try it and see for yourself.



Follow your heart; it will lead you to where you need to be. There is a higher part of us all that represents the infinite love and intelligence of the ‘all that is’. When you follow your heart, listen to your inner nudges and intuition you will enter the flow of your life. When you follow your heart you enter a world where you feel the interconnectedness and magic of life, it feels like the universe is on your side, bringing you the opportunities and support you need. You cannot access this place via the head or ego. It requires you to drop into your heart, listen, trust and act. 2012 and the shift it represents is about helping all of humanity make that head-to-heart shift.



The most common question I am asked in readings is “Why am I here? What is my purpose? My work?” This is surely part of the ever-present existential angst, the human condition. This question is asked more often now as the world begins to awaken.

Equally common is the fact that those asking that question left their innate, childhood passions and gifts behind many years ago, often squeezed out of them by family conditioning or ‘school damage’.

Our purpose is to love and be loved, to remember we are all connected co-creators shaping our world in every moment. Our path is whatever presents itself when we follow our hearts and bravely face ourselves and our truths, committed to growth.

How you share that love and where it leads you when you follow your heart is unique to you. In terms of expressing your love as work it starts with your own innate talents and gifts. You may undermine them, not value them, have low self-confidence or have forgotten what they are. Yet they are the key to the what of this question. Whatever comes naturally that you absolutely love to do is the heart of your joyful ‘work’.

For example, for me personally my purpose and my work shows up as opening to Source, sharing love and calling people to greatness through my writing and painting. The first time I earned money from painting was 2 years into my conscious journey. It has taken 13 years of gradual steps to shape my entire work life around those innate gifts.

So start by remembering what you loved as a child, what were your natural gifts and aptitudes. Those gifts are how Source equipped you for happiness in this world. Embrace them, use them, enjoy them and share them in whatever way is the most fun for you.


Taking action is the movement of a grounded soul in the physical world. However it is the spirit in which you do something that is the true creative force.

For example in energy terms, campaigning for a noble cause while you are filled and seething with anger and frustration is only spreading more anger and frustration in the world, even if what is behind it is passion. Subtle Activism would see you work on your inner feelings about that cause and owning your own ‘stuff’ about it before campaigning or taking external action.

The next level of Subtle Activism might see you considering how the issue you wish to help resolve in the world is represented in your own life. As within, so without. Often that which we seek to change in others or in the world is an unresolved issue we have ourselves. Start with you and the outer shifts will happen far more easily, sometimes spontaneously.

Equally you might sit quietly in a space of stillness, breathe into your heart and feel love towards those people or situations you seek to improve. Rather than ‘send’ healing to a person or place simply hold the image, knowing and certainty of them as already whole and healed. See all concerned remembering who they really are, opening their hearts and finding balance.


2012 is a symbol of transformation and invites us to become fully effective, super-charged ‘grounders of the light’, lightning rods for Source energy. By taking small steps every day to consciously shift our vibration upward whilst shifting downwards more into our bodies and connecting with earth we will meet our potential!

We live in a time where our collective pain bodies are purging old information, patterns and programming. Our world is shifting, we are currently seeing the destructive phase of creation and the healing crisis is underway.

I cannot tell you that everything in the garden will be rosy, but it will be exciting, creative, challenging, inspiring and collaborative. Initially out of necessity we will see organisations, business and countries working together in ways not seen before. Our current opportunity is to choose to change how we think, act, live and love way before we are forced to through increased difficulty.

What will the world become? That is largely up to us. Nothing is set. Nothing is certain. Whatever you tolerate now, perpetuate now, think and do now is what you will get more of, that is the world you are creating. You choose by changing, not the other way around. We can have the life and the world that we want or we can have our reasons and excuses for not having it. We cannot have both.

What world do you choose?

With love and blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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Understanding 2012 – 7 of 8: Our Transformation – How are we changing?

In this evolutionary, awakening process symbolised by 2012, how are WE changing? What are the signs and symptoms of ‘awakening’? What is happening?

Most people tuned into the evolutionary pulse of the collective will say they can sense we are changing, shifting, growing and evolving. Bruce Lipton proposes in his book that we are subject to Spontaneous Evolution.  As mentioned earlier in this blog series conscious evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard says that through each of us is being born a new Universal Human. Transpersonal psychology researcher Steve Taylor in his book Out of the Darkness speaks of the ‘shifters’, those who experience sudden and permanent transformation of their consciousness through a painful or traumatic event, including Eckhart Tolle himself.


I do feel and see we are heading slowly towards a world based on qualities that spiritual folk might appreciate. That sensitives will breathe a sigh of relief about. That Lightworkers will find a key role in. I also resonate with the idea that we each carry the seed within us to birth heaven on earth.

That birthing process is not easy and we are seeing the effects of those labour pains in our world now.

Heaven on earth is not guaranteed. WE are creating this new world together every day; we each need to play our role. We need to get our hands dirty and build it together. This is what I see at the heart of our transformation, bringing all our beliefs, ideas and ideals together and bringing them down to earth in this body in this moment for the collective good.


Rather than unconsciously evolving via a process of natural selection we live in a time when we are becoming aware of our individual and collective power to consciously evolve (and destroy) through choice and that takes some adjusting to. The awakening process could be seen as that adjustment.

“We are conscious co-creators in the evolution of life. We have free will. And we have choices. Consequently our success is based on our choices, which are in turn, totally dependent on our awareness” – Bruce Lipton

The Universal Human that Barbara Marx Hubbard speaks of is one that marks our next evolutionary leap and is one who is aware of our fractal relationship with the universe. They are those people called to be social agents for change internally, understanding how it creates and affects change externally. They are those who are committed to their own inner process of growth to serve outer advancements.

Trauma and pain are just two of the ‘signals’ that may trigger a shift in consciousness. Our cells and genes and DNA are constantly responding to signals. Wherever you believe the signals come from the fact is the symptoms of the resulting shift often called ‘awakening’ require some management. It is a process affecting us at every level; biologically, emotionally, psychologically, energetically. It affects our awareness and therefore all our relationships, perceptions, our work, our life. It can rock our deepest held beliefs. New paradigms are emerging at the core of how we view the world, for example we are shifting from scientific materialism to holism.


Management of the shift internally and externally at this time on earth is a priority.  

There are many ideas about where that signal comes from. Bruce Lipton states that our cells are responding constantly to signals in our environment, that environment being everything in our inner universe extending out to what we perceive to be our external universe.

The esoteric view is that we are being affected by a cosmic signal shifting us from carbon-based humans to crystalline humans, gathering several hundred additional DNA strands along the way. I find it all fascinating and I know something is happening, what is exciting is that we live at a time where we can explore these questions and enjoy seeking the answers. The danger is assuming any one of these is the absolute truth. We are each gathering a piece of the puzzle in our quest to see the whole picture. We are getting there, and when we do we will see that the whole view was in fact seen in each piece after all, leading to a fractal ‘a-ha!’ moment.

We live right now at a point of tension somewhere in the middle of the destruction of the old and the creation of the new. This is a time when our choices and creations are amplified, manifest quickly and have the greatest potential for change. So choose wisely, this is that moment.

Stabilising the transformation, daily practice, self-care, dedication and a commitment to a new way of being are what will ground the changes in new social systems, education, business, government, healthcare, relationships, environment, media, religion, spirituality and science. If we each just do our bit, do our best each day then things will change.


Becoming conscious of this shift and practicing evolution doesn’t have to be just another thing to fit into an already busy life. It doesn’t have to take years of mastery.

Choosing to take a deep breath into your emotions rather than lashing out or reacting all over someone seems like a small thing but it has powerful and positive repercussions for your own health and well-being (shifting your frequency upwards) and on what vibration you send out into the world to be spread around. Do that every day and your life will change.

I used to do mini experiments on my bus journeys as a teenager. When I got on the bus if the driver looked grumpy I would shower him/her with positive energy, jokes and a warm glow of love as I paid my fare, engage him/her in a quick chat or just offer a big smile. Then I would sit and watch and sense their energy change and how they passed on that energy to the next person who got onto the bus. It was one small action that spread affecting each person who got on that bus for that journey. Try it but do it not for the personal pay-back, rather to practice a process and improve the vibrational climate for everyone.

IS OUR DNA CHANGING? (More questions than answers)

Is our DNA responding to a universal field that is intelligent? Are we ‘growing’ new strands of DNA which are responsible for our enhanced sensory perception? Are we developing into crystalline-based beings?

Russian scientists have discovered that our DNA responds to various frequencies including that of language. They go on to demonstrate how we can consciously communicate with our DNA. Spiritual teachers and mystics have known for generations that our body and reality is programmable with words, language and sound. Now science is seeing that we affect change at the genetic and DNA level.

Once our consciousness is operating at a particular frequency we can communicate directly with the building blocks of life via what have been called ‘wave genetics’ and ‘hyper communication’.

Read more about this here:

Is the view of extra DNA strands leading to super-powers a romanticised version of events? Is a signal from the cosmos changing our DNA and awakening latent portions of the brain turning us into multi-dimensional, all-powerful beings ripe for ascension? We hear about Indigo and Crystal children as being special because they have extra strands of DNA but have any of them been tested? Just asking……I question everything remember, even what I believe.

Just a few weeks ago we heard of a British boy, Alfie Clamp, who is said to be the first recorded example of a human being with an additional DNA strand, he has multiple disabilities and health conditions. I am not saying this debunks any views of our evolution in this area but I am asking if we are willing to look at the whole picture or just what suits us?


Whatever the causes of our inner and outer shifts for me right now I know I am largely here to help people through the personal symptoms of transformation or ‘awakening’.

So let’s take a quick look at some of the signs of our soul calling us to change and some symptoms of a shift underway…

In my eBook ‘Soul Whispers’ (free gift) I list 11 of the main ways you might know your soul is calling you to awaken. Here they are, see if you relate to any of them:

1.       You are feeling a general unease about your life, nothing feels quite right anymore

2.       You are constantly questioning and doubting your intimate relationship

3.       You no longer know what your personal style and dress sense is! (Seems trivial but is indicative of a shift in identity and perception of self)

4.       You have started to develop heightened intuition and psychic ability or an existing ability is suddenly stronger and more powerful

5.       You have lost your job or can’t find a new one despite trying all the usual routes (symptom of global change offering a chance for personal change)

6.       You don’t seem to be on the same wavelength as your friends anymore and are tired of trying to be.

7.       You have started to experience synchronicities and an escalation of meaningful coincidences in your life

8.       You are finding it harder to physically tolerate chemicals in food, toiletries and cleaning products. You are keen to eat healthily, organically and are perhaps even considering becoming a vegan or vegetarian.

9.       You have lingering or recurring health conditions or an ongoing feeling of fatigue, aches and pains and niggling symptoms that won’t go away.

10.   Maybe something major has happened in your life, a loss such as your home, a relationship or your job. Something fundamental and earth-shaking has happened for you, a major change, crisis or bereavement.

11.   You have a growing feeling inside you that you are meant to be somewhere else, doing something different and that this thing is important and of value to the world

(Copies of the full ‘Soul Whispers’ eBook are available as a free gift when you sign up to my Light Circle e-list.)


I have mentioned that sudden stress and trauma can create a permanent expansion in consciousness. This is explained in Steve Taylor’s book ‘Out of the Darkness’ and is something I experienced myself back in 1998 following the death of my mother. My own story of sudden awakening is documented in Catherine Lucas’ new book ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’. We can also experience temporary, self-induced moments of expanded consciousness when listening to beautiful music, being out in beautiful nature, when making love, dancing etc.

I see and sense clearly that there is indeed also a gradual, evolutionary process of awakening taking place, possibly triggered by all those things mentioned above in this blog post. As I mentioned my focus is helping people manage this shift.

The Yogic view of awakening is of a latent force coiled at the base of the spine steadily or suddenly awakening and uncurling like a serpent, opening all the chakras. This energy and process is known as Kundalini. Many of the symptoms listed below also apply to that process.

These are some of the personal signs and symptoms of a shift occurring:

Increased sensitivity to the emotions and attitudes of other people
Sensitivity to crowds and loud noise
Sensitivity to bright lights, flashing lights or excessive movement and agitation
Enhanced intuition and sensory perception
Vivid dream life, nightmares and lucid dreams
Muscle Twitches and spasms
Involuntary, spontaneous Yoga positions during meditation
Feeling of buzzing and vibrating in the body
Shooting currents of cold or heat through the body, extreme temperature fluctuations
Sudden laughing or crying
Digestive complaints
Feelings of levitation followed by intense heaviness, grounding and fatigue
Chronic Fatigue
Aches and pains
Inner visions of lights and shapes, geometric patterns, angels and spiritual figures
Buzzing, humming or ringing in the ears
Affecting electrical equipment
Spontaneous Mantras or speaking in ‘tongues’
Smelling strong perfume smells
Deep, uncommon compassion and understanding
Transcendental Visions
Moments of bliss that last increasingly longer
Pre-cognitive Dreams
Telepathy and deep empathy
Peripheral awareness expands (feels like you can see behind you)
Exquisite awareness of energetic environment
Ability to affect the vibrational state of others via the heart
Heightened creativity, prolific writing, painting, poetry etc
Pressure on your crown area, feels like wearing a helmet
Intense and often excessive sexual arousal
Tension in jaw
Sudden disconnection from the world, feeling isolated and alone
Change in eating habits, not knowing what you like or want
Flashbacks of the past coming up for clearing accompanied by emotion
Old friends re-entering your life so you can let them go
Family and friends leaving your life
Wanting to change your name to a spiritual/soul name
Looking for meaning and purpose
Erratic blood sugar levels
Waking up many times in the night
Feeling a presence with you at night
Night terrors
Changes in weight. An inability to shift extra weight
Changes in eyesight, blurred vision that seems temporary and changeable
Spiritual practice or religious practice not feeling the same anymore
Aching at base of skull and back of neck with nausea
Feeling of one’s 3rd eye being wide open, aching in forehead and cannot ‘switch off’
Excessive almost manic periods of energy and mental activity followed by a crash in energy
Hearing heavenly music
Feeling connected to the universe via nature, feeling the energy of trees and animals for example
Appearing years younger one day then years older the next
Feeling like you want to break free and run away from everything
Becoming introverted and withdrawn
Sense of impatience at wanting to pursue one’s path and purpose
Frustration at not knowing why you are here
Increased integrity and authenticity. A feeling of having to speak the truth, cannot conceal or censor
Feeling a sense of harmony with the cycles of nature and rhythms of the universe

And there are still more. I understand, yes you could say these symptoms can apply to anything. However with regard to spiritual awakening and shifts in consciousness the above symptoms are recorded in many ancient spiritual traditions as signs of the spiritual force (whatever that may be for a particular culture) making itself manifest through the physical body and mind.


Our greatest challenge as humans is to engage consciously with our own process, to practice evolution actively each day. Once we have become aware that we are experiencing a transformation and learned how to take care of ourselves during that change it is our task to consciously live the changes in the world. Go out and share it.

Think bigger, feel deeper, perceive the whole. Do the work of staying connected to our own hearts, to really see and hear each other, manage our own energy, tend to the garden of our own consciousness.

THEN we will see tangible shifts from conflict to compassion, from head to heart, from competition to collaboration, concealment to transparency and disconnection to oneness.

We will journey beyond the edges of our solar system, move from healthcare to harmony. We will have access to that ‘Christmas feeling’ every day, feeling connected to one another in a loving spirit.

Source is breaking through, it is breaking down our defences. The time of forgetting is coming to an end. Now is the time to remember. And we are remembering. We are remembering that our role is to be fully incarnated, embodied expressions of the light here on Earth, grounding the light through our open hearts. Free. Unlimited.

We are in the remembrance of ourselves as wavicles of the cosmic heart of oneness, dancing with creation. Riding on the waves and cycles of time within time to the eternal NOW.

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With love and blessings,
Kimberley ♥

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Conscious Evolution Barbara Marx Hubbard (New World Library 1998)

Out of the Darkness – Steve Taylor (Hay House 2011)

Fractal Time – Gregg Braden (Hay House 2009)



Will YOU let the ‘F’ word shape your year?

Conscious, active choice. That is how we become co-creators in our own lives taking the driving seat. It’s all very well talking about New Year’s resolutions and setting intentions but what if you don’t know what you want? What if you feel stuck, afraid of making the wrong choice or taking the wrong path?

I write about this now simply because I hear these concerns so often from so many of you who are changing inside. It’s as if your usual points of reference are changing and you no longer know how to make decisions, big or small. You’ve been given a new ‘sat nav’ for Christmas and you don’t know how to work it!

I feel the frustration, I do. I empathise with the procrastination, the heightened sense of responsibility, wanting to get it ‘right’. I soul-pathise with your urge to serve and grow.

So DON’T we choose? Why don’t we just pick one option and be happy with our decision? Why can’t we trust ourselves and just commit to a path and be done with it? Why don’t we know what we want? Why do we give our power away to others, human or other worldly to tell us what to do?

The answer is that four letter word that keeps us all from being what we came here to be, that keeps us from loving fully and living fully………….FEAR.

A quick note to a small sub-category of awakening souls who may be ‘scanners’ or ‘hyper-speed scanners’: Your difficulty choosing is more to do with wanting to do it ALL and wanting it yesterday! Your tip is to slow down and dip into each thing in turn until something feels most fun

Back to it…..There appears to be a common fear for many of you with a strong sense of emerging purpose that planting both feet squarely in the middle of one choice (and on the earth) will eliminate all other possibilities or your spiritual connection. And what if you make the ‘wrong’ choice? What then?

I used to work in a spiritual bookshop and I saw endless people using their dowsing crystal or consulting their guides to tell them which book to read or if they needed the loo or not! Spiritual tools are not meant to disempower us or diminish our own inner knowing or free will. There needs to be balance.

If you want to break out of the procrastination, frustration and sense of powerlessness I suggest that things will only change when you go ahead make a choice. Just pick the option that gives you a YES feeling somewhere inside. If you can’t feel anything just pick an option. It is only then that energy once stagnant can be released, made available to you and creative juices of the universe come into support that choice.

I understand the fear. I understand that time-worn approach of waiting until there is enough time, money, help or resources before choosing and acting. I understand the desire to wait until it feels safe, until all your ducks are in a row and you feel sure before moving forward. However…the process works the other way around. When you make a choice, commit to one route THEN all the help, resources, vitality and additional routes open up to you.

Doing what YOU want to do, what feels right to YOU doesn’t disconnect you from your spiritual guidance…it IS your spiritual guidance in a more grounded & embodied form.

Choose from love, choose from joy and you will ALWAYS get it ‘right’. Just choose. You only move forward if you take a step. Don’t worry about the shoes you are wearing or if your stride is too big or too small just step!

So, if you really don’t know where to start in 2011 even after reading the above just take a look at whatever options are before you right now. What change or step has been pecking at you but you’ve avoided looking at it? Maybe you are overwhelmed by several options…celebrate that! You are abundant!

Follow your heart, follow your joy, do what comes naturally, more easily, whatever expands you, excites you and uplifts you. Those feelings are a sign of heart and soul in action, love guiding your choices and an alignment with who you are.

If you can’t tap into that right now just look at what is right under your nose needing your attention. What needs dealing with right now? 21st century service, path and purpose are all about being present & practical.

I rarely believe anyone who says “I don’t know” when it comes to their own lives. We always know deep down somewhere what we need and want to do.

So if you are tired of lingering on the edges of your life with Ms Playing It Safe & Mr Hedging His Bets and you are ready to respond to your calling (response-ability) then know it is SAFE TO CHOOSE. Trust yourself. Whatever feels right IS right.

You exist in a field of infinite possibilities and all options are open to you. You are limited only by what you believe is possible. It is safe to choose. It is safe to take one small action step to back up that choice. Shape your life or others will. Once you do you will discover the magical power of choosing, you will have taken one more step in becoming the conscious co-creator of your own life.


QUICK ENERGY TIP: Use the following energy-shifting, consciousness-tweaking mantras to get you started.

It is now safe for me to choose.

I live in a friendly & abundant universe.

When I choose, all other possibilities open up to me.

When I choose, I am loved & supported.



Love & blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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