Are you hiding in the Spiritual Closet?

Happy 2013 to you my friends. I hope this new year is unfolding well for you so far? Thanks SO much as ever for all your love and support and for being totally scrumptious in 2012!

It’s been a while since I posted so here’s a quick update….

The 2012 Shift really did hit the fan for me at the end of last year (remove the ‘f’ at will). My 10 year relationship came to an end, I am moving house and have been inspired to take my heart-centred business in a new direction. I’m heading out on my own into our brave new world and absolutely must be financially independent. That is my challenge for this year.

It’s been hell at times. But I know it’s all just growth and change and that change is good. I am growing, life is growing me and if I want it to be a graceful process I need to let go.

Well, I’m doing my best! But ouch! My eyes are all dry and shrivelled from all that crying 😦

My intuition tells me I have a mission to empower awakening women in this world and to help them step into their divine purpose and authentic power and maybe this change in my life allows ME to align with my own purpose and power more fully, so that I can fully facilitate the same for you?

Almost as soon as my relationship ended amazing things started to happen in my joyful work. How bizarre and validating is that!



One of those amazing things…
The thing I am excited about right now is that little ole me has been invited to present at a Global Women’s Inspiration Conference alongside the likes of Lisa Nichols (From ‘The Secret’ and Oprah)!!!!!

So, after my stomach and heart stopped doing back flips I tuned into what the universe wishes to use me as a channel for at this conference.
I asked: “What would you have me share?”

The answer came.

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The theme of this event is ‘Finding Your Voice’, this instantly tuned me into my Throat Chakra and those fears women often have about speaking their truth and especially about showing their intuitive powers or spiritual beliefs.

I asked: “Why do many women all over the world feel that constriction or fear of showing their true selves?”

Then I was bowled over with an avalanche of a download of intuitive information about this topic and how women for generations have hidden their gifts and abilities for fear of persecution and how even today this fear exists.

I realised that weight issues, health issues, financial issues, relationship breakdowns and depression can all be connected to this suppression of the feminine and female (by men and women by the way).

So, after much writing, meditating, asking questions of friends and clients I started to shape my offering. Gradually it was born.



And so on March 6th 2013 (5pm EST/Midnight GMT) I will present globally to millions of women all over the world the following gift:

In conversation with Crystal Wells (one of the event organisers and speakers) I will be exploring what keeps us from speaking our truth as awakening women, what prevents us from being our TRUE feminine, intuitive selves in the world and how to transform those things that hold us back.
Here are the 5 points I will cover on March 6th:
1. What are some of the signs that you are in the ‘Spiritual Closet’?
2. What is the ‘Spiritual Closet’ and what is outside it?
3. Why are people in ‘The Spiritual Closet’?
4. Why do women in particular feel suppressed in this way?
5. What can women do to transform their fears, be free and express their true self and authentic voice?
I really hope you’ll come along. There will be a chance for a live Q&A with me and my fellow speakers!
Here’s to empowering awakening women…for a new world!
Love and (((HUGS))),
Kimberley ♥
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What’s 11/11/11 All About? How Can YOU Be Involved?

You can change the world from the inside out.
A new world is being born right now. Through you.

As we approach 11/11/11 there are meditations, global peace projects, events and websites emerging all over the world!! I’ve been contacted by many of them. I celebrate this call to get together for world peace. This date of 11/11/11 is certainly a potent opportunity for us to unite our vibrations of love and peace to shift something permanently for our future generations. When we come together with shared intention amazing things are possible. ANYTHING is possible.

So how about you? Can you feel the energy building as we get closer to 11/11/11?

What does it all mean?

How can you be involved?

How can you do something real, helpful, practical and effective on that date?

Back on November 11th 2009 ‘One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project’ was born through me into the world. Almost 8000 people responded to the call and joined me for this project that would become an annual conscious ‘event’. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

By November 2010 the basic principles and energy meditation offered by One Minute for Peace: The 11:11 Quantum Peace Project were being taught in meditation groups all over the world and in schools in South America.

The aims: To build our ‘Personal Peace Fields’ using a simple energy meditation/breathing practice and to build and energise our personal frequencies of peace to such a pitch that a collective ‘Planetary Peace Field’ would be activated and energised each year on November 11th.

This is the essence of the Quantum approach, that collective peace is born of personal peace, as within so without. We do not have to ‘send’ peace to war torn zones or send peace anywhere. If you personally embody the frequency of peace it is automatically created and felt within the WHOLE. You are a cell within the body of humanity. If every cell takes care of its own peace it creates peace for the WHOLE.

“Peace worldwide starts from inside”
– The Luminaries

The climax of this project is on 11/11/11.

On this day there will be an opening of interdimensional peace portals all over the world flooding this planet with light in a way that will be felt by many all over the world. Some describe the portal as a Stargate and there is a lot information about the more esoteric meaning of 11/11/11 to be found in various channelled messages from those such as Lauren C Gorgo and many can be found at the Spirit Library

Many of you have been seeing the awakening code ’11:11′ right? This is your call to awaken, a sign you are on the right track, that you are being contacted by the magic and wonder of the universe. Many feel it is a sign of your guides and angels contacting you.

Anywhere you have multiple numbers such as 11,22,33,111,222,333 etc you have the power of Mastery and the Masters. These are Master Numbers that carry immense power. 11:11 in particular is a series of threshholds and openings, doorways if you will. 11/11/11 even more so! ‘1’ marks the beginning, a birth or rebirth of our reality. It heralds the start of a new level of our personal power to effect change. Our every thought and feeling is manifesting so quickly now. We are expanding and opening to a new level of conscious awareness of the ALL THAT IS, one that is centred in the heart, the gateway to the eternal.

Now I don’t say this lightly because I am a feet on the ground kind of Lightworker, one that questions everything and needs things to be practical and relevant to real people in every day life. I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift, and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire. I am healthily sceptical and do not take on the beliefs of others unless it feels true for me. So being one of the conduits and messengers for the opening of these portals has been amazing and at times very challenging. I have questioned every ‘knowing’ I have had. I have doubted myself and in the end I have surrendered, regarding this as a privilege to share with you all.

I stand for the personal face of the planetary shift,
and for weaving those two perpectives together to empower and inspire
– Kimberley Jones

If you are reading this you have been called to play a role and to be ready to take part on 11-11-11.

So, how can you be involved?

  1. Subscribe to the One Minute for Peace: 11-11-11 Blog Page
  2. Join the Facebook Group gathering place for this project and the 11-11-11 event
  3. Watch the ‘11-11-11 One Minute for Peace’  Video and get used to using the simple ‘Pause for Peace’ Meditation ready for 11/11/11
  4. Hear Kimberley on Co-Creator Radio in 2009 talk about the birth of this project and her future vision (allow time to load)
  5. Volunteer as a Goodwill Ambassador for this project and help spread the peace! Email Kimberley for your Goodwill Ambassador information pack
  6. Get a group of friends together on 11-11-11 and use the Pause for Peace energy meditation together
  7. Follow your own heart and intuition about what to do on 11-11-11. Trust yourself.

OH! And don’t miss my show ‘An 11/11/11 Message with Kimberley Jones’ at ‘Wake Up Lightworkers’ Blog Talk Radio Channel on 11/11/11.

For Peace.

Kimberley ♥

Kimberley Jones – The Energy Whisperer
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Making Friends with Fear – The Key to True Love

Welcome to the first blog post at my newly redesigned blog site! I hope it is clearer and easier to read. Let me know what you think…..

On April 23rd I had a most amazing conversation with Jenna Avery on her Dreamification Radio show (hosted by Radio Lightworker) about ‘Visioning and Moving Ahead with Your Dreams Even in the Face of Fear’. I loved it, it was passionate, inspired, practical and down to earth. We covered a LOT of ground and had so much fun. It was a rich experience and we are hoping to collaborate again in the future.

It was one of those conversations where you could feel something magical happening, ripples shimmering out reaching people, shifting people, empowering people. It was fantastic!

When preparing for the show both Jenna and I decided we wanted to give something more to our listeners so we both shared special offers on air. Read below for more information and listen to the show for specific details…..

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

As a Lightworker and a Sensitive I have seen in myself and my peers that there is a tendency to be afraid of fear itself which keeps us all from aligning with our true essence, power and purpose. If you wish to be whole and facilitate wholeness in others then aim to transcend any fears of your own shadow. If you wish to love yourself unconditionally and experience true love with others then embrace fear and learn how to transform it.

So where to start? How can you manage fear? How do you turn and face the very force you naturally wish to avoid? How do you turn it into something useful? Into LOVE?

The deeper you go into your heart, the further you mine into your own fears, limitations as well as your potential. You cannot simply sift out the bits you like and want to present to the world and ignore the rest. If you do that those unresolved fears will manifest as behaviour later or physical ‘symptoms’.

Fear is often part of growth. Each time you are growing fear may come up. Each time you reach forward towards goals fear or resistance may come up. When you get stuck in the past fear comes up. If you get overstimulated fear comes up. The common thread with all of these is that they are naturally ungrounding, they each move you out of the now, out of this present moment in this body in this place. This causes you to get ungrounded and when you are ungrounded or out of your body even more fear comes up.

Plus our fear-based media is designed to keep us in a state of fear. We are more easily manipulated when we are in a state of fear.

So what can you do? What do you need to know about this that will help you?

Fear is just an energy like any other. It happens to be at the opposite vibrational polarity to LOVE so maybe this is why we sensitives and heart-centred souls struggle with it so much.

Embrace it then replace it. Feel it to heal it. And any other helpful little rhyming gem or platitude you can think of! 🙂

When fear comes up it is likely to be an old fear being triggered in the now. Your ‘pain body’ spitting something out it no longer wants. TOP TIP: Get out of its way; it is an opportunity for healing. Emotion is energy in motion (e-motion). When e-motions come up allow them to be there, breathe deeply into the emotion and its sensation in your body to facilitate the clearing. Jenna and I speak more about how to manage emotional energy in the show.

Few of us live with the threat of a real life tiger chasing us and yet we walk around triggered into fearful ‘fight or flight’ mode with our nervous system on fire and adrenalin flooding as if we were. Some fear is old fear being triggered, some is a habitual, chemical and nervous system response (fight or flight) and sometimes, especially for ‘sensitives’ it might not be your own fear you are feeling. Such is the challenge of the spongey and sensitive Empath who feels the emotions of others. The thing is once you are feeling it you need to deal with it and that starts with a simple process of breathing and awareness.

Jenna and I explore this on air, how to be fully with fear, how to breathe into it and transform it and how to use energy skills to prepare for situations that normally trigger you. PLUS….. we talk about 2012 and all that it is bringing up for people right now. No discussion about visioning forward would be complete without acknowledging the fears, facts and fantasies about 2012. So listen in.

A Bonus Gift for you!
When you listen to the show there is also a special discount code mentioned that you can use when buying the Grounded and Calm package at my E-Wakening Academy. The code gives you more than 10% off the price so listen out for it. The Grounded and Calm package has proven to help many people calm their anxiety, settle their agitated energy, feel centred, calm and grounded. It has helped strengthen boundaries and empower sensitive souls. Two women tell me (Gaynor in the US and Natasha in the UK) they can now go into a busy city environment when they need to and feel safe and calm whereas they couldn’t do so before! This is helping lives at a tangible level. Amazing! Listen in as Jenna also has something special to offer as a gift to all listeners.

Listen to the show here (Episode 2)

CLICK for Jenna’s Blog Page with information all about the show.

I hope you enjoy the show and cannot wait to hear your comments, questions and feedback. As ever it is all warmly welcome. I love hearing from you.

From the heart.

Kimberley ♥

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