What is a Lightworker? Are YOU a Lightworker?

The term ‘Lightworker’ has been around for many years, initially used to describe people doing spiritual, humanitarian or healing work. The definition of Lightworker has evolved as our understanding & consciousness has evolved…..as we have evolved.

Today it is understood that Lightworkers are people at the leading edge of transforming human consciousness. They themselves are ‘waking up’, experiencing expanded consciousness & a reconnection to the infinite intelligence accessible to all via our inner knowing. In the process of their own development Lightworkers are influencing others & catalysing their awakening, even without consciously trying to do so simply due their increasingly clear, light & positive vibrational output. A defining quality of Lightworkers however is their conscious awareness, this is where their true power lies.

Eventually we will reach a time where all people could be categorised as a Lightworker because the future potential of humanity is one where most people most of the time are awakened & are conscious, connected, aware, energetically masterful & compassionate. Lightworkers are not any better than anyone else, they are just going first & holding the door open for the next wave.

You cannot train to be a Lightworker but you can learn to recognise your innate Lightworker traits. You can learn how to look after yourself as you go through the neurological, physical, emotional & energetic transformations involved in your emergence as a Lightworker. You can study to develop your innate gifts & abilities & equip yourself with the tools to help you serve others.

You did in fact choose to be a Lightworker in the space between lives, before you were born. It is a great honour to be given the chance to come in & experience human life, there are millions of souls who want to be here who don’t get in! So to be here & to be doing the work of the Lightworker at this time of great shifts is a hugely powerful & joyful responsibility, one not to be taken lightly but one to be celebrated & enjoyed at any given opportunity! As a Lightworker you were born with an energy matrix & blueprint carrying your potential as a Lightworker, just as the caterpillar comes into the world carrying the blueprint to at some point transform & become a butterfly.

There are many Lightworkers who having gone through the main chaos of their awakening several years ago are now grounding their work & setting up businesses & organisations to serve others as they break awake. The next wave of awakening is taking place as demonstrated clearly to me in the vast numbers of emerging Lightworkers I have been helping over the years as a healer & coach. The next phase of emergence has begun & the numbers will be greater this time, Lightworkers who are now awake & aware will be called to support those experiencing the signs & symptoms of awakening, they will also be called to start actively creating the new world.

Lightworkers tend to be highly sensitive & intuitive, drawn to the healing arts or creative pursuits. Whatever they do, at some point they will feel called to do something more meaningful & possibly spiritual or soulful with their lives, something to help others or change things in the world that just don’t feel right.

There are many labels & categories that describe people that may be Lightworkers , some of which you may have heard before. For example: ‘Starseeds’, ‘Indigos’, ‘Magentas’, ‘Crystal/Rainbow/Diamond Children’, ‘Earth Angels’ etc. Not all of these will be Lightworkers necessarily & not all Lightworkers would fit into these categories. Each group is playing a unique role in the evolution of human consciousness, no one group is any better than the other.

Lightworkers are here in vastly growing numbers on Earth to continue the much earlier work of the select handful of awake souls from thousands of years ago we may once have called ‘Masters’, those we based religions around. Then came the Starseeds who are now the teachers & mentors for the current generation of Lightworkers ready to serve & help those Lightworkers who are just now struggling with the early signs & symptoms of awakening. Hence the idea of waves, each one impacting & helping the next & each wave growing in number until every human holds the qualities of a Lightworker & we have an entirely new human consciousness here on Earth.

As an emerging Lightworker you may feel afraid of being different, of being judged, misunderstood or criticised. Depending on your earlier life trials (common to Lightworkers) you may be lacking in self-esteem at having never fitted in or having been bullied earlier in life for seeming strange. It is important to believe in yourself, to learn to accept who you are & for your own health & well-being start daring to speak your truth.

Some keys steps to feeling empowered as a Lightworker are:

  • Recognise & lovingly accept yourself as a Lightworker. Learn about what it means to be one.
  • Learn self-care & a daily practice of healing & nourishing yourself.
  • Release & forgive your past & yourself for the times you hid your light & your truth & didn’t speak up.
  • Find your ‘resonant family’ or soul group of fellow Lightworkers.
  • Learn Energy Skills for ‘energy hygiene’, grounding, boundaries & Source connection.
  • Get a mentor & use creative tools to energise your soul purpose & joyful work.
  • Embrace being different!

Why try to hide when you were born to SHINE!

Love & blessings,

Kimberley ♥

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211 thoughts on “What is a Lightworker? Are YOU a Lightworker?

  1. Hi
    I have always felt different in my life and I never really understood it. I never understood why I felt like I was different from other people but something has always told me that I am supposed to do something big or something that will make a positive change in our earth. I am young but I am very mature for my age. Although I love my friends with all of my heart I have always felt like I don’t belong. I have always felt deeply worried about our earth and it’s current state and the violence that takes place around us. I always know when people are sad or in pain and have always been perceptive with the things or people around me. My father died a year an a half ago and now I feel like a completely different person so that may have a factor in this. I have never been completely religious although I have always had a deep spiritual connection. When I was younger I saw ghosts and although I don’t see them any more I now see several things moving by themselves or recurring things showing up neither with any logical explanation. Lately I have noticed more and more that I have seen the numbers 11:11 while just casually glancing up at a clock. My sibling also experienced a dream where they woke up with a heavy pressure on their chest while seeing random numbers, shapes and letters.

    • Hello Anne – Just to say a big ditto on your post……. today I decided to look into the 11:11 (thing) that has been happening to me “daily for years,” same as you; well I ended up here ! I used to see UFO’s, I’m bl0ddy perceptive but unfortunately not in a way that furthers me in general life, except maybe amplifying the feeling of being different and battling for the world to change, and struggling to keep up with my emotions.

      I have been joining dots for the last year and I maybe for the first time do feel some solace e.g. time to embrace everything instead of denying it – a combination of books and internet browsing. Well nice to read what you said and know there are identical people feeling the same, who don’t have a materialistic bone in their body.

      Peace to you (all)


  2. Souls, we are allowed to come in by our own will and choosing, why did you say some can’t come in and how lucky other’s are? Just wondering. Thank you. I love this blog!

    • Hi Carlise,
      I’m not sure what you mean but we are all blessed to be here. Life is a balance of free will combined with what is for our highest good for the evolution of our soul. No one is better than any other, it’s just a dance.
      Much love,
      K ♥

  3. Hi,
    Just read your blog and found it very interesting.
    Would like to ask you if you believe that a Lightworker can return to their path of goodness as i took a wrong turn some years ago and regret leaving the pathway of light daily…but feel that Spirit may no longer require my input!
    Would really apreciate your thoughts on the matter.

    • Hi John,
      Of course, the light is in you, it never leaves and you are never really lost. We all lose our way from time to time. Just get back in the saddle. You are valuable just because you are here.
      K ♥

    • Hi John,

      Sorry to intrude on your question but in my own way I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no straying from the path. What you feel was a stray may have been your inner self telling you, you weren’t ready to experience full awakening. I myself am going through this at this time. My advice is to keep moving forward, embrace and reflect on what you have learned and experienced in that time. Let your inner voice guide you and everything should be fine. Hope this helped

  4. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to
    say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing to your feed and I hope
    you write again very soon!

    • Thank you so much Delila, you are kind.

      If you’d like to receive new blog posts please sign up using the free ebook sign up form at the top right of the blog page to make sure you go on my mailing list. Or you can read all my new posts at http://www.kimberleyjones.com

      As this is my old blog site, I no longer posts new articles here.

      Thanks again.
      Kimberley ♥

  5. Dear, Kimberley,
    A few years ago I started seeing 1:11. Then it ballooned to 111 to 999. Then it moved to number combos 4545 4949 as examples. Then the number combos boxed themselves. I would see for example 4545 then 5454. Then it moved into odd numbers, multiples of 2,3,4. and they would scramble themselves. I also was seeing 123456789 in some kind of combo from ex. 123 345 678. Then it reversed itself 9-1 then it scrambled itself. 978, 645,.. Now today I see all those combos. An average of 50 to 100 times a day. I took an Ascension quiz of 51 questions and out of 51, 47 I answered yes. Then I read various websites and seems I am a lightworker. This is all so very confusing to me. I do not know what to think.

    • Hi Brent,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I do find it fascinating that seeing numbers is part of our awakening. Some people see these numbers as showing signs of angels and ascended masters guiding you. I’m also aware that our universe is made of numbers, magical patterns and sacred geometry, so to me these numbers are glimpses of the very fabric of things, being revealed to you in the universal language.

      Depending on what feels right to you you can look into numerology, angel numbers, sacred geometry, fibonacci etc to find meaning that resonates for you.

      I wish you well.

      Kimberley ♥

  6. I hardly leave comments, however i did a few searching and wound
    up here What is a Lightworker? Are YOU a Lightworker?
    | Kimberley Jones’ BLOG. And I actually do have 2 questions for you if it’s allright.

    Could it be only me or does it seem like some of these remarks look like coming
    from brain dead folks? 😛 And, if you are writing at other places,
    I’d like to follow anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of all your social pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  7. Hello, i have been reading through this blog and like many others here i am pleased to know that i am not alone. however, im not sure where to go from here. i started out with 1111 about 2 years ago and in the last year it has moved to 333. most of my life i “see” eyes and hands. when i was younger it was trees. i have done some reading on indigo children and found that i seem to fit that catagory but then i read that adult indigos turn into lightworkers??? this confuses me but at the same time seems to fit. i am a mother of 3 children who since birth seem to possess gifts. i have battled with addiction through my older teen and young adult life and still stuggle with it today. i am 28. i have found that sober i tend to be overwhelmed with…things….best way i can describe it. new abilities have presented themselves such as traveling in my sleep, knowing things i couldnt know, feeling things and not knowing how to cope with it all. please tell me im not crazy. can you shoot me in a direction that is helpful please.

    • Hi Donica,
      You are not crazy.
      You are awakening.
      It can be helpful to read about Lightworkers and Indigos to help us realise that what we are experiencing is part of a positive process and that we are not alone but it’s best not to get stuck at that stage. The next stage is to learn about grounding your energy as the awakening process can be ungrounding and cause us to get spaced out, lost and stuck and unable to move forward. I suggest you try my Grounding Guide: http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=sr_1_5?asin=B007APKTV8&qid=1375632566&sr=1-5

      Then simply follow your heart, read books that interest you, go to workshops that call to you and stay open to being led by life step by step. There isn’t one answer or one destination.

      Keep life simple and avoid over-stimulation, crowds, stimulants, etc. Avoid stressful situations and focus on looking after yourself and eating healthily. Get lots of physical exercise and time in nature.

      Take care.
      Lots of love,

      Helping Awakening Women

  8. Hey Kimberly, lately i have been seeing the number 11:11 like everyday…….and i knew it was a sign, so i looked it up and have been reading so many things about it……i am aware that i am awakening…….so i told the ones who are close to me about seeing the signs and they thought that i was delusional…..so please help me…….i really wanna know what/how am supposed to do my duty and what am i awakening from…..please help me
    Regards Dorji

  9. Hey Kimberley! I’m sorry for your recent separation, but I’m thankful for your enlightment of yourself and I appreciate you sharing yourself with us! I too have problems with my marriage, my children, and my physical health. I am a universal empath according to a questionaire that I took online…so I don’t know how accurate it would be, but it seemed to be according to what I read afterwards! It describes me in many ways. I resonate mostly as a “judge empath”.90% judge, 80% universal, 70% Shaman, 70% artist, 50% traveler, 45% fallen angel, 45% precog and 40% healer. I’m not sure what all that means for me, I have researched some. 🙂 I have noticed lately seeing “heart shapes”,first it was a leaf (most anybody could do that, but I kept it) also as in I poored creamer in my coffee and looked at it and it was heart shaped…not on purpose! I’ve been seeing rocks, and other things that are heart shaped! Also, the numbers 619 everywhere!! Even my youngest daughter had her phone number changed, it ended as 6019! Is this specific to me, or is this something that others experience with those numbers? I honestly feel bad for what you have been going through! I have been enjoying your posts about your book…thank you! You are an awesome person Kimberley, stay strong and shed those tears…the world needs you!! I will meet you sometime, somewhere… God’s blessings upon you always!!

    Love-Teena…Soul Song 73

  10. I don’t know which type of lightworker I am, But ppl hv always came to me when they hv problems in their lives, I listen to them, I give advice, I hv a huge heart for helping others. This is our purpose here on earth is to help others. We can all make a huge difference in others lives.

  11. I was doing some more research and I think I am I Starseed but I’m not completely sure about being a Lightworker but I find it odd that it started when I was 13, it’s all very new to me and kind of hard to believe. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with being able to see the future or haveing an idea of my past life. You wonldn’t happen to know anything about Wise Ones or Starseeds? Thank you for the article made me see alot.

    • Hi Viviana,
      I know Starseeds are the wayshowers for the new generation of Lightworkers and they tend to be a little older (50s onwards).
      Starseeds are Lightworkers, they are light the Mother Lightworkers.
      Love and blessings,
      Kimberley ♥

  12. Ok, just like so many of the others who left comments, I feel purposed for something bigger than what I can even explain. I love people. All people. I find myself wanting to help the world… but not sure how. I have been seeing the number 911 off and on for a while now… but just recently it got to the point where i couldn’t ignore it anymore… that led me to discover my life path number, which is 7 — and from what I read, it is the most spiritual of all life paths. I consider myself a God lover, and I do strongly believe in Jesus. I don’t know what to do, or where to go from here but I will take ANY advice. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Crystal (that beautiful name keeps showing up in my life lately!),
      Thanks so much for your comment.
      It sounds like you are feeling the call of your true self deep inside. Follow your heart and take whatever next step feels truly right and best for you. Our path is usually tied deeply in with our natural talents and gifts and whatever has been our greatest challenge in this lifetime.
      I go much deeper with Readings and private sessions or you may find something else helpful on my website http://www.kimberleyjones.com
      Trust yourself.
      Whatever your spiritual beliefs, if they support you and your growth and are rooted in love then they are right for you.
      Kimberley ♥

    • Hi there! I am so happy to read what you wrote! I feel exactly the same as you do, especially after coming back from a missionary trip to Ginuea Africa. Would love to connect with you!
      Maria Manna

  13. Over the past month I started seeing eyes, faces, animals and spirits in pictures. When I take pictures of my bedroom wall I see so many faces it started to scare me. Some are small, huge, human like, not human like, female but mostly males. Some look so beautiful others look evil. I don’t pick up any messages from them. They started coming into my mind as I tried to fall asleep just looming and zooming in, coming towards me in the darkness of my mind. Sometimes the colors are so varied it seems like a light show. Sometimes they peep around the corner eyes/face and then zoom forward fastly getting bigger and dissappear. I saged my house and started sleeping with candles from the fear of darkness. Just a few days ago I decided to stand up to them and not be afraid. For two days I’ve been sleeping through the night in darkness and no longer afraid. I only see these face when I take pictures with my cell phone and digital camera. I showed the pictures to 2 people and they don’t see them only shadows and light changes. They now think I’m weird. My friend sent me a picture via text and I clearly see a human man in the picture. What does this all mean and what should I do. I to as a child was different. Always seeing the beauty in odd things and was always called weird. My grandmother came to me once and sat on my bed as a child. Nothing else has happen why now I’m 50+. Thank you.

    • Dear Daphne,
      I recognise this and have had the same visions over the years.
      Awakening of enhanced senses can happen at any age and be triggered by all sorts of things.
      We are currently at a time of intense cosmic energy that is awakening many people. 2012 is really a year of awakening.
      Plus in your early 50s astrologically you may be affected by what is known as a Saturn Return which can involve big shifts inside and out.

      I hope you can try not to worry, breathe, ask your guides, angels, the Divine to slow the process down if it gets too intense but otherwise try to enjoy it, even try drawing pictures of some of what you see and get lots of time in nature to help ground this and stablise this process for you. Hope this helps?
      Much love,
      Kimberley ♥

  14. Hi Kimberley Jones,

    Thank you for your Article. I thought I was always a bit different from others. Since I was small I wanted to know more about where we came from, I would always ponder and ask myself, why is the grass really green? I was 5. I was always caring and it made me sad that there were such thing as ‘poor people’ in the world, I tried to fix it at my very young age. In my mid-late teens, I experience some difficulties, then a terrific breakup with my fiance. It made me more spiritual to be able to get through it. It was then that someone told me I was lightworker. My idea, to help fix the world’s problems were a huge indication. I’m not sure where to go from here, but thanks so much for your insight.

    Many blessings to you all.

  15. Hi there,
    My name is Danielle and something has been truly bothering me.
    Many people see this light in me and see something great and always tell me I will be up to great things. I truly believe it and feel it! Many have even called me an old soul and and only recently I discovered I may be a lightworker. But we all know that males love to dominate this world. This is the issue for me, Its been mostly woman who believe in me and encourages me and only two males ( my father and a close family friend who I call uncle). But other then these two males in my life, all other males try to put me down and seem to want to extinguish my flame. Many act dominant, angry, frustrated, even intimidated around me or try to outsmart me. Also all my bullies were males.

    I’ve been gathering many people’s opinions and I was hoping to see what you thought about this.

  16. Hi Kimberley,
    I’ve been noticing 11:11 on the clock for several years on and off. The frequency has picked up the last year or so & as I started to feel like I might be going a bit crazy, I decided to turn to the internet for more information. I’ve had a hard time finding much information, but what I have found makes me stop to think. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. I’m trying to find out who I can talk to, where I can go for information.
    I’ve never felt like I fit in. I’ve always felt separated from the rest of society. I’m very sensitive to people around me – their feelings, their energy. I need lots of time alone to recharge. I feel myself drawn to the stars. When I’m out walking the dog at night I tell myself ‘just one more quick look’ over and over again. They evoke strong emotions from me. I feel like I see things out of the corner of my eye – movement, but only when I’m alone. I’ve always heard that you feel cold pockets of air when in the presence of something (ghosts? I don’t know) but I feel warmth in the oddest places. I’ve had a hard time committing to religion, even though I grew up (and still live in) a highly religious area/family. I do feel there is a higher purpose, feel all things happen for a reason & everything is tied together. I guess you could say I believe in Karma, but I’m not really sure what that means. I’ve been afraid to step outside of the box for so long.
    I guess I just want to feel like I’m not crazy, I’m not alone. I mean, I’m married, have 2 kids & lots of family, but I have a hard time connecting to anyone (besides my kids) and I just feel like there is something I should be doing, I just don’t know what it is.

    • Hey, I swear it seems you wrote this from my journal ha. I have always been so intune with things that really kinda strike me at odds. I have been intune with myself. I am also very sensitive to others. Their feelings, pain, thoughts, etc. I see the numbers 716, 713, 719 all the time. Everywhere clocks, tags, boards, school EVERYWHERE. 716 is my birthday, 713 is my papas birthday (we were extremly close and had a strong bond but he passed away when i was 11. All my life Ive just been “different”. I have recently discovered a lot of things about myself and my mom has told me i have always been a speical person. Even when I was a baby my mom said she could just tell. I have always had a way of understanding things differently. I can read people like a book, I feel energies from people everywhere. If you find anything interesting on this please let me know but here is a tip i have found. Go to google and type in “spiritual meaning of 11:11 or just 1111” hopefully this will help. Thanks for helping remind me that im not the only one out here. I hope you find what your looking for. Here is my email if you could email me, maybe we can help each other cause at this point i am looking for someone to talk to as well. Thanks :))

  17. Hey Kimberley I have something else I need clarification with.

    When I went to get my second reading it was in a hotel and was called a psychic fair where there were a number of psychic mediums fortune tellers etc. well anyway i went to a woman and got mine done and my boyfriend went to another and got his done. The man he went to told him he was a dark angel and that he was linked to death which makes alot of sense as my boyfriend has had a few experiences with death that would give you goosebumps but he also told him he would do great things in a short time somewhere to the lines of he would die young … i’ve heard that mediums cant give you bad news there isnt a minute goes by i dont think about this and worry.

    I have read about the different types of earth angels as he was also described as and 1 of the sub groups i think he falls under is between both an incarnated angel and elemental. I read that incarnated angels only come to give a certain message and once the message has been learned they go back home as in the physical body will die.


    • Dearest Mel,
      Please do not worry.
      It upsets me when I hear that psychics say such things. It causes people to go away and worry sometimes for years.
      There is no need. YOU affect your future. Your boyfriend affects his future.
      The future is changing all the time based on what choose and what we focus on and on what others choose and focus on. It isn’t set.
      You and your boyfriend can let go of all that stuff and just be you, enjoy your lives. Don’t allow negative fearful comments to be projected onto you or your life. Noone has the right to do that and it is unethical.
      Lots of love,
      Kimberley ♥

      • thank you kimberley. . . we got our readings 2 years ago and i havent got another one since and think about it daily.
        But thank you for your enlightenment and I understand that our futures change as we make different choices which is a strong aspect of positivity for me

        Thank you again
        Mel x ❤

  18. Hi, I have been seeing 11:11 for a good while now. I noticed it after I started meditating but no matter what I’m doing day/night something makes me look at the clock at 11:11. One night I was dosing off to sleep and out of the blue my 4yr old said “mommy look 11:11” he said that four one’s. I said u belong sleep and right it’s four ones lol. My point is I guess the angels made my son get my attention to open my eyes again to see. I know that I’m a light worker and I’m going through a change. How can I get help with light working and reaching my full potential? I’ve always been very intuitive, I want my abilities to grow.

  19. Hi my name is Mel, I dont know what really drew me to where i am now researching about lightworkers, spiritual healing etc but I suppose looking back as long as I can remember I have always been drawn to mystical things and would imagine practically the impossible and wish for amazing things to happen … i think however as i got older i blocked my ‘psychic eye’ not on purpose but it just happened … i remember when i was younger and actually to this day, as im sure many do, i lie on my back in the garden and try to make shapes out of the clouds then one day when i was ten and doing this i seen perfectly shaped steps in cloud form a staircase of them i think there was 11 then our phone rang and my uncle had died … other things have happened and still are happening what i think ultimately led me to this path was in 2010 i was going through a tough time emotionally both with myself and my boyfriend and i just couldnt find myself so i decided i was going to go to a fortune teller however when researching for one i came across reiki practitioners – angel readings I felt and urgent pull to go to one of these readings so i did the lady i went to said i would do wonderful things and i would be a healer . . .i went to one of her workshops and got a feel for it but she had to move with her life purpose so i couldnt go anymore and lost touch with it all . . . last year i went to another angel reader/fortune teller who told me i was a very very old soul who had done great things in past lives and that i was going to become a healer but that i had to look after my physical self first. I guess to get to my point I feel im at a dead end I want to persue in becoming a healer but I have no idea where to start etc can anyone help me?

    • Hi Mel,
      Studying Reiki with a reputable teacher who allows you plenty of time to integrate each level is a great and gentle place to start your journey of exploring your natural healing abilities. It gives you structure and support. You can Google the UK Reiki Federation for approved teachers in your area. If you can travel to South Devon I can recommend one of the best Reiki Healer/Teachers I know.
      Then make sure your own self-care is first priority. Healers tend to need lots of time alone in stillness and lots of time in nature as well as to receive regular healing sessions themselves to prevent burn out.
      I hope this is helpful Mel.
      Let me know if you have any questions.
      Kimberley ♥

      • This is great Kimberley and quite ironic as i have recently purchased my first set of angel cards and from doing personal readings the cards that came up were all telling me to take care of myself more be alone in nature and do meditation yoga and research.

        I was wondering if having a reiki session would benefit me any before i take on the actual course?

        I live in Northern Ireland but i do know a few reputable reiki practitioners thank you for offering the person you know
        ❤ Mel

      • Wow Mel, how amazing.
        Well then I encourage you to simply receive my message as confirmation of a beautiful synchronicity guiding you forward.
        And YES please do go along and receive plenty of Reiki before training.
        The good thing to know about the first Reiki Degree (often known as ‘Reiki 1’) is that it is solely about setting up a permanent stream of healing energy just for YOU and your physical wellbeing.
        The other thing to know about Reiki is that it first and foremost came into being as a spiritual path to nourish YOU the practitioner. It was only in later years that it developed into a healing modality that you gave to others. So I find it a beautiful balance of self-care first and then sharing with others only if and when you feel ready to.
        Good luck and keep me posted!
        Love and blessings,
        Kimberley ♥

  20. Hi my name is Kristina, but mostly everybody just calls me kris. But anyway, inane been seeing the time 11:11 and just until this very night I have googles and researched this. I was very surprised when I seen that many others are going through this, I thought it was just me. I have found out that people who experience this are somewhat the chosen ones, the light workers. I just do not understand why me though? I’m only 17 and I haven’t really done anything spectacular in my life, who can I possibly help?

    • Hi Kris,
      Yes seeing “11:11” can be a sign that you are waking up to your true purpose. It seems to be some kind of synchronistically observed ‘activation code’. Try not to get attached to the idea of being a ‘chosen one’. Every person on this planet has the potential to awaken to full consciousness. Some do and some don’t. Those who do are not better than those who don’t, they are simply awake and aware. It’s like being spiritually older. Simply stay open to the signs and be open to growing and following those signs so you are living an authentic life and following your heart. Let me know if I can help.
      K ♥

      • Thank you for replying back, and I am sorry for this misspelled words, I was typing on my iPod and it has autocorrect which changes my words around.

  21. Hi Kimberley,
    I am 24 years old and I’m on a very confusing spiritual journey searching for answers and I hope you or anyone else can help me clarify what I have seen as a little girl and what I still see. At the age of 4 or 5 I recall being visited by beings of a star, I dont recall the conversations, I was never visited again that I remember. At the age of 11 I started noticing as i best can explain it constricting circles emanating from the ground up, almost as if energy was flowing from the earth. There is also geometric shapes for example, pentagons in a linear cluster, I dont know what they are or what they mean or if I am the only one who see this. I have always been a very sensitive person and I feel rejection surrounding me everywhere. I am always following my heart and listening to what it tells me but people judge me and critize me. I love helping people, animals and I love nature. Nature gives me this intoxicating feeling of exctasy and I feel connected with all. People ridicule me for finding such beauty in trees, many times as a little girl I always looked to this particular star and wished I was home.

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your message. It sounds like you are an Energy Intuitive and have been seeing the Sacred Geometry behind all life. Many people who resonate with the term ‘Lightworker’ feel as you do about coming from a distant star system. Of course ultimately we all come from the stars and are made of stardust, science has shown this now. But some people have a clearer memory of their original ‘home’ and these people (you) are know as Lightworkers. I see the symbols and shapes you sepak of and I feel it is part of the language of the universe.
      Be you. Be mindful of who you share your most precious self with. But don’t suppress who you are. You will soon be surrounded by like-minded, kind and loving people.
      Let me know if I can help further. I help people deeply align with their true purpose and it sounds as if yours is calling to you.
      Much love.
      K ♥

      • Thank you so much for replying,
        I have been pushing people away because I am misunderstood and I have been retrieving and I am done with feeling depressed. Past emotions are manifesting themselves with great force I am having a hard time clearing them and forgiving myself for situation that were out of my control. I feel like I am hurting the people around me, specially the family my fiance and I just started. I recently started attending AL-NON meetings to help me let go of painful memories. What would be the next step to help me get closer to my calling.

      • Aw bless you Denise, you are welcome.
        My sense is that a lot of what you are feeling and struggling with is to do with bottling up your true feelings and hiding your true self.
        Try starting with a gentle self-healing mantra like: “I Denise now love, accept and forgive myself and my past”. And most importantly of all know it is OK to feel your feelings, they are not who you are and you are not your past. Simply breathe deeply and lovingly into ALL your feelings and they will start to shift.
        Much love.
        K ♥

  22. Hi. I have been reading a lot into this lately because I was read by an angel reader a year ago and my life has been different ever since. She said I was a “light worker” I had no clue what that met and I didn’t want to ask and interfere.. She also said I was surrounded by angels. One of which was my father’s mother, whom I never had the opportunity to meet.. Ever since then, I have felt more connected to the other side, but even before then I knew there was something different about me and the feeling that someone was always there. Recently even more so, its’ been on my heart. I have always loved helping people, often times I am a counselor or sounding board for people with problems and I love trying to help.. It could be someone I don’t even know and I could think about their problem with a burden like it’s mine.. (If that makes sense) I also feel good energy, or like someone is always there with me, like I’m not alone. I used to be very scared of this feeling.. Now I have more peace about it, but recently I wanted to be able to connect with those feelings a little better. I have no idea how to turn it off or not feel it, I think that’s why it used to bother me so much. Or the times I would know something was going to happen before it happened. Everything in your article made so much sense. It’s everything I’ve been feeling. I do know I am here for a reason and I can’t figure it out and it bothers me. My husband feels the same way, we don’t believe in coincidence so we’re trying to figure out why we feel this way. We are very spiritual Christians. I have turned to god and prayer during these times and I just don’t know what to do. I felt like I had to take matters into my own hands so I recently purchased a book on meditating. I am trying to learn. I googled it and started researching and stumbled upon this. I just want understanding. I don’t expect you to answer all my questions by any means, but a little nudge in the right direction would be great. Thank you for this blog. It makes a lot of sense and I’m so grateful that I stumbled upon it.

    • Thanks Monica, lovely to hear from you.

      It sounds and feels like you are right on track. The answers will come from within. keep praying and meditating and then both you and husband keep your eyes and hearts open for new people, opportunities and synchronciites that are trying to answer your prayers and lead you in the righ direction. This is when life can take almost a magical quality where you start to notice how the Divine starts to guide you in all sorts of ways through your everyday life.

      Even being guided to my blog is all part of the plan. Just trust the process, let go of the need to know the answers or have specifics and embrace the adventure. Know you are being helped. You’ll end up in the right place both of you if you keep faith and just take one step at a time.

      Much love. Keep me posted OK?

      K ♥

  23. Excellent energy here however, The title is not universal and I want to leave a good response but feel your target is only women? How does this help others more fully?

    • Hi John,
      Thanks for your comment and for asking a great question.
      You are very welcome here, men are very welcome to any of my sites and pages.
      All my work is sourced from direct, lived and embodied experience as an awakening women, so to be authentic I can only speak from the experience of an awakening women. A woman’s awakening is different in many way to that of a man and unique in many ways to her anatomy. I will be working in partnership with men doing similar work to me to empower awakening men, just as soon as they show themselves on my path.
      In the meantime if you love the energy and receive something from my work then it is for you too John.
      K ♥

  24. wow, I’ve always thought that this whole lightworker stuff was like super out there and weird but after reading your article I know it’s true. it’s not science fiction or anything. I’m 17, I’ve always been an empath and have avoided many bad situations because of my intuition. I’ve always been able to feel what people are feeling and I’m able to tell if they have a complicated/dark past. sophomore year, I had to switch to homeschooling because I was being bullied so much. I told one person about being an empath and they made fun of me. I’m still being bullied for no reason at all. but I cannot help but love everyone, even those who bully me. I forgive easily and I’m drawn to people with problems or people who are hurting. my boyfriend has even said that he thinks I never feel angry. (and it’s true. I’ve never been angry. I only feel it when someone else is) I want to be a special education teacher or a nurse and I always volunteer with a non demoninational church. unfortunately I have had two surgeries since august and I have severe endometriosis to the point where I’m bedridden from pain. what links do you reccomend that I can study while I’m in so much pain searching for treatment? since I can’t physically go out and do anything. I want to immerse myself in this and study as much as I can so when I am well I can have more knowledge and be a lightworker.

  25. thank you very much! beautiful, inspiring words, and clarifying as well. i am feeling this shift daily. i feel like i need some help understanding whats happening and trusting myself. this was most helpful and comforting. thank you! love, peace, and light to you!

  26. I am adopted and became “self-aware” at a very early age (before two years old). I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and buck conventional wisdom. I’ve been a nurse for 14 years, and I’ve always been drawn to healing and teaching. I’ve had several mystical experiences in my lifetime. I have always been drawn to the light – everyone that knows me knows the first thing I do when I walk in a room is to open the windows to let the sunshine in. I met a woman when I was in my early twenties who told me I was gifted, and that I was a warlock burned at the stake in a previous life. I am convinced I am a lightworker and I could go on and on about the reasons why I think that, but my purpose is to ask you a question.

    I have recently been seeing circular orbs of red light, sometimes flashing. The individual circular orbs form a perfect circle. Can you tell me what this means?

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Darren,

      Thanks for your message. You are a Lightworker indeed, a deeply intuitive natural healer here to help others open to love and awaken to their true selves. Just your energy helps people. Even just sitting with them your energy is healing and soothing them. Many intuitives had lifetimes of persecution when others didn’t yet fully know the potential of the human heart and senses.

      The orbs are connection points to other realms, the presence of spirit, guides, angels, beings in other dimensions crossing over into this one as a blessing of love, guidance and healing. I suggest you start to notice what is happening, being done, said or felt at the very moment you see them. This will help you to determine the very personal message they have just for you.

      Keep me posted.

      K ♥

  27. Hello I read that you can see others talents, I have been trying to find my purpose in life and I need a little help. If you think you could help me please email me. Thank you

  28. I have been on a spiritual quest for as long as I can remember. I have always been the most living forrgiving cant say no to anyone perso. I was an abused child and seemed to find every negative relationship. Almost as if im drawn to people I see so much beauty in. I always feel like if I love them enough or give enough I can help them to see the
    Greatness in there soul. If asked who am I the answer was always I am a being of light. The lasy few.years I have become exhausted. I am losing my empathy and get so angry. I have used drugs and drinking to numb this pain in the past but now feel its not what I need. I told my boyfriend I need someone to love me so I can love the world. I am empty but know I have a path. He didnt understand and said I need to love myself…can u guide me pleade

    • I meant love. I am also pretty sure im an empath. Im not going to say I make things happen but I can say I want to work there or get a feeling about things and they are usually right on. I watched a video on incarnated angels..their health issues…obsesssions. It seems to fit me perfectly. How do I figure out and become what im being called out to do. I feel a quickening in my core. A swich has been turned on. Theres no going back

      • Dear Tina,
        Get some quiet time every day to just rest and sink inward to breathe into your heart. Ask the Divine Source to fill you, open to receive that immense love that is all around you in nature. It will help to fill you up to overflowing. It is that which overflows that you share with the world. Other people cannot fill you. Open to the love from Source and literally ask to be filled.
        I offer free tips and support in various places for emerging Lightworkers. On my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage OR if you like you are very welcome to join my free support community for awakening women, The Vibe Tribe: http://www.thevibetribe.ning.com plus I have various videos on my YouTube channel that you might find helpful: http://www.youtube.com/lightcoaching
        If you haven’t done so already, sign up for my mailing list (www.e-wakening.com), I share weekly wisdom and mini blogs to guide awakening souls. PLus I am currently sharing my own story of awakening in my book ‘The Diary of an Awakening Woman’. I am sharing it here for free on my blog site as I write it. Chapter 1 is all about what triggered my awakening but the rest of the book will be about how I went from pain to purpose, from confusion and crisis to clarity and my true calling.
        Much love,
        K ♥

  29. I’ve always had the ability to see, feel, smell, and hear energy that I know is not of this demension. My family has a long history of these signs, and our elder has always told us to “ignore it, we don’t talk abou that”. I’m not exactly sure what has triggered it, but there are strong signs telling me that I need to understand, and embrace my ability. I believe my 10 year old daughter also has this gift, and it’s scaring her. I’ve tried to talk to her about how much power positive energy and light can have, and to channel that, as I too have had to channel positive energy to rid negitive energy. It’s always been something that has scared me, and something I need to consciencely think about to continue to deter negitive energy. It helps me significantly, and it seems to help my daughter as well, but I feel like I could do more for her if I could understand our ability more. So I’m silently beginning my spiritual work, and so far all its been is internet searches and meditation. Since doing so, in under a week, I’ve received a message about having the ability to awaken everyone, and start the dawning of a new world, where everyone is a light worker. I was told it’s starts with our children. I thought to myself, how silly, listen to you, it’s nonsense. But then I found this post. I was drawn to it. Almost like spirit was telling me… hahahahaha! I told you so!! Out of all the sites that came up in the search, all the words jumbled except for this link. Then I read it, and It’s like you were writing about me. I was able to connect with every word that you wrote. There is a single message that I received from this. Believe, it’s your time to awaken.

    Thank you for this post, and thank you for your work. You, and others alike give me strength to continue embracing the signs, and working towards a spiritual awakening. So again, thank you, and God Bless.

  30. How do you know where to start? I feel like there is so much information out there that is just out of reach in figuring out all of this. It seems so right but scary at the same time. I have always been afraid to “open unwanted doors” Yet have so many strong intuitions and feelings. I often try to ignore them. So how do you know where to safetly start looking? How do you know what is real and what is not? How do you be confident, in control and unafraid of learning more?

    • Good question Rebekah. It can so be overwhelming at first. I totally understand.
      It sounds like you have had some kind of awakening, and you know you are here to help others in some way and to play your role in spreading love and light on the planet, is that right?
      That in itself can be a lot to take in. So be gentle with yourself, there is nothing to chase, it’s all about being open, quiet and ALLOWING your path to unfold beneath your feet. Maybe to start with you can actually take more of a step back so you don’t get overloaded with info. Take a step back and spend more time in silence and in nature. This will help you to start to connect to your own inner wisdom, that small whisper we often ignore in favour of louder external voices.
      If you can establish a relationship with your own inner wisdom now, it will be your best guide every step of the way, no matter how confusing things get on the outside.
      So just have lots of time in silence and in nature, simply breathing low in your belly and sinking into your body. There is no ‘trying’ or special technique. It is about simply allowing the stillness to rise in you every day and slowly what will happen is you will be able to hear your own heart, your own inner nudges. Start there.
      Then start writing the nudges and intuitions down in a journal to build your confidence and trust in yourself.
      If I can help further and you’d like some private help then let me know and we can arrange something. Otherwise you can post here or on my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage OR if you like you are very welcome to join my free support community for awakening women, The Vibe Tribe: http://www.thevibetribe.ning.com
      Keep in touch.
      Much love.
      K ♥

      • Yes you are correct 🙂 Thats so great to know it is best to just let it happen. I pften get caught up in trying to figure things out instead of letting it happen on its own. I notice I have been very anxious and stress lately since I have been doing that. Thank you so very much. I can’t wait to start not ‘trying’ and becoming noe with myself again. I will definitely be following you on FB and checking out the community link. I am so thankful I found this page. You are a gift, thank you!

  31. I want to open other people’s hearts, make them smile and let them shine and connect them to each other, to show them The reality,the magnificent universe inside us,the understanding and deep percepting each other(Iam so much missing it here) and the center that they ignore and walk only around,very concentrated on funny unimportant things. I don’t know if I am one of these Lightworkers, but I want to make world more true, to uncover things, go deeper into life itself and connect everything together and show them it is the most beautiful what we have and what we really are. sometimes when I see a man on bus who helps somebody with his bag or luggage, I want to cry, because I love it, when they don’t know each other but still they help without question. I feel so much warm inside from this little things outside but sometimes I think I am too emotional and it is strange,don’t know if it’s good.

    • Yes it is good!
      It is beautiful and so are you.
      Just keep being you. Your gift is LOVE. You see the light in others. Just being able to see that and feel the love you are already raising the vibration of all around you. Just keep being you and others will shift naturally in your presence.
      K ♥

  32. Hello it’s Drake again I was wondering if u have the same belief in totemnism as me of so is there a way to see them in the waking world.


      • Just read this comment and meant to say to you Kimberely that the time I got my first reading I was told I was an empath and I needed to learn how to seperate myself from situations adn to learn to block others emotions as I keep absorbing others feelings and it was physically draining me and not good for me.

        I knew i had something else to share with you lol

        Mel x ❤

  33. Beautiful write up Kimberly, thank you so much! I am one of those 11:11’ers. I have seen the prompt for over 30 years now. Only in the past year have I started on my journey back to self, although I was always a “searcher” for truth through different religions my entire life.

    I have found, what I believe, to be my passion. I work with energy. I am able to channel for energy healing. I LOVE working on and helping people. However, sadly in the area where I live it is not very well excepted. I have begun to get discouraged because all I desire to do is use this gift to help others. I know that energy healing is a calling of mine and I just want to use it to help others. What do you suggest when you come upon resistance? Example of my reisistance, I have actually been told that what I do is of the “devil” and not of God.

    • Hi Karen,
      I try not to take that kind of response personally and to find compassion for their fear. It’s not about you. It’s about them. Spend more time around people like YOU who respect what you do and support you, it builds confidence. Find like-minded community, online if you have to. What’s that saying: “Don’t stay where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated”. Sometimes we wear ourselves out trying to make a square peg fit in a round hole. The sensible thing to do quite often is to go where the square holes are and focus on those people who DO get what you do. Also be mindful of who you open your gifts up to, don’t share your precious self with people who don’t understand and who will just pour negative energy onto it. It’s OK to be discerning and wise and not to tell every person what you do straight out. And remember all you can do is be true to YOURSELF, not everyone will like it or get it but who cares! 🙂
      K ♥

  34. Hi there Kimberley, a few years ago a psychic told me I was a lightworker. I am struggling to accept this because I dont understand what it is I am able to do to help people ?

    Can you give me some advice pleeeeeease?


    • Dear Unes,
      To be a Lightworker is simply to be aware of the power of your own thoughts, words and deeds to affect the world around you. It is a priviledge to be slightly ahead of the curve and have this ability to spread light and love just by being the best YOU you can be. It starts with how you act and how you live. Have quiet time every day in order to improve your awareness and cultivate your power, then just follow your heart and see where it leads. It may lead to paid work as a healer, artist or teacher or it may simply be any work that fulfills you. It is about who you ARE when doing that work rather than what you do.

      For example some people LOVE cleaning but as a Lightworker they do it with love, knowing that their energy soaks into everything they touch and so leave a loving energy behind them.

      You can do any job, as long as you LOVE IT!

      Then just let the light within do it’s thing. It is intelligent and goes where it needed.

      I hope this helps Unes?

      Much love.
      K ♥

      • Dearest Kimberley,

        I just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing and the awesome comments and advice you give to each one of us! I’m looking forward to your new book for Lightworkers!

        Love and Blessings-Teena

  35. Hi Kim, I am curious how do I find out the meaning of all the different typs Healer, Lightworker, teacher, etc. tonight I heard I was a truth sayer? I don’t know what that is & I’d really love direction on how I can learn about each one & were to start looking. Iappreciate your time & any information you can or will provide. Thank you in advance for your reply. =)

    • Hi Tami,
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      I hope to write more about all this in the future but for now Doreen Virtue’s little book ‘Earth Angels’ might be helpful for you. It lays out all the different types of Lightworkers etc.
      K ♥

  36. Hi Kimberely its Elaine again. Earlier I had posted a comment on my lunch break that was ending so I felt I needed to add alittle more. I have had 2 experiences in my life with the divine light. In 2005 my grandmother had just passed and I felt horrible I didnt get a chance to say ” I Love You” she came to me in what I thought was a dream. I seen a lot of flashing lights in my room then saw her in a small sort of bubble where I only saew her face no body. She told me she loved me in spanish then she yawned and said she was tired. While this was happening I felt this extreme beautiful feeling in my heart and in my body! I cant explain it they way I explain ti to people is that its not from this world! Tears just poured out without even wanting to, I couldnt stop crying it was the most beautiful feeling I had ever felt in my life. Then i saw flases of light and she shrank to a smaller size like an orb, flashes of light everywherer.
    The second time was about 2 yrs ago when my son was a few weeks old. I woke up to a negative feeling. I saw a dark negative energy going towards my ex, he was asleep. He was also a very neagtive person which led to out breakup shortly after. I couldnt move I was sooooo scared i felt paralized i couldnt talk or move so i prayed to my guardian angel which is the only prayer i know. Then suddelnly the most white torqouis light appeared in front of my bed in front of my sons bassinet. Again the feeling of love was soooo intense and beautiful that all that my body could do is pour tears of joy out of my eyes. I then saw a man standing infront of my son. Goldish hair. I couldnt talk and i couldnt see his face but his energy took my fear away and i felt the safest i ever felt in my life. Still crying i gazed at him and couldnt see if he was looking at me the room was bright white more torqouis. Suddenly he spread his wing and i saw his beautiful large angelic wings! It was an angel!!!! Sooooo beautiful and full of love. Then he left. I woke up my ex crying because his love was left inside me i cried and was laughing. Ive been trying to search what angel came to me and why this is happening to me. Ive had an extremely rough life and ive been extremely shy and snesitive my whole life. I never really cared fo nature or animals but since ive been reasearching all of a sudden i can feel different energies frome people animals and nature. My question is, how can i find out what angel visit me and why? What is happening to me? What do i do? Im so confused because n one in my community life family or friends understand! I feel alone on this one.

    • Don’t be afraid Elaine. I understand. It is a mighty blessing you have been given to be visited by angels. We fear what we do not understand. There are many different realities and dimensions that exist alongside this one and we are surrounded by angels all the time. How wonderful that one showed himself to you. The main thing is that the vision made you feel better.
      Everyone on Earth is evolving, some faster or earlier than others. Part of that evolution is the evolution of our consciousness. In this process what happens is that our usual senses become really enhanced and heightened so we can sometimes see those other dimensions I spoke of above.
      There is nothing to be scared of. Just carry on with life, follow your heart, pay attention to any signs and stay grounded. You can do this by having a daily routine and spending time in nature.
      So many more people will be having these experiences. It will almost become the new normal to see angels and energy as you buy your groceries. At the moment there is little knowledge in mainstream culture and so we get afraid but there’s no need. You are safe.
      Breathe if you feel scared and call on your guardian angels to be with you.
      Much love and thank you for sharing your amazing experiences.
      K ♥

  37. Hi Kimberley
    I was told I was possibly a lightworker by one of my moms friends and by reading your discription I believe it fits me well but one concern I do have is I have always been interested in the blunders of man such as war and I enjoy studying these subjects does this change anything? Also I don’t know what happened but I was at the national air force museum in Dayton ohio and they have a holocaust section, it’s not big but it has stuff from people that actually lived through it. Well shortly after I went in I saw a quilt and it felt like I was I was feeling everyone’s sadness from the holocaust and I literally had to go down on my knees and start crying but yet I myself felt fine can you explain what happened?
    Thank you

    • Hi Drake,
      It sounds like you either lost someone in the Holocuast or your soul went through it in a former lifetime. When you cried you were processing a bit of the collective pain felt by those lost in the Holocaust and the collective pain of those left behind at the time. It shows you are an Empath and that you feel the emotions of others. More importantly you felt it in order to help heal a little piece of it. Every time a little bit of the collective human ‘pain body’ gets healed, the whole planet gets a little bit brighter. That is part of the role of the Lightworker. You did a bit of ‘Light Work’. You don’t have to go looking for it. It found you. Bless you and your light.
      K ♥

  38. Hi Kimberely,

    I wanted to ask you, I recently had a spiritual awakening and I am convinced I am a lightworker, I get many signs that tell me, “Get to work” but how can I? How do I begin? I have started with positive energy and love and it has made differences but I feel I want to do more. Its difficult, I am a single mother of a 2yr old, I dont drive, Im a preschool teacher my life is extremely busy……do I wait?

    • Hi Elaine,
      Your next solid and practical steps are ALWAYS guided by your heart so follow that. Do what is right under your nose tugging at you as the next step. It might be sending an email, buying a book, doing an online course, joining a Lightworker Facebook group (there are lots of them). Just keeping putting one foot in front of the other. One authentic step at a time. Don’t wait if you feel called but also know that being a Lightworker is simply about who you ARE and less about what you actually do. Your energy is what affects the world most and how you feel, how you handle your emotions and what thoughts you focus on. The foundational training of being a Lightworker is learning how to manage your inner world and keep your energy stable and clear and flowing.
      I hope this helps. You are a very special soul. You ARE a Lightworker already. You serve the world best by doing what lights YOU up. For some their lightwork is to raise children consciously and with love, raising the next generation of consciously aware and open-hearted adults. That is a sacred task in itself. Follow what feels right to you.
      K ♥

  39. Hello Kimberley
    I have always been finding ways to try and expand my consciousness since I was young. Unfortunately it was through the use of drugs, however I always felt the need to dive deeper and push the envelope further everytime but always walking away with nothing but an amazing visual experience and usually some kind of self realization. However things took a sharp turn this past year when I started actually applying meditation and deep concentration during the experience. I studied on forced kundalini awakenings and achieved my goal having no idea what I was foolishly toying with im now suffering consequences however my life has drastically started changing for the good. Karma is playing a major role in my life, im uncertain as to religion, im looking into new age with an open mind and heart. I was raised Christian and never felt a true solid connection with it as I have my connection with the earth and universe. My main reason here is now is that since my “awakening” I have been getting what I discovered to be time prompts. They are showing up everywhere my tax refunds were $1111.00 thats when it started and from there on its everywhere. Today unfortunately im at the methadone clinic because i fell off the wagon and decided to use heroin again (i know i said my life has been getting better and it has i just made a very poor choice, lots of personal family issues surrounding violence and general depression and lonliness has been getting to me.) Anyways here again my assigned patient number is. atriple digit 555. Maybe im looking too far into this. but its too often to ignore. When i showed up at my new found house with the most amazing roomates that have given me an amazing chance it was 11:11. This happened about 3the different times while moving in. And

    • Sorry my phone doesnt agree with this text box, im curious if you have any knowledge as to what ive spoken of. Any help would be cherished, also i have always had the biggest heart even my mother would tell you as a small boy id give a stranger the shirt off my back where as my older brother is the complete opposite. I remember being young and getting upset to the point of tears when i saw homeless people and thought about what their lives must be like. I wear my emotions on my sleeve non intentionally and haave always been strongly effected by humanity, however due to my upbringing and srug problems as a teen i hid this sensitivity behind a viscad and badboy image. I used to be a very negative and angry person that was full of love but covered with hate. It wasnt until i fell in love that my emotions started wanting to change me. Im single now and lonely as ever. Any info, advice, help is appreciated. Sorry this was slopped together but im on the way into work now after leaving that clinic, which i will say im only attending for a maximim of 2you weeks

      • Dear Daniel,
        It sounds like you have had a rough time and I send you so much love. It is common for those who are here to spread light in the world to have a pretty rough life at the start. Hang on in there Daniel. It feels to me as if you are a beautiful, open-hearted man, a ‘Lightworker’ whose loving heart is already making a difference in the world. Just by being you, just by being here you are making a positive difference in the world. It is common for Lightworkers to feel a deep sense of ‘homesickness’ in their hearts, a longing for a world that is more loving and whole. This can lead us to try to fill that emptiness with various substances, addictons to gambling, shopping, drugs, alcohol etc. Please don’t judge yourself.
        Please know that you are precious and you are so loved.
        It is through your own loving heart and by sharing the love that you are that you will bring the energy of ‘home’ here to the Earth.
        The numbers you see are signs from other dimensions to remind you of who you are, they are prompts from angels and guides to keep you awake and aware of how precious you are and how you were chosen from billions of souls to be here on the Earth at this time.
        Maybe it’s time to share your story with others to try to help them? You have a gift and that gift is your light and love. Start to love yourself as the universe loves you, take care of yourself and know you are here for a reason. Don’t try to push the river of your awakening any further, love yourself, look after yourself, follow your heart and just ALLOW your purpose to unfold.
        Much love and many blessings to you,
        K ♥

    • Im a man by the way, i just saw that your site says for women…. hopefully you will still reply. Thank you and good day!

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for being so open and courageously sharing your experiences with us all here. It sounds like you have had an intense time that has opened you up to your own authentic connection with the ‘all that is’. It is certainly an ongoing process and the understanding will come to you gradually over the coming years. For now do all you can to love yourself, look after yourself. You are valuable and precious and you were born for a reason, because each of us was born to add our own unique presence and energy to the world. So do all you can to stay healthy and to fill yourself with the love and light that already surrounds you and fills you and which you simply need to open to receiving.

      Multiple numbers are a way for the universe to wake you up and keep you present and aware. They are little reminders that you are never alone and that you are surrounded by loving guides and angels. 11:11 in particular is a sign that you are on track and to not forget that you can ask the universe, your guides and angels for help any time.

      Try this book: ’11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon’ – Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman.

      I wish you well. Your journey from darkness to light will help and inspire many others. You already have so much to share with others. Your open heart is a gift to the world, just by being YOU.

      K ♥

  40. Hi Kimberley (: I recently have begun research on New Age spirituality because I feel like I have been lacking something in my life, and my spirit feels empty… I started with a google search of “lightworker”, found your blog and I’m so glad I did because there are actual recent posts here and it seems like you reply to most of them. I have always felt uneasy about any kind of spiritual belief (even ones I felt myself, deep down) because I was raised by an extremely religious single mother who sort of forced me to recognize her personal beliefs and live by them. After I rejected her religion, which happened to be radical Christianity, I dove straight into Satanism, which seemed to be the right path for me at the time because I was so bitter. However the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I could not live a selfish, indulgent lifestyle and this had to do more with my bitterness than who I am and want to be. I have been wishing to free my spirit of the bitterness I’ve felt in the past and discover myself. The more I read about lightworkers the more convinced I am of the possibility that I could be one, I have always cared about others even though I am usually too shy to go up and talk to strangers, sometimes I’ll help people who I don’t even know. I love animals, I’m a vegetarian, although I love people I never feel like I really belong. At night I go for long walks, listening to music and sometimes singing out loud although I would never do this in the day time. I feel drawn to certain bodies of light, particularly the moon, and bodies of water, and the sky. I am an Aquarius which I always considered to be the reason for my art and my strange personality, but I feel as if I could be something more than that if I only could balance myself emotionally. I was diagnosed with bipolar but I rarely ever get angry, just sad. I feel burdened and stressed a lot of the time with other people’s problems and feel despair from the world in general. Sometimes I feel like there is no point to life at all. Where would be a good place to start gaining confidence and happiness, and find myself? Anything at all would be helpful.
    Thanks, Adrian

    • Hi Adrian,

      I’m so glad you are now following your heart back to your TRUE self.
      It’s a good question you ask.

      I would suggest you continue spending time in nature as that is very healing, balancing and nurturing and can help you grow spiritually and cleanse away old energy that is no longer ‘you’.

      Continue to make healthier, positive choices about the information, people and beliefs you allow to enter into your consciousness as that colours your entire experience of life.

      Start to find like-hearted souls. For exmaple on Facebook there are several Lightworker networks such as ‘Lightworkers of California’: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/113686704708/

      I wish you well.
      K ♥

  41. Hello Kimberley,

    I wanted to share something with you and possibly you could help me ease my mind some. All my life I knew I was different in that I could immediately read someones soul as being a good soul or a bad one. My soul recognized other souls. About six months ago, I started having “visits” will in a simi concious state between sleep and conciousness. The visitor was an angle named Odesa. Odesa would take me to places and show me things. He referred to the knowledge as light. He showed me that I am a carrier soul and that I am to bring labyrinth souls to the light for the ascention during the awakening. The awakening has been going now for a long while, but it is increasing in tempo. I have had numerious visits and have been shown a lot of things from the beginning of the light through the ascention. I have been taken to different deminsions and shown different things. A few of the things I have been shown are the “three taps of the cradle”, the “plinth of compassion”, the mount of lotus”; the and just a lot more. I have begun to see things happening prior to them happening. I am suppose to gather labyrinth souls and bring them to the light. A sharing of what I have been shown is suppose to take place. I have started sharing this with a few people that I know are spiritually gifted. It has been and continues to be one amazing journey.

    My question to you is do you understand what it is I am going through? I will tell you Kimberley that your soul is a labyrinth soul and although I do not know who your carrier soul is, there will be one to take you to the light and share knowledge with you.

    • Hi Denny,
      Thank you for sharing your experiences.
      New deeper levels of awareness, more areas of our brain become activated as we ‘awaken’ or evolve spiritually (or perhaps it is a biological/bioenergy evolution that triggers what we call ‘spiritual awakening’??). Either way our senses become enhanced and we have experiences of other realities and dimensions. I don’t recognise the languge you use but that’s OK. It’s your experience and it is valid. The main thing is to remember you came here to experience having a physical body here on the Earth whilst also opening to your full potential and expanded spiritual essence. So don’t forget about being human and grounding yourself daily into the energy of Mother Earth beneath you. This will ensure a healthy and balanced process for you.
      Stay present with your daily physical life and self-care.
      Much love,
      K ♥

  42. Lightworker? Thats what one girl told me I am. But I seem to fit the characteristics of an Indigo more closely.Can you help me?

    • Hi Duane,
      I think these terms can be interchanged but Indigo has more specific qualities. You can be a Lightworker but also perhaps an Indigo ‘subset’ so to speak.
      K ♥

  43. Hi Kimberely,

    I don’t know if you can give me some advice, here cause i actually feel lost, I’m pretty broken.

    I’ve had a troubled life, since i was a kid, at home; I was abused by my mother; at school, and even till now, I’m a 24 year old female. I’m having a hard time just fitting in. I have always had low self-esteem, I’m shy, but not as before. Before it was hard for me to even say hello, that’s how bad it was. had no friends, kids made fun of me, even till i reached high school, i remember i would cry, and pray to god for at least one friend. But one thing i can say is, I’ve always been super nice, it’s something i can’t help. I never got along with kids my age, but I realized little children and babies have always been drawn to me, i found it strange.

    Age the of 17 i met this girl she realized i was having trouble at home, so she opened her home to me and we instantly became friends. She became my bestfriend, it was easy for me to talk to her, open up to her. But our friendship grew weird, she became sexually attracted to me, I was afraid of her, i avoided her for awhile, she was persistant, but then i gave in eventually. She was the first person i had ever done anything sexually with. My feelings for grew. I hated myself for it, but i loved her very, very much. We never dated, we just called referred to ourselves as bestfriends, but she admitted to having feelings for me one time. I’ve dated a couple guys here, and there, but it was never serious.

    After highschool we ended up in the same college, neither one of us completed our course, but at the time she was going through so much stuff in her life, and that’s when wierd things began to happen for me. I started having dreams, and they would come true. The first dream i had was of me being in a subway, i was alone in the train, i was standing beside a pole, I looked down and found a bus pass. The next morning when i woke up, my dreams came true. It freaked me out at first but i thought it was a coincidence. My friend i had met in highschool her father had grown sick, I don’t remember having a dream about that. But the day before her father had died, i had a dream about it, she was crying about it, and she had got into countless of fights with her siblings, because her siblings were fighting over who gets what from their father. That dream came true too. I got so scared i had told my mother about it, she told me dreaming was a bad thing, and i should pray against it. So I did, i never had it again, but I feel like i lost out on something special; i still get deja vu’s here and there.

    After a 3 or 4 years into the friendship things got so bad between my friend and me. We constantly argued, and it always happened in the month of my birthday, or after a month after her birthday. Our birthdays is 3 months apart. My birthday is in December, and hers is in March. One day her brother dropped her off at work, and picked me up from work, we worked within the same plaza. Her manager had thought me and her brother we dating, and she thought we would have been a cute couple. After that day I felt like she had become so cruel to me. She had accused me of sleeping with her brother, she never accused me directly but she would make little comments like, “I know what you did?”, everyday. During the month of my birthday she met this guy, I helped her get ready for her date, when I was helping her with her make up, she turned to me and said “I know what you did, but i forgive you,” I asked her several times what she thought i did, so when she left, it bothered me. I texted her and asked her “do you think i’m sleeping with your brother?” That when she went off on me, she called me a slut, a whore all these derogatory names. She had threathened me, told me to get out of her house by the time she came home, or she’d punch me in the face; I left her house. That’s the day i became broken again. Although, i admit, i did have a crush on her brother, and her brother liked me too, but i didn’t have the heart to do anything like that to her, i always considered her feelings; besides it wouldn’t have been right. I never understood why, but i never gave up on her. But i had avoided her brother, I feel like i lost out on a great friendship with him, and I felt like I hurt his feelings too. He himself never understood why i was so loyal to her, because he could see how mean she was too me.

    She became really close with the guy she dated, but unfortunately he was an engaged man at the time, his fiance was in another country. She stuck with him for four years, they even moved in together at one point. I won’t lie, I was sad when she dated him, it hurt my feelings, but there was nothing i could do about it. She invited me to one of her friends baby showers, her brother was there too. I tried my best to avoid him all night, without trying to seem rude, I could see her giving me dirty looks. Next day, her other bestfriend calls, she and her friend talked very badly about me, they both had called me a slut, and everything, I didn’t do anything wrong. The worst part was I was right there!! I got into an arguement with her.

    During my friendship with her she treated me extemely bad. I became extremely depressed, started becoming suicidal, started cutting myself, my self-esteem got so bad, and I hated myself. Things starting getting bad for me; family life, financially; socially. and I lost respect for myself. Still I stuck by her side, I felt like she would need me soon. It wasn’t till last year her boyfriend who had now been married, brought his wife, they had to end their relationship. Even after all the cruel, mean and spitful things shes done, I felt for her. I was hurting cause she was hurting, I tried my best to be there for her.

    Here’s another thing that happened, I had spoken to her on the phone to make sure she was ok, she sounded normal. But i got this terrible feeling in my guts. I sat there for awhile, i turned to my cousin and i said something was wrong with me friend i can feel it, I’m worried and very scared. I told her i have to go check up on her. I rushed over to her apartment, i kept calling her a couple of times, and she did not answer her phone. I finally got to her place, her door was not locked, and she crying hysterically. She had a bottle of pills in a cup, she was going to commit suicide. I was so scared, and i just held onto her for awhile. So i wrapped in a blanket, and held her till she was ok. After she stopped crying, she looked at me and said “wow, how did you get in?,” I told her, her door was unlocked, and she said it wasn’t, she had locked it before she got the pills out. I don’t know how that was possible but, I’m glad she’s still alive today. She wanted to move away to another provience for school, because she wasn’t getting accepted to this particular university. I told her to apply one last time, she would get in. Even though she was working, and i was broke, I gave her money to apply to school, but i didn’t want her to leave, I wanted her to stay. She got into the school. She even referred to me as her lucky charm, and said whenever something happens, you always seem to be there.

    We went on vacation, on my birthday. During the vacation, she told me I was a very, very good friend to her, she doesn’t even know why I care for her so much, because she doesn’t think of me the way I think of her, and she hasn’t always been good to me. I was a bit irritated when she told me that, because i kept thinking if you know that, why do you treat me so badly, but I kept smiling. When we came back home, things started to get bad between us for no reason. She started ignoring me, she wouldn’t return my calls or texts. One of her friends had set her up with a boy, her and the friend are now good friends. I snapped, I lost it, and pretty much insulted her. Reminding her how good a friend i have been to her all these years, how i felt like she had taken advantaged of me and taken me for granted, and when she was going through her problems no one was there by her side, but me. I’ve always stuck by her side, and i was sick of they way she treated me. It was very wrong of me to bring up her boyfriend situation, I had acknowledge that, and i apologized. I had a bad breakdown after that. I tried to commit suicide. I ended up in the hospital for a week. She found out, called my brother, and not once did she come to visit me in the hospital. She told my bother she didn’t want me to think things would be the same between us, so she didn’t come. That completely changed my views on her, and my attitude towards her changed. After years of searching for a job i finally got one. But even though I was upset with her I knew that she was currently unemployed and I told her to apply for the job. She got it. But still even though we were working together, I just couldn’t help being angry with her. I texted her last week and told her I was mad at her, and told her my reasons why, now she says she wants nothing to do with me. I’ve been so angry with her, I couldn’t help but be mean, and I think it’s anger due to all the pain I felt she has cause me over the years. Worst part is, is that she works the same place i am in, and i feel like i cannot be in the same facilities as she.

    I’m pretty much done with the friendship. I felt like I did what I had to do. Even though I’ve been treated badly by people, my whole life, I still feel it’s important to me to remain a good hearted person. It’s hard, but it’s important to me. I feel like I don’t fit into this world, It like no matter how hard I try, no one notices. I still feel like my friend needs me, but at the same time some of my other friends think i’m being really stupid, cause they say she doesn’t appreciate having me around. I know it’s true too. What do you think?

    • Hi Zoey,
      You are a good person. Trust that. Good people are very often deeply sensitive people who feel things very strongly. As we get to grips with who we are we start to choose new people to be around, people who value us, respect us and who are on the same wavelength. It can sometimes be painful as the relationships around us change. Know that as old friendships leave, new wonderful ones come into our lives.
      If you’d like deeper help I’d be honoured to do a Reading for you (http://www.kimberleyjones.wordpress.com/readings-with-kimberley). In the meantime I hope what I have shared has been helpful.
      K ♥

  44. hi,
    i have had a very rough life. from 1st to 7th grade i was beat up and bullied. my home life was no better. but as long as i can remember strange things have been happening to me. i was walking to a friends house and i completely disappeared vanished for 10 min. all i remember thinking was that it would be so cool if i just disappeared, i did not know it at the time but my friends and i looked back 30 min later we realized what happened and no one could explain what happened to me, still to this day i do not know. but that was just the beginning. i have had many strange things happen but after i had my son it was all gone then i got sick very sick. when i finally got better it started to all come back. i can feel again i not only feel sad for humanity but angry and outraged as well, i constantly feel like i am not alone like someone walks with me, and on occasion has tried to reach out and touch me, but i get scared and freak out. i have had some intense dreams that take my breath away. when i look back on my life and all that i have been through for some reason its like its was all planed that way. i have always felt like this is not my body this is not my life. but no matter how bad i am treated or what happens i still strive to be everyones friend and to help people to the best of my ability, but lately the feeling has gotten more intense. i have never heard of a lightworker dose all this mean i am one or just crazy.
    would like to know what you think
    thanks for you time

    • Dear Genevieve,
      Thanks so much for leaving a message.
      Please try not to be scared. I know it’s easier said than done.
      You are not crazy.
      You are open to other realms and that is a gift. The thing is, if we are not raised around people who underdtand that gift, we can be left feeling really alone, unstable and miserable.
      Please know there are millions of people around the world who have enhanced senses, have open awareness to other realms and abilities.
      You have a loving heart and care about humanity, that is beautiful.
      What can really help is to find books and websites about Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Empaths, HSPs (Highly Sensitive People) etc. This will connect you to your ‘tribe’, help you feel less alone, help you understand some of your experiences and offer you help.
      The labels are irrelevant really. What is happening is people are awakening to abilities we do not understand yet and don’t know what to do with them.
      If you’d like an Email Reading let me know (see the tab at the top of this blog site) or just leave a short question on my free ‘Dear Kimberley’ page (http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage) and I’ll reply publicly on the page. Click ‘Like’ then the ‘Message’ option will appear for you to contact me that way.
      Love and blessings,
      Kimberley ♥

  45. Hello again! I forgot to mention that I have a connection with birds! I believe they notify me when someone is going to pass. Once I had a hawk land on the deck rail outside my bathroom window. It had crystal blue eyes, which I have never seen before represented with a hawk!!!!! We just stared at each other, I knew if I moved it would leave and I just wanted to relish in this gift for as long as I could! My Mother passed a few months later. Once I saw three of the big woodpeckers on one tree! I knew it was very significant, as I do anytime I see wildlife, but this was very profound to me! Two were on one side of the tree and the one on the other side. A short time after that, I had three friends that had cancer, all very close in time together! All were people that I worked with! Two passed away, and one is still living! The first time I remember a bird coming to me, I was staying at my sister’s house. I was in the bathroom getting ready one morning and a Robin came to the window “pecking”. I have heard of this before being a sign of a death. It’s different than a bird just coming to a window, and you know it’s different when you see it!! My Sister’s mother in law passed shortly after that. Another time a hummingbird came “pecking”. My (former sister in law) friend’s young niece passed away shortly after that. Last summer my husband heard something in the woods where we were living, that scared him! He said it did not sound like it was from this earth. He was very shaken and I’ve never seen him that way before! He and I and my oldest Granddaughter have seen dark spirits a couple of times since then. One night we were headed and home and I saw what I think to be a demon standing on the side of the road with his back to us. He was sort of looking our way, maybe just towards the road, and as we approached he turned his face forward as not to look at us. He looked very thin and gray, like pictures you see of humans gone to hell. Do you have any insights on these things as well? Thanks again!! much Love and Blessings! Teena

  46. Dear Kimberley,
    How are you? Thank you for your website and the work you are doing!! I recently found you and the term “Lightworker”!! That’s me!! There are things going on with my family, but I don’t know what “it” is!! LOL…I have two daughters, my daughters and myself were all born on the 2nd day of the month, and we all were born on a Wednesday!! My Dad gave me some land to put a house on, and the 911 system gave us the address….222 was the street number!! This did not coincide with the other house numbers on the street! I find four leaf clovers a lot, believing they are gifts from loved ones! I have also found a few 5 leaf clovers and a couple 6 leaf clovers!! I believe my oldest daughter has psychic tendencies, that she gets from “gut” feelings. My youngest daughter celebrates 11:11, her and her fiance’ were going to get married on 11:11, but changed it to the day they met instead being April 22! Earth day, which I believe is significant as well! Especially with my oldest Grandson, I see light orbs or spirits in pictures with him! I have one that I took of him and his brother that you can see things around them, ie: his mom’s leg, the concrete sidewalk, a blue light the youngest Grandson was holding, but there is a swirl of spirits around them!! You cannot see the boys at all! The marriage I am in now is coming to an end. My family seems to reject me for who I am, a Lightworker! There are things that have come to me recently, such a dark web of deceit! I have done things in life, knowing better than to do them, I wondered if this web is payback or a soul pack? I have forgiven myself and those around me, but I don’t want all of us to be bound by these choices! It’s been hard to forgive myself and not sure if I have completely being so ashamed!! Although I forgive the ones that have hurt me, it’s hard to be around them! I know that I lack grounding! I have a weight problem and ruptured discs, and believe it is because I lack grounding. I wondered if you could tell me anything about myself and my family that could help us? There is just so much going on that it’s hard to sort out or to know what to do with it all! Thank you so much for any insight that you can give me about us! Love and blessings-Teena

    • Hi Teena,
      Wow you have a lot going on. All signs of growth and awakening. Our healing and clearing is accelerating now.
      Issues with family and friends and growing apart from them can be part of our path back to our authentic self. Who we spend time with is one of the most influential factors in our health, happiness and state of our consciousness. As we change, our choices change.
      If you’d like a full private reading on all that is happening I’d be honoured to do so. Just email me via the Readings page: http://www.kimberleyjones.wordpress.com/readings-with-kimberley
      K ♥

  47. I had been constantly seeing the time 11:11 and also I was coincidently born at this time. I did an Internet search to try to find what it is with me and this time and was brought here through this process. I am very sensitive, socially aware, taken up in many causes for justice. I also was bullied as a child and have overcome hard circumstances just like all the articles I am reading about light workers describe. How do I find my way? I already friend requested you on Facebook.

  48. Hi Kimberly:Thank you for your article. I have been devouring just about everything pertaining to Lightworkers. A isolated event that took place in one evening literally changed my life.I have finally accepted that I do have gifts and insights and possibly I should stop surpressing these feelings. I collect and love angels too! I purchased a set of Angel Cards by Doreen Virture and the cards I draw are almost unbelievable!! This has led me to the term Lightworker!!! I feel an urge and a push to make some major changes in my life and to possibly find someone to guide me along the way..People close to me laugh and kind of look at me like I am half crazy when I tell them things I have thought of then came to fruition or when I dream of people who have passed and I actually get messages from them..At times I feel almost embaressed to speak these thoughts and visions out loud!! THank you for your article and may your blessing be abundant.

  49. Since about November 2011 Ive been seeing the number 11 every day about 4 to 5 times daily, at the end of Dec 2011 and beginning of January 2012 I got the urge to be more spiritual and wanting to learn so much about life, I’ve started to meditate and one night while meditating I felt a bright light towards my eyes like someone having a flashlight right on your face,I actually thought I left my light on from the room but when I open my eyes it was dark (no lights). How can I get a reading from you.

  50. Hi Kimberley, I’m so glad to have found your blog. I kept running across this term “light-worker” as I’ve been reading various books and online offerings to educate myself. I don’t know if I fall into this category, although I feel as if your paragraph describing some of the lightworker characteristics defines part of who I am becoming. At some point, I may decide to contact you for a reading. After experiencing some tragic losses over a year ago, I experienced a cascade of events that lead me to open my mind to new ways of understanding and dealing with my world & my life. I have since gotten involved in meditation, which continues to increase my awareness. I am a self-taught, novice crystal healer, as I’m still learning these skills via books I’m reading. I use crystals with my meditation and I feel it’s a great combination. I began receiving Reiki treatments last autumn, and in about 2 weeks, I’ll be undergoing training from my current Reiki master to become a Level 1 and 2 certified Reiki practicioner. Additionally, I am now incorporating some of my new-found insights into a couple of creative pursuits that may eventually lead to my developing a small business. Additionally, I became acquainted with an incredible psychic/medium who also specializes in animal communication. Meeting her was actually the first event that transformed my outlook and propelled me onto my current path. I hired her to read my animals via a home visit (she is local) and one thing lead to another, and we have become friends. I view her as my mentor at the moment. I attended one of her animal communication workshops last spring and I was extremely surprised to find that I have a very, very basic ability to communicate with animals psychically. Also, the tragic loss of a beloved pet (the one in my WordPress gravatar), Annabelle, motivated me to create a blog devoted to advocating for pets’ rights and to the memory of Annabelle. Please visit my WordPress blog if you’re interested in my efforts. I believe Annabelle’s spirit still inspires me with creative thoughts on my new path. I don’t know if any of this is enough proof to provide evidence that I’m a lightworker. I didn’t set out to become one, but now I’m curious as to why I became interested and involved in my current metaphysical pursuits. What do you think? Thanks for any feedback you would like to offer!

    • Oh thank you so much for sharing your journey here with us all.
      It sounds like you are putting one foot in front of the other, following your heart and responding to the opportunities and synchronicities. There is very little else to do, you are there, living it and walking it. I believe we start to become aware of the term Lightworker as a confirmation of who we already are, a sign that a deeper level of our purpose is being revealed. Lightworker isn’t like ‘Therapist’, it isn’t a job you train for in the conventional way, it is more to do with who you are. As soon as anyone becomes conscious of our power of affect our reality and change how we feel via conscious intention and management of energy or flow of love, THEN you are essentially becoming a Lightworker. Aside from all the other qualities and definitions it is basically a desire and an ability to raise vibrations, heal through love, work with energy and bless this world by sharing your own beautiful essence with others.
      Sounds like you are doing that now.
      Annabelle has been a guide for you, helping to lead you onto your path, a true angel. How lovely that you honour that and her now via your blog.
      K ♥

  51. Hello Kimberley,
    The information that you but up here is amazing and very helpful for so many people who are having problems in finding themselves. I am certainly one of them. I keep thinking that i am possibly an incarnated angel, a starseed, and a lightworker but i really cant tell and its depressing not knowing for sure. I grew up always feeling different like i didnt belong here in this world, growing up was very difficult for me because i never did the normal things that most teenagers enjoy doing. I would always stay home and create my own fantasy world, i have always been afraid when it comes to being around people thining that they would hurt me, judge me, or would not except me for who i am. I have always been a loner but im always really nice to everyone. If i catch a person upset whether i know them or not i would instintly be there to help them. I love to go on my roof at night just so i can watch the stars, and when i do that i feel this very comfortable feeling like theres something else out there and beyond us, i always believed that aliens existed (i never seen one before) but i believe that theres life out there up in space, beyond this world. I remember when i was 16 i just wanted to fly up into space and live up there and with the aliens. Im and empath too, its hard because im always sucking everyones emotions in me, so then i choose to leave everyone just so i can be alone and sleep it off. I wanna find out who i am, find out all the possibilities of our universe. I never feel alone, i always feel like something else is with me protecting me, something that is out of this world but i dont know who to talk to to help me understand why i feel this way. Im 20 years old now, i never had any visions of an afterlife or anything but i believe that aliens are real and im very fascinated with them as well. Please help me just to figure out why i feel this way, can i possible be a starseed, i took the quiz and i got them mostly right for starseed and incarnated angel but im not totally sure? Thank you so much ❤

      • Hello Kimberley, its Brittany again. I am so sorry i tried atleast 5 times to contact you but every time i did a little box would pop up and say “Could not perform this operation default mail client is not properly installed”…I am very sorry, i really tried. But i read some intresting stuff about you and your life, i have seen a couple of your youtube videos. I love your accent by the way and your really pretty and you seem like a wonderful human being.
        If you want to, we are very welcome to just talk about it here on this page, i dont mind at all if your alright with that. Its up to you. I promise to be very open with you and understand what believe may be true about me, i am a very open minded person. I never judge. I’ve spend so much of my childhood trying to find out who i am, but for some reason i am very insecure about myself and always think the worst when it comes to myself, i always felt like i am never good enough and i use to be very suicidal and felt alone and afraid that im gonna lose everything that i love and have nobody left, i love helping people, i love animals and nature and i am very spiritual and believe in possibilites and i always get a nagging feeling that i am much more than just a ordinary human girl. Im always told that i am one of the sweetest people. But i also think theres much more to life than what the bible tells us. I question whether i believe in the christian God anymore, and im starting to believe that there is something much more powerful than what the bible has told us. I hate conflict, when people argue i just wanna cry because i cant take it. And i am extremley sensitive. No religion fits me, i see life in a more “Extraterrestrial” view and way. I cant talk to anybody nor my family because i know they wouldnt understand, your the first that has made me feel comfortable to talk about this, i am willing to write to you here and not worry what other readers think. I think you can help me. I never had any vision but i always feel like theres so much more to whats out there just by “feeling” it. Ive only felt it but never have seened aliens, or angels, or anything that matter. I remember when i was 16 and i just kept getting this nagging feeling that i wanted to go home, i wanted to go up into the night sky and be with the aliens, i know i probably sound crazy but its true. I use to be suicidal thinking that if i killed myself thats where i would go when i died. ET by the way is my favorite movie, i remember at the ending where ET got on his ship to go home i remember myself wishing that i could leave earth and to go home with him, i was very jealous of the little boy who made such an amazing friendship with the cute little alien 🙂

      • Hello Kimberly, this is Brittany again. I am very sorry for taking so long to respond back I have just been very busy and still trying to figure so much of myself and what is going on around me out. I do not have a facebook, but I tried requesting you by using my little cousin’s facebook but you have too many friend’s now to where they will not except anymore friend’s 😦
        So I am not exactly sure yet how to get ahold of you, I may have to get a new email account. I am very sorry for all the trouble that I am doing by not being prepared. I hope that we can figure something out and from the last messages that I have sent you with me being so curious and feeling as if I was once somewhere else before here on earth. Have a wonderful night & day ❤

  52. What’s up Kim well since I can remember I have always had this different feeling inside. And over the past couple of years it seems that I go thru a extreme transformation becoming a different man then I was before. I have always seemed be to be the right place at the right time and that seems to be a recurring thing throughout my life. I seem to pickup peoples thoughts before they say word or just sense their emotions just from being around them. I am only 23 years old and don’t truly understand what is happening but i welcoming it with open arms. I just recently lost my grandfather who raised me like his son and even named me after him but ever since he passed away there has been an new energy in my life and just a differnt vibe….

  53. Heyy Kimberly!
    I really enjoyed your website it is very well done! I recently talked with a psychic and she said I am a Lightworker and a lot of other cool things! But it was a great experience , I’m just confused as to what I do next?

    • Hi Steve,
      That’s wonderful news and thank you for a good question.
      What do you do next?
      Well, the first thing is to remember is that you didn’t only just become a Lightworker. You have always been one, just an unconscious one. Now you are conscious of it you can start to grow in your awareness. Awareness of your patterns, thoughts, feelings and inner world. When you become aware of how you act, think and move in the world, then you become more conscious, you become more awake to the things you can change. You become a creative participant in shaping your own consciousness. Only when you know how to own that and manage that for yourself can you help others do the same.
      However, you ARE the light and it will shine from you brighter and brighter, lighting up the world if you just follow your heart and follow your joy, one day at a time. Meditate and have quiet time to breathe and feel into your heart to meet your greater timeless self. Do this daily and just follow your heart.
      K ♥

  54. Hi Kimberly!
    Reading your website and blog was so cool, everything made sense to me. I feel stuck because I have no money but when people suggest that I get a job I feel like saying, “you don’t know me, do you?” but I’ve gotten jobs, worked, supported myself but barely. I feel like I should be a billionaire so I don’t have to worry about money and can do anything I want, I would help so many people and that part of life wouldn’t be a burden.
    Also, I read your check list of a lightworker, everything checks until I get to find your group. I feel alone in this, even with my partner. I feel frustrated and paralyzed but want to be doing SO much. I’m doing what I can every day, what I feel is the next indicated positive step, what seems most productive, but just want to win the lottery or something. Practicing Law of attraction to get that done but then feel silly when I share that with someone…
    I am currently sending out resumes and just finished up a job. I have had people say no already when I know I can do any job perfectly. It’s frustrating that I have so much knowledge and passion but can’t put that “I’m perfect” in a resume. I am willing and able to do anything… but feel stuck. Help! 🙂

    • Dear Brandie,
      I am sure so many can relate to you. Thank you for sharing your feelings and helping others feel less alone with what they are feeling.
      I look forward to reading for you very soon.
      Much love,
      K ♥

  55. ok ..m also this thing called light worker ..11:11 12:21 5:55 3:33 ..these things are happening to me..many times in a day ..n sometimes its scary ..what the hell is going on ..what am i supposed to do?plz help

    • Breathe. Know you are safe. You are opening to a new frequency of communication, that’s all, like tuning into a new radio station. Diana Cooper writes a lot about the meanings of those Master Numbers as does Doreen Virtue so look into that. Understanding what it means will help dissolve the fear. There is also a lot of information about 11:11 if you Google it.
      K ♥

      • There is a wonderful book written by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman. It is called 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon. I think that anyone experiencing the frequent 3:33, 11:11, etc. should check this book out. Well researched and very helpful. : )

  56. Hello. Today is my first official day of acting upon what I ha e always known deep down…that I am here to help others spiritually. Become enlightened beyond the walls barricading many who follow traditional religion. Spirituality is my heart. It is at the heart of everything I believe, say or do. I know I sound crazy to many but for the first time in my life….I am free. Free to be myself.

    I just recently went through an enormous spiritual growth. First, I had this incredibly large desire to start an organization for a neurogical disorder….to provide knowledge but primarily to support others through not feeling alone, as the journey with this rare condition was for me. I refused to allow others to walk alone. Deep down I felt if they did, they would suffer harder and longer. I believe so strongly in healthy relationships. My second passion. Together my passions have truly helped others and surprisngly helped me. I was noy aware to how toxic my suroundings had become w my husband. I believe he was/is an energy sucker filled w human flaws such as manipulation and control. I worked hard to help him see through my compassion but he was not ready so instead of staying, I ran fat to save my inner voice from being quieted again. Months later, living at my mothers, sharing a room w my two daughters as he remained in our shared home alone…I felt free to be ME. I can not emphasize enough how leaving him will forever hold the most significance in my lastest enlightening. I recently.was on the.phone to my believed twin soul, another new possibility that has futher awakened in me to all the possibility I hold. He also has my rare illness. And has a phd in psychology so I know he is on a similiar path but definitely confined to religion. Spirituality is ”witchcraft”. lol. We were on phone. I began to do my normal worrying. Just then, he reminded me that I needed to let negative forces or entities into my consiousness. At that exact moment, first real contact in my life….i heard the most gruesome, unearthly noises and voices on the phone. I called to my friend. Heard nothing. He soon called back once phone was disconnected. He, too heard those noises. Unearthly he called them before I had the chance to speak. also, may I point out that I have oddly healed, been in remission from my rare illness for almost six years now. At th heart I believed I was blessed with family and friends who.could support without ever completely tapping into the depth of understanding what it is like to live w a rare invisible illness that doctors do not even understand. I knew any type of genuine support and love was healing plus having infinite faith in God that pushed the boundaries on conventional religion.

    I began seeing numeral patterns at the time of deciding t leave my ex. I was facing every deep buried fear in that act of leaving….fear of being alone, judged by others, judging myself, fearing financial due to my health and raising.babies on my own, doing things in every day life that I never did bc my ex did this and before him, I was a teenager.

    These numral patterns began as 666. On my recipts, bank statments of balance or total. and clocks. As months went by, these number patterns changed to 12:34, 222, 444. Now, I see 11:11 or 5:51 or 4:16. Anything that adds up to 11. So I began researching meaning and somehow I found myself here reading your post. Being deeply moved by you confidence, support, knowledge and genuine care for us lightworkers. After reading, I reached out to one person to see my growth bc I knowit is happening. I have never taken risk of being judged so personally. Spirituality is personal but needs to move more into community if we are to succed on our mission.
    I need help understanding how to further let go of negativity and prepare myself for more elightenment so I can help others be ready. I was born to lead. But my leadership has only been successful in nurturing relationships and helping othersdo this for themselves and others. This is my gift so how do I enhance it for the Golden Age?

    Thank you so much for listening. I know as a website host myself..there is great reward in helping others….heal.
    Love, bridget

    • Thanks for sharing yourself Bridget! Keep shining and look after yourself on the path. You don’t have to push or force the process to get more enlightened. Just be gentle with yourself, stay grounded and away from those things or people that bring you down or overwhelm you and the light will find its way through you in its own perfect, right time.
      Bless you.
      K ♥

  57. What a wonderful day ! Kimberly , This was amazing to find you! Oh sorry , I got excited and forgot to say who i was… Im Chris , a makeup artist in NYC. ( and love what i do… helping people become more confident and bringing out beauty is what i LOVE ). It all started with 11:11. after i did my research over a few years , i learned it was spiritual and started getting better guidence ( spirit guide.. his name is AL ) i HIT A LOW PLACE RECENTLY and thats when i threw myself into the “meaning” of it all. Today 11:11 everywhere and that led to your page and when i read “LIGHTWORKER” I Vibrated and tingled all over… I HAVE A FEELING THIS IS WHAT I AM and knew that before i became physical…I loved , as a child , psychic stories , atlantis , supernatural , CHARMED (my fav tv show) , angels and such… um but never religio… i hated that. So in some way i wanted to say THANK YOU for all this , ill def be following more of you . Now i have alot of thinking to do 🙂

      • And bless you Kimberly. Btw… I have a big question about lightworkers and the like… Do you have to want to be in nature… I LOVE NYC.. I LOVE A CITY LIFE… i dont want to have to live in nature all the time… does that make me a city lightworker 😉 . In fact im not totally for sure i am… I love helping people if i can… by beauty.. and i do care about the planet but i dont stress about it either… and i do love making money.. i mean i live in nyc…its better to have money than not here. I feel as a child i forgot alot about my abilities and i think they want to come back again… i remember looking up in the sky when i was 7 and ask ” where did we come from , how did we get here”.. so im assuming in a way i knew…
        anyway i have watched your video , and as a makeup artist i want to say your doing great with your makeup 🙂

      • Thanks Chris
        You can be anywhere and fulfil your purpose. As long as you follow your heart, do what you love and harm noone then you are on your path. Following what feels fun and fulfilling is what keeps you on track. Using your gifts and talents is a tribute to Source/God/The Divine. The cities need more help than many other places so if that is where you are called to be it is totally right. Being in nature is something we all need in order to stay healthy and energetically grounded (especially sensitive souls like you) so go to the park and get barefoot as often as possible, that should be enough to discharge the positive ions (the bad stuff) from your system and help alleviate stress. It’s OK to make money, abundance is our birthright. You can be spiritual and wealthy, there is plenty to go around. Mother Theresa had millions at her disposal but it wasn’t her main drive in life, her wealth came as a result of following her calling genuinely from the heart and she used her wealth to be comfortable and then to help others.
        Try not to worry about what label you are (Lightworker, Empath etc). Many of us fall into lots of the spiritual categories that are out there but they can only ever show us a little bit of who we are, enough for our lives to make sense and to give us a sense of meaning.
        Just follow your heart, do what you love and look after yourself (mind, body and spirit).
        If I am ever in NYC I’d love to meet for a cuppa, thank you Chris!
        K ♥

    • Let’s stay in touch Chris. Go to http://www.kimberleyjones.com to join my mailing list and find access to my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.
      Your gift is absolutely to help people shine their true beauty into the world inside and out, what a blessing. I come from a family of hairdressers in the UK and I know when you work closely with people there is SO much more going on that serves them and helps them at deeper levels than simply the surface improvements. It is an art and a calling to work that closely with people and to do it well.
      Much love to you.
      K ♥

    • I love all the vibes on this website so much love thank you all for your words and truth. Much aloha from Hawaii- Zach

  58. I have just read this as I am interested in lingtworkers and the awakening. I have been told by 3 different bodies of people that do not know each other, that I am a lightworker. I am very excited about my full awakening and am very eager to learn. I am looking for support so that things don’t seem so scary. I am just coming to terms with this ( it sounds like I’m saying it in a bad way, but t certainly is not). Light and love, Danielle xxx

    • OK Danielle, let me know if I can do anything. If I can help I will.
      Take a look at my YouTube Channel and see if there are any videos on there that may help you: http://www.youtube.com/user/lightcoaching
      Also look at the two tabs at the top of my blog page for my readings and see if one of those might be helpful for you.
      Or I have 2 private Skype sessions left this year, on Tues 20th Dec at 3pm and 7pm GMT.
      You can email me if you’d like more info about that – contact[at]kimberleyjones.com
      Much love.
      K ♥

  59. Hello Kimberley.
    I’m so glad I found your site. I recently started to suspect that I am a Lightworker and then I came across your site which describes in detail a lot of my traits–i.e. I’ve always been “different” and felt I wasn’t of this world, been ridiculed at school, despite this I have been a bit overly accepting of people and have a love of humanity, and have been endlessly searching but felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose — I knew I had one but had no idea what it was. Then, I had a rude “awakening” of sorts over the past few years. Kind of a long story but I nearly died multiple times from an illness no doctor had been able to describe and most of my family and friends did not understand (All tests that the doctors did came out as fine. The closest that I can describe it as is a very severe case of “adrenal burnout.” It was not due to anything like drugs or alcohol, even though this was suspected by many of my friends and family, which was very difficult to stomach. I really think that it was as simple as “the weight of the world” finally got to me.) This lasted about three years and I lived very vigilantly, doing every thing I could to restore myself, getting lots of rest, eating a very strict diet (there were so many “healthy diets” out there it was mind-boggling trying to figure out which one(s) were in fact correct for me. It took awhile but I believe I found it) not knowing if each day would be my last…and one day I suddenly realized that my health had returned. On the way, I encountered a small number of people, in the most random places, who were able to help me greatly. I’ve also begun to accept that I am different because if if nobody else accepts me, at least I still have myself to lean on. I also realized that it’s okay to get an easy (to me) career that I can tolerate even if I’m not fully passionate about if that means that I’ll be able to make enough money to support myself in order to continue my search. I’ve also started to get stronger “vibes” from people. I get frustrated these days when my friends are obviously harming themselves (i.e. getting way drunk, even to the point of throwing up, and to a lesser degree eating many things that are healthful by no standards) but feel helpless about telling people what to do, except in extreme cases. I cannot see auras at this point but it’s like I can tell a lot about where someone is on their path, even if I’ve only just met them. For instance one of my friends when I just met I sensed a very strong bond with him at first. Then after a few months I find that he, like me, is an eternal wanderer and in fact has gone down many of the same paths as me (although, fortunately, not the sickness) and a lot of the same things in our environment irritate him as they do me. He has a very similar diet as me and also expressed his frustration at how he can’t get through to other people. I wonder if he is a light worker too.
    Now that I know that there’s a name for it…it’s kind of dizzying. I know I’m going to keep on getting more frustrated. But I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds.

  60. Kimberley,

    Everything that I have read about lightworkers applies to me, however I keep reading that the “pull” is even more intense now and that 11-11-11 was a special day, however it wasn’t really that special for me. I KNOW I’m a lightworker (it has been confirmed by two different spiritual advisors at different times), but I just don’t feel the “pull” anymore 😦

    I know I am destined for greatness, and that there is “something” I need to be doing, but I just don’t know what it is. I love helping people (like it TRULY gives my heart joy) and I love to write (it’s like breathing for me). I’m currently unemployed and am living with my parents, sister, and brother who support me financially and who I know love me, but they just don’t “get” me. They want me to “find a job” so I can pay my bills, but I’ve realized that I have to have a job that I truly LOVE (one that will make me happy) for me to work at, because if I find just any ol’ thing, I’ll just end up quitting because of all the pressure to perform and all the negative energy around it. I haven’t really read about empaths, but I know I’m one of those, too. Before I go somewhere, I can be completely happy, but then as soon as I walk into a room, if there are sad or angry people in there, I will feel it. I try to “block” it, but it doesn’t work. When people talk to me, I can actually “feel” what they are going through, and understand completely their situation (whatever it may be). Like someone might talk to me about something trivial (i.e. – the course of their day), yet I can feel when there is an underlying current of sadness or anger or fear or some other emotion then what they are trying to display. I normally don’t address it with them, because I don’t want to scare them or make them angry, so I just talk to them about the current situation. I spend a lot of time by myself and actually enjoy that better than anything else because I feel like my energy is “stretching out” and that I’m able to “clean” myself off of anyone else’s energy.

    I’ve gone through bouts of depression, but currently I’m feeling fine. I would like to meet more people who are like me and actually be able to TALK to them, because I know I’m supposed to be doing something else, but I just don’t know what. My spiritual friend tells me that she understands my dilemma, because I good at whatever I do, but I just need to PICK something and that whatever I pick, to concentrate on that and I’ll succeed, but I don’t know what to pick! Also I know that I’m a lightworker, because some of the pictures that I see of different lightworkers, I recognize. Or more like I’m familiar with them (even though I’ve never met them), but I have the feeling that I’ve worked with them in another life. I know I should be meditating, but it is hard for me. My spiritual friend tells me not to push it, that my spirit guides will tell me when to do it. I can sense evil, however I haven’t seen any evil spirits (and honestly I don’t want to, because I am easily frightened). I know if I open myself to seeing them, I have to take the good with the bad and I don’t want to see the bad, but I know when it’s there. In those situations, I say a prayer and it goes away.

    I am a Christian and believe in Jesus, and I know He ties into all of this somewhere, however I’ve only seen lightworkers discuss God, not Jesus and that bothers me, because they are the same. I don’t want to go against what the Bible says, and I know most Christians would say that this is the “work of the devil”, but I just don’t believe that. I know that I want to do God’s will. I know that there is something to this whole “lightworker” movement. Everything that I’ve read about lightworker characteristics applies to me.

    So I’ve said ALL of this to say that I need your help. I need to find (and be able to TALK to) other lightworkers, and I need to know what the next step is. I know I’m not where I am supposed to be in life, I should be much further along than I am. Please help! Here is my email: moore_belinda@hotmail.com.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Dear Belinda,

      Many thanks for your comments and questions and for sharing your experiences. I understand and can relate to what you say. I’m sure many reading this also relate to what you shared.

      Trust yourself. Trust your own inner knowings and feelings.

      Remember even if you are a Lightworker you will find differences between people and everyone is on their own path of Soul growth with their own challenges and lessons. People will have their own beliefs, programming and way of expressing things. Honour all and stay true to yourself.

      On an energy level if you want to magnetise your ‘resonant family’ to you then be authentic. Be YOU. Speak your truth, do not hide your light. Then your light family can find you. On a practical level try the Lightworker networks such as:

      With regard to ‘work’ take it in stages. It is OK to do a regular job for a while to bring in an income but do something that feels good to you. Keep it simple. I worked in a spiritual bookshop for a few years for example, whilst I established my Reiki Healing and Spiritual Coaching practice in the clinic above the bookshop! One step at a time. If you want to know if you are on track just ask “Does this feel good? Is this draining me or lfting me up?”

      Keep following what feels good. The truth makes you feel lighter.

      Love and blessings,
      K ♥

  61. Hi, I went through a lot in the past around one month after hearing about the existence of Indigo. My uncle is a Grand Master of Reiki. He is also a Hypnotherapist and does PLR. I went through PLR many times by my uncle.
    He told me after watching me for the last 38 yrs & undergoing PLR, that, I’m an 100% Indigo Adult. I had heard of the term for the first time.
    I remember, I used continuously dream these three dreams:
    1. I’m standing on a cliff & looking at the rising Sun & taking in the enormous power from the Sun inside me.

    2. I’m sitting in a huge corridor or say a balcony on a ground floor of a huge White Palacial house. Many people has come to me among whom one very old lady carrying a dead body of an infant. She comes & keeps the infant at my feet, upon which I picked up the infant in my hands & kissed him on his forehead. Suddenly he wakes up making the old lady ecstatic.

    3. Many people are at a hospital crying standing outside a room where a person inside lying dead. From somewhere I just came & went inside the room keeping my hand on the Dead person’s head, waking her up & just walked out as if nothing has happened. Suddenly I could hear (while walking out) every body screaming out of happiness & calling for me but I’m not listening to anyone & just kept walking…..

    I used to dream of these 3 dreams on a continuous basis for a very very long time. But now I don’t get them after discussing them with my Uncle.
    I was thinking am I a Lightworker? I just went through this term & read through the characteristics, so thought may be…

    Please help find the truth.

    PrajnaParamita Chatterjee
    Gurgaon, Haryana .

  62. I know I’m a lightworker.
    But I have no idea what I’m suppose to be going with my life.
    I felt my calling along time ago. I feel as though some kind of energy is holding me back. It’s not nasty dark energy just some kind of energy. Maybe connecting with light minded people like myself with help. I look forward to coming here after collecting money for the day.

  63. I recently found out that I am an Indigo Lightworker! What an awakening! I fit the description of an Indigo and a Lightworker to a perfect Tee! I am growing more and more aware of the many benefits to being a Lightworker. I want to know, what are the signs and symptoms of being a Lightworker? I feel there are some things I do not yet know. Thank You for any and all information You may provide here! Thank You Eternally Much! Patrick A. Bundy.

  64. Hello,
    I was told that I am a lightworker when I called and had a reading done. I know that I have always held jobs in the human services field. My question is what do I do now, or should I just continue on as usual?

    • Good question Kendra,
      I suggest you stay open to signs and allow things to unfold. When a particular path makes itself known to you, feels good and makes your heart sing then take a step towards that, then the next and then the next. Always follow your heart, your passion and your joy. One step at a time. The conscious life is not about finding a destination but enjoying an authentic journey.
      K ♥

  65. Hello,

    I quite like this article, I’ve always loved the idea of something spiritual existing along side, I’ve been fascinated by psychics and ghosts and angels and such. I’m 21 now and over the past 3 years or so I became convinced that I was getting ‘signals’ – as though there’s something I needed to do. I’m quite sceptical, but some things I can’t explain, like my mum is able to wake people up by thinking about them miles away, and she can tell you what colour your door is if she’s only just met you. I have frequent and strong deja vu and me and my mum, (who I love to bits and spend most my free time with) have the same dreams sometimes. Even when I was at uni miles away. I was also convinced when I was little that I saw my nan just after she passed away (and my mum said the clothes I described her wearing were accurate but I couldn’t have seen them when she was here), and once we were talking about her and a painting she used to own fell off the wall loudly but didn’t break. Little things like that occur all the time.

    I’m not saying I’m a ‘Lightworker’ but I wonder if you know what is happening to me? These ‘signals’ I get are almost daily, I’ve started letting them influence me. It started with feathers – I saw a thing on television that if you find a white feather, an angel has visited you. After that, I was convinced my nan was contacting me when I saw a feather, and I saw them at key moments. Now I keep seeing the number 11 everywhere. Yesterday, I went to a wedding with my cousin and her son was playing with my watch. I pressed the button to show my alarm and it read 11:11 (I had set it to that because it’s my lucky number). She told me she keeps seeing it too (the 11:11 thing is a common thing I’ve read).

    Do you know what is going on? I have let the ‘signals’ influence my life. They appear when I’m really happy, or when, for example, I’m procrastinating when I should be revising, I’ll see it and get back to my work. By following them I have, by coincidence, found something I love (film and filmmaking) and been brave enough to follow it despite it being notoriously difficult to get into. Already though, chance ‘signals’ have led me to loads of opportunities, including working on 4 feature films, and charities have been asking me to make adverts for them etcetera. They spur me on to work. I was the only person in my year to get a first class degree, and I have a place at an amazing uni to do a renown film masters. People comment on how things just go right for me. It also led me to a uni where I was able to completely change the way I think – I turned my back on any sort of Christianity, I used to be terrified of even thinking of that. I’m a lot more calm and peaceful by going there, I understand things a lot better, I’m left wing and I do get upset about injustices. It feels like there is a clear gap between a few who just understand things and those who don’t – I go out of my way to be good to people but it sometimes feels pointless. I’m much less materialistic and like, for example, if I find money now I always give it away instead of keeping it, and I now find money much more often, and in bizarre places (once I found a £10 note wedged under a half filled fast food drink cup in the middle of the pavement). Do you know what’s happening? I’m not entirely convinced yet, but it’s almost like there’s something I should do but I don’t know what.

    Sorry about the lengthy message, thanks a lot! Lots of love.

    • Hi Toby,
      Our physical dimension is only one dimension out of many. We are surrounded by help all the time from people, souls, angels and beings try to help us if only we can see the signs. You ARE seeing the signs, you are being helped. Your guides, angels and ancestors are helping you onto your soul path of filmmaking. Just keep following the signs as you are. The barriers between the different realms are getting thinner now so more people are waking up to something MORE to life. Some of us need proof and evidence before we let go of our fears. Others simply know that if they believe it and experience it then that is enough for them. If it works for you and supports you then go with it. There is a process happening, people are waking up, they are developing heightened senses so they can see beyond the physical and across time and space. This is our natural psychic ability waking back up. Did you read my blogs about 2012? That may help you understand the larger process that is happening now. Much of these higher levels of consciousness cannot be proved by science so you just have to trust your own heart. You are doing so well. Stay open and keep following the signs.
      K ♥

      • i start noticing different signs. I see the number 11 and also other patern numbers. I’ve been feeling sad and crying lately about other people who selling out and forgot who they really are. I believe i have 2 or 3 angels watching over me because in my dream i almost had a lucid dream where i was running in a unknown house, i was going to room to room but didnt see anybody there. I became afraid of something and drifted off to another place. It seem like i had 2 or 3 people following me everywhere like they were giving me advice. In the dream it felt like i kept doing something over and over and they were advicing me, telling me someone was trying to sent me a message, i was like who my grandmom(who has moved on) and someone said you have to meet them on the bridge were the railroad tracks are and its going to have a rainbow over and under it. I remember thinking how will i get there and i notice i never saw they’re faces.

      • Thank you Clarissa,
        Keep breathing, spend time in nature and know you are safe. Your enhanced senses of other realms are awakening.
        You have a beautiful heart.
        K ♥

  66. I love the description of lightworkers as being anti-authoritarian. In all of my last seven or eight jobs, I have been told that I am “insubordinate.” I never intentionally tried to be. I was just following what I felt was right in all instances. In all instances, I was trying to better serve my clients, customers or students. I feel a huge sense or urgency to shift things in the world, a huge sense of urgency to better care for the environment and others. It feels like a scary time. I would love support.


  67. Hi Kimberley! This article was very helpful to me and when I read the comments and saw you actually commented back, I felt relieved. The question that I have is why I’m drawn to uncover the veil over societies eyes. I feel that time is short for some reason and that it’s important to awaken as many people as possible, in the right way. It took me a year and some odd months to fully de-condition myself and to get to the point I’m at now. However, I wouldn’t wish the negative energy I took in during that process on anybody, but at the same time, most people (around my area) are drawn to the solidity of the physical and are quick to separate it from the spiritual. So, I feel that I have to almost debunk how they think with the truth of it all starting with the foundation i.e. vibrational frequencies. I don’t want to crush how they think, I just want to replace it with a more expanded way to think. LOL so I guess I’m having trouble figuring out how and that’s causing a lot of stress on my mind.

    I was born into a Christian home and my Mother was a Minister so it was really hard for me to let go of the Christian image of God for fear of going to hell. But once I realized the truth of it all, I started to see everything differently. I haven’t sat down to watch tv outside of a movie and the occasional family guy in about a year. I’m almost obsessed with the stars and the truth about our reality and Universe. I want to share it with as many people as possible but i feel like they don’t want to listen when I bring it up. They would rather go party and talk about trends like jersey shore. I’m only 20 but I feel like I have so much work to do in such a short time. If you could offer any advice I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks and much Love,

    • Hi Wes,
      Thanks for your comments on my blog.
      You certainly sound like a Lightworker.
      The quickening you feel is part of being awake and aware of our evolution speeding up. The urgency is also part of your fuel, your soul ensuring that you keep going and stay hungry for answers and keen to DO something to help. You are a teacher, so rather than stress yourself out trying to change how people see the world, instead gather your energy back to you and focus on writing down what you know. Write and speak your truth and let others go their own way. You will waste a lot of your energy if you try to convince people of a different reality or way to live. Your job is to hone, polish and write down/speak about your truth and leave people to their own truths. In getting clear about what you feel and know you are streaming that new consciousness into the world effortlessly on the ‘airwaves’ so to speak. People will get it for themselves when the timing is right for them. Focus on honing your own message and then you will attract people to you who are ready to hear it. This is the effortless power of being a Lightworker.
      Much love to you.
      K ♥

    • Hi Wes, My name is Lacey I feel the exact same way.
      I’m 25 yrs old, and I would like to speak with you about the experiences that I have been having. I feel like there is a bigger purpose that i am not privy too, and many people my age are not willing to discuss such things, they are preoccupied with the materialistic world.

      email: laylee327@yahoo.com

  68. Hi Kimberley!
    Sometime last March my soul was yearning, searching for something I’m not exactly sure. Through your post, it all became clear to me. My purpose, my feelings, my fears and what lies ahead. I am indeed a Lightworker. Still a work in progress, but helping others just the same. I have been following your posts ever since. Thank you for the guidance and encouragement!

  69. I have studied and come into this knowledge for a few months now…although I am not doing many things different than what I had been previously….helping others and spreading love and encouragement to others through my FB account…thus covering more ground than I could possibly in my limited area in person life.. But when I learned the term and the definition it TRULY made sense to me…as if I found a missing piece I have looked for since even a child (always having the feeling I had a part in me that needed to emerge)…MY LIGHT…lol. Lots of work and been doing and still continuing…but so rewarding too is this process of discovery sharing and loving. NOW for the snychronicity of finding your page……..I posted a quote today…”The catepillar, had thought its world had ended, and then it became a butterfly” author unknown. It rang out with your talk of the butterfly….and then the next was the eye of puple….an icon I used for myself on my page no more than 3 days ago and have since changed to something different…but WOW..that was way cool…my signs that I am right where I need to be and what I really need to hear…although was beginning to already accept as true….I am a lightworker.I thank you and feel good within my truth…love and light to you!!!

  70. Great post and even though I’ve heard it before, it was said with an ease and grace lacking elsewhere – and then reading people’s comments really actually teaches me in the process! Great Post!

  71. Hello Kimberly, I am having trouble finding out what type of Lightworker I am. I suffer from Austism Spectrum and thought myself to be a Mystic Angel but then I noticed about the Crystal Children and seemed to be more related to them but my heart was too set being a Mystic Angel, or maybe i’m both? Please. Can you get back in touch with me, thankyou. Love Hannah X

    • Hi Hannah,

      Knowing you are a Lightworker is such a gift and a fantastic start that many are so relieved to discover. A Lightworker is our next evolutionary step, it is also about who YOU are deep inside you rather than what someone else says you are. The labels can get confusing and as we desperately seek a sense of self and an understanding of who we are and why we are here we can get overly attached to those labels. We mistake the lable for a new spiritual identity and get attached to it.

      I have found so many contradictory definitions for Crystal Children, Indigos, Earth Angels etc or definitions that all describe the same traits for different lables that what it comes down to is what feels true for you. Don’t limit yourself to one title. Many of us are a bit of this and a bit of that, just as we are as human beings. You are unique and beautiful and only YOU can be who YOU came here to be. I understand the need to belong and to seek like-hearted souls, that is a very strong impulse as you awaken. Keep your mind and heart open. I sense you cross over into many of the definitions out there. Take from each what resonates with you and disregard what doesn’t or you will limit yourself. This path is about growing and expanding rather than putting yourself into one box. You are an infinite being that carries many soul fragments, archetypes, traits and gifts so research all of it to discover which bits ring true for you. It is a voyage of discovery with more questions and uncertainties than answers. Be OK with not knowing and just being YOU and you are most of the way there.

      Pretty soon we won’t need new titles for ourselves, the labels will become redundant because we will simply be awake and aware of the truth, vibration and energy of who we are.
      The label can start out as a feeling of belonging to a new group, of understanding why you are different from your friends and family and that is very helpful at first. Then as you grow it can become limiting, a place to hide and stop growing, so be aware of that.

      I hope this helps.
      K ♥

  72. Hello Kimberley;

    I came across your site today while looking for information about being a Lightworker; yesterday a friend, or, really, a spirit-sister, told me that she ‘saw’ that I was a lightworker; I’ve been told this many times before as well. This friend however, has some true gifts-while her body is sick and weak, her spirit soars, and she has come to me in dreams as a guide, and has seen things about my life that no one knows. I’ve been an empath my whole life, and have had pre-cognatory dreams my whole life as well, but for a very, very long time, I have pushed it all away and denied it, but as a nurse, it was impossible to not tap into my abilities. But between being subjugated by a jealous, suffocating spouse and denying what I was, I ended up with cancer, which was and has been a horrible, life-eating experience for me; a reality check-you see first hand what you mean to those around you. This has made me want to go deeper into who and what I am, and use my gifts to help all living things. Of all of the sites I have read this morning, yours was by far the best; it clearly explained what a Lightworker is in very clear terms, but I also found the personality traits/life experiences attributes spot-on-and it makes sense. Thank you.

    • Bless you angel,
      Thank you for stopping by.
      I wish you every possible ounce of strength and love on your journey back to wholeness.
      You are not alone and I am so glad you know that now.
      You have beautiful gifts to share with the world and only YOU can shine quite like you can. You are here for a reason. Follow your heart and it will lead you there.
      Much love to you.
      K ♥

  73. Kimberely,
    Thank you for your work. I really enjoyed reading your article on being a lightworker. It’s really down-to-earth, well-written, and thorough.

  74. Hi Kimberley, it’s always a wonderful surprise and reassuring to find other Lightworkers, especially when they speak your language! 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful post and advice.
    Being a Lightworker myself, I tick all the boxes you mentioned earlier. 🙂 Problems, abuse, three attempts on my life, etc, but without the lows, how could we ever appreciate the highs we experience when we eventually manage to turn the negatives into positives? The path of a Lightworker is empowering beyond belief!
    And yes, it’s a lonely path most of the time, but how could we turn our attention inwards and find all those wonderful spiritual abilities, our inner strengths and our purpose in life, if we had others around all the time? We have to do the inner work alone, but once we’ve healed ourselves, the infinite love, compassion and healing power we can call on is absolutely amazing!
    As we’re now well into the Shift of the Ages, I see more and more people awakening and becoming aware and it is hugely exciting – I don’t think we’ll be alone for much longer! 🙂
    The true story of my life and spiritual journey, which started with a Near Death Experience, is here http://themysteryofself.wordpress.com/
    It’s a great read for anyone who feels unsure whether 0r not they are a Lightworker, needs reassurance that they are not alone in this, or just wants to turn their life more positive.
    Love, Gabrielle

    • Thank you Gabrielle, bless you. I wish you every radiant success in your venture to share your truth with the world. It takes a lot of courage & I greatly respect & value that.
      Much love,
      Kimberley ♥

  75. Hi Kimberly,

    I just wanted to say that I found your write up on “Lightworkers” to really put it into simple terms.

    I have lived an incredibly challenging life from moving away from home at the age of 12, having my first baby at 16, and always living life riding-by-the-seat-of-my-pants. Never conforming to rules, never enjoying being told what to do (even by my Mother), but also feeling “different” and “unsettled”…I moved a lot with my family but also on my own, never feeling like I belonged anywhere and definitely felt “alone in the world”.

    I am a strong, confident, positive, independent, and self sufficient person and I am told often by people I have associated with in life that I am “inspiring”. People from all walks of life find me to be “approachable”, they come to me to talk about things that are on their mind and I never understood why until my recent “awakening”.

    I have never formed strong bonds or friendships with anyone in my life until recently. I believe this person is part of my Soul Family and her and I are discovering ourselves together and sometimes through each other. We are like 2 batteries that charge/encourage each other when we talk. She and I both have several gifts that seem to compliment each others. She was the person that spoke gentle words that felt true to my Soul, she knew me without really knowing me and together we seen a Psychic who clarified what we had just discovered. So that was the easy part…now we are learning our gifts.

    I am a Lightworker, Humanitarian, Clairvoyant, and a Healer…learning but not completely understanding my gifts. I have 3 children who are all Indigo’s…all possessing gifts! I have a lot of the Master Guides around me but one guide of interest is one not like our being…she called him Merkham? How do I learn about my guides?

    I am on the path of self discovery and find Self Acceptance to be life’s greatest feat…but I am there!! I found Esther Hicks “Abraham” and “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” to be helpful tools in keeping positive. I worry less because I know things will always work out for me whether it be financial, personal, or emotional!

    The Power of Positive thinking is incredible!

    Whitney :0)

    • Thanks so much for sharing some of your story Whitney & for your kind comments. I really appreciate it. I see you dear soul sister. I am so happy to hear you are finding your resonant family & the love & support you deserve.
      Love & blessings,
      Kimberley ♥

  76. I have been wondering whats up with me as well. I am not religious but have been collecting religious art since I was very young. For many years I have been making religious jewelry which started out as a hobby but has now become a successful business which sells in stores. It keeps growing from word of mouth with very little effort from me. So many people tell me how much they love the jewelry and how every time they wear it people want to know more about it. Now I am noticing that I have almost all of the ascension symptons, constant ringing in ears, rapid heart, blurry vision, feeling alone and out of place, questioning why I am here, sleep cycles off and completely vivid dreams, etc, you name it, I got it. Could this be the reason?

    • Hi Lori,
      If symptoms persist I always suggest a quick once over by a doctor but generally yes what you describe can be a sign of your Chakras opening, clearing out old energy and raising in vibration (also known as ‘ascension’). The ringing in your ears is your ear chakras opening. This may be a clue to a hidden ability you have to stream or channel higher wisdom. Look after yourself, get time in nature, eat healthy grounding food and exercise regularly to stay in your body. Enjoy and trust the process.
      K ♥

  77. I really enjoyed your article and look forward to reading more in due course. I’m starting to explore my own path, I think, and learn how I can use any gifts that I may possess to help others.

    Thanks again

  78. Hi Kimberley,

    As with Maria I feel like I have this urgency to do something some important, not for myself, but for those who need it.
    I have not figured out what it is or how I can help but I know and feel there is something more important for me to do.
    I have felt a change for about 18 months now, it was halfway through my pregnancy, I seemed to become sensitive to what I now know to be spirits; I have been told by a friend of the family that they are attracted to me. I am not afraid any more and feel almost at ease both with myself and those who either visit or decide to stay with me.
    Do you know what this means? Am I awakening? I have so many questions but I almost feel I know the answers, but don’t know how.
    Most of what I am writing probably sounds all mixed up, and makes no sense, so sorry if it does.
    I have a lot of books now and am learning about Chakra’s, so hopefully I am on the right path, and with any luck I will be able to help with whatever it is I am supposed to do.

    Your website is beautiful and has brightened my day x

    • Dear Amie,
      Thank you for your comment.
      YES you are awakening. New sensitivities, levels of enhanced sensory awareness are signs of awakening, chakras developing, your soul’s purpose being activated etc. Everything you said made perfect sense to me & many others who now through your sharing will know they are not alone…..so thank you, you have helped people already, just by being you!!

      That’s what it’s all about. Many people drive themselves up the wall looking for the ‘task’ or ‘job’ that they are here to do but it’s really about allowing your true self to emerge & then finding fun ways to be fully you in the world. If you follow this & follow your heart, stay true to you you cannot help but find your way. It’s all about being willing to let go of the mind’s need to know exactly what’s going on & relaxing into a space of trust knowing you are on the right track whenever you follow your heart.

      Hope this helps?

      Love & blessings,
      Kimberley ♥

      • Thank you so much Kimberley,

        I feel so much better, and I can hopefully focus on relaxing into this. You truely are an inspiration, not just to me but I am sure to many others.

        Thank you again and I hope that some day, in the near future I will get a reading with you.

        Amie x

  79. I feel this intense urgency to learn more about myself and what I can give of myself. I know this and feel its a change that I am going through but I feel like I really need guidance that is honest and pure not for money…

    • Dear Maria,

      I understand. The urgency is often a sign of being a Lightworker. The urgency is a sign that your inner alarm clock is going off, you are awakening & being called to live your purpose. The urgency isn’t a sign that you need to rush & hurry though. Use it as fuel & try to stay grounded so you can use the energy positively. Your inner nudges & intuition will guide you step by step if you slow down & stay grounded.

      It sounds as though you have a judgement of money as being impure. It also sounds like you don’t understand that even people who are pure of heart, devoted to spirit & who dedicate their life in service of others need to pay their bills. As soon as you reach a point where you simply cannot spend another day NOT doing what you came here to do you will be faced with the dilemma that hits all Lightworkers at some point…how do you live a life of pure service & put food on your table?

      I have given away my art, healing, time & advice for years & charged nothing or very little. As a result I almost went bankrupt & lost my home (I also got ill). You must take care of your physical needs or you cannot serve & stay healthy. When you face this dliemma this is when you will have to resolve your relationship with money & realise money isn’t the villain, it is how it has been used that is the issue.

      Abundance, infinite prosperity for all is our birthright & the will of God, the will of nature. It is about the person with the money & how they work with it that counts.

      I wish you well.

      Love & blessings,
      Kimberley x

      P.S. I offer FREE tips & constant advice & inspiration via the following channels:
      My Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage
      My Twitter feed: http://www.twitter.com/lightcoaching
      My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/lightcoaching
      My e-zine, sign up at: http://www.kimberleyjones.com
      & I recently launched a FREE e-Book to guide people & reassure them as they awaken. Sign up for it at: http://www.kimberleyjones.com

  80. Hello Kimberley, thankyou for explaining how to awaken my ability. I was stuck in how to control it and how I could get help. Im going to be 16 soon and I realized my ability at the age of 14, I hope that I can help as many spirits as I can and help my family keep safe and well. Thankyou!

    • What a wonderful blessing to awaken so young. Yes serving others is a huge part of the path but none of that is possible if you don’t learn to put your own needs, health and well-being first. Looking after your own mind, emotions, body and spirit needs to be your main focus. The service grows from the self-care. Bless you.
      K ♥

  81. please help me discover my true shine !!!!!!

    i have all the symptoms of an earth angel and lighworker… i can truely feel the different energies evovling around and through me. i am ALSO seeing the numbers 444 EVERYDAY!!

    please contact me at tinamlyons07@yahoo.com

    i am trying to understand,


    Tina Lyons

    • Hi, Tina. You are recognizing the signs, and you are acknowledging who you truly are. Putting that in writing is an empowering thing to do. Maintaining a journal that documents your experiences can be very helpful along the journey. Of course, one of the most powerful tools for your understanding and support is connecting with others like you~those who resonate with you, those who trust the process, those who accept and freely express their light. I remember the days of first awakening to my spiritual gifts and purpose. Today, life is so much easier as I enjoy being connected to so many in our ever-expanding lightworker community. It is a pleasure to connect with you here. Blessings, Catherine

    • Hi Tina ,
      In response to your #444- I suggest you buy Doreen Virtue’s “Angel Numbers”. The angels are trying to communicate with you through numbers. Love, J.

  82. Thank you Kimberley for helping others finally realise what we are here to do. I am still in the process of learning how I can use my gifts for the purpose of awakening and helping others, and I feel my job will be to help others feel that everything is ‘alright’ and as it should be. My biggest difficulty is that in order to do this I will need to learn to be brave and not fear judgement of others. As i read recently judgement is the way of the past and discernment will take its place. Even knowing this is it hard to remember it is ok to shine my light and not fear judgement or harm from others. Does this just mean i have more healing to do? Do you have any tips for people struggling with this issue? Or is the fact that I am an emerging lightworker enough for me to eventually ‘get there’? I really appreciate the work you are doing, and know many others will too.

    • Hi Emma,
      Great questions & comment so thank you for that. You have inspired me to make sure I include these questions & possible answers in the book I’m writing for Lightworkers at the moment, so thank you for that also.

      For now let me say that you stop worrying about what others think of you once you get even more grounded in your body & once you really love & accept yourself. Once you realise that other peoples’ judgements & opinions have nothing to do with you it makes life much easier. People who don’t ‘get’ you or resonate with your offerings in the world simply are in the wrong place & can be best served by someone else. If they don’t like what you are doing then they are not your ‘tribe’, they are not one of the people you are here to serve. That’s OK, you can either hand their energy back to them & not take it personally or direct them to someone who might be more their cup of tea (more on their wavelength).

      People tend to judge when they are afraid & do not understand. If you are not judging yourself then it is easier to find compassion for people & to be able to feel more clearly that they are just afraid.

      You are right it is more about discernment but we can only move from judgement to discernment when we are unattached & non-reactive & we only get to that place by taking an honest & loving look at our own feelings about being judged. What does it make you feel? It clearly pushes buttons so be honest about that with yourself & then loving, allow yourself to heal & accept the parts of you that are afraid of judgement & what that means. This is the only way to feel truly free of worry about what others think.

      Something I do regularly is write in my journal addressing every possible thing that could be levelled at me, any possible question, criticism etc & see how I feel, how I react. Then I work through my feelings & breathe through the strong ones until there is no charge anymore, no reaction, defensiveness or fear. It’s about knowing yourself very well & loving all parts of you. Facing what you are afraid of & realising that in fact it has no power.

      I hope this helps? Thanks again for your fantastic comments.

      Maybe I can help you further? Let’s connect on Facebook & Twitter where I post help, info & inspirations for Lightworkers & I can keep you posted on the book if you are interested.

      Love & blessings,
      Kimberley ♥

      TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/lightcoaching
      FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kimberleyjonespage

  83. clicked a link and read you info I have been a lightworker for so long but didn’t know “what” I was. was always directed to do something and intuitively did things. After reading your info so much rings true. I have done things Globally without realizing what I was doing and just now going aha thats why I was there or thats why I went there etc. thanks for the reaffirmation I have been getting many just recently. I call it my reawakeneing.

  84. This is a great article not only for those lightworkers who are just realizing who they are but also for seasoned lightworkers to remember to be available as way showers ~ to guide, mentor, and support those who are still riding the fence so to speak about how to express. Thank you for your words of wisdom, Kimberley.

  85. “As an emerging Lightworker you may feel afraid of being different, of being judged, misunderstood or criticised. ” Oh boy, do I remember this one from a few years back. (o:
    Having the support of those that have walked before is so helpful. Thank You for doing Your valuable work!

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